Is This What Malaysians Are Proud Of? Judge For Yourself!

Watch this video carefully. Bersih 3.0 organiser Ambiga gave an assurance that the protest would be peaceful and that NO ONE will break the barricade.

But what happened? She claims that Bersih 3.0 is about free and fair elections and was not hijacked by politicians – and yet she is always pictured next to Anwar Ibrahim.

She attends meetings with Pakatan Rakyat leaders. All the grand design of Anwar Ibrahim is there.

Unfortunately, many Malaysians have become so blind and brain-fried, they would now believe anything and everything that Anwar tells them.

Even when Anwar, the Emperor, isn’t wearing clothes, they will tell Anwar is wearing clothes and worse, they tell their fellow Pakatan supporters – that isn’t Anwar!

Good luck, Malaysia! Are we about to vote in the first Malaysian Prime Minister who has been filmed having sex on video – not once – but many times!

Coming soon! Malaysia Boleh, that’s for you!

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  1. 搖屁股 says:



    As a former army officer, I feel grossly ashamed by the antics of those who have conducted themselves unbecomingly by performing “butt exercises” in front Bersih co-chairman Datuk S. Ambiga’s house in Bukit Damansara yesterday.

    What they did was not just crude, it was rude.

    They held the bizarre and ‘very low-class’ protest in retaliation for her organising the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28, which they claimed had given the country a bad name.

    It was reported that on Tuesday morning, about 15 ex-servicemen were seen stretching and shaking their buttocks in front of her house.

    As an officer, like all officers of the Malaysian Armed Forces from the Army, Navy and the Air Force, we were trained as officers as well as gentlemen and we were, and are still, expected to conduct ourselves exemplarly at all times, even after we retired or have left the service.

    However, the group of army veterans led by the Malay Armed Forces Veterans Association president Mohd Ali Baharom, who held the protest, I believe, are from the ‘non-officers rank’.

    Do they think that their way would gain them supporters, admirers or bouquets? I definitely don’t think so.

    If such a thing were to happen while I was still in service and if I was the officer-in-charge, or for that matter any officer who was in charge at the time, we would have disciplined all of them and we will put all of them through a rehabilitation programme. But since they are now veterans, they do not have any ‘officers’ to correct them anymore.

    There are many acceptable ways to conduct a protest and in a civil manner, one of which is to use the courts. The other way is to hold a dialogue or send a protest letter.

    I wish to categorically state the action of that group as not representative of the Corp of Army Veterans, officers or other ranks regardless, and that we detest their action.

    • Joe says:

      Captain, mohon tenang please. The mission objective was to get Ambiga to hold up the anti-Bersih poster and pose for photographs. Mission accomplished. 🙂

      • 1Rakyat says:

        Rakyat Malaysia are perturbed by the immature acts of intimidation and gutter politics by pro-Barisan Nasional and anti-Bersih supporters who conducted the now infamous “butt exercise” protest in front of Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan’s home yesterday.

        The “butt exercise” was the second protest in less than a week held in front of Ambiga¡¯s house, following the “burger” protest on 10 May.

        We must condemn the groups which protested in front of a private family home because it was clearly an invasion of privacy and an act of intimidation designed by pro-BN and anti-Bersih elements to harass Dato¡¯ Ambiga, the co-chairperson of Bersih and her family members.

        We are also disappointed that the law enforcers, both the police and DBKL, chose to take sides with the rogue protesters and had so far refused to take any actions against such acts of harassment and invasion of privacy. This is a far cry from the violence inflicted on Bersih supporters on 28 April.

        Instead of continuing to undermine the wishes of Malaysians for a free and fair election with gutter politics and thuggery, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak should take this opportunity to prove his so-called moderation by implementing real electoral reform.

        • amekaw says:

          I support Pakatan Rakyat which is for now the only viable alternative to the present UMNO B government because it has very obviously failed the nation and rakyat. There are millions who share my hope for a better government to lead and to take care of our well-being. We believe in the ballot box system and yet we are considered “uncivilized” by our good ( for nothing ) PM who is only good at talking but not doing. And, BTW how civilized are people who used C4 to blow up an innocent pregnant woman?????????

          • zack kitaro says:

            are u sure millions support your view it ? Pls talk facts…..i think the c4 issue is closed….court already decided it….its facts……u guys never wanna accept reality……

          • bershit says:

            Another comment that justifies the incoherent thoughts of the PR supporters.

        • Macha says:

          Anwar Anwar kongkek
          Azmin Min Kulum
          Jijah Jah sepat kering
          Shamsidar Sidar jual pomplek

        • Macha says:

          Thambi, I fully support a free and fair Erection during Bersih la. But after saw Ambiga, I cannot la.
          Sorry yea. Shamsidar Ada sikit ok

        • Real rational rakyat with common sense says:

          Actually hah as said by 1rakyat: “gutter politics and thuggery” best describes the politics of opposition

          They are good at twisting and turning of real facts to fool people for votes.

          What’s with some ‘mooning” exercise at one person as compare with encouraging riots at Dataran causing many traders losses, general public inconveniences, losses of teeth and broken limbs.

          Mooning is so harmless yet the opposition wants to turn it into a big issue into clouding the biggest sin of causing riots. This is ridiculuos.

          Recall, if not mistaken the said riot causer mentioned they want to/will reimburse any losses suffered. Such gallantry. What happened huuh. Are they now has disappeared into to the lubang cacing planning for Be-shit 4?
          This is what opposition is all about. All mind-twisting talk, rhetorics, and character assassination.
          But when given a chance to govern a few states, nothing happens except the same pilferage, perhaps on a more grander and efficient scale

    • anon101 says:

      Relax lah … it was to let ambiga achi know how they feel. If they were to hold a dialogue with a lawyer, they might not get a word in.

      So shake your butties ….. (not in front of anwar though). heh heh

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a maxim…”there a no bad soldiers, only bad generals”…. which is apt to describe this situation…they were like that because perhaps some od their superior officers, who like to call themselves “pegawai” are too dunggu to gif good orders, hence the low class act…

      Blame the officers lah, these soldiers were simply following orders…once a soldier always a soldier…

      • These idiots think that they have achieved their goal of “teaching Ambiga a lesson”. What the ex-army and Ikhlas morons still have not realised is that they have instead achieved the opposite. Their idiotic acts have made them look really stupid in the eyes of the public and at the same time further enhance the status of Ambiga.

        • belang says:

          you’re not so bright either with your comments. Go take airasia and see how peoples in civilized country of your choice reacted to issue or go youtube please.

        • zack kitaro says:

          i thought Mat Sabu said communist that attack n killed Bukit Kepong police officer is the actual hero….so Sarjan Hassan….i wonder are u a nation traitor? go ask Mat Sabu la….and i believe only moron people attend the Bersih Pro Opposition….

    • Temujin says:

      Relaxlah Capt… Dont stress your self..The burgerman dan ex serviceman pun ada hak nak demonstrasi.. biarkanlah as long tak mengganggu orang awam.

    • belang says:

      Communist have long gone but communism is very much alive albeit in different clothing. You can diminished your fellow countrymen act but you cant ridicule the fact that those men once a fighter that kept this country safe…by all means it’s including you capt.

      • Fadilah says:

        While it may be true that the burger hawking and butt dancing are not offenses as they are conducted in a public space, yet there is something called decency, respect and decorum that is of a higher value than any law. Inspector Khalid obviously do not see this. Any decent moral Malaysian would hold on to these values and without any hesitation label these despicable acts as kurang ajar. It is totally alien to the Malaysian culture of mutual respect for each other’s race and religion. What kind of a police officer is Khalid who says that such disgraceful behavior is acceptable in the Malaysian society? Has he lost his senses and his morality?

        • belang says:

          You should remind yourself that kurang ajar attitude actually coming from your own peoples, PR peoples to be precise. Maybe your lazy ass prohibit you to take a watch on PAS nightly ceramah but if you remembered correctly Tun Mahathir was accused of watching indecency movie with his grandchild not too distant memory ago.

    • bourne identity says:

      we are not in the military anymore, Capt… as an exofficer from a specialised unit that operates on an unorthodox approach in warfare…. I really dont care what these exveterans do as long as the message has been sent.
      Ambiga is a lawyer and yet again and again does everything that goes against the law….so relaxlah, exCapt.
      Theyre civillians, like you and me. And not nice to deem them as non officers rank… even I do what non officers rank do when I was in the service.
      I dont even wear a proper uniform when I was operating in the jungles….i have long wavy hair, with a goatee….at times I wear jeans and t shirt too…
      no one does wear proper uniform AND rank in the vat69….
      So relaxlah brader..Im well into our mid 50s….not sure how old you are…
      #so Im just relaxing and letting go my dissapointnt at those langaus thatre discrupting the peace my brothers and sisters in the military that once provided a blanket of freedom FOR ALL….
      exvat69 officer..,1977 to 1993…

      • ray says:

        These idiots think that they have achieved their goal of “teaching Ambiga a lesson”. What the ex-army and Ikhlas morons still have not realised is that they have instead achieved the opposite. Their idiotic acts have made them look really stupid in the eyes of the public and at the same time further enhance the status of Ambiga.

        • ridhuan says:

          My support is for Ambiga and those who speak rationally. As for the d. IGP he is a chronic idiot… and dud…nothing more but that. As his employer the rakyat has every right to demand he step down from public office for making such dud statements that reflect what the police force is made up of. Protest like Bersih 3.0 are encouraged as the voice of thousands are going unheard and are rational. The butt cows are stupid uneducated duds…. regardless of their service records which I believe were nothing but cleaning toilets and throwing crap. They probably never went into combat… but merely cleaned the mess of dirty laundry etc… so no credit to people who make fools of themselves and make criminal statements to innocent people. Veterans who have done well will not go so low… the police to condone this is facing a very smart and brilliant lawyer in Ambiga… hence you guys are going to get humped kow…. kow….

          • ray says:

            ridhuan dear

            I thought you all believe in freedom of expression? These men fought and risked their lives to keep Malaysia safe.

            What Bersih3 really is – a sovereign interference out to recolonise Malaysia again. Ambiga admitted to receiving foreign funds – that alone renders her a traitor.

            The supposedly peaceful sit-down protest became a destructive rampage with yellow and red hooligans damaging public properties (paid by “chinese” taxpayers money).

            Many were seriously injured both the protestors as well as the police.

            The real rakyat – the silent majority were aghast and appalled to see otherwise peaceful and gracious peoples becoming uncivilised hooligans.

            The accusations of flawed elections are just that – mere allegations. The supporters were not even aware of the objectives. “Down with UMNO??” fight for free and fair elections.

            From the start it was biased and politically motivated.

        • ray says:

          Hey ray

          You are infringing on my nic – please grow up and mature into a respectable commentor and use your own nic to voice your opinions.

          Well, I guess PR cybertroopers are imbeciles and cowards – hiding behind their momma’s skirts and daddy’s moustache.

          This also proves that they have no spine and integrity – so all comments from PR cybertroopers are invalid and rendered garbage.

          Once a liar always a liar – the defectives genes are hereditary.

          From the ORIGINAL ray.

      • Dave says:

        Thank you for your service.

    • Hj Man says:

      So called Capt (Retired or RETARDED) Husaini, your words of IF you are the OC or IF this and IF that you be retiring as a Captain. For once those army who retired as a Major or above put their rank in front of their name and to be Frank no one bother.
      Maybe you’re disappointed with the way the veteran army expressing their unhappiness toward Ambiga but they are quite sober by not doing it naked. And queried that the President of the association might held from the other rank. Then we all should understanding enough of their rude behaviour. What puzzle me is that a former Bar Council President who is well educated but without a single thought about safety and security organising Bersih demonstration at public area.
      She know and has been advised about the risk but she was so stubborn. Bersih start at 2pm to 4pm but she call it off at 2.30 pm. Does that sound fishy? Or she already realised that Anwar and the gang already hijacked her event. She started it and she must also assuring that the participant leave in peace. Captain Husaini are you saying that Ambiga have her right of expression but the poor rank army veteran is denied. You must be kidding. They just do it infront of her house without causing public disturbance. Unlike Bersih that caused so much inconvenience ; financial lost to public and private; traffic jam and etc but those army veteran never cause anything.

      If you retired as a Captain only that show that over the 21 years in service either you unable to perform or just blatantly lazy officer. As an officer you will be commission as a Second Lieutenant then Lieutenant (max it takes 3years) and then Captain (from 7-10 years of service) What a waste to our nation
      considering the way you write your article.

      Ambiga was lucky because she organised the rally near TAR area and not Bukit Bintang or Petaling Street area otherwise the businessman there might go to her house but not to sell Burger or butties dance but selling coffin. 200,000 people join Bersih does not represent the rights of 27 million Malaysian.

      As a word of wisdom, please don’t put your name with Capt (Rtd) as people might mistaken the retired as RETARDED. To retired as only a Captain rank is a bit of low achievement la. So please jangan kasi sendiri malu

      • bourne identity says:

        adoi…..panasnya bontot Rtd Captain ni… 🙂

      • Joe says:

        This comment reminds me of the interview candidate who told me he completed national service with the rank of Major. Iyo lah tu…

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said lah Hj Man…

        For all we know this condesending retired captain, for his disdain towards the most probably senior n-co who did the butt ex, i shall say that this low-achiever could just be a “lopong” captain if he was really in the service….but i bet it shall not be Askar Melayu lah…

        He could also be a Liwat’s c@$k sucker…bad english, bad attitude etc…if you eva wore the uniform then it was a disgrace lah…mana punya ulu kluaq mai n blajaq sampai tgkt 5 jadi pegawai sombong mampoih sgt nih!!

        Aptly put Hj Man, Tuan!

        • Jidin says:

          If it is carried out by the Pekida/Perkosa and umno goons, it sure must be an umno culture. Tetap, only umno malay are capable of doing that.

      • Mek Det says:

        To me such stupid act as butt dance shows that the army forces and police have lost their own self respect and dignity. NO where in the whole wide world did I come across the scandalous behavior of police and army personal like ours. SHAME ON THEM!!!

      • Spy says:

        For the lack of issues, these people create and spin issues to get votes. Bersih yang kotor-dah bagi chance kat parliment tapi ada ada lagi. Felda listing nak sabo. Now latest pasal foreign workers kena mistreated here.

        Mana ada issue lagi since Malaysia is so good, almost rakyat has Astro(kampung folks included), free education, subsidized varsities, subsidised public transport, subsidized fuel, relatively low borrowing interest rates((but yet banks make tons of money) so many tv channels, internet without boundaries, GDO quite good, kampung folks ada duit, ada chinese& indian school(tapi ada lagi but hal)

        Now for the small display of anger for riot precipitated by the said ambigone, the cybertrooper are twisting the facts liek crazy so that people forget the “sins” of the riot where people broke their teeth and limbs and lost lots of money.


        Rakyat kena tulus fikiran.
        Jangan terpedaya.

      • Yani says:

        Haji celup?

    • TK Wong says:

      Mr Hussaini, you labelled the army veteran as a low class; not gentlemen ; indiscipline and others. You even advised them to sort out their dissatisfaction in court. This clearly show how low is your mentality and ability to judge. That why you retired as a retarded Captain as said by Hj Man.

      Save your breath and just advised Ambiga who is a former Bar Council President to take her course to court and not the street.

      • dagen says:

        The is now yet another reason for rejecting umno. Stupidity. Yes. Umno is plain stupid. Umno is the only political party in the world that takes the task of monkeying with poeple’s basic rights seriously. In fact so seriously that umno saw it fit to rope in army personels, albeit retired ones into the monkey business. Umno also saw it proper to get pdrm to voice its approval.

        JIB JIB BOLEH?

        • Magnetar says:

          Are you people so ignorant, your self delusional attitude that the majority of the people support your tainted Bersih cause. Don’t you realize that from just being a nuisance, people are now starting to despise this arrogant Bersih and opposition types.

    • Jasmy says:

      Kapten, lepas balik ambik sepuluh dapat. Kemudian pukul balak dan buat kongkek Babi.

      CO Ambigate

    • wtf says:

      Do not be too quick to criticise. Ambiga deserved that treatment. She had totally defied the Courts’ decision on the venue, the government’s advise as well as the Police’s authority. Ambiga is sending a clear but subtle message of defiance & insolence that may bring about negative influence to the masses. Despite being a lawyer.., she does not want to play by the Rule of Law & Order

      Those ex-servicemen are no longer servicemen and are now civilians. They need not exercise military conduct.., however low-class & degrading their actions may appear to be. Maybe.., they are not that conversant with Rule of Law.

      When those unruly Bersih 3.0 rioters had ‘tunjuk their perasaan’.., then those ex-servicemen have their own way of ‘tunjuk their perasaan’ towards the organiser of such an unruly rally. The ex-servicemen’s actions may be vile and unbecoming, but their message is all that matters to them. If one is unable interpret that message, then one is too naive.

    • namza says:

      Please remain retired and shut your gap. Remember that the government of the day is still paying your pension till you disappear from this world. You have clearly been misguided. I would have skinned you immediately IF I know you are supporting the ruffians.

      • anon says:

        yeah, again the “i pay you” mentality here. Or its our money theme.

        Should drivers say policemen who catch them speeding ” Hey brother, I pay you you know. I ada hak nak laju. Jadi you tak boleh saman. You saman I bawak naik atas. Apa nama awak?”

        Laws are meant to protect people, the majority not for minority to break at their whim and fancy for power.

    • Ayob says:

      Wah baru Kapten dah eksen… igt LLP tak de maruah…

    • Dave says:

      Sir, I respect your service too this country, I too was in the US Army, but if I may disagree with you, your being an officers, must put yourself above this kind of action, but these men had to be enlisted men, as I was. Too us this is funny, remember we are rude and crude and get away with it, as we are the canon fadder.

  3. Azmi Sharom says:

    The police, it seems, have learnt their lesson after Bersih 3.0 and are now the paragons of liberty and freedom – the freedom to assemble to be exact. It would appear that today it is perfectly all right to gather anywhere just as long as you ask them first.

    It is okay, therefore, to set up stalls on the road in front of people’s houses. You can even cook food in your stalls.

    I was always under the impression that this kind of activity required some sort of city council permission.

    After all, there are health and food safety issues to be considered. Obviously, I was wrong.

    It is also okay to organise exercise classes on the road in front of people’s houses. Why, the exercise can even be quite risqué, with the swaying of large bottoms in the air.

    I suppose that if I were to speak to the men in blue, they would say that these activities were safe because not many people were involved, unlike Bersih 3.0 with the tens of thousands of participants.

    Well, seeing as this is their logic, and seeing as some sort of precedence has been established here, I think any future protests should be in the same vein.

    No more giant gatherings but instead lots and lots of mini ones. The cops can’t possibly say no because then they would be hypocrites of the first order, and surely hypocrisy is not in their Standard Operating Procedure.

    May I suggest that the burger sellers and the aerobic dancing ex-army gang be used as a template? But with more imagination.

    For example, a group of citizens can open a little stall in front of the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s house. I think the stall should be a recycling stall. People can go to this stall and bring all those, now useless, science and math school textbooks in the English language and leave them there for recycling.

    Or perhaps a stall in front of the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s house offering a demonstration of model building. I am thinking along the lines of Airfix models.

    You know, little battleships, bombers, submarines, fighter jets, that kind of stuff. After all, he used to be Minister of Defence. I am sure he would like it. Why he might even try his hand at a model or two.

    However, may I suggest that any such gathering and protest be done in a non-discriminatory way?

    I mean if you are going to protest against the Government, then protest in front of all the houses of the Cabinet members, unlike the burger men and aerobic dancers who seem to have singled out Ambiga Sree­nevasan.

    Why don’t they flip their sausages and wave their bottoms at national laureate A. Samad Said’s house? What about Bersih steering committee member Hisha­muddin Rais? He might feel left out.

    • anon101 says:

      You know azmi, they could have done much worse but they chose to add a light touch.

      This butt exercise is the clean type unlike the de facto leader’s version. If pakatan and ambiga can accept anwar, this is nothing lah.

      ambiga should feel honoured, heh heh.

    • Joe says:

      I was wondering why this comment seems so familiar… same as the one on Star Online rupa-nya.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its not about what and how they do lah, its the message they wanna send to that Indian Hindu person…people like Tunku Aziz would thumb his nose at you-know-who and gets d message across…these are nobodys and this is d best way to send the message…mission accomplished, they go home lah.

        The same with d burger fellas. Message sent and mission accomplished.

        What kind of message? I supposed “we can taje this fight right in front of your door steps lah achi…jangan marah lah ini negara bebas what?”

        As for the so-called ex-serviceman above…i dont think he’s one of the Old Putera lah…he thought he can write like a former servicemen, but hey Mat! You dont sound like one lah…

        Old Putera Intake 1979-1982…

    • belang says:

      You know azmi we caught that act of flipping the sausages not too long ago..but you choose to ignore. Maybe you can ask anwar if he have the copy or two.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder what Allah has to say when these 10 idiots have to bend down the same butt to say their prayers.

        • belang says:

          Maybe you should ask your own god the question? Or is it because you have no god?
          You should find one, otherwise you’ll die ignorant fool.

        • zack kitaro says:

          I too wonder what god has to say to people that support leaders that play butt…like you….:)

    • bourne identity says:

      If you want people to set up something infront of your house..just say solah, Azmi… why beat the bush? Sounds like youre complaining and that you too want the same treatment 🙂
      Leave your cellphone no Address here lah….

      • haslam says:

        Home Minister, IGP and Deputy IGP must resign. Its so shameful … holding top post and doing nothing about it. Lets do it to Najib’s Residence and see what will be the outcome. Shame on you … a laughing stock to the outside world.

        • belang says:

          They said they cried laughing to see yellowish cows running hysterically upon seeing the beautiful green-green grass at dataran merdeka. I bet you’re one of those cows…

      • Dave says:

        Can you do it in front of DSAI’s house, but do warn them about bending over.

    • namza says:

      You should quit The Star and send your rubbish nonsence to Harakah or Rocket. Shame on you supporting ruffians attacking police for no reason. Perhaps the rakyat should do the same at your house for a change. You are just a hipocrite, taking money from MCA owned newspaper and writing rubbish about the government. Shame on you.

    • Islander says:

      Azmi Sharom,
      I thought you are supposed to be a law lecturer but your views and supposed sense of humour is so juvenile and shallow. It’s not funny at all. I don’t agree with what those guys did in front of Ambiga’s house but, unlike you, I would not condone people doing the same at other people’s homes. Your problem is that you try to play to gallery and that makes you no different from those politicians you criticise.

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      Why suddenly people start suggesting to rally in front of cabinet ministry’s house? Just because people selling burger and exercising in front of Ambiga’s house?. Dear friends, those people will not do it if Ambiga didn’t call for the rally. Did Najib ask people to rally and break the law. Berani buat berani tanggungla. So how does that feel Ambiga, it’s only a few people performing normal thing (selling burgers and exercising) not shouting and calling names.

  4. AryaStark says:

    At the end of the day nobody got hurt whilst excerising or cooking burgers unlike at Bersih.

    • Joe says:

      The kids in that part of Bkt Damansara were so happy that day. Balik sekolah ada burger free!

    • Param says:

      There are nine political parties “representing” the interests of the Indian community within the BN. A prominent member of the Indian community is singled out for harassment by Iklas and by ex-servicemen. Yet not a single Indian party spoke up. The silence of the MIC is deafening. It goes to show the irrelevance of the race-based BN component parties in articulating the interests of their ethic communities.

      • Thangatirai says:

        MIC has yet to do the following for the Indian community:

        1. Sack the MIC gangsters who attacked PKR ppl in front of PM office ,

        2. Make sure all qualified Indians in Msia have IC and BC

        3. Ask the Education Minister to stop racist remarks against indian students by teachers

        4. Make sure all the so called extra 1,000 matriculation places for indians are really given to those indians who deserve it as even 9A indian students had their application rejected by MOE.

        5. Increase the nos of indians in civil service and those who are working and deserving should be given promotion, not bypassed year after year.

        6 Make it easier for those indians who need help to see the top MIC officers and not be treated rudely by them. Do all this and then MIC can claim indians support them.

        • bershit says:

          Totally irrelevant to the topic at hand. These PR supporters just go on shooting what comes to their mind without thinking, it’s about them being proud of what the Bersih morons did on that day, and not about MIC. No wonder they behaved like a bunch of imbeciles, as they are incapable of coherent thought.

        • Hj Man says:

          Yes, I fully agreed with you. The first gate crashed during Bersih is also an Indian by the name of Thangam. Maybe it’s already in their gene la. So why bother. You’re also one of them

  5. Rahsa says:

    It is also a precedent that you can crash barriers set up by the police to get to the place you want to be. So next time the demonstrators should crash the barriers into Ambiga’s house

    • Fazil says:

      GE is delayed because Najib had cold feet when he saw only less than 40,000 paid attendees in Bukit Jalil compared to the well over 200,000 Bersih 3.0 participants who spent their own money to support a worthy cause.

      • Bershit 3 suku says:

        Offical estimates by local and foreign agencies, put the Bershit rioters at between 25 to 50 thousand. It’s only their brain dead leaders and followers who have been spinning the numbers. They have to lie to give an impression that they have the support of the people. And yes, Nik Aziz did say that they paid these rioters.

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        200,000 attending Bersih? Are you brain dead? You failed your math yet you want to blame others for it. Definitely your balls is bigger that your brain.

      • zack kitaro says:

        Fazil…u read without thinking too much…brain dead…200k….nuts…thats just media talk…hahahaha….

      • Mohd says:

        Bersih 3.0 supporters used their own money?
        Hello, Nik Aziz said he personally gave his money for the Bersih people from Kelantan to go to KL!
        So don’t bullshit, OK?

      • ministerofsin says:

        dont you have nothing else in mind to write. (yawn)… sometimes this opposition cybertroopers “ammo” kinda bored.

        • edd says:

          no ammo actually..they’re shooting blank

        • Dave says:

          Keep listening to the numbers, soon they will be at 2.5 million, not 250k. There are reasons behind not have the erection too soon, for inside people they know what they are, for others it is so Pakatan Riot can hang themselves.

  6. AYAH says:

    The leftist intellectuals are slowly coming out of the cupboards, justifying Bersih 3.0 and condemning the small demos in front of Ambiga’s house. It’s very simple really, no need to be highly educated to understand the maxim: do not unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.

    No matter how much you try to justify 28th April, you have to understand a lot of people got hurt. You showed your “strength” on that day but others suffered for that. Do they get any sympathy or compensation from you? What if the same thing were done to you? Cry and complain that it isn’t right? Just as you demonstarted the way you did, the way you liked, why don’t you let those who were hurt demonstrate in the way they liked, however stupid it may look to high-minded you?

    Hypocracy and hypocrites all of you! You are all always

    • Joe says:

      Bersih = middle-class lala

    • anon says:

      yah man
      what did the organisors did?

      Ran away even before the scheduled time to give the floor to the hooligans to break the barricade.
      Then say ” Ini mana gua tau. Bukan gua punya pasal”

      Sick people who has no issue of grouses to raise against the govt which has been generally performing. So what do they do? Spin some ketidakadilan of votinglah(when they went up legally and wrestled a few states the last voting). Any no brainer can see their trick. The if really tipu elction, why not annul the last election then?

      Full of dramas, these liars. Think for instance of their number one actor.

    • Moo says:

      So right. Show butt and burger cannot. Disrupt city life and wreck police car okay. The people defending Ms Ambiga are so full of contradictions.

  7. AYAH says:

    right while all others are always wrong!

    • Lil' Jim says:

      Please do understand that these so called ex-servicemen did the butt exercise because their brains are located there.So for them to exercise their brains,they have to do this butt exercise. Just imagine how can they think for themselves the good parts of life when the brains are in the butt.

      • ray says:


        To show ambiga their butts is to tell that achi they also have freedom of expression, with zero destruction and injuries.

        The message is that ambiga deserves no respect.

      • ridhuan says:

        Those are the ‘left-over ‘Malay of the Dr.Mamak era . Not all Malays are like that…hopefully they dont fall into the trap in mixing Malay & Islam all together ..then they will have a hard time disassociate with those moron. Dr.Mamak still hope this will happen…

        • dugo says:

          Whoa u so racist…malay, mamak…and you are not even a malay, chinaman.

        • akuantiPAKATAN says:

          At least the Mamak is a doctor serving the sick people. What are you ridhuan? Scumbag, looters, ah long or a DVD peddlars?

        • edd says:

          scumbag racist..

        • Dave says:

          Did not Dr. M take Malaysia from 3rd world to fighting with the west, did he not bring Malaysia back from the brink by not listening to IMF, did you not enjoy prosparity under his time? In the US we have as saying that is as true here as it is in the US, “Love It Or Leave It.” I for one love it.

      • bourne identity says:

        at least if they did have brains in their butts – arent you embarrassed that these so called veterans with brains in their butts were the ones hat provided you the blanket while you lay sleeping n your bed?
        In this case -you must be a retarded person that is helpless and had to rely with people with brains in their butt to protect you 🙂

      • Hj Man says:

        Lil Jim, because the ex serviceman got their brain at their butt you are born he today. While they’re busy protecting this nation, your parent have the peaceful time making love but so sad they got a bastard son like you. Why? Because this bastard son never appreciate what other people have done for them.
        So, Mr Bastard Son next time please try to be more appreciative in life.

      • Anonymous says:

        it is much better to show their arse rather than showing their weapons hahahaha come la play soldier

  8. KiNA says:

    Kah kah kah ..

    Baru perasan .. kene batang idong sendiri baru terhegeh hegeh panggil pihak “berkuasa” laa konon.. Time buat dulu tak ingat dunia.

    Anyway.. Jual burger peacefull, tak kacau pagar kasik roboh.. berniaga pon kat tepi jalan, hak rakyat.. Takde kereta Ambiga terbalik pon, nak selamatkan imaginary burger yang bergolek bawah tu.. mana ader kacau Ambiga punyer rumah kan kan kan?

    Tunggu jer lar.. kot ader orang yang bagi signal pecah pagar.. nanti polis tembak tear gas

    • Anonymous says:

      Ini negara bebas lah…boleh jual burger anywhere as long as tarak break any law…and some idiots wanna replicate wit opening up thosai stall infront of DIG’s hse, also ok what? At east v can hv free thosai…the longer the better…

      The hoodloms in London is also ok by me, at least cultured and good mannered malaysians in london saw there are “idiots” among them…and they are not even the minority, simply a sad 2 blokes who got nothing better else to do…

  9. ray says:

    I could see the stress on Ambiga’s face and the sheer HYPOCRISY about defending her privacy and neighbours well being.

    Compared to poor traders’ loss of income due to bersih3, the chaos, the rampage, the injuries and the destruction, not to mention a WASTE of “chinese” taxpayers money – what harm is there in an honest burger stall and a simple shake of the butties??

    • Joe says:

      Just waiting for the residents at Jalan Setiakasih 1 to tell No. 67 that she needs to move somewhere else…

    • Hj Man says:

      Sorry to dark cannot see

    • Abu Sobri says:

      Malaysian scholar Arshad Ayub has lambasted the “butt protest” in front of Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan’s house as abhorrent to both Malay culture and common sense.

      However, Umno culture and Malay culture must be distinguished and differentiated. Maybe the malay culture is bastardised by the culture of Umno during 22 years of rule by a constitutionally defined malay. The majority of ‘Umno malays’ are fake malays like the 4th PM who by right should be members of KIMMA and not UMNO. With the 13th General Election looming over Malaysia and the thousands upon thousands of Blue IC with citizenship given to Banglas, Myammars, Pakistanis, Indonesians etc.just to get their vote, you can kiss the malay custom good-bye..

      • dugo says:

        Ini lagi satu cina but uses a malay name. Whoa they are proud to be malay like itu zairil khir johari maa!

      • Hj Man says:

        Your allegation is serious and you need to substantiate with evidence. All those Banglas; Myanmars; Pakistani; Indonesian and China Dolls must have mistaken Pakatan as BN because they voted them to win in 5 states.
        Next time BN must use an idiot like you who will vote them to win back the 5 states.

        Good luck

        • zack kitaro says:

          Hj Man…like this one…they forgot they won 5 states last time….and they still think they won it in honest manner….kah kah kah…..

    • bourne identity says:

      im sure ketua lawyer belit Ambiga rang al juburi anwar when these exservicemen showed their asses….. :-))))) ” anwar..anwar….you datang sekaranglah or i send you MMS picture buntut itu askar2 pencen…..nanti misti you taruh mau lah…”

  10. Anonymas says:

    New nickname!


    • Tak Sokong hamPAS says:

      It is actually longer than that…..
      amBABIga Amburger Ambiguous! That is more like it.

    • Anonymous says:

      As long as there is no UMNO-directed fartwar against such despicable behavior, the imbeciles will do what comes naturally to them – exhibit animal behavior.

      • ray says:

        anon @ May 18, 2012 at 12:54 pm

        Well animals have shown more civilised behaviour than those yellow hooligans led by that peliwat tua and achi amburger.

      • bershit says:

        Pas only issues fatwas…they have the monopoly on it.

      • Hj Man says:

        Why blame UMNO without evidence. Video showing clearly Anwar and Azmin the real culprit ordering the barricade crash.
        Takde otak punya bahalol. Cakap pakai lepas mulut

  11. magnetar says:

    Melayu mudah lupa
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Dulu bangsanya dipijak
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Dulu bangsanya retak
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Dulu bangsanya teriak
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Dulu bangsanya haprak
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Dulu bangsanya kelas dua
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Dulu bangsanya hina
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Dulu bangsanya sengketa
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    Dulu bangsanya kerdil
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    Dulu bangsanya terpencil
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Tiada daulat
    Tiada maruah
    Tiada bebas
    Melayu mudah lupa
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    Melayu mudah lupa
    Sejarah bangsanya yang lena
    Tanah lahirnya yang merekah berdarah
    Wahai bangsaku
    Jangan mudah lupa lagi
    Kerana perjuanganmu belum selesai….Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad

  12. Aishah says:

    Tak tahu la apa pulak lepas ni. Nasib jual Burger dan sedekah sebiji Kat Ambiga. Mana tau esok pulak keluar penjual Apam Balik pulak demo depan rumah dia. Keluar NTV7 pulak nanti gambar penjual itu sedekah pulak sebiji Apam Balik Hangus, mahu tak pitam Ambiga.

    • muthu says:

      MIC spokesman mana – Kamalanathan, T. Mohan and Loges Mohan why so quiet? MIC is only good in heading towards the PM’s department to thank Najib for granting citizenship or MyKad like as if its Najib’s discretion. Come on get your priorities straight. Why should we vote in all of you goons again??

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        Ahaa… Muthu baru nak harap MIC spokesman untuk defend Ambiga. BTW, mana suara Hindraf. Why put the blame on MIC. Is Ambiga an MIC members? Why expect Kamalanathan do defend Ambiga? Did Kamalanathan walks arm in arm with Ambiga during the Bersih 3.0.

  13. Macha says:

    Hoi, Ada berani pergi Anwar punya rumah kasi goyang itu buntot la.
    Ambiga takdak itu ‘Belalai Gajah’ lu orang berani la.

  14. bourne identity says:

    Never before in the history….identify yourself as a lawyer and automatically people mention Ambiga..Babiga ke..and Bersih or Bershit or professional legal people breaking the law.
    Siapa low class now?
    Lawyer tipu orang sudah biasa dengar…lawyer bunuh DAN bakar orangpun dah ada and now lawyerS…bukan seekor tapi RAMAI…. break the law pun sudah ada.
    Tu lah..lawyerS suka sangat hentam hakim atau judges…. now tahi sudah jatuh ke muka sendiri…ha ha ha….
    Ni ada pulak RETIRED exCapt ngutuk veteran2 army…tak baik panggil depa non commission rank….. kalau dulu dalam ATM bolehlah…la ni dah jadi civilian.
    Relaxlah RETIRED captain….saya pun RETIRED exvat69 officer….saya cuma kutuk elemen2 yg break the law je…. maybe RETIRED captain belongs to a prestigious army unit kot? Kalau betul, maafkan lah saya kalau saya ngutuk RETIRED captain…saya bukan dari prestigious unit macam unit RETIRED captain…. uniform kami pun tak tentu arah, rambut panjang tidak terurus, berjanggut, dapat air atau mechanised support pun tak ada…. but kami tak kisah semua ini asalkan kami tetap dapat berikan peace to ALL….in our own specialised operational way 🙂
    exvat69 – 1977/93
    ..and to Ambiga….Im hoping for someone to come up with a Bollywood sex scandal tape between you and Al Juburi … mesti ada apa2 between you and Al Juburi ni kot?
    Saya agak je…. ha ha ha…

    • Daud says:

      This is Bolehland and everything under the sun in Bolehland is not impossible. We have the BEST of the very BEST in the whole wide world eg. the BEST EDUCATION the BEST DEMOCRACY the BEST BN MINISTER. Can they withstand the sting – No problem brother Bolehland has got the BEST ANTI-STING available at the BEST JUDICIARY 1Malayssian Kedai. Feel comfortable? No then CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE abu abu abu abu abu and make sure RAKYAT do and act abu in PR13.

      • dugo says:

        Ini lagi satu cina tapi pakai nama melayu.

      • Hj Man says:

        Because we are in Bolehland and having people like you then everything become a mockery. Video evidence cannot be use because it a metal. A wife identify her husband by looking at his tummy. Any normal wife will identify their husband by recognising his Belalai Bengkok. Go back and ask your wife, which part of your body she will identify if you are in sex video.

      • ray says:

        yup daud

        The BEST in everything! You got a problem with that? That is why people vote UMNO and BN over decades.


      • edd says:

        u mad bro?

  15. Anonymous says:

    you guys need to seriously fix your english

    • Tak Sokong hamPAS says:

      Relax la anon. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expressing their view in their own English. As long as we can understand what they have been trying to say. It is not like their English will be graded here. Give them a chance to express themselves in English first and during that time learn how to do the fixing. Ini bukan journal ilmiah pun!

    • zack kitaro says:

      yea…but still better than those DAP leaders….wakakakakaka

  16. Funniman says:

    Ever heard of white versus white and black versus black?

    If one is still stubborn with its way and flout the law hiding under the guise of people’s power, let this be a lesson. As a lawyer, she broke the law intentionally. She tried to create confusion under the purported cause of Bersih.

    The common man do not know what is called law. They only know what is called peace and able to make a living, a bread winner for the family. How many of us know what is called living in a squatter house like? How many of us know what is called “If the hand stop, the mouth will stop and hunger sets in?” She lives in a posh bungalow and even if the world crumbles, KL riots, she is still able to live comfortably. But what about others? Does she ever think of them?

    The rule of the jungle returns. The people do not know what is legal but they do know my livelihood and my family well being is threatened. They will fight in whatever way they see fit, legal or illegal. That’s where black versus black comes in. It simply means unorthodox ways to counter illegal acts.

    There’s nothing wrong in defending one’s family, harmony and livelihood. I can see the silent majority is emerging.

  17. papamojo says:

    Let these jokers be so that they remind us whom not to vote for. More BN stooges should come out and play their role by flipping burgers, making satay, do butt exercise, hip gyration, hold funeral for living persons and birthday celebrations for dead ones, etc. We Malaysians tend to forget very easily. NFC is just one of the latest scandals, the country has been rocked by scandals like these for the past 30 years and yet we keep on voting for BN. Incidences of injustice towards the people during Bersih rallies are just small part of a long string of atrocities committed by BN. Yet we forget. If Najib can postpone the elections for 2 more years, quite a number of people including those who marched in Bersih will go back to voting for BN. So let these jokers be. I hope they will continue with their antics to keep reminding forgetful Malaysians why they should not vote for BN.

    • ray says:

      So you’re saying vote for …

      DAP = chinese communist party practising nepotism, cronyism and corruption
      PAS = hudud laws but can have affairs with others’ wives for counselling
      PKR = a culture of sodomy, ice-cream, extra-marital affairs, one-family rule

  18. Garrett says:

    With their limited funds and resources, the ex-servicemen and traders cannot summon up large turnouts, or invite foreign dignitaries, or get political leaders to attend, like Bersih did. Therefore, their best attempt at getting their message to Ambiga is the “low-class” (as described by the Rtd Captain) way. However, as the Bersih-ers say, everyone has the right to peaceful assembly. While I do not agree to the butt-shaking, or serving beef burgers (perhaps it’s not intentional? I’m sure not many people knew Ambiga was a vegetarian), they have as much right as Ambiga to assemble.
    On Facebook, there are Opposition supporters who mocked these burger-vendors and butt-shakers, asking: “Is this the best they can do? How pathetic!” Well…like I said above…this IS the best they can do with their limited resources.

    • Serpent says:

      Vision 2020 just like 1Malaysia is just a slogan. Umnoputras just pay lip service to the vision of a united and prosperous Malaysia. They are more interested to serve their own narrow agenda and selfish interests instead of the larger interest of the nation. They do it by 1) divide, rule and conquer the rakyat by using the 3Rs (race, religion and royalty) 2) NEP is hijacked for the narrow interest of the malay elites , capitalists and cronies, 3) corruption robs the country blind, 4) resources are wasted and leaked through mega projects and white elephants, 4) once envied democratic and independent institutions of ours are rendered only democratic and independent in name, etc Many of our contemporaries like Singapore, South Korea, HongKong and Taiwan have achieved their own Vision 2020 but we are still struggling to become developed and united nation not to mention that we have become a laughing stock to the world due to our own follies.

      • ray says:

        Errr serpent

        Do you by any chance have solid PROOF? Or is this the cut&paste template of official misinformation.

        What a load of rubbish – convenient garbage for brainwashing.

      • Hj Man says:

        Dear Serpent, are you saying that our leaders are not capable just because they are lead by Malays? Why you keep comparing with the Chinese based government?
        Look at what we achieve today. In the 80s, when Tun Mahathir want to build Penang Bridge that cost RM800m there is lots of noise especially from Kit Siang. Yet today when Guan Eng is Penang CM they want the government to build the Penang 2nd bridge fast eventhough that it cost RM4.2m and there is no allegation of corruption and etc.
        You failed in your history badly. Please don’t just judge people from their race line. Those example that you gave also involve in negative element. Look at the way how the Chinese leaders carting away money to oversea. That the real corruption la.

    • Tajudin Ramlie says:

      After 28 years under Mahathir’s UMNO b..these are one of the fine results of the God fearing Muslims in his party.
      Muhyiddin mum at Scorpion matter.
      Najib ….first PM being booed overseas.
      Mahathir keep dreaming he is the King of Malaysia.
      Dollah sleeps day and night.
      Butts showing….
      Ibrahim Ali thinking how to get some limelight.
      Stupid Hasan Ali gone
      Tunku Aziz try to rub it in…
      These are some ideas how BN going to win 13th GE…under Najib.
      His is the real Defense Minster.
      Mahathir is still the PM…..and he speaks nonsense all the time.

      • ray says:

        Poor TR

        Been fed so many lies, he can’t differentiate between the truth and fairytales written by PR cybertroopers.

        One famous PR cybertrooper has flown far far away …

        • Dave says:

          If this is the real TR, then I understand his problem with Dr. M. If not this is cut and paste, who really doesn’t know shit.

      • dugo says:

        Lagi satu cinabeng komen pakai nama melayu.

      • Hj Man says:

        I am proud to be Malaysian under the leadership of all our PM. If they have failed us then we will not see and enjoy what we have today. Lots of PAkatan commentators here felt that they are damned bloody smart but intact I noticed that they have a bad inferiority complex syndrome. Everybody was stupid except Pakatan leaders and supporters. Look at Kelantan and Kedah today, what the best PAS leader can do there. Raping our jungle to extract timber.
        Sometimes we need to fair and just when we evaluate people. Give them credit when it’s due.

      • Anonymous says:

        Perhaps you should also remind Anwar to stop spilling his sprems everywhere. From guys to china doll

      • zack kitaro says:

        Anwar – still dreaming Putrajaya
        Azmin- still dreaming to be Selangor MB
        Azizah- hoping Anwar still love her and not playing butt n China gurls
        Lim Guan Eng – a Melaka guys who thinks he’s Penangite
        Mat Sabu- thinks he shld write Malaysian history
        Nik Aziz – thinks hes in the 20’s
        Hadi Awang- champion of Hudud but only in media
        Karpal – Forgotten that his time is already past

  19. Ustaz Zain says:

    Moohidin should not hide the fact that the Malaysian judiciary, Election Commission, Police, MACC are UMNO branch parties. The Bar Council is only trying to correct problems created by UMNO.

    • ray says:

      ustaz ustaz (beli title online ka?)

      Why then, did some Bar Council members SPOKE out against “bad apples”?? These members are ashamed of the support given to Bersih3.

      • Tak Sokong hamPAS says:

        The duty of the Bar Council is to issue Sijil Annual so that lawyers can in turn be issued with a practicing certificate by the High Court. Another duty of the Bar Council is to DISCIPLINE lawyers so that lawyer will conduct their their legal practice professionally and according to the law.

        Unfortunately, it is the Bar Presidents who needs to be disciplined. He is more interested in politics than in the interest of the lawyers generally.

        What was so grave about the EGM to endorse the guilty verdict that Bar Council has passed? What is 1,200-lawyer quorum compared with a total of about 14,000 lawyers all over Malaysia? Had all these 14,000 lawyers found it grave to support the Bar, all the lawyers in the country would have no issue to support in full force without the need for the Bar Council to BEG AGAIN AND AGAIN for lawyers to attend the meeting.

        Later, lets talk about Bar Council’s Disciplinary Committee brutality.

    • dugo says:

      Ostaad, dulu you dah kantoi menipu. Wah datang balik mengomen di sini ya. Sudah2 lah menipu oostaq ooi. Nak saya ingatkan balik apa yang oostaq bohong dulu ka?

    • duluPas says:

      Gelaran mu ustaq tapi mu menabur fitnah dan mempersenda nama pemimpin. Nampok gayo mu boh sendiri gelaran ustaq ni.

      Mu tudoh kehakiman, polis, macc, dsb macam tu, mu ingat kerja mahkamah, polis, macc nak kenakan orang2 politik saja ke. Tak ada ke jasa mereka memerangi perasuah, perompak, penipu dsb untuk rakyat? Mu sedang dudok dalam negara kominis ke sekarang?

      Ustaq oh ustaq, mu tak de kawan polis ke? Mu tak pernah dapat khidmat polis ka selama hidup mu?

      Betul ke mu ustaq berakal? Atau mu cacat akal?

    • Hj Man says:

      Ustaz bawa mengucap panjang. Hang ingat semua orang boleh dibeli ke? Kalau Pakatan menang ke Putrajaya kelak gantilah polis dengan unit Amal PAS; Kehakiman dengan Bar Council; MACC dengan Majlis Fatwa Nik Aziz

  20. wawa solat says:

    The photos of the son of a loud-mouthed Muslim federal minster cavorting with semi-naked women and drinking alcohol have been disseminated throughout the Internet. He has not been investigated for khalwat and haram offences.

    On the other hand, the leader of the opposition, Anwar Ibrahim is being made to undergo a shameful and protracted court circus to answer an unfounded allegation of sexual impropriety. Why the double standards?

    Yet Najib, who was booed by loyal Malaysians in London recently, has the insolence to insist that only Umno can defend Islam. To all right-thinking Malaysians however it is clear that it is Umno which is disgracing the religion.

    Zahid Hamidi does not seem to care for the universal values of truth and honesty. How then can he be a good parent or even a loyal citizen of Malaysia?

    • Dok says:

      Why dont you carry out continuous solat hajat to seek the truth from Him? Malaysia wish to minimize the numbers of idiots.

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      Dear Wawa Solat, at least someone is still brave enough to “sumpah laknat”. But your dear leader hide in Turkish Embassy claiming someone is trying to shoot him dead. What a joke, and people like you still believe in him. BTW why dear leader’s face look so terrible. Sudah kena makan sumpah ka?

      Ahaa… now you’re saying that it’s OK to circulate the boy’s horny photos and it’s absolutely wrong to do the same to your dear leader’s video act. Are sure the photo has not been tempered with cause the PR’s are known to be very good in photo manipulation. He can still claim “it wasn’t me, the tummy doesn’t resemble my tummy”.

      Grow up Wawa, go and ambik wudhuk and perform your sembahyang and pray to God to seek the truth.

      • Islander says:

        I hope no more photos or videos of Dear Leader Sheikh Anwar with dolls. Old folks having sex is not sexy. Please leave them in peace.

    • kiasu says:

      You accept photo evidences but you reject video evidences. And the video had been proven to be 99.9% percent real by international experts. What blatant hypocrite are you.

      The son did not offer to be our leader, but our brader wants to be our prime minister. Do you want such sidomizer as your, our leader? No, i didnt say he is a sodomizer, the Appeal Court judges so.

    • Tak Sokong hamPAS says:

      Ini pun Cina-koey pakai nic tipu. wawa solat…. gua gua solat. Kelakarnya!

    • Hj Man says:

      Bro, Kak Jijah kata perut aktor tu buncit sikit. Hahahaha ketawa besar saya sebab bila tanya isteri saya, dia kata Kak Jijah sepatutnya komen bahawa itu bukan Belalai Nuar tapi ‘Belalai Bengkok’ sebab dia dah biasa pakai

    • ray says:

      how stupid can you be, huh? The son is not a politician, anwar the confirmed and jailed sodomist, adulterer, corrupter and power abuser INTENDS to be the PM (wait long long).

      those ungrateful chinese pseudo-Malaysians are uncivilised, uncultured descendents of coolie kang. made rich off Tanah Melayu, had ZERO decency and obviously too DESPERATE. Theyare afraid of losing to OVER-performing DS Najib.

      The threat of numerous loss of seats is REAL under PM Najib compared to sleepy PM. That’s why all these disgraceful antics. They deserve to have their Mykad revoked.

  21. funniman says:

    Serpet..I beg to differ…

    They do it by 1) divide, rule and conquer the rakyat by using the 3Rs (race, religion and royalty) Isn’t Pakatan doing the same using DAP for Chinese, PAS for Muslim and PKR for Hindraf?

    2) NEP is hijacked for the narrow interest of the malay elites , capitalists and cronies. Are you telling me Pakatan do not have cronies? maybe they do not have but they do have massage parlours, contracts for suitwears, land supposed to be tendered….

    3) corruption robs the country blind. Corruption take many form…offering fellowship in think tank institute in exchange to shut up Tunku Aziz is one good example..

    4) resources are wasted and leaked through mega projects and white elephants…who are the people who actually benefit? It is the contractors, architects, traders right down to hawkers who nenefit. The same people who would vote for Opposition. Talking about lupa kulit….

    4) once envied democratic and independent institutions of ours are rendered only democratic and independent in name…It is DAP who stepped Tunku Aziz who is the founding member of Transparent International Malaysia, it is the Bar Council who is tainted with politics of Bersih, etc.

    Don’t be NAIVE…look up the dictionary if you do not know the meaning. And don’t be a parrot. Get a life…

    • anon says:

      Just analyse what is happening in the states won

      Their doing is much worse.

      Bunch of hyprocrites hiding behind nice sounding terms and acronoyms

      Thinklah what are they doing with the private companies, developers. So many loopsided deals.

      Their people who won by votes are not elevated to the leader level-but their cronies elevated instead.

      They are a worser XXXXXX

  22. Bershit 3 suku says:

    These opposition goons are only good at distracting from the real topic, this is about the Bersih 3 criminals which caused a riot in kl, and these crooks are upset over the burger and butt thingy at their Dewi’s residence. Tell me one thing that this Ambibagi thing has really done for the good of the people?

  23. Nkama31 says:

    Bertenang kalian.
    Tak pe.
    Bila Bersih 4.0 nak di canang pulak, pastikan ianya disokong dan PASTIKAN “demonstrasi” di mulakan dan diakhiri juga di JALAN BUKIT BINTANG, DEPAN PAVILION, DI JALAN IMBI, DEPAN BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE, DI MEGAMALL MIDVALLEY, DI BANGSAR, DI SUBANG JAYA, DI PJ. DI USJ, di KOTA DAMANSARA… mana lagi….any ideas?

    Berani kah penyokong2 tegar “bershit” dan taukeh-taukeh di belakang mereka itu…bersorak sekali?
    Do I hear a loud YES from the RICH traders and businessmen there?
    they prefer to intimidate the SMALL non-chinese , (a.k.a. Muslim) traders along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Masjid India, Dang Wangi, etc?

    Semua perlakuan itu bergantung kepada niat. Betul ?
    Fikkir-fikirkan lah.

    • anon says:

      yeah, particularly the few traders at Petaling Street which is causing a headache/bottleneck to the MRT project.

      Few people sabotaging/stopping grand scale MRT convenience for all rakyat.
      Hasn’t it been well established that their lots will still belong to them eventually.
      Hasn’t the govt sacrificed by not invoking forced takeover law?

      Reminds of opposition method.
      Minority or a few people causing so much turmoil for the majority, locally and worldwide, in their greed for power. Why not go by the normal “prove you can serve better tactic”

      Some more the key guy has already served the rakyat previously hence has a track record. Now, does his track record measure up?

  24. dugo says:

    Cina cina trooper rasis Dap ini menggunakan nickname melayu apabila memberi komen seolah2 ramai orang melayu anti Umno dan BN.

    Try harder lah next time abu sabri, daud, tajudin ramlie, wawa soat, ridhuan… can be one or a few cinamen pretending to be malays, but we are not dumb as you thought. Go back to your komtar guang eng penang institute maa…..learn more how to be corrupt like your hypocrite dear leader guang eng and that chinese zairil

    • Funniman says:

      Dun be like that la..brader…..I pun cina trooper tapi i bukan racist….i saje cakap benar benar saja. I partyless….cuma nak komen utk kedamaian and harmoni.
      Malaisia utk semua….racist pun kena halau jikakalau dia terlaluan…

  25. Garth Liew says:

    The fact remains that if there were no bersih there’d be no amburgers and ambutts.

    Ambiga and her ilk are dangerously leadingthis once-peaceful country towards civil war. And behind her is anWar.

    When the war starts, they both would run and seek asylum in the US. Mark these words.

  26. semenyih says:

    Ambiga dan Anwar tu dua dua ekor Malaysians.Sedih aku tenguk kenapa mereka suka sangat nak burukkan negara sendiri.Macam mana nak jadi PM eh kalau perangai macam tu?Kalau 2 ekor ni bla ke US cari asylum, padahlah muka dia kena bayar health insurance giler giler kalau sakit.Kita bayar RM1 jer kalau nak pergi klinik kerajaan.

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