Happy Mother’s Day, Azmin!

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  1. Anonymas says:

    He’s pretty precious telling the media that he’s a filial son yet does not go and see his mom. And pretty bold too saying that his mom has been paid by UMNO.

    So if any missing girl refuse to come home and her mom gets on TV to say “Please come home…we miss you…” means that UMNO paid them. How marvellous. Needless to say, the welfare wing of UMNO did help bring back the missing teenage girls in Lombok.

    • Wan says:

      Umno has to resort to dirty tactics again. Desperation?

      • kiasu says:

        What kind of argument is this? Reason out la. Say something like, i work in the bank and i personally handled the cash cheque from Che Tom and the umno cheque was signed by Najib himself.

        Then we believe you la one…oops wan, or pkr cyber- troopers now bankrupt of ideas…haiya

        • anone says:

          yeahlah kiasu

          these cybertroopers corrupt us all with their repeated thought out in the toilet/while caught in a jam copy/paste mantras.

          It just like some ah goon mat talking HP loudly in the cinema without any ending.

          Kacaau our enjoyment only…

          • Kassim says:

            Najib has no control over French court’s decision on the corruption that implicates him in the purchase of Scorpene submarines. If he is found guilty, the news will splash all over the world. That’s nothing he could do about it. So how can Dr M said Najib has confidence in mid-September. More corruptions would be exposed from time to time.

        • fefef says:

          ah..umno dumno’s…you guys are funny, well not really, pathetic is the word. Pathetic assholes who have fucked this country up..

          • Bab says:

            Haw haw…this is the best this DAP racist cyber trooper can grumble to defend you mr wan….sound very angry, haw haw.

            Like their blady dear leader Guang Eng racist always said “no class”. Now kena to your own people.

            Ini DAP reli arrogant, hypocrite and cakap tak serupa bikin, betul tak Tunku Aziz?

        • Zaki Yunus says:

          The spins by Najib, Hisham and UMNO are getting more and more hilarious, they are also getting to border on absurdity and the ridiculous.

      • belang says:

        hell yea!!! but the dirty one were your leader, anwar sodomize case, badrol amin promiscuity raid and now assmin family fucking trouble, next maybe, just maybe umno is plotting to film wan azizah rendezvous with zaid ibrahim and she will be taking the role herself but only to deny later.

      • Encik Nakal says:

        Looks like all umno cows dying to cling on to power . The two EC cows , this hanif dung and the WHOLE bunch of umno bandits ! Shameless till the end ! No class ! No dignity ! That’s umno type !

        • magnetar says:

          And looks like all those opposition pigs are dying to gain power. The two Anwar and Azmin dicks, this Ambabiga dung and the WHOLE bunch of Bersih bandits ! Shameless till the end ! No class ! No dignity ! That’s the opposition type !

  2. Islander says:

    Datuk Azeez of Putera Umno,
    SOS! SOS! SOS! Please help find missing man. His mother is crying every night on TV, missing him and longing for his return. Cari dia sampai lubang kacing.

    • bar-cc says:

      islander you sounded like an uneducated DAP politician you still up your coconut tree

      • Islander says:

        Not as uneducated as you and your DAP friends though. Have you ever heard of the use of full stops and caps? Probably not. That means you qualify as a DAP councillor. Congrats.

  3. bourne identity says:

    The entrance to heaven lies not under the mother’s feet but under Anwar’s feet…I thik this is what Nik Aziz, the senile Taliban has been advising Azmin.

    • Puteri says:

      Dalam masa sesingkat empat tahun sahaja, Kerajaan Selangor telah memperkenalkan banyak program pro-rakyat yang memberi manfaat kepada kehidupan semua pihak, tanpa mengira jalur politik masing-masing.


      • bourne identity says:

        Semenjak merdeka, keraja federal yang memerintah memberi manfaat kepada SEMUA negeri seberapa yang boleh.#
        Takan Selangor mau memberikan manfaatnya kepada semua negeri kot?
        If you want to do dick measuring Puteri…. go and ask EVERY state what type of manfaat each state has brought to their state. Tak payahlah nak megah2kan Selangor pulak when you think everything was and has always been set and prepared before Pakatan Riuh took over – its a matter of maintaining which will lead to taking credit after credit.
        Maybe Pakatan Riuh should take over Timor Leste and see what it can do in 4 years?
        Nak komenpun….guna otak lah…

  4. ministerofsin says:

    all this PR clowns sop : blame it on umno.

    a son who didnt have the time to visit his mom that live less than 10 minutes drive from his office – umno’s fault

    a picture on a front page of local newspaper while doing erection checkup – umno’s fault

    crowd went cookoo while screaming their lung out – umno’s fault

  5. Cucu Tok mahmud says:

    Karpal Singh gets medical treatment at GH – Yeah, UMNO’s fault for sure!

  6. nina says:

    Happy mother day to all Mother in Malaysia .

  7. andi says:

    can we use nur alert to help find this child??

  8. magnetar says:

    Its a little off topic, but I couldn’t resist…..

    PR takes over Putrajaya after GE13.

    PAS took Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu and swiftly changed its constitution based on Tuan Guru Nik Aziz fatwa’s, and Hudud was promptly implemented and enforced by their unit Amal. DAP retained Penang, and due to their fervour and excitement declared Penang the second state of Singapore. Things went on fine for a while, but differences soon surfaced (the Chinese were well known for forming triads against each other) and they ended up like what happened to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Perak changed hands between PKR, DAP and PAS every couple of months or so, depending on the seasonal migration of frogs. Selangor was retained by PKR through a Bersih point something peaceful duduk, berdiri, lompat, kejar dan bantai rally that turned violent. There are numerous allegations going around that the rally was essentially hijacked and turned violent by agent provocateurs, namely UMNO and PDRM. DSAI denied instigating the violence and defended that his hand gestures actually signified the addition of berguling, to the duduk, berdiri, lompat, kejar dan bantai rally. Selangor PKR continues to accuse UMNO for the rampant proliferation of porn in the state and frogs in Perak. The PR government covertly sold Pahang to Genting Berhad to fund the abolishment of Toll’s and PTPTN, and to provide free everything to the rakyat. There are rumours that the sale was actually transacted to settle the Lynas issue, with Lynas being compensated with a portion of the state. Anyhow, funds eventually ran out because everything was free, but an opportunity arose for more funding when Taib Mahmud purchased the state of Sarawak for himself, and was immediately installed as the absolute Rajah of Sarawak. Sabah didn’t want to be left behind, so they declared independence through some sort of Bersih peaceful rally thingy. Fortunately, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor remained with BN albeit a slim majority, who then could be blamed for everything that went wrong in the PR states. However, the minorities of these states are still fighting for their freedom through some form of peaceful means.

    • Burger NFC says:

      We have to respect Dr Ling for his views that BN has lost the plot and the fact that the Chinese hates the MCA.

      People are no longer stupid. They want to give Pakatan a chance to rule in Putrajaya for one term and see the difference like what they are seeing now in Penang, Selangor and even Kelantan.

      Umno and MCA should be a gentleman and let the people decide who they want in Putrajaya.

  9. Ahmad Yatim says:

    Saya rasa ada nampak orang serupa macam gambar di atas pagi tadi. Waktu itu saya jalan-jalan dekat Bangunan Ibupejabat UMNO di PWTC. Saya rasa itu memang orangnya lah. Tapi saya nampak ada dua orang pegang sama dia masuk dalam lif, orang2 itu pakai baju merah dan dia pakai baju kuning.

    Saya berani cakap, ini orang kuning sudah kena tangkap sama orang merah. Lagi berani cakap itu merah orang Umno jugalah mahu kurung tak mau bagi dia jumpa emak dia.

    Umno, Umno… Saya berani cakap ini semua salah Umno juga dan kalau kamu semua tak percaya, pergi tanya semua orang baju kuning, mesti mereka semua cakap INI SEMUA SALAH UMNO.

  10. Grompie says:

    From the absence of DAP cybertroopers I can see that Malay PKR issues is of no interest to them.
    I am sure they will be back if STL touch on the Ah Beng Lim Guan Eng or Chinese Chauvinist DAP.

    • anon says:

      Perhaps they are paid by the hour or alphabets keyed in, so on their tuan order do not waste on diverting people’s attention on unimportant issues.
      Focus on election not on erection

  11. Jo says:

    What Perkasa did by staging the mock funeral outside Penang CM Lim Guan Eng’s residence is very inflammatory. It is 100 percent racist in nature and is totally contradictory to the desire of the government for racial harmony in this country.

    How can the Home Ministry condone such racial provocation and not do anything about it? Either the government is weak or it subscribes to the seeds of hatred sown by Perkasa.

    Just because it is done to an opposition CM you don’t like does not make the despicable action right. Has the government lost its sense of right and wrong?

    The police have again disgraced themselves. How is it conceivable that a group of racist radicals are freely allowed to protest in front of the house of the CM without any resistance?

    Yet when innocent rakyat protest peacefully for a just cause, they are beaten up and tear gassed. Why the discrepancy?

    Clearly, the police are totally biased and partial in favour of the Malay-based NGO. This is another black mark in the report card of the Malaysian police.

    They have failed the rakyat miserably. They really ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    • magnetar says:

      Freedom of speech ma…..at least they don’t jump on cars like the Bersih imbeciles.

    • none says:

      that’s how it goes

      using the sensitive racist defence when none is apparent.

      Are they bankrupt of ideas?
      Or just tired of defending themselves
      Already out of magic trick gimmicks?

    • ministerofsin says:


      I am gonna break it down paragraph by paragraph with easy answer for you to understand.

      1st paragraph – funeral. where have you been for the past 2 months? The Prime Minister i repeat … the 1st man of this country was mock with a funeral. and he is not even Hindu.

      2nd paragraph – racist. sometimes back even the PR side came out with a racist statement (and i be damn you gonna ignore this with a denial).

      3rd paragraph – (please refer to 1st paragraph)

      4th paragraph – this i will surely use PR concept. and it is call HAK RAKYAT as most of you guys a screaming about.

      5th paragraph – how bout the police who got beaten up by the protestor. and yes i know you are going to denied that as well.

      6th paragraph – dont think so. coz as i remember in Bersih 2.0. even the umno guys was caught by the police. just for this around they dont even bothered i guess.

      7th paragraph – they? who are you referring to? so if they are not on your side. they are the bad guy? what do ya wanna do. cry and tell big daddy about it? or be a hero in a blog. blame the gov still? blame all the people who dont see the same side as you?

      • spy says:

        yes sin minister. You have my support

        quote our JO
        “Yet when innocent rakyat protest peacefully for a just cause, they are beaten up and tear gassed. Why the discrepancy?”

        Answer: Are they innocent when they barged into the restricted area seemingly to bash up police(after much spitting, name calling). It now known that they wished to occupy the area for days. Also who was the one who got the stitches on the head end of day if not for the police.

        As is the foundation for bersih is flawed. demands met at highest level

        Actually huh, they should set the bersih pack to the PKR who had a very much funny internal voting process which is not so clean

        Change from within first before you want to change others.

        • ministerofsin says:


          i quote “Change from within first before you want to change others”

          dont think so it will work. they are sacred as claim by them. they dont do corruption as claim by them. they listen to the people also as claim by them.

          asking them to change from within is like trying to talk some sense to a 3 years old kid. when you ask a 3 years old kid not to run. that kid will be still running until he fall. and what happen next. all hell break lose.

          • spy says:

            sin minister

            unless they are incorrigible, cannot change for the better anymore.

            yes, when you say sacred, it brings into mind the one anugerah tuhan term.
            They are very pandai to twist words for a good public perception

    • Temujin says:

      Ah ya Ah Pek!..

      freedom of speech and democracry as long no one get hurt.. unlike your Bersih 3.0 many people got hurt including police..

      Should encourage more procession like the opposition that capitalise the death of Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock and many others etc…

    • bourne identity says:

      Im an exvat69er…from 1977 to 1993…. not a single praise came from DAP everytime we dealt with the communist guerillas but Lim Kim Sial..sorry..Siang was the FIRST person in Parliament to congratulate the police from handling the Ibrahim Libya operation succesfuly.#
      Nak tahu mengapa? Sebab hampir kesemua pengganas kominis kami uruskan didalam hutan adalah kaum Cina dan Inbrahim Libya dan orang2nya orang melayu dan islam.
      Kami di dalam PDRM dont give fuck at whoever that threatens peace in Malaysia – dari dulu, sekarang dan selama2nya.
      If anyone says the police has disgraced themselves….take a good look or go and have a lasik eye operation. Even the lawyers from the Bar Council has LONG disgraced themselves…. even that ass and pussy crazy Anwar Aljuburi.
      Can we blame the whole community of chinese, malay or indians or even lawyers for the shortcoming of a few? Even anak beruk pun tahu jawapanya…and I dont know if you know, Jo….
      Im puzzled as to why there are still malaysians who call themselves malaysians still rely on the police to keep peace – ALL malaysians should learn how to practical peace instead of shattering the peace we have into pieces.
      If you think the police is a disgraceful lot, why dont you pull our socks and join the police and make it undisgraceful – dont join my old unit vat69 – it isnt a graceful unit to be, join the PR or the Peronda Lebuhrayalah…

  12. spy says:

    by the way, would the blog owner put up the above subject guy to be ***hole for the April month, though a bit belated?

    any votes, dear comrades

    • ministerofsin says:

      raising my both hands for the idea. oh no… now we got pengundi hantu since i raise both hand. … alamak ….

      • anone says:

        you should be dibersihkan

        after pkr (on internal voting) first


        (joke only yeah…minister. play play only
        just like the opposition joke and jokers which they champion)

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      Count me in…


  13. Anonymous says:

    More than 1,200 lawyers voted at a Bar Council EGM to condemn police brutality at Bersih 3.0 but the Umno owned paper focussed on 16 little known lawyers who dissented. And to make matters worse, the NST report focussed on whether the quorum was reached (which it was) and whether all those who turned up were lawyers. What rubbish reporting and insult to anybody’s intelligence.

    I am making public this dishonest reporting because this is the stock in trade of the NST . Remember how the paper tried to stitch up Lim Guan Eng as unpatriotic and Senator Xenophon as anti-Islam.

    In Malaysia, the health of newspaper follow that of who occupies Putrajaya and it is no coincidence that the NST and Star have stopped being newspapers and have become ragsheets for wrapping fish.

    Najib Razak wants his papers supine. The Star will try and sound balanced but make no mistake, the editors and journalists at the MCA-owned paper are just as guilty of selling innuendo and vile stuff as news.

    We should start a boycott of the mainstream media. Team up with Bersih and other NGOs and get people to stop buying the paper. I have stopped buying papers and only read it online when someone draws attention to some ridiculous report.

    • ministerofsin says:

      how in the right state of mind you guys can easily came up with all this ideas? boycott newspaper. what’s next. boycott sending kids to school? because it support by the gov. boycott watching tv because tv station support gov. boycott buying malaysian product because the money will goes to gov.

      • ray says:

        Easy for you since your life is manipulated by theose umno fatwas.

        • magnetar says:

          As far as I’m aware, all the fatwas comes from your Mursyidul Am Pas.

        • zack kitaro says:

          Ray…this is democracy country…..you can join whatever party that suits you….you can even screw up anybody backside if u wish….but for sure its against the Islamic law….if u think you life is not easy, try live in Indonesia or Thailand….are they better than us?

        • ministerofsin says:

          my life is being manipulated? do you have any hard evidence to proof that? … i know for a fact that my life is easy is because i choose to make it easy. not that i don’t give a nut sack on what happen around me. no no no … don’t get me wrong. i do give a shit about what happen around me. because i am a citizen. as long as my ic color is blue and stated Warganegara. yes, i need to give a shit.
          just that the difference between you and me, i opened up my eyes and i clean my ear twice a day so that i will hear and look at things better. that is how i use my eyes. i read your comment. but i did not assume how bad your life might be.

          • lustful says:

            manipulated by uncle BN fatwas?.


            the other divide being manipulated by the fancies of three uncle anak-beranaks parties would be more like it.

    • anon says:

      Lawyer betul, lawyer buruk so had to distinguish now

      There is another job for the bersih pack…to pass off time before riot 4
      Pls set on their PKR for their suspected internal voting process first, the last time it was held.

      Then we can talk about transparency and justice.

      • Anonymous says:

        All because we have a lousy minister of law.

      • Gerak Tak Khas says:

        Police: Burger stall in front of Ambiga legal. It reflects hw little the police know about the law. How can they be trusted to enforce the law?

        • Kalanathan says:

          Deputy police chief Khalid Abu Bakar’s latest public utterance has exposed him as a tin kosong !

          He knows what a beef burger is to a Hindu ( Ambiga) is no different from an hamburger(pork) to a Muslim. Yet he can make this statement? Shall we all send this Khalid guy some hamburgers please and maybe conduct hamburger sales in front of his house since he is on record to say that such action does not in any way affect the public.

          What a disgrace to the govt for appointing such an idiot as Deputy IGP.It will be impossible for PDRM to salvage its rotten image.

          • akuantiPAKATAN says:

            There’s so much difference between pork and beef my friend.
            1. Muslim can’t simply touch the pigs, buy you can touch the cows and the pigs.
            2. Even if Muslim accidentally touch the pigs, they have to perform the “samak” ritual.
            3. Hindus can drink the cow’s milk, but Muslims are not allowed to drink or eat any part of the pigs.

            Furthermore, those men are selling beef burgers outside her house, not inside. Do they throw anything in her house? No right. So what’s the fuss.

    • magnetar says:

      Firstly, the so call more than 1,200 fellows there were all not lawyers, it was filled with a bunch of random opposition clowns.

      Secondly, the vote was conducted by a show of hands, any of those random clowns who put up their paws were counted.

      Thirdly, where is the so called freedom of speech when the voices of the so called 16 little known actual lawyers who dissented in the name of the truth, was silenced by a mob of random opposition clowns.

      And finally, if the Bar council cannot be seen to have a free and fair vote, what credibility do they have for their biased cause.

    • kiasu says:

      1200 lawyers….hmm i didnt know there are so very few lawyers in this country. Small wonders they arrogance bunch of people. So many cases if lawyers swindle clients money, lawyers fraud, breach of trust, overcharging innocent kampung folks like the Felda case, murdering clients, misrepresentation, the list goes on…..should’nt these issues be of more concern?

      Talking about Bershit and free elections, did these bar men say anything about the farce PKR erection, i mean election? Nope. You know why? Coz the bar men also same type of hypocrites, they are themselves now being sued for bringing in hundreds of phantom voters during that farce EGM.

      Of course the bar men president will deny it, coz denying is their speciality. Like any crook, robber, conman, badman, barman, who want to admit one’s guilt. Certainly not these arrogant they-know-all loyers.

      • spy says:

        Good and valid points, kiasu
        Have been thinking of that as well as to why the actual shortcomings within their fraternity are not taken care first.

        Which brings also to mind as to why Pas kept on harping on any incoming mat salleh concert sins rather than attending to the ongoing sliding downhill moral values of youngsters in their states and others.

        Can’t they organise some religious indoctrination session. Take the bull by the horn. Just like Rakan Muda activities by BN(which they also criticise).

        Perhaps its makes sense since they have been misled by certain politicians in erecting the image of SABI despite his unethical record and also joining in the riots of Bershit(equipped with religious topiah) despite the organisor’s breaking of law and support of lesbian/gays.
        Erdogan effect maybe.

    • Satria says:

      It would appear that Najib is still spreading his desperate and insincere propaganda even to the extent of reaching out to the dis enfranchised Malaysian “diaspora”. Surely he should know why there is this Malaysian “diaspora” in the first place, because everything of significance in Malaysia is monopolised by UMNO/BN and its cronies only. The fact that this Malaysian “diaspora” cannot even vote from abroad in the Malaysian general elections clearly shows the hollowness of his claims. If the British also buy into his lies, it will also be true then that they gave Malaya (and later Sarawak and Sabah) its independence to a neo-colonialist UMNO/BN regime that would continue to rule the country in their mold.

  14. Lord Tensai says:

    Marina Mahathir’s continual effort to write and speak out fearlessly shows her father does not possess the monopoly of truths on issues of justice, freedom and democracy. This is the kind of attributes an open, progressive society should have.

    For 55 years since independence, the attributes of the Malaysian society has been cultivated on a colonial, regressive and communist-phobias mentality through official propaganda and self-censorship of our media in a controlled and manipulated environment. Such a regime is no longer viable, sustainable with the younger generation of Malaysians who takes such misinformation and disinformation with utter disdain.

    • magnetar says:

      Your first paragraph highlights that differences of opinion is allowed by our leaders, even if its from their own child…could you expect the same from the opposition.

      And your second paragraph describes exactly what the opposition does.

      • kiasu says:

        Like Tunku Aziz said, DAP is cakap tidak serupa bikin. In other word, DAP themselves admit that the party is hypocrite.

        Of course DAP will say that was Tunku’s personal view which is a disgrace to them.

        Now their cybertroopers are screaming that Tunku was bought by Umno. Ini sumua salah Umno, hehehhe

        • wonder says:

          yes right

          the chicken and bj are also umno plants.
          movie also same face actors or camera tricks

          it is also umno’s fault that the samseng breached the bershit’s riot barrier


          On the other hand, why not offer to think:-
          Is it not UMNO’s doing and policy that we have been so good since merdeka, respected among asians, a towering country amongst south east asians.
          Is it not our power sharing formula, each assisting the other to move towards a common goal of harmony. People are so loaded nowadays with Ipads and Samsungs snapped like crazy.

          A thank you would suffice.

  15. Analisis Awani says:

    Umno’s main event for its 66th anniversary, hyped-up to be a Night of 1 million Malays, turned out to be a disappointment with many red-shirt-clad supporters openly indifferent to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s keynote address, and some even walking out to buy refreshments as he spoke.

    As expected, Najib – the Umno president – veered away from announcing the date for the 13th general election despite having made elaborate plans to do so at the gala event.

    It shows there is something serious going on in Umno. Something is up and he has to bunker down. Najib’s failures especially over the way he handled Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 will provide the opportunity for a major power struggle in Umno.

    Indeed, less than 50,000 people were in the Bukit Jalil stadium on Friday night despite the mainstream media publishing glowing reports about a ‘massive’ attendance and standing-room only. Malaysia Chronicle‘s Nawawi Mohamad estimated the turnout based on the stadium’s touted capacity of being able to contain 100,000 people. Certainly, throughout the night, more than half the stadium was unfilled.

    The Umno crowd size is certainly in stark contrast to the April 28 Bersih 3.0 rally for free and fair elections attended by more than 250,000 Malaysians from all walks of life. But this is more than just a numbers game. The writing is on the wall and clear for all to see.

    As pundits have predicted, Umno’s time is up. It is the last amongst the big BN components to lose its hold on a people it ruled for the past 55 years. Like the Titanic, ‘pirate-ship’ Umno – most famous for its corruption rather than for any governance excellence – is sinking and irreversibly.

    In his speech, Prime Minister Najib Razak made a mockery of his own promised reforms and platform of ‘moderation’. He was clearly one-sided and biased towards the Bersih 3.0 rally where the police were visibly and excessively violent – causing the worst bloodshed in Kuala Lumpur in recent history.

    But to Najib, the police brutality was the fault of the Bersih participants and he called on the Umno crowd at Bukit Jalil to sympathize with the cops.

    “Police were beaten up with baseball bats until they vomited blood. Are these civilised people?“ Najib told the crowd.

    “If we in this stadium wanted to, we could take Dataran Merdeka. There are more of us than them. But Umno upholds the law. That is why we will not allow this. Umno will protect the dignity and image of the country.”

    This despite a rebuke from the United Nations on his administration’s failure to follow standard human rights code in managing peaceful assemblies and the Malaysian Bar Council’s own Final Report in which the council had called on the police and Najib’s government to apologize to the country and pay compensation to the scores injured and hundreds detained against their civil rights.

    Conspired with the press and the police to attack Bersih participants

    It is also telling that Najib brushed off the visual evidence of the Bersih attendance, insisting that the Bukit Jalil crowd was larger.

    Together with his defense of the police, it is irrefutable evidence of a conspiracy with the top guns of the Umno-controlled media as well as with the cops to attack Bersih civilians to quell the people’s spirit and to stop them from demanding change and reform.

    “If there were no clashes, then there is no story for CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera. That is their real purpose: To show we are a cruel government,” said Najib.

    But indeed, of Malaysia’s 6 prime ministers, not only is Najib the worst-performing, his record will leave indisputable proof that he was the most violent and cruel of the lot, including the dictatorial and ruthless Mahathir Mohamad.

    Opposition rivals also lambasted Najib for pitting Umno against Malaysians in his speech.

    “Najib is trying to give Umno an even greater siege mentality than it already has. He is driving a wedge between the party members and all other Malaysians. This is not the mark of a good Umno president, a good Malay leader or a good Prime Minister at all. Only the lousy ones divide instead of unite,” PKR vice president Chua Jui Meng told Malaysia Chronicle.

    Mahathir, who came with his wife Siti Hasmah, did not make any speech last night.

    Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin called on Umno members to defend the party’s Malays-first ideology which has through the years been twisted into a near apartheid system by the party’s ruling elite as they rode on race-championing to increase their political power.

    “Umno is the true defender of the people. We cannot allow our enemies destroy the unity and harmony we have built. Do not allow them to spread their twisted ideology that can sway our faith. Do not allow them to destroy our ethical and moral way of life,” said Muhyiddin.

    Najib is due to make a ‘walkabout’ at the Bukit Jalil stadium later on Saturday. The 13-days Umno 66th anniversary celebration which began on May 1 will end on Sunday.

    Najib is due to fly out for a week’s holiday and there is speculation he may announce July GE-13 when he returns. However, given his flip-flops, the chances are higher he will try to maneuver holding the GE-13 only after the Umno party elections in October.

    Already, the delay is causing a split in Umno ranks with party warlords upset at Najib for trying to manipulate the situation to his own political benefit.

    Speculation is red-hot that Najib will choose a new line-up of Mentri Besars or chief ministers, dropping the old guard from his ‘winnable’ list of candidates to contest seats in the GE-13. For example, he is widely expected to make close aide Omar Mustapha – who helped design the controversial Felda IPO – the Johor Mentri Besar.

    The infighting in Umno and the overdone hand of the right-wing faction led by Mahathir has also given a chance for the liberals in the party to gain ground.These so-called liberals include Shahril Samad, Sabaruddin Chik, Azmi Khalid and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

    Among those seen as posing a challenge to Najib in the Umno party election are his own deputy Muhyiddin Yassin, Malacca chief minister Ali Rustam, and even Adnan Yaakob, the Mentri Besar of his Pahang home state. The majority of the other chief ministers are also expected to line up against Najib and Mahathir.

    “I think many in Umno despise Najib and Mahathir. The only supporter left for Najib is Mahathir and if Mahathir decides to dump him, he is history. After the 2008 GE, BN became irrelevant and Umno was the key party. But now, nobody cares about Umno. It is a lost cause and will lose many seats in GE-13. This is why Najib will cheat at the polls. There is no way he will put in reforms and the challenge for Malaysians now is how to make his administration do so,” said Tian.

    “In Umno, the warlords disrespect Najib for wasting so much money to promote himself at the party’s expense. There are also many reasons from national issues and politics to personal chemistry. It does not help when his wife Rosmah Mansor is so demanding and the couple has been caught many times passing their personal bills to the public coffers.”

    • magnetar says:

      Hello clown, if people don’t want to read crap articles posted on Malaysia Chronicle, you don’t have to cut and past it on the comments section of this site.

      • Tajudin Ramlie says:

        Government machinery has been used time and again to assassinate the characters of political opponents, tarring them with odious unfounded sex scandals being the standard practice.

        In the light of all this how can UMNO be the defender of Islam? If Najib persists in making the ludicrous claim, then why can’t we say that Mona Fandey (1956 2001) the demonic serial killer was also a defender of Islam? Or maybe a Somali pirate would be a more apt candidate. Najib also said that only UMNO can defend the rights of the Malays… But who is a Malay. Iskandar Kuttys from Kerala, Mericans from Tamil Nadu and the hundred of thousands of instant Bumiputras from Indonesia are all classified as Malays.

    • Edwards says:

      Is this your own personal comment or “copy & paste” from other site?

      If its your own, wow you must be some kind of opposition paid journalist, and unlike DAP i respect your your attempt to “batu api” UMNO. Please try harder next time and send your invoice to Komtar comrade Guang Eng.

      But if “copy & paste” is all you could muster, then my advise is “fc..k off” you chauvinist arrogant kiasu. Malaysia doesnt need a hypocrite racist like you.

    • ministerofsin says:

      this is just to long to read… let me summarize it. better still i will summarize the whole thing in one word… CRAP…
      what’s with the harry, nancy and tom story. so cut it to small pieces. even if you type it on one whole sentence, it will not change my mind. what make you think by giving the whole nancy, tom and dick story will change my view on how i look at things?

    • Islander says:

      Analisis awani,
      How about sharing with us your analysis on who will be Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister when Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. We would love to hear it instead of that crappy stuff about Mustapha Omar of Ethos becoming the MB of Johor. He is not even from Johor. You think Joharians like Penang people, simply accept people from outside as their MB?
      Share with us things that you really understand not half past six stuff you hear from your PKR and PAS friends at the warung.

      • wonder says:

        yeah right

        what happened to the opposition mirror cabinet?

      • Fazil says:

        Menteri dalam Jabatan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop tidak berbeza dengan Perkasa kerana menggunakan sahutan perkauman “Ketuanan Melayu” dengan ugutan dan taktik ketakutan bahawa Malaysia akan kembali kepada tahun 1511 jika BN kalah dalam pilihan raya umum ke-13. 1511 adalah tahun kejatuhan kesultanan Melaka kepada kuasa Portugis dan permulaan penaklukan kuasa asing di Malaya.

        Tan Sri Nor menggunakan tahun 1511 untuk menyokong dakwaan palsunya bahawa pembangkang tidak mempunyai kebolehan untuk menerajui agenda bumiputera. Perbandingan ini adalah salah kerana Portugis merupakan kuasa asing manakala pilihan raya umum ke-13 akan ditentukan oleh rakyat Malaysia. Ironiknya, sepatutnya PR yang menuduh BN dan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya atas kehadiran pengundi hantu yang diragui, termasuk warga asing yang didaftarkan sebagai pemilih, yang berupaya untuk memainkan peranan yang penting dalam pilihan raya yang akan datang.

        Adalah jelas bahawa sekiranya BN mengekalkan kuasa dalam pilihan raya umum yang akan datang, hitam akan menjadi putih dan putih akan menjadi hitam seperti yang ditunjukkan oleh New Straits Times dan Utusan Malaysia yang terpaksa meminta maaf kerana menyiarkan berita palsu.

        Dengan menggunakan agenda perkauman bumiputera dalam pilihan raya umum yang akan datang, Tan Sri Nor dan UMNO telah memberi isyarat yang kuat bahawa mereka tidak mempedulikan pengundi bukan Melayu. UMNO dan Tan Sri Nor menggunakan agenda bumiputera sebagai satu-satunya agenda untuk memenangi pilihan raya umum, dengan mengatakan bahawa Pulau Pinang adalah contoh di mana orang Melayu telah terpinggir.

        Cabar Tan Sri Nor Untuk Menyatakan Program-Program Apa Di Bawah Kerajaan Negeri BN Dahulu Untuk Orang Melayu Yang Telah Dibatalkan Oleh Kerajaan Negeri PR

        Kerajaan negeri PR Pulau Pinang mencabar Tan Sri Nor untuk menyatakan jumlah orang Melayu yang telah terpinggir di bawah pentadbiran PR. Bolehkah Tan Sri Nor menyenaraikan program-program yang telah dilaksanakan oleh mantan Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon yang telah dibatalkan oleh kerajaan negeri PR? Sekiranya Tan Sri Nor gagal untuk membuat demikian maka beliau tidak berbeza dengan Perkasa kerana menggunakan taktik umpan-perkauman dan taktik ketakutan.

        Hakikatnya bukan sahaja bantuan kebajikan diteruskan, malah PR telah meningkatkannya kepada tahap yang tidak pernah dicapai oleh kerajaan negeri BN selama 50 tahun. Lebih daripada RM50 juta telah dibelanjakan untuk melaksanakan dan meningkatkan bantuan kewangan daripada RM100 setahun untuk warga emas, OKU, ibu tunggal serta pelajar-pelajar Tahun 1 & 4, Tingkatan 1 & 4. Tambahan juga, kerajaan negeri PR memberi pinjaman mikro-kredit kepada golongan miskin dan ibu tunggal, serta bayaran RM1,000 sekali sahaja untuk waris warga emas dan pelajar-pelajar daripada isi rumah yang berpendapatan kurang daripada RM4,000 yang berjaya diterima IPTA serta RM200 untuk setiap bayi baru lahir.

        Yang paling mengkagumkan, Pulau Pinang telah berjaya membasmi miskin tegar dalam satu tahun, di mana BN telah gagal selama 50 tahun, dengan memastikan bahawa setiap isi rumah mempunyai pendapatan sekurang-kurangnya RM600 sebulan. Menjelang 2015, Pulau Pinang akan menjadi negeri pertama untuk membasmi kemiskinan sama sekali.

        Walaupun apabila kontrak kerajaan negeri diberi melalui tender terbuka berdasarkan faktor-faktor harga paling baik, kualiti dan pengurusan, 70% daripada kontrak telah dimenangi kontraktor Melayu. Ini adalah pengurangan jika dibandingkan dengan 100% yang diberi kepada kroni UMNO, tetapi dari segi nilai, kontraktor-kontraktor Melayu yang tulen telah bermanfaat jika dibandingkan dengan kerajaan dahulu.

        Sebabnya adalah kerana kerajaan negeri PR telah meningkatkan perbelanjaan untuk program-program sosial dan infrastruktur sebanyak 55% daripada RM1,387 juta selama 4 tahun 2004-7 kepada RM2,142 juta di bawah pentadbiran PR selama 4 tahun dari 2008-2011. Sebagai contoh, peruntukan negeri Pulau Pinang untuk projek jalanraya, di mana hampir 100% telah dimenangi oleh kontraktor Melayu, telah ditingkatkan daripada RM10.25 juta pada tahun 2007 kepada RM42.6 juta pada tahun 2012. Dan pada tahun 2012, peruntukan paling besar dalam sejarah Pulau Pinang untuk hal-ehwal agama Islam iaitu RM64 juta telah diluluskan.

        Dengan bermain emosi dan sentimen dan mengabaikan fakta dan logik, Tan Sri Nor menunjukkan bahawa beliau tidak berbeza dengan Perkasa. Di Pulau Pinang, Perkasa dibenarkan untuk memukul dan mencederakan wartawan, bukan sekali tetapi dua kali di Jambatan Pulau Pinang pada bulan Julai tahun lepas dan pada 26 Februari semasa perhimpunan anti-Lynas di Padang Kota Lama. Tiada tindakan telah diambil ke atas ahli-ahli Perkasa dan UMNO yang ganas. Pada 10 Mei 2012, Perkasa telah dibenarkan oleh polis untuk melakukan upacara pengebumian Hindu di depan pintu rumah saya di Pulau Pinang.

        Jika Tan Sri Nor berjaya untuk menggunakan ketakutan tahun 1511 dengan pendekatan perkauman agenda bumiputera dan ketuanan Melayu, maka ia akan menandakan penguburan demokrasi, harmoni kepelbagaian kaum dan budaya serta 1Malaysia!

    • spy says:

      Our venerable Tun Mahathir not making a speech also becomes an issue.

      Of courselah, that makes sense as he will steal the limelight from the current leader.

      Guess that some people as just disappointed that the limelight remains on our PM

      Again the opposition theme of wasting money(theirs), is just becoming irritating and stale.
      1. Who funds SABI countless trips overseas?
      2. Who funds subsidy of water bill, discouraging jimat cermat usage policy on one hand while on the other hand sabotaging central govt effort for long term uninterrupted supply of water for rakyat
      3. Why waste money buying and then renting garbage compactors to the newly appointed sampah companies. Wasn’t enough homework done on their capability before award of tender(if done)? Its our money wasted as buying,renting and maintenance most probably carries slim margin. Moreover in their haste to oust the ‘past cronies”, is the terms contract granted similar or fatter than the previous one awarded to Alam Flora.

  16. 4Skin says:

    Ibrahim Ali would would blend in well to be a Chinese funeral master if he wears the headgear and all the costumes. I think Perkasa is symbolically saying they are going to be soon expiring from the known world and transcending to the after-word. They are practicing their future roles. What a philosophical way of hinting their impending fate. Even the Knights Templar would not have thought such a innuendo.

    • xXx says:

      They go by many names. Pekida, Perkasa, youth NGO, etc. But it is all Umno. Intermittently they show their force — intimidate unarmed undergraduates, try to storm the party headquarters of opposition parties, threaten to burn down cultural centres and mock other people’s restraint.

      All because they are seen to be above the law. The police look on, the Attorney-General indifferent, the courts silent and the senior Umno politicians step in later and say how so wonderful it is for other Malaysians that there are mature Umno politicians who rein in their young hordes. Without Umno in government, the Youth wing will get no favours from the authorities

  17. Ariff says:

    FELDA settlers have given nothing but each FELDA household is promised and given RM15,000 each. For what? In return for a promise to vote UMNO and BN in the next elections? And a gnome of the FELDA chairman says it’s not corruption. The RM15,000 must be called as what it really is: the price of each settler as seen by the PM. It’s bloody corruption.

    If not, how do you explain why the PM gives out the 15,000? Does he do it for purely philanthropic reasons?

    What is it that FGVH offers for sale? Remember, as the Koperasi Permodalan FELDA hasn’t parted with its 51 per cent, what FGVH offers to the public is its 49 per cent interest in FELDA Holdings. It can’t and doesn’t have the capacity to offer 100 per cent of FELDA Holdings. But you can be sure the PM and his macais are rounding up the deep-pocketed boys and telling them: don’t worry boys, we will chop off the heads of the KPF leaders one by one. We will deliver you 100 per cent of FELDA Holdings.

    Or perhaps we haven’t uncovered yet the devilish plans they have in store for the 51 per cent which KPF owns in FELDA Holdings?

    It’s shortchanging the investing public when it can only offer 49 per cent of its interest in FELDA Holdings and their valueless businesses abroad which did not make money anyway.

    Now, FELDA holdings is a different cattle of fish. It is one of Malaysia’s largest, and most diversified agro-based enterprises which run the commercial business related to the Federal Land and Development Authority (FELDA), and the vast 880,000-hectare plantation land bank associated with it. It owns 360,000 hectares of land directly and manages 520,000 hectares of land belonging to settlers.

    FELDA Holdings became a public company on October 3, 2003. Today, its total capitalisation exceeds RM5 billion with RM220 million in paid-up capital. It employs a dedicated workforce of almost 19,000 employees, complemented by a labour force of 46,795 workers at some 300 estates, 70 palm oil mills, seven refineries, four kernel crushing plants, 13 rubber factories, manufacturing plants and several logistic and bulking installations spread throughout Malaysia and several locations overseas.

    Its assets include more than 50 active subsidiaries, associated companies and joint-venture companies. It provides technical advice and support to the FELDA Group. It has facilities to process rubber and cocoa products, manufacture fertilisers as well as operate several successful auxiliary businesses. Among these are IT, engineering, security, storage and logistic services.

    It also does business at the international level; it supplies eight per cent of world palm oil in 2009. It has joint-venture partnerships with large multinationals such as Procter & Gamble and Iffco. It has growing interests in businesses in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

    But the most important thing to remember is this: FGVH holds only 49 per cent of all these. But they have an important partner in crime — the holder of the one golden share. The Ministry of Finance.

    The non-FELDA citizens of this country do not get any cash handouts. But they have the same stature as FELDA settlers who have given nothing to Umno and the government. So, they deserve the same cash handouts as settlers do. Why should the settlers be treated any differently? If ordinary citizens are wrongly treated they should respond the only decent way they can — by not voting in this corrupt government.

    The minister in charge of FELDA is going ahead with the listing of FGVH. He has called those who opposed the listing as accursed bastards — haram jadah. He has described them as thick-skinned if they take the RM15,000 inducement. By doing so, he has displayed his inherent nature which I have been saying all this while — that Najib solves problems by paying his way through. He is not a leader who inspires the citizens with ideas and ideals.

    There is a vast and barren void that lies between his ears.

    • magnetar says:

      Another cut and paste crap article without an iota of proof.

    • zack kitaro says:


      Are you jealous not getting the RM 15K?
      When the Gov gives something, its corruption..when DAP gives, its ok….
      come on la…..dont talk crap..

    • bourne identity says:

      Oi Yang Arif(ucker)…kalau tak ada skim FELDA ni…. it would have take a far more longer time for people like us to have ” contact ” with PGK members of PKM….
      Orang panggil kami elit tapi sebenarnya dengan bantuan orang awam dan program2 kerajaan sepertu inilah yang membantu kami exvat69 dan elemen2 dalam GGK, Renjer, RAMD serta grup2 ATCK72 dan SBE1
      Kalau benar2 kamu ini Arif…. dan tak sedar….eloklah aku tambahkan ucker selepas Arif – Arifucker!
      Orang2 asal program FELDA lah yang membantu megurangkan hutan belantara dan mengurangkan kawasan persembunyian PGK di samping mempertingatkan ekonomi setiap keluarga FELDA.
      May I suggest, Yang Arifucker…. ko masuk setiap FELDA dan kutuk program FELDA dan apa Najib buat..but before you do, please count first how many fingers you have and also to take a huge life insurance or at leas medical insurance.
      Selamat Berjaya Yang Arifucker!
      exvat69 1977/93

    • ministerofsin says:

      this is the different between so call UMNO/BN supporter compared to PR clowns. we think and we state it by typing the sentences out, regardless how rojak it is.. and you clowns, the best thing you can do is just cut and paste. even my 4 year old niece know how to cut and paste. like i said previously, everything happen, good and bad it will be Umno’s Fault. you PR clowns already have that mentality set solid in the deepest sector of ya brain. and the best part of all this, you PR clowns without a doubt proclaim that you clowns gonna take over Putrajaya. you PR clowns still unable to prove your MB can run a states. what make you think you can run a country.

  18. Dok says:

    Lets not stop thinking n talking about this ‘lost boy’-asshole . His mentor was too shocked that not able to provide any comment. So hudud come as savior by hadi and karpal huh.

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