Guan Eng Goes Amok Over Media Query on Hot Steamy Affair!

Self proclaimed press freedom advocate Lim Guan Eng went into a frenzy yesterday when reporters from Penang asked their Dear Leader to respond to the expose in that he had an affair with his former special officer.

It hit a raw nerve and soon he was threatening reporters with suits if they even dare to write a single line on the sensitive subject.

The DAP secretary-general continuously kept shouting “I will sue, I will sue, I will sue” to the reporters.

He also denied having an affair with the special officer but rather strange that he told reporters that his denial was off record. If its not true, why should he be so mindful if it was on record or off record?

As usual, he blamed Umno and MCA. But this portal believe that his girlfriend and wife won’t be blaming the two BN parties for sure.

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130 Responses to Guan Eng Goes Amok Over Media Query on Hot Steamy Affair!

  1. Anonymas says:

    Sue, sue, sue…..better minum susu la.

  2. Penang Boy says:

    Wah, I can see the CM is damn tulan man, very pissed, want to sue, sue, sue. Deny also got off the record. LOL. This is funny.

    • Rainbow dick says:

      Aiyah, he learned this tactic from Anwar lah. Remember Anwar blew his top many times on many interviews when asked about the “jam Omega” proof and CCTV recordings of the towel-clad man with crooked dick and buncit stomach?

      Both LGE and Anwar scandals also got cute Ah Moi one. Aiyah, this Umnoputeras very clever and dirty one lah, they always trap the (horny) leaders of PR with Ah Moi (and occasionally, with pretty boys) one.

      • Well 7 says:

        Girlfriend not so bad, but it is still scandal. Next time he must not think he is untouchable and nearly god. As for the other, it is very bad, prostitute….!!%$&#@/=*^@??..very dirty, low class fellow.

  3. Jeniffer says:

    Relax lah. If it’s just a rumour, laugh over it. No need to be so tension one.

  4. Shirly says:

    I went thru youtube just now and Guan Eng seemed to be in a harsh tone threatening reporters rather than giving a press conference.

    He was telling them “I am telling you that if any paper were to print, I will sue”.
    The tone of it sounds a bit too harsh. He should be prepared for questions from reporters and not go berserk and hurl threats at journalists who have a duty to ask questions. This is what democracy is all about.

    • We Love LGE! says:

      love their democracy!

      • Well 7 says:

        You can now see clearly the democracy of this Pakatan fellows. When it involves others, they will shout and scream for democracy but when it involves their own leaders, they will threaten to sue to shut you up or their godfathers will issue gag orders to shut their members from talking. Have you ever heard of BN issuing gag orders? Wake up Pakatan coolies, you all have been used left, right and centre. What democracy have you got in Pakatan? If their members try to say something different from their leaders, they will be warned and if they still insisted and not cowardly shut up, then they will be branded as being bought over by UMNO. This is the democracy practiced by their godfathers. Prove me wrong???

      • Syukur says:

        Mooheedeen is bent on using thugs politics to strike fear and disrupt the due process of true democracy and is working on getting rid of Najib as president of the party and PM???

      • Temujin says:

        kah.. kah can’t help laughing democracy DAP style…

        LKS had been the DAP leaders for so long since 1966. In MCA, DAP and UMNO; they had changed leaders many time.

    • WWW1957 says:

      Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha is trumpeting the RM11 million revenue from auctioning ‘WWW’ car number plates while maintaining a stoic silence over PKFZ scandals involving his ministry running into billions of ringgit.

      That’s MCA and BN for you!

      • bershit says:

        Now I really give up with this opposition clowns….what the hell does that got to do with the bump in LGE’s pants?

      • dugo says:

        Halo apek, this title is about alleged scandal of Limguangeng whacking a rainbow. Not about www wrestling or lembu or kg pala or limguangeng selling a mosque land or karpal appointing limguang end as prime minister.

        Get your story right la komtar fella, dont be so low class!

  5. Johari Salleh says:

    Kononnya pejuang press freedom. Sekarang sudah kena pressed, lain cerita pulak. Kepala otak hang, Ni perangai extremis.

    • Tomok Mantera says:

      Barisan Nasional leaders say they may lose out in the election if internal sabotage is not contained. A divided Barisan Nasional may spell the end of Prime Minister’s Najib Tun Razak reign in Putrajaya.

      And this warning to the Barisan Nasional comes from non-other than Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia.

      The paper quoting party leaders says sabotage is a very clear and present danger and could lead to the BN losing more seats than in 2008.

      At the Umno’s 66th anniversary two weeks ago, Najib put on a brave face and touched on the gathering as a show of support that the party is not divided and that they are ready to face the elections.

      Some 60,000 members had congregated at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium here in the gathering which party sources said was meant as a “loyalty test” apart from propping up the party’s machinery and mobilisation strength.

      Najib joked that the display of unity gave him enough confidence to hold elections sooner than expected.

      But Abdul Aziz Rahman, the president of the former BN Lawmakers Council, said the threat of internal sabotages is real and the ruling coalition could see itself battered if the problem is not contained.

      “This election is momentous time for BN. If party members are not united then we will see the black episode (of 2008) repeating itself.

      “BN’s victory will depend on the unity of all members and component party members,” he was quoted by Utusan Malaysia today.

      Internal power tussle was one of the major factors that led to the ruling coalition’s loss of its customary two-thirds Parliamentary majority in the 12th general election. It also lost five states to the opposition.

      Then premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s effort to consolidate his position by replacing majority of the candidates with his men, sidelining powerful “warlords” along the way, saw Umno members protesting by voting for the opposition.

      Abdul Aziz said BN could see a similar recurrence where candidates left out by Najib may sabotage the ruling coalition’s campaign .

      Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had warned yesterday that the prospect of a repeat is there.

      BN may not only see a repeat but could also see more states falling into opposition hands, Zahid added. The Defence Minister also did not discount the possibility of losing federal power.

      Meanwhile Umno veteran Aziz Shamsuddin told Utusan Malaysia that the party leadership must be quick to act and contain the division.

      A repeat of 2008 will see Najib’s future in Umno hanging by a thread, observers predict.

      He is now facing stiff opposition to his economic liberalisation plans and political reforms from within his own party.

      • bershit says:

        buang masa je…..another job of cut and paste plagiarism. PR cypertroopers and not getting paid enough I guess.

        • dugo says:

          Halo mat apek, suka kopi & pasta ka! this title is about alleged scandal of Limguangeng whacking a rainbow. Not about www wrestling or lembu or kg pala or limguangeng selling a mosque land or karpal appointing limguang eng as prime minister.

          Get your story right la komtar fella, dont be so low class!

  6. We Love LGE! says:

    Chill la LGE, they were just asking you. That what reporter job do, why need to sue. No so good la for your reputation, if it not true, then try rebuke back, dont la just sue sue. State your cases defend yourself instead treating them. If like this then how can you stay long as CM for longer period. Take it like a man,

  7. Aidil Yunus says:

    Aighhttt that day said cannot afford to every time sue so ban the newspaper.. now got time to sue… oh my god who else smell rotten fish here????? hahahahaha

    • Bikin Panas says:

      The Sekinchan Ikan Bakar restaurant in Taipan USJ was closed down last month. The food quality, in my opinion while it was opened for about a year, was terribly bad.

      I went there once and regretted much after. The price was too exorbitant (this explains why this guy is rich and can throw money around).

      Clearly what Jamal is doing is a typical Umno mentality gimmick to win favour from his Umno bosses and as advertisement for his failing business.

      Let’s not be pawns (or prawns indeed!) to his ‘bakar’ business. He should have called his movement Bakar 4.0 instead, as that’s the only thing he is good at.

      There must be a lot of stupid people around, according to Jamal. You spend your money in his restaurant. He then allocates RM1.20 per customer for the car.

      All he has to do is increase every receipt by RM1.20. After one million customers, the car is paid for by you. Meanwhile, he pockets a lot more.

      Talk about taking advantage of a situation. What if it does not reach one million customers? Still, there will be the ‘brainless’ who will rush there for a ‘teh tarik’ to be eligible for the contest – clowns to the ‘nth’ degree.

      • bershit says:

        doubt they’ll loose much business without your patronage….and by the way, was it the ikan bakar or prawns that enhanced LGE’s libido?

      • dugo says:

        Halo apek,

        U mean to say Lim Guan Eng and his girlfriend Rainbow once curi2 makan at this Jamal Sekincan ikan bakar and complaint that the food are lousy?

        Aiseh man, u DAP trooper come up with a better defence la, not play ikan2 sure dear leader Kim say low class defense divert strategy.

        My advise, use makan Ayam spin strategy better maa, plenty from China, Thailand, Vietnam in Selangor, and of course in Penang!

    • qabil says:

      Despite having toiled in the fields since 1960s, theFelda settlers on the whole will only hold 2.5 percent stake in the Felda Global Ventures Berhad (FGVH) when its listing exercise is over.

      A case of ‘najib cilok Felda’!

      • bershit says:

        Another schizophrenic response….totally irrelevant.
        READ….schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes. It most commonly manifests itself as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction.

      • dugo says:

        U mean Lim guan Eng also play2 with girlfriend Rainbow in one of Felda plantation in Balik Pulau ka? Then mosquito bite his forehead and got plastered by Felda settlers? Like that maa!!

        Waa, DAP Komtar troopers getting veli2 sophisticated defense of dear leader pm-in-waiting guan eng. he must be very proud of you apek.

  8. Abduh says:

    Did the reporters heard correct?
    He must have said ‘suey, suey, suey’ like in ‘cilakak, cilakak, cilakak’!
    Why? Because the rotten eggs already pecah!

  9. man on da street says:

    Just sue lah wei , every living souls on earth. What do I care, the more he sues, the more liabilities he has. Jikalau menang ok thats fine, kalau kalah? Jual pungkoq, thats whats we says it Penang dialect, yes or not. Walau weh, kena jolok sikit sudah gelabah. Ini macam kah mau jadi pemimpin, siout lah you!

    • nongkrong says:


      Look at this in perspective. There were over 250K people on the streets and 99.999% were peaceful.

      The “violence” happened when the goons started to spray water canons on people, launch attacks on marchers, one cop even drove his car into the crowd…..and then there were obvious agent provocateurs in the crowd who charged through the barbed wire into the Square.

      So who provoked violence?

      • ray says:

        anwar and azmin – already charged in case you were doing a rip van winkle.

      • Janet Lee says:

        At first I also blame the police but after I watched the video clip of Anwar signalling Azmin and the gang to barricade crash than only I realised that it all happen because police have to disperse the unruly crowd. The demonstrator have to obey the law and order. If they don’t than the police is only discharging their duty.

        Well done police

        • anon says:

          somemore in other video clips made earlier before the notorious hand gesture he said pusing kanan, jangan pusing kiri
          what else is there to deny…

      • kiasu says:

        You watch too much fiction movie mister….try harder next time. But i think at least 250k people read about Lim Guan Eng’s fling with his girlfriend and Betty Chew is 99.999% sure that’s why hubby got plastered at one of his heads.

        The Betty’s violence happened after the girlfriend swing her’S into his’S you know what.

  10. Robin Gibb says:

    Your girl friend has ask me to sing “how to mend a broken heart” ? How CM? Want to sue?

  11. man on da street says:

    Just sue those reporters and their establishments. I would love to see Rahim Tamby Chik versus LGE round two reincarnated. Or Penangites versus LGE Part 1, whatever. What comes around goes around to you bro LGE. Tuduh orang pandai , kena batang hidung sendiri , mau sue, atau mau susu itu amoi kah wei?

    • 一国两制 says:

      为什么学生扎营聚会和bersih3.0 就必须受到当局的对付并申请庭令.


      • zack kitaro says:

        this is Malaysia la…Didnt you notice?….Speak n Write National language la…..

        • KiNA says:

          kah kah kah.. ngata dulang paku serpih.. ko pun samer gak.. Aper, BM 9 ker?

          Jangan marah.. gurau jer, marah nanti kener jual XD

          • zack kitaro says:

            bro…sekurang kurang bahasa semua org paham…aku tulis tu pun kau paham kira ok la….:)

        • anon says:

          These peopleare “bo thakak” to write alien language

          just like somepeople switching to their dialect when Malay or Indian friends are present

          And they have to gall to say satu bangsa…

      • kiasu says:

        Whoa, you must be one of those idiots DAP local councillors who
        cant read or speak in national language, yet claim they are Malaysian first.

        I think you DAP dapsters should be proud to be Zimbabwe First.

  12. man on da street says:

    Bahasa orang tanjung si apek ni dah ” GABRA “, si mamat bryllcream ni kena “TIBAI” ngan issue amoi nak pi saman orang buat apa, cuba lah cara gentleman , cara macam orang tanjung tepis ni cara seloroh, ni dak , dok ketegaq tak tentu hala. Ni nak habaq mai , si apek ni bukan orang tanjung sejati, dok “import mali” dari luaq! Awat tak dak kah pejuang “botoi cuka” dari penang mali.? Yang hampa dok pi support dia buat apa, jadi keldai, la ni . Padan muka.

    • Jiman says:

      Orang melayu banyak hijrah, lari dari Pulau Pinang pasal tak cukup skill untuk pekerjaan yang gaji lumayan. Baik senang diri di tempat Umno.
      Bolehlah ramai ramai hijrah ke Kampung Baru dan rilek dengan duit kebajikan haram Umno yang diperolehi dari Toto, magnum dan Genting!

      • zack kitaro says:

        Cik Abang…..Jangan salahkan ibu mengandung la…kalau dah ada yang pemalas…asyik nak makan duit free….mana nak maju…..

  13. man on da street says:

    “KUALA LUMPUR : Slogan Cekap, Akauntibiliti, Telus (CAT) yang menjadi pegangan pentadbiran kerajaan DAP di Pulau Pinang tidak mencerminkan realiti sebenar sebaliknya ia lebih berkait dengan ‘Cheat (tipu), Arrogance (angkuh), Twist (putar) untuk CAT.”

    Check this out in the blogs which I’ve just read in the blogosphere!

  14. Moo says:

    Strange. How come the DAP cybertroops so diam-diam? How come they are not coming out with guns blazing to defend tai kor? How come not blaming Umno? Cat die, blame Umno. Dog bark, blame Umno. Raining, blame Umno. Not raining, also blame Umno. Boss have love affair …. all quiet on the war front. Oh oh, something is wrong.

    • Grompie says:

      Don’t worry Moo, they will come.
      After all this article touch on thier Dear Leader not guy from PKR or PAS.
      Just that they had “transferred” out all the ineffective divert issue, cut and paste and straight forward cursing cybertroopers.
      I heard now they have recruit some nut that will try to talk rationally or smartly.
      Well, let’s see.

      • Fadilah says:

        Ini cerita rekaan Umno.
        Buat apa nak buat bising?

        • zack kitaro says:

          Memang la….kalau Anwar buat apa pun, semua kata UMNO reka…..sampai belalai Anwar pun kata palsu….or maybe you guys know Anwar got fake belalai….is he really a man?….hahaha

    • Rajan says:

      And respond to sleeze? Print on the star and other major newspapers…..we are all waiting

      • Grompie says:

        It took the Chauvinist Cybertroopers 2 days but they are here now!
        Usual cut and paste but still take 2 whole days.
        LGE is not getting his bang from the buck paying this slow-mo’s.
        But I guess we know where he gets his bang….on his forehead!

  15. Temujin says:

    At least the MCA President got guts.. This dear leader macam pussy je…

    • Hj Man says:

      Finally the comment I am looking forward for.

      CSL at least a very honest man. I am the man. I resigned all my post. I repent. MCA members gave me a second chance. I be back.

      At least he is not hiding behind Sue.

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  17. TK Wong says:

    Dear Chai Hong,
    I am officially offering my self to be with you. I will devote all my life; my love; my everything for you and only you. Please consider my proposal.

    But! But! Frankly I am not a CM. No power but got sikit-sikit money but I assure you again that I won’t desert you. I will be at your side when you needed me. I am not ashamed to be with you. I want to laugh and cry together with you be it rain or sunshine or even stormy ashtray that fly and hit my forehead. I won’t transfer you and will not in anyway harm you.

    But most of all I AM THE MAN. I won’t let the word SUE from hindering the world to know that once we are together. But once again let me remind you that’s i am just an ordinary man. Not a CM.

    Luv you Rainbow. You beautify the sky with your colourful attraction and I be there waiting for be it sunshine or rain. Colour up my life and I will not using SUE to limit my love for you. Waiting for you my Rainbow

    • Temujin says:

      Can’t help laughing and rolling after reading this.

      I am too a secret admirer to this gutsy lady.

      • Islander says:

        Be honest. Just admit that you admire the lady not for her guts but her shapely figure. Wasn’t that why Chief Minister fell for her?

        • Temujin says:

          Allo kawan… bagi chan la…The body boleh tahan dan wajah pun lawa, sedap mata memandang.

          Ada tiga orang dalam queue and many more to come mau tackle this lady.

        • Macha says:

          Brother, ini kereta bumper Ada baik juga tapi kita tak tau dia punya absorber Ada baik lagi ka. Itu CM kale sudah hentam ini kereta banyak kuat nanti itu absorber pun sudah longgar la

          • Temujin says:

            Macha… the gear box is still tight la.. because the former driver got a small dick… dunno how to drive properly..

    • Aishah says:

      Chai Hong,
      My mum once said “it is better for a woman to marry a man that love her more than the man she love” .
      Don’t let man used us as a machine for their sex gratification only.

    • Nani MU says:

      It seems that BN is looking for every reason to deprive the Opposition of a leader to defeat Najib come GE13 just like how they tried use the sodomy case (to get rid of him). Obviously, in Malaysia BN/Njib are above the law and they can dictate whatever they deem appropriate. Charging these three political opposition leaders goes to show how low BN can stoop regardless of the impression they are creating for themselves. BERSIH 3.0 is nothing illegal, after all, the Malaysians who supported this NGO believe in fair and transparent election. If Najib tries to interprete it differently, then he is guilty of not bringing true democracy to Malaysia, where corrupt politicians and fraudulent elections, thrive.

      • Grompie says:

        No need to deprive.
        Lim Kit Siang has been the leader for DAP for FOURTY SIX years!
        How to deprive a leader like that?

        Nik Aziz another TWENTY years as MB of Kelantan.
        Where got deprive leader like that.

        Anwar Ibrahim leader for LIFE!
        Now, this one sure no deprive!

      • Dave says:

        Lets compare something shall we, Najib has be PM for 1 year less the Selegnor MB, Kedah MB, and Penang CM, but whom has done more?

        • zack kitaro says:

          Dave….they keep on saying Federal Gov not helping them….but they did not mention this in Buku Jingga….they cant even provide free kindergarten for rakyat at their states….taking rakyats money for political reason..

      • kiasu says:

        Kit Siang, Karpal, Nik Aziz, Anwar…all the big sheeps in Pakatan’s fake democracy, were never democratically elected to their posts.

        Even the son’s DAP secretary- general post held by Guan Eng supposed to be maximum 8 years, but they now extend it indefinitely… that also can aaa????

        See how low can DAP and Pakatan hypocrites stoop so low on democracy. Democracy my foot.

  18. anon says:

    DAP mau susu ka?Itu NFC punya banyak lembu, boleh kasi supply. Tinggal buat tender saja.

  19. Joe says:

    konek dia yang masuk lobang orang lain, jadi salah UMNO / MCA pulak…

  20. kassim ong says:

    aiayh better sleep la, why sue? better give susu gantong ma!

  21. Rabbit says:

    TK Wong,
    You not right for her. So step aside.

    Chai Hong,
    …I’ll be there for you
    These five words I swear to you
    When you breathe I want to be the air for you
    I’ll be there for you
    I’d live and I’d die for you
    I’d steal the sun from the sky for you
    Words can’t say what love can do
    I’ll be there for you”.

    Now beat that TK Wong

    • Dave says:

      I will take her, as I am the Real BadAss, that can take care of All cummer. LOL, my wife might not like it thought.

  22. zack kitaro says:

    wahahaha…..Anwar dapat China Doll….LGE oso want…..dulu kata Rahim Tamby Chik….sekarang LGE sudah kena….hot amoi….mana bole tolak….everyday eat meat, sometime must eat chicken…..kah kah kah

  23. STL,

    Your cheatin’ heart,
    Will make you weep,
    You’ll cry and cry,
    And try to sleep,
    But sleep won’t come,
    The whole night through,
    Your cheatin heart, will tell on you

  24. Ah Beng Kia says:

    Guan Eng sounds arrogant the way he replies to the reporters. As a leader he should learn to be calm and cool and not be easily riled up.
    He should not treat reporters like “switches”. When he needs them, he calls them for press conferences. When something is not right and when asked certain questions to his dislike, he tries to switch them off by threatening them with suits to shut up.
    Apa la. Ini macam mia leader .

  25. ray says:

    LGE is becoming more like PAP Harry – sana SUE, sini OFF RECORD.

  26. TONG SAM PAH says:

    so where is the transparency? where is the freedom? sue..sue and sue? fak off!

  27. Mohmad Sah Mohmad Ali says:

    Itu LGE adalah ex jail bird boleh jadi law maker di Malaysia ya!

    Banyak seronok dengar dia punya cerita nin macam. Dulu dia kata dia banyak bersih tatak skandal, tatak korupsion serupa macam itu islam pounya kalipah. Apa itu Ivory Heights tatak ulur ulur ka!

    Ooi LGE, you arrogant carleton, hypocrite cheat and racist, we now want you to dance with the wolves and now you know the wrath of your two cunts. You’re just another uncircumsized kafirun and the descendent from a poor nanyang pig tailed cinaman from the poor Dongsan perfecture where human manure are still being used to fertilised kai lan and kang kong. Suey! Suey! Suey! Guan Eng.

  28. bourne identity says:

    Id say LGE meant he liked the SuSu and only had SuSu….. and yes, there was
    ” NegaraKu ” but he only had SuSu.
    Has everyone forgotten that LGE once changed his hairstyle…he looked more younger and I think it was because of the SuSu that he had :-))))

    • Chan Se Kin says:

      The government is pulling out all stops to try to intimidate and derail S Ambiga and the whole Bersih committee. They couldn’t be bothered if their actions make them unpopular and utterly distasteful to the Malaysian public.

      This government is determined to pursue its diabolical agenda to mercilessly snuff out all kinds of dissent even when the dissent is legitimate and for a just cause.

      This smacks of an arrogant regime that has become totalitarian and iron-fisted in its treatment of its citizens. Such a government has certainly overstayed its tenure. The rakyat will know what to do at the GE.

      • Moo says:

        Don’t speak as though you represent Malaysian public. Your views and support for Bersih are not as widespread and encompassing as you imagine. There are lots of people out there who are appalled at how the yellow shirts attacked our law enforcers and caused chaos. Many people support Bersih, but many people also hate Ambiga. Try to be balanced. Thank you.

        • Ah Kong says:

          Moo, I agree with you absolutely. I am one of the many who hate Ambiga and her goons. The many friends of mine hate her too.
          Ambiga and her political masters stop at nothing to grab power, including using undemocratic means. They tried at first to use university students to occupy Dataran Merdeka. Then they created a riot by instigating their supporters to invade Dataran Merdeka. It is not difficult to discern their ulterior motive. They wanted to create anarchy & chaos in the country to force Najib to hand over power. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, these power-crazy people did not get the support of the majority peace-loving Malaysians. Also standing in their way were the dedicated men of PDRM.

      • zack kitaro says:

        Chan…BERSIH shld be non political motivated group…but instead this stupid ANBIGA play blind and ask Ass Hole Anwar n Azmin to play major role….hit n run….than the bodoh people that buat kacau…blame the police….did you see Anwar,Azmin, Mat Sabu, Anbiga baling botol….you guys are showing your Ass to PDRM and provoke them to fuck you….don’t blame them if u rasa x sedap….Padan Muka….Bodoh…

      • Edwards says:

        Halo, are you a MP of Kangkung to represent the rakyat of your Kangkung constituency?

        How may of your so-called “rakyat” Kangkung eh?

      • bourne identity says:

        Last I heard – Malaysia’s population is 29 million. Last i heard there were about 20,000 stupid assholes who couldve spent their weekends with their loved ones but instead decided to wear yellow t shirts, cover their faces and showed their stupid support to asslover anwar, lawbreaker lawyer babiga plus modern day taliban in red from PAS’s amal and the duduk atas pagar racist Lim family during the Bershit 4.0 demo. Why do these assholes EVER think that they speak on behalf of the rest of malaysians?
        Its a demo but they call it a show of support or a protest…a demo IS a demo anywhere from India to Central Africa Republic.#
        Is this how anyone wants to see Malaysia look like with demo here and demo there – nanti no one wants to work and maybe soon being a full time kaki demo job will be posted in!!!!
        Maybe call KL as Kuala Demo kot?
        Oi budak2 bodoh…elok duduk rumah, berehat dengan keluarga atau cari duit lebih jadi waiter ke…bawa teksi ke… potong rumput ke…. ini dengar cakap kaki belit and kaki langgar law Malaysia dan buat demonstration.
        Mula2 ok lah….but after a while..MELUAT is the right word.#
        TENGOK muka Anwar dan compare muka dia dengan Dr Mahathir… muka siapa dah jadi teruk dan menggerutu macam jalan lombong kuari?

  29. anon says:

    kalau minum nak susu jangan bawa lembu balik
    pergi 7-11 minum je

  30. Syukur says:

    Khairy is nothing but a clown who cannot play his part well enough. To me, the solution is simple and the government has two sources to get the funds. First of all, arrest all those corrrupt members including Mamakleen and force them to hang over the loots which they amassed from the country since day one. Secondly, set a fund specially from petroleum and LNG revenues to cater for the needs of free education in Malaysia. Petronas gets only a certain percentage while this education fund will get a sizable portion to ensure free education. We must practice zero tolerance for corruption by enacting very very stiff penalty for all corrupter. After all, education plays a vital role in our lives and knowledge is power.

    • ray says:

      Syukur, your nic should be dengki

      DAP sore points:

      Khairy – superb debater to render pakatan “heroes” appear fools
      Tun Dr Mahathir – saved Malaysia from foreign colonisation, and made the sponsors (thru anwar) almost bankrupt
      Petronas – Malay excellence in the spirit of Malays Boleh, also a money-making asset, world recognised
      PTPTN – vehicle for a growing number of Malay graduates and intellectuals

    • zack kitaro says:

      U talk like you shld be PM……but first try to be Pakatan Leader first…..i dont think you qualify….becoz u guys knows how to speak w/out facts….

    • dugo says:

      Halo apek syukur, you mean Khairy whacked the Lady first before Lim Guan Eng the head-plastered dear leader Thief Minister whacked her? We are talking about the above Rainbow topic eh. I am sure you understand what topic this is.

      Btw, by calling people names like mamakleen and apek, you agree with me that just like DAP we are both racists eh.

  31. Zamil says:

    Umno is escalating political violence at an opposition ceramah in Lembah Pantai last night by getting its thugs to pelt stones, eggs and water bottles, resulting in a “night of bloodshed” which saw at least two seriously injured.

    Is this the May 13 warning by Umno?

    • Grompie says:

      It is Racist Chauvinism by DAP.
      A clear case of False Flag.
      Again, like Bersih 3, looking for a reason to cry wolf and start a fight.

    • Pak Man says:

      How sure it a job done by UMNO. Pakatan politician like Nizar is just an example if Bastardization of Pakatan political culture. They barricade crash into Dataran Merdeka. Nizar intrude into UMNO ceramah but he was well treated. Please watch the video on You Tube. All UMNO members remain calm.

      All this wayang in Lembah Pantai is just wayang by Pakatan to gain sympathy votes. Nurul Izzah will be out lol. Someone said that a bread contaminated with shit will always smell funny where ever they stand.

    • zack kitaro says:

      no la Zamil…warning that PRU 13…. Pakatan will R.I.P….no longer exist….whatever happen in 2008 will not repeat….just see….

    • LOL says:

      Lirik Lagu Dengar Ini Cerita – P. Ramlee

      Mari-mari tuan dengar ini cerita
      Perempuan sangat mudah cemburu buta
      Kalau lakinya orang muda
      Dia so jealous, tidak percaya
      You know apa yang jadi pada suatu hari
      I perang besar you see!
      Tapi baik juga, sudah hilang bengkak
      Benjolnya dekat sini you sudah tak nampak!

      Di kantor saya ada s’orang secretary
      Potongan badannya…phewit!
      Namanya “Mary”
      Halus kulitnya mcm apple
      Merah bibirnya macam cherry!
      Salah pandang macam Betty…

      Dia mengajak saya pergi makan angin
      [You know, she wants to ‘romance’]
      I tanya “Ke mana?”
      She said “Kebun bunga”
      Ini chance baik I said “Ok, Senorita!”

      Tiba di sana si nona mula-lah posing
      She makes badan I sejuk
      Terus I shivering
      She said “Don’t be afraid my darling”
      Saya jawab: “I like this kind of thing..”

      Kita pun pergi duduk dekat satu bangku
      And then she said “ I love you!”
      So then what did I do? I think you pun tahu…
      Sudah tentu I kiss the girl bertalu-talu!

      Saya balik ke rumah cukup senang hati
      Tapi my wife terpandang lipstick on my pipi

      Dia menerkam dan menggigit,
      Saya tak malu, terus menjerit!

      Periuk belanga terbang melayang-layang
      Menghentam my belakang!
      I would like to tanya
      Kalau you yang kena
      Wife you juga cemburu jadi what will you do?
      Wife you juga cemburu jadi what will you do?

      • Zamil aka apek says:

        Kalau wife cemburu, ini juga salah Umno.

        • cam says:

          wife aku cemburu salah umno. boyfriend aku cemburu, pun salah umno. nasib la girlfriend aku org DAP.

          • Ahmad Yatim says:

            Girlfriend you org DAP pun salah Umno. Lagi best, girlfriend you perempuan pun salah Umno.

            Yang tak pernah salah Pas. Sebab parti ini hamPas.

  32. Pingback: 林冠英的粉红炸弹 To potong or not to potong, that’s the question « 書 政 shuzheng

  33. duderoc says:

    wow….first Azmin now LGE! Anwar’s influence is for all to see….lol

    last i heard, Anwar is planning to form a party……oops throwing a party more lightly for LGE & Azmin before the GE. Guess what PARTY it is??? and its not political…lol

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