More Expose on Guan Eng’s Love Affair!

So much has been written about the sweet-looking lady whom Lim Guan Eng discarded like a used tissue paper after his love affair with her that went wrong. Some of the things said are true, some not so true.

Stop The Lies has been receiving more updates and tip-off since the story came out. The tips, much to our surprise, also came from the DAP. We have also been told of inaccuracy in our reports.

For one, her name is not Chai Hong but Ng Phaik Kheng, pronounced as Huang Bi Hong in Mandarin. But yes, she is as attractive in real life as she is in her photo.

But we were not entirely wrong. Yes, she was also known by her nickname “Chai Hong” which means “Rainbow”.

Well, Stop The Lies is right as she brought colour into Guan Eng’s life although she did not find the pot of gold she was looking for. The lady was a graduate teacher in a Chinese school in Green Lane, Penang when she started getting active in Gerakan. This was sometime in the 1990s.

Her assets were her beauty, her voice and her linguistic ability, speaking good Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia and was quickly the emcee of choice at Gerakan events.

By 2000, she was so popular in the party that she was the emcee at the National Delegates Convention that was held in Penang. It all went to her head.

She demanded to be made a councillor and after 2004, she lobbied for the political secretary post to Koh Tsu Koon. But Koh is a nerd and softie, with no eye for sweet young things. He’s a lembek, after all.

To cut a long story short, she did not get the posts. She has been described as a social climber who knew how to get her way with big shots but that got her nowhere until the tsunami election.

She jumped ship after 2008 and applied for a job with the DAP government. Not only did she get the job but was made one of the 20 special officers in Guan Eng’s office.

Yes, you read it right, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has 20 special officers! By then she had completed her Masters degree at USM and immediately made an impression on Guan Eng.

She was in the big team that went to Sarawak for the state election. There she impressed him even more with emcee skills and fawning behaviour.

The word is that she melted his heart. Who can blame him? She was tall, had lovely skin, a great smile and a shapely figure as you can see in the photo that she took with Guan Eng on the day she joined his office. She also had an outgoing personality and was eager to please.

The rest is as you have read in Stop The Lies. Mrs CM got to know of the vibes between the two and put a stop to it. That was how he landed up with a plaster over his forehead and Rainbow girl ended up with a broken heart. She lost her job and has gone back to teaching, mending her broken heart.

Guan Eng may think the Chinese in Penang is solidly behind him but for sure, she won’t get Chai Hong’s vote. She may even exposed him!

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59 Responses to More Expose on Guan Eng’s Love Affair!

  1. kiasu says:

    and very soon she will be offered a position in Penang Institute, plus overseas travel perks.

    soon after, the chinese-convert-to-malay guy Zairil will top up with 50K, well for her age and beauty compared with Tunku Aziz, will likely be double or triple the amount.

    thats our dear leader khalifag guang eng, the hypocrite DAP

    • Fazil says:

      Trouble with UMNO is they expect everyone who worked or is working with Public Service must give their undivided loyalty to UMNO…hey they were and still are paid by the Rakyat, not UMNO and are professional Public Officers not, not UMNO servants…get that (I was a member of the Armed Forces and my loyalty is always to King and Country ……a public servant..period.)

      • dugo says:

        halo apek, this subtitle is about Lim Guang Eng’s alleged affair with a pretty woman maa, bukan pasal lembu atau gajah atau susu.

        ada baca ka?

      • Velu says:

        It is most irresponsible and unethical for Utusan Malaysia to try to concoct a non-existing issue and extract political mileage by falsely claiming that the agenda of Karpal and DAP is to appoint a non-Malay Prime Minister, which will fit into the scare-mongering campaigning conducted by irresponsible and unprincipled leaders – like the canard by former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir last week that if UMNO is defeated in the next general elections, the Malays will lose political power in Malaysia.

        The Constitution is very clear that the office of Prime Minister is open to any Malaysian citizen, regardless of race, religion or region, but we accept the political realities that during Karpal and my lifetime, it will be a Malay and not a non-Malay who will be the country’s Prime Minister.

        Is the Prime Minister and UMNO President, Datuk Seri Najib Razak prepared to co-operate with Pakatan Rakyat to ensure that Malaysians will not see the dirtiest campaign in the nation’s history – both in the run-up as well as during the campaign proper for the 13th general elections?

        Is he prepared to call off the “dirtiest” campaign of lies and falsehoods against Pakatan Rakyat leaders to restore a minimum of decency and civility in Malaysian politics and public life?

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          Velu, Velu. That’s why people from you race cannot become PM. We’re not discussing about non Malay becoming PM here but we’re discussing about “dear leader’s” behaving badly. Ada faham ka thambi? Ayo, yo, kicik dulu apa susu minum, kucing punya susu ka?

    • Zaharah says:

      KL Petty Traders Action Council chairperson Jamal Md Yunus is demonstrating to keep cronyism ala approved permits (APs) alive, whilst the dumbers are led down the garden path.

      One is driving about in a duty-free Lamborghini in the name of ‘usahawan’, whilst the dumbers are scraping to pay for their Proton’s hire-purchase payments.

      • mantera says:

        How come DBKL allows his Sekinchan Ikan Bakar restaurant in Jalan Pahang to operate illegally on a thin strip of land that appears to be a drain reserve? Can DBKL confirm that the land is not DBKL or government land?

        • Chan Se Kin says:

          I urge the director-general of Inland Revenue Board to immediately investigate this Umno crony for tax evasion. I am sure he has not declared his income from his businesses.

          • Dave says:

            How about IRD check on DSAI’s 4 billion net worth, his ownership of Ambank, and the monies he made off of Petronas and all the cronies of his?

      • mrm says:

        whaa dia pakai Lambo pasal dia bisnesman la, Azzmin Ali PKR pakai Ferrari dia bisnesman juga ka?

    • hantuya says:

      Umno goonies doing the Limbo Rock really showcases their mentality of “how low can you go”…This is one dance the rakyat must never accept nor bow to.
      The Bersih team is incredibly cohesive! Well done, Ambiga and Pak Samad!

  2. abdullah says:

    mention Zairil is he Malay?,pseudo Malay?, Malay in sheep aka wolf’s clothing.Where is the “Bin” in his name..But looking at DNA suggest that he is just a celop, maybe picked by Pak Khir at one of the rubbish bin ..”Bin” again..or dumpster or as in Selangor now, sampah sarap…A Chinese can be a Malay but a Malay cant be Chinese.

  3. anon says:

    No no no
    he’ll give the SOP reply
    its all BN’s doing

    Then wait quietly for the excitement to pass without any comment

    • Daud says:

      Khairy only calculating the budget from Buku jingga but forget malaysia can save a lot if this country can be free from highly corrupted BN administration.Malaysia will sure go bankrupt by corruption not free education to groom future of this country.NFC,Eurocopter,PKFZ etc and bailing out BN cronies using goverment money is good enough to black out the financial future of this country.MAS loss about 2.3 billion and they need goverement aid for keep on floating.The loss of MAS also part of corruption in the system.Khairy should realise the weakness in BN administration that driving country towards bankruptcy.

  4. TWN says:

    KTK is not as dumb as LGE, although lembik, he knows this woman would have eaten him alive so he stayed away…… and of course, as usual, LGE blame UMNO for this woman setting him up.

    • Temujin says:

      are u sure KTK is lembek..can confirm or not..

      I think if she had worked with the MCA president, she must be somebody now.

      • Fuadilah says:

        The cabinet clown Nazri certainly got it right that his generation of UMNO politicians came out of the rear ends of their politician fathers which explains why his generation of UMNO leaders think with their butts.

    • TK Wong says:

      KTK is not lembik but successfully become a Responsible boss who don’t take advantages on their subordinate and young innocent girl.
      Anyway it’s just another chapter of human life and we should let her have some privacy and all she want now is time to mend herself.

  5. Moo says:

    Am sure our Rainbow girl is listening to Bee Gees’ How Can You Mend A Broken Heart and crying her heart out. While cmlimguaneng is singing Staying Alive! Meanwhile papa Lim Kit Siang is dancing to Night Fever! Oops, I mean Election Fever.

  6. Anonymas says:

    Oh man, the perfect secretary. he HAD to take her.

    Just like Azmin Ali was Dr M’s ‘perfect aide’ before being loaned to DSAI.

    • Tajudin Ramlie says:

      As long as BN is in control, they will do everything in their power to prevent the truth behind the Scorpene corruption scandal to be exposed.

      The reason is obvious. Somebody very high up is directly involved in the corruption involving hundreds of millions of ringgit as well as a gruesome murder thrown in.

      What amazes me is that the whole government machinery is used to stop the truth to be revealed, including prohibiting the French lawyers from entering the country. Why?

      Is there not one single righteous man left in the current government who wants to see justice done?

      Is it true that every single person in authority are so demonised that no one has the guts to stand up for what is right? What kind of a demon is controlling the people in the government?

      Silence cannot be golden in PM Najib Razak’s case since he has been named explicitly. In another country with an independent police and judiciary, I doubt he will be able to refuse to comment on such a damning claim.

      • ray says:

        Din Ram

        The topic is emperor lge with his girlfriend. You sound like a broken record.

      • andi says:

        alamak korang ni dapster tak abis2 nak spin, cite CAT konon, alo siapa yang cuba nak bagi rasuah dekat tunku aziz itu hari?

        ololololo cite scorpene yang tak boleh nak selam tapi bukan ke lge dah selam bersama2 hari tu, nak spin apa pulak? najib dapat komisen lagi tnggi dari harga jual ke alahai logik akal tak kesampaian.

        alang2 tu heran gak aku apa citer tanah SPICE tu eh hebat kan orang beli tanah lepas tu dapat tanah dengan dapat lagi pampasan sebab beli tanah..eeeerrrr CAT lah sangat…

        boleh tak tolong fokus…fokus cite lge ada rainbow ni…buat statement tapi offrecord….eeeerrrr offrecord? kira mengaku salah tapi tak nak ada rekod eh…

      • dugo says:

        Apek Tajudin, lu mana baca? This topic is not about Eagles, Scorpion, Bee Gees or Michael Buble.

        This topic is about sifu Lim Guang Eng alleged fckuping a beautiful Rainbow behind his wife Betty.

        You are a trained Komtar 28th floor DaP cybertrooper. Defend him like a gentleman la. Not dumb diversion like this. Guan Eng will angry2 with you la with this low class defense ah pek.

      • Penan Supporter says:

        My hope and prayer is that the poor folks of the interior of East Malaysia will find their courage somewhere to say ‘enough is enough’. They need to make a collective stand against further exploitation and victimization of their rights as the original bumiputras of the land. They have as much equal rights and privileges as the Malays. It’s time that the Sarawakians and Sabahans rise up restore back what has been lost and robbed from them. This is absolutely critical because the future of the nation rests on the political outcome in East Malaysia. Come on folks, let’s rise up and vote for change and a new dawn for Malaysia.

  7. Hj Man says:

    Don’t worry Nik Aziz the savior will say that it was a Sedekah to the Khalifah

    • Johara says:

      One helluva petty trader Jamal Md Yunus driving a Ferrari and operating chain of Sekinchan ikan bakar shops. Have the Income Tax office ever checked if this idiocrat is paying any taxes. APs to enrich himself and a Datukship thrown in. He must be a Super Example to all Melayus.

      Let the call to boycott his Sekinchan Ikan Bakar chain of restaurants and IBM Auto continues. He still rich and yet he still maintains his petty traders license at the expense of a more deserving person. See how cronies and elitist Umno malays make use of Never Ending Policy and even after making it and getting a datukship still deprives other deserving poor malays the benefits of a hawker’s license. He might be renting out his hawker’s license to some malay petty trader for a fee. No sense of moral & civic responsibility and shame this datuk.

      • ray says:

        failed comprehension

      • dugo says:

        Ini lagi satu apek Komtar using malay name and trying desperately to divert from topic. Alo apek, low class la.

      • Jerang says:

        Tak ada SPM tapi Si Jamal boleh kaya-raya pandu Ferrari pasal dapat AP atas nama kuncu Umno! malaysia boleh!

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          Lim Goh Tong ada SPM ka? Itu unker Lim orang UMNO ka? And FYI, ramai non Malay yang pinjam ah long and tak boleh bayar sebab pegi Genting main judi. There’s no such cases of pegi makan ikan bakar and pinjam ah long.

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        Dengki? Well you can eat elsewhere, no problemo.

  8. kassim ong says:

    ah yah, suka sama suka ma, its okay. kasi taruh sama dia

  9. youtiup says:

    must watch – VIDEO on Lim Guan Eng

    First he deny, then he blame Umno and MCA. Then he said his denial is off the record, he don’t want to comment, and if you write, I WILL SUE. First time in history that a denial of a love affair is off the record. This fella is unique.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Three ways to explain Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden’s coming on board as part of Anwar’s defense team. Previously Yusof was a “makan gaji” guy in AG Chambers. He went along and did what he was told as a professional believing that it was a just world (that is rational choice institutionalism). However things soon changed in his view as he learned about the hard facts of life. Still, he continued his tenure there for family sake even though; deep inside him many things did not quite make sense (that is organizational institutionalism). The moment he left AG Chambers however, he enjoys the air of freedom and he holds dear to him the thought of making his own decision in manners he deems correct (that is historical institutionalism). He is his own master; he interprets things in his own way. Thus Yusof’s seeming bizarre change of mental construct may be explained by the change context, both spatial (where he works) and temporal (the lapse of time). It shows that malays can change their alliance anytime like changing their underwear.

    • bourne identity says:

      there are many who enjoy makan gaji while being a kuli for the government.
      this is what we call loyalty to the colour of the money – mana nak letak maruah?
      Imagine his wife is loyal only because of his position and soonest he lives off his pension – she quickly hops onto a rich man.
      this has got nothing to do with being professional – this is about being a leech and a leech.
      Mana lu mau letak muka dan harga diri Yusof?

  11. Fuad says:

    I think Umno is quite out-dated in terms of boy-girl relationship.
    No wonder most malays dare not express their love to their loved ones in the open because of all the fatwas and policing but choose to do it in the darkness of cinema to raba-raba!!!

    • Hj Man says:

      It’s much better than the man who consent his wife to have sexual affair with his boss. Might also produce a girl. That’s what we call love culture nurture by Pakatan.

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      Yeah… do like what LGE did and suddenly there’s a plaster on the forehead. Flying ashtray, what a joke.

    • Dave says:

      And PAS is more up-to-date??????????????????????????

  12. Aidil Yunus says:

    I think we all must order pizza and hantar to command center for daptroopers.. they need to work overtime to brush everything off.. satu orang kena bagi komen 25 nama tapi issue tak sampai 25.. mari gelakkan mereka.. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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  14. Dave says:

    DAP= Dumb Ass Politicians.

  15. For A Better Malaysia says:

    If LGE really do commit adultery (not hearsay but with supporting facts like sex video, embezzlement of public funds, etc), let the voters decide on GE13. Bring it on… let the rakyat decides which issues are more important to the country.

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