Senatorship Not Extended Due to Bersih 3.0 Remarks

"I have to serve my nation first," Tunku Abdul Aziz said.

Source: The Mole

Hailed as a towering Malay when he joined the DAP, Tunku Abdul Aziz today fell from grace when the party decided not to extend his senatorship for speaking his mind.

The DAP vice chairman has confirmed that his remarks against Bersih 3.0 rally recently was the reason for his party’s decision

“Previously I was told by the party that my position (senatorship) will be extended.

“After the remarks I made, many people have the impression that I am not consistent with the party’s view (on Bersih) and it will put the leadership in a difficult situation if they continue with my appointment.

“If my position is going to cause disharmony and I have been called as an embarassment to the party, I told them not to put my name up (in Senatorship reappointment),” Tunku Aziz told The Mole.

The former strongman of Transparency International however stood his ground, stressing that he would not compromise his principles and beliefs just because he is a member of a political party and his senatorship is not an issue.

“My senatorship is not an issue. In the end, I serve my nation first. If by disagreeing with Bersih 3.0 makes me a bad party member, let it be. What is more important to me is my conscience in respecting the law and order and preserving the country’s peace,” Tunku Abdul Aziz said.

The blogospehere was abuzz today with speculations that Tunku Abdul Aziz will not be reappointed when his term ends on May 30.

OutSyed The Box  stated the Malays in DAP are required to play the ‘house negro’ role and to be quiet and just listen to the bosses.

“Do as you are told.  If you don’t behave you will be sent to sleep in the barn with the animals.  I think Tunku Aziz’s flirtation with politics is coming to a shocking end soon,” the post read.

Blogger HHalem in his post, addressing former Umno members who joined the DAP, questioned DAP’s freedom of speech.

“To those Umno ex-fighters who just joined DAP with hopes to save Malaysia, please take note, (this is) so much for a freedom of speech.”

“The greener grass on the other side might not be as green as we expected to be,” the blogger said.

DAP’s Aspan Alias said yesterday DAP should not take any disciplinary action against Tunku Abdul Aziz as he was merely stating his personal views.

The news of the probability of Tunku Abdul Aziz being dropped as DAP-led Penang government representative in Dewan Negara was reported in a news portal and Chinese daily Sin Chew.

“Abdul Aziz was expected to face censure from the DAP after his remarks rejecting the April 28 Bersih 3.0 sit-in in Kuala Lumpur,” Malaysiakini reported.

DAP’s parliamentary advisor Lim Kit Siang, in his Twitter post said “Penang CM LGE had informed Tunku Aziz of Dr. Ariffin Omar’s appointment as new Senator from Penang on expiry of Tunku’s term at end-May.”

In another post Lim wrote he had cordial discussion with Tunku Abdul Aziz in the parliament, stating there is a room for opinions’ differences in the DAP, provided that all accept the party’s collective decision.

On Saturday The Mole reported Tunku Abdul Aziz as saying that the Bersih organisers should look at themselves first before being so quick to blame the police for last Saturday’s violence.

Prior to Tunku Aziz’s latest criticism, DAP’s national deputy chairman Dr Tan Seng Giaw had said there were no plans for any disciplinary action against Tunku Abdul Aziz despite DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s statement that Tunku Abdul Aziz was an embarrassment to the party.

Following the vice president’s latest criticism against Bersih 3.0. the party’s Kota Alam Shah state assemblyman M.Manoharan demanded for disciplinary action and Tunku Aziz’s resignation.

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93 Responses to Senatorship Not Extended Due to Bersih 3.0 Remarks

  1. Anonymous says:

    the grass maybe greener outside but it is plastic ma. hahahahaha

  2. Taip mawi says:

    Saya kagum dengan pendirian Tunku Aziz tapi padan dengan muka kau sebab kau yang beria-ia sangat nak masuk DAP hari tu dan terus dapat jawatan parti. Kau ingat DAP benar-benar nak tolong melayu. Pada aku kau ini Tunku macam sikitol. Tapi baik sikit sebab si kitol menyebabkan kejatuhan kerajaan melayu melaka. Kau belum lagi, tapi hampir. geram aku tengok muka kau dalam TV. Penuh air ludah aku kat tv masa tengok muka kau di situ.

    • Nik Razmi says:

      There is no law in Malaysia apart from Umno law. They have been in power for so long that arrogance and corruption has become part and parcel of their present existence.

      The people’s mind has been brainwashed to view one another by the colour of their skin and this is the core of Umno continued existence.

      • Anonymous says:

        We knew now that the EC is headed by 2 UMNO members although they tried to deny the fact. Are the top hats in PDRM UMNO members too? Is this why PDRM always acts against anti UMNO protests or demonstrations? All PDRM lower ranks members only follow orders from their superiors. This is why there is no action by PDRM against any protests, public disorders or demonstrations by pro-UMNO thugs.

        • zack kitaro says:

          no wonder PR won 5 states last PRU…UMNO just gave it for FOC….come on la….think first la before post your message… everyone thinks you’re idiot….

      • zack kitaro says:

        OIC….is the PKR internal election clean? It seems that they already know who wins before going to election box…facts is facts….dont pointing others for your own mistake….

  3. Joe says:

    Kalau mahu lagi gempar, kita lihat sama ada Tunku Aziz akan pindah ke JATI lepas ni…

  4. bar-cc says:

    ho,ho,ho,ha,ha,ha he,he,he,of all the things that they accuse others of they have shown they have done even more worst this action on tunku and claim to champion for the right the benefit of the people when they say for the people do not means you is only about themself,good morning wakeup,wakeup please read it in malaysia kini if you can.

    • Dr Lee says:

      I read almost 10 times but still cannot understand what you’re trying to say.
      Please make it simple and short

  5. Syed Akbar Ali says:

    I dont think Tunku Aziz is a towering Malay at all. Towering Malays do not join a party whose ideology is based on racial supremacy of one race ie Chinese. I have a question for Tunku Aziz – do you know what year the DAP formally recognised Malay as the official language of Malaysia? The fact that they even needed to formally discuss this issue is itself quite ridiculous. Malay is the language of the land – official or otherwise is irrelevant. But there is a day and date (after 2000??) when the DAP discussed the matter.

    They have never refuted the accusation that the Malays are NOT the original inhabitants of Malaya. So maybe one day the DAP will formally have to recognise that yes the Malays are the original inhabitants of this land.

    It is a rather puny Malay who would throw himself into this lot. A very puny Malay.


    • Anonymous says:

      Its not just the media, its clear that Najib & Co/UMNO-Perkasa-BN is lobbing every marginal idea including lies leading up to calling for GE.

      What is strange is they are lobbing all these nonsense furiously, incoherently and Najib then go say he liked to call election now and yet still does not.

      I cannot believe the smarter ones in the party including Mahathir does not notice – its really bad leadership. Its seriously infantile. You don’t drive your army to a frenzy, dangle the meat in front of them and then make them wait. Its just tell you don’t know how to lead.

  6. funniman says:

    I admire the stand which Tunku Aziz takes. You can change houses, you can change clothes, you can change roles but you never compromise your principles. That’s maturity in life. Whether it is right or wrong in the eyes of others, it does not matter. What is important is what you believe and what you live for. Sad to say…many of our BN as well as Opposition leaders do not have these principles. Maybe they are afraid of losing things in life.

    Meanwhile, Tunku Aziz’s comments on Bersih has nothing about DAP being a Chinese party. Rather it is about leadership. I would have more respect with DAP if they own up and admit there’s something wrong with Bersih organisation and what should be done to rectify rather than to skip around. It is not about losing face. It is about accountability.

    • TK Wong says:

      I bagged to be differ from your opinion. What Tuanku Aziz said is about Lawmaker breaking the laws or encouraging people to break the laws. This show clearly his personal principles to defend the law and order of our country.
      His principle is against his party DAP principle and thats why he got booted out. There is no your opinion or my opinion in DAP. Only DAP opinion.
      Yes they supported Bersih 3.0 and clearly show lots of their leaders attended. So what say you Tunku Aziz? As Vice Chairman (appointed la), you see DAP lawmaker like YB Karpal Singh who is DAP National Chairman attended Bersih function

      • papamojo says:

        A principled gentleman would have resigned quietly…….but his decision to do it on UMNO’s NTV7 made him lost a lot of credibility in the eyes of his former admirers…

  7. Dr Lee says:

    I read almost 10 times but still cannot understand what you’re trying to say. Please make it short and easy to understand.

  8. bourne identity says:

    demokrasi aku punya…it means….BAPAK aku….KAUM aku….
    now you know what DAP means.

  9. Funniman says:

    My take is that Tunku Aziz’s statement did not touch anything racial. It is just that he is a Malay in a chinese dominated party. He is questioning the actions and inactions of his party who is involved in Bersih. How his party DAP treat him is a separate matter.

    LGE screwed up this matter big time. He should have follow through Tunku’s remarks and rally the Malay voters. But all this is now water under the bridge.

    • Too Bak Kia says:

      Tunku Aziz was given one hour of prime time in UMNO control TV 7 last night.Therfore,it is crystal clear that he was talking on behalf of his master UMNO. Let us see what Tunku Aziz will be rewarded in the near future.

      • kurafcuk says:

        Can NTV7 or Media Prima give the same air time to LKS and LGE to clarify on Tunku Aziz? If they don’t give, that means they’re bias!#

  10. Rabindranath T. says:

    None of this surprises me at all. I have always found DAP to be a party that says a lot of nice-sounding things but its actions are just the opposite.

    This is only one example of DAP not respecting freedom of speech. Throughout many years I have seen other examples. Their leaders are best at accusing others of bad things, but they do bad or worse things themselves.

    Those who look at these issues objectively, without taking sides or getting emotional, will see that the party is not what it claims to be. Sad but true.

    • Dave says:

      Can I cut and paste this. This is not only true with DAP, but all of PR.

      • Spac3 says:

        Yes my dear immigrant. Every other party is hypocritical except BN who gave you your citizenship.

        • zack kitaro says:

          at least it much better than gays and lesbian…

          • Spac3 says:

            Yeah I know. Banglas are always better than gays and lesbians.

          • Dave says:

            @Spac3 I am from the USA, secondly I have been here 18 years, I did G to G Finance, I do know Anwar, when he was MOF, under Dr. M’s time. I have been offered citizenship, and titles for the work I have done, I have always and will always refuse citizenship. It is not that I do not love this country, but having served in the US Army and been willing to give my life for that country, you just don’t give up the right of citizenship. Yes I know that the US is fucked up too, but if you were to see what Malaysia were to look like if PR was the boss, just look at the USA under Obama bin Laden. So Mr/Ms. Spac3 until you know who someone is please hold your comments so you do not look so much like a fool, as been stated by many in history, “It is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

          • Spac3 says:

            Oh right. Fool. At least I get to know some of your story – how true they are is a different story. I never look up to Americans who come to Asia to make a living. I know a few myself to know Americans who come to Asia are almost usually those who can’t make it at home. Well of course being a white skinned guy, Asians pay westerners a fortune because it has been a tradition. We Asians can do better jobs that Americans at many things here at our own land. So you American please STFU.

          • Dave says:

            Spac3 your response is typical of liberal around the world. Firstly you do not know why I am here nor what I do, so it is you whom should S screw that I will just say it “SHUT THE FUCK UP”. I personaly invest in this country, I love this country, and if called to serve to defend this country I would do so proudly. How about little man? So now you shoot off about whites that come to asia how about asians whom leave to the west and oz?

          • zack kitaro says:

            Spec3 will never shutup unless his/her or family members backside getting fucked up by Anwar….

          • Temujin says:


            Spac3 is asking whether you can arrange any green card for him. He is thinking leaving Malaysia for good.

          • lustful says:


            Thanks for making Malaysia your second home.
            Since you know SABI, assume you already know how he almost wrecked the economy in 1998.
            -Cost of financing touching circa 15%
            -Joke of see at 5 abounded.(for RM:USD exchange rate)
            –NPL tag of 3 months

            hence many young ones do not know this spinmaster past deeds. Pls do research.
            BN is not efficient enough/or too much a gentleman to do any character assassination tactic ala the opposition

          • Grompie says:

            Spac3 ni discriminate orang America yang kerja kat Asia ni kenapa?
            Bangla pun dia benci?

            I bet yang China-doll dia okay je.

            Racist jugak si Spac3 ni.

          • Spac3 says:


            Asians or specifically Malaysians leave for West because they have no future here. The numbers speaks for themselves where majority who left are non-Bumis. How many professionals have left the country in the past. How many bright students were denied entry to our local universities. Oh there’s also Bumis who left the country too, not because they’re denied but they knew this government is crap.

            You said it easy because you’re White. I’m not being a racist. Just stating the obvious. When Whites come to Asian countries they’re treated as God. Though most of them who come here were crap in their own country in the first place.

          • Spac3 says:

            Oh and I quote “I have always and will always refuse citizenship. It is not that I do not love this country, but having served in the US Army and been willing to give my life for that country, you just don’t give up the right of citizenship. ”

            So you said you just don’t give up the right of citizenship of USA. Now you’re saying you gonna fight for his country with your life proudly?

            So erm, which is which?

  11. Temujin says:

    This is democracy DAP style…Need to learn a bit more about DAP..on equality .. equal to everybody but not to Lim & Dynasty…racism… UMNO and Malay racist but fighr for Chinese right is ok…cronyism.. apply on to UMNO… but LKS, LGE and the wife not crony..only him can be the CM… others can fly kite.

  12. anone says:

    The man has repented.
    Seen his mistake and willing to stand up to it.
    Maybe they are more like him, silently suffering.

    Now the kepala kicks him out to tell others to toe the line.
    Keep the discipline in check
    But every man has his/her dignity.

    Rakyat must realise how real the chauvinistic party is

    • Golokman says:

      He went into gov controlled media (NTV7) trap! Just listen to the interview, so loop-sided with 2 stupid interviewers ‘grilled’ our honorable tunku. Wish him all the best! very sad indeed..

  13. kiasu says:

    Tunku Aziz: “I always thought that as a democratic party, they would allow for dissent. I have read Kit Siang’s book Right to Dissent. It’s an important book that suggests that dissent is something they embrace as part of their political philosophy but obviously that is not what they practise,”

    Lim Kit Siang: Don’t you know we DAP godfathers are chauvanist hypocrites. Tunku mesti mau ingat kamu tidak dipilih secara demokratik sebagai vice chairman, kamu dilantik oleh saya. Jadi kamu mesti ikut cara saya dan anak saya. Ini parti saya.

    • Jidin Telajak says:

      Teng-Koo ar, you join a political party because you believe in its aspiration, hope, direction and last but definitely not the least to toe the party line. Granted, its not always easy all the time. But remember Its aspiration is to have a free & fair election. Anything wrong with that? You chose to see things differently. You kept on repeating that the rally participants are breaking law.

      What law states that the rakyat cannot gather in Dataran Merdeka peacefully for two hours?, UMNO law?

      I think it is very good that you leave DAP willingly now as otherwise they may put you up as a candidate in GE13 and after winning, you do a “leap frog” like Ibrahim Katak & Co.

      You are old anyway, go play with your grandchildren. Leave politics to the young and brave.

      • yellow shirt uncle says:

        The two-faced Datuk Khalid should offer Merdeka Stadium or even Dataran Merdeka to the bugger…..oops burger…..sellers to hold their protests.

        A residential street is not just any public space. Its residents have the right of quiet enjoyment. Anyway, in normal times DBKL does not condone stalls in residntial streets. Why no action in this case? Double standards and shameless collaboration with the perpetrators of a public nuisance.

  14. anone says:

    they are a worser devil..

    hiding behind conmanship

    • Dave says:

      TAR (first PM for those whom didn’t know) said when talking about DAP, PMIP, and others taking the gov’t,” It is better to keep the devil you know rather than the angel you do not know.” He was right then and has proven to be even more right now, as this angel (PR) as proven to be far worse than the devil (BN).

  15. Spac3 says:

    Hmm so I heard the other day PKR is paying people to attend BERSIH 3.0 and about 250K turned up, though mainstream media only reported 20K. Yesterday UMNO paid 300 each and can’t even fill up Bukit Jalil?

    • zack kitaro says:

      stupid…this is only UMNO event….opposition use the BERSIH for shitting…BERSIH shld be a clean demo…not all in BERSIH is opposition…try PKR organise its own, without support from PAS n DAP….i wonder only Anwar ice creamers will attend….think before you write la….

      • Spac3 says:

        Well the people in here commented that PKR hijack BERSIH and pay people to attend. I’m merely re quoting their statements. So yeah how come can’t fill up stadium? Got free transport, free t shirt, free food, free money. What happened to the other people here? Keyboard warrior staying at home typing comments only?

        • Islander says:

          How’s your eyesight today. Lost your specs? Contact lens missing is it? You couldn’t see all those pictures of Bukit Jalil Stadium filled with Umno people wearing red? Colour blind ah? Can only see yellow colour, is it? Poor thing, you are suffering from Jaundice. Get well soon.

        • zack kitaro says:

          How did you know stadium is not full? U went there last nite or just wrinting base on other’s statement? Go and see la, the photos you see is not on the main event day la… i think its not wrong for getting free tshirt, food, transport or money…it comes from UMNO fund…why ? u think UMNO is a small party like PKR; getting fund from foreign?

        • ministerofsin says:

          Spac3, i got this wisdom words for you. for you to understand it. read it … read till you go blind and make sure you understand it….
          “You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it. **********Malcolm X*********”

          • Spac3 says:

            Islander, zack & ministerofsin

            All your replies reflects exactly on your respective selves and other UMNO nuts. UMNO funds comes from all our pockets. Yes you read that right ALL of us including mine and yours (unless you never pay taxes or contribute EPF or Tabung Haji). Oh sorry I forgot you guys only understand Utusan and NST articles.

          • zack kitaro says:

            so where does PR fund comes from? i wonder…..and i read both side blogs either opposition nor gov……what i can say is its difficult to post comment in opposition blog….why? becoz they afraid their bullshit get blown over….why afraid if its true…..think la bro….dont talk bout democracy if you unable to do it…..

          • ministerofsin says:

            now you wanna talk bout funds? dude… let me ask you are question. do you know how PR get their funds? do you think us who support UMNO is a low life no future son of a gun who sit and beg for help. so you assume my salary is to low to pay tax? my job level is to low to paid for EPF or Tabung Haji? again with Utusan and NST. dont you get tired spinning the same “ammo”? what’s next? let me guess. after you ran out of ideas bout the “fund”. you wanna talk bout hmm let me see here…

            Media issue – check
            people get paid – check
            fund – check

            so that leave you with 2 more things to talk bout. either its about the PM wife and the submarine.

          • Dave says:

            Let’s see funding for UMNO, it cost each member RM3 per year, UMNO has atleast 1million members so that would be ?????? 3million per year, they have been a party for 66 years, so how much in that??? Now don’t forget they have very smart investment people. So unless you can provide evidence that the get money from else where, what you say is only here say, thus untrue until proven.

          • anon says:

            spac3@13/5/12 3.10am

            typical songs parroted by the opposition

            1. Its our money(now played by spac3)
            2. Corruption
            3. Nepotism

            Well, here’s our rebut
            1. ITS OUR MONEY alright for sending Anwar out to his many overseas trip (90% of the time) for don’t know what purpose except perhaps to streamline support from the overseas masters. Our money also for kancil carpark, foiled tailorgate, loss of money for stubbornly illegal Bersih protest. Our money for restructure of intergovt loan(allowed by central govt) to Penang but instead requoted by them instead as savings made to score point.

            2. CORRUPTION (suspected) alright for allowing mushrooming cases of developers raping away any leftover lands. Suspect JV with local councils. Wanton conversion of land use. Taking away football field(PKNS) etc
            Also mushrooming vice activities.
            and mushrooming gay/direct sex behaviours indiscretion

            3. NEPOTISM. Who is the leader here other than anak-beranak parties holding on to power in a tight rein and hug

            The syok sendiri lies spinned by them to support their cause is so disgusting, don’t you think?
            Where got serve us well.
            Serve themselves first only

  16. spy says:

    perhaps we can guess that pakatan would want to match umno’s gathering recently at Bukit Jalil.

    they’ll surely would want to do a similar one in the near future,within or without any stadium.

    and while doing so,before or during the function, would strive to create some friction or skirmish with the authorities/police, despite the grant of any permit (permit which may be requested the very last minute, to make it hard for police to respond in time)

    so that their kind and partners elsewhere in the world can capitalise on as food for
    election, riding under the cries,stupor and shouts of idealistic stands, academically and rhetorically.

    All these tactics are foreseeable SOPs of pakatan, repeated every election
    (without the existence of any beneficial plans,sketches or proven track record for us all rakyat in respect of bread and butter issue and well being)

    It either the above strategy , or never ending criticism to gain people’s empathy.

    It is so ironic.
    They cannot function without BN,
    they need BN
    as they would have nobody to criticise in order to gain people’s vote, since they 100% rely on criticism/riot tactics.

    Are they not able to deliver, functioning alone hence the adoption of the said underhand tactics?
    Look at the states won so far. What can we see?
    Is this eyeopener theory logical?


    • zack kitaro says:

      stupid people donno Anwar…He’s interested to get others attraction only…doesnt matter if the situation becomes ugly and injured people….gila glamer..gila pangkat…gila babi oso…..same la like Azmin and his brother, Azwan Ali….

  17. ministerofsin says:


    i tried to read the comment before you. and i even did press ctrl+f to look for the word HIJACK & Pay / Paying / Paid. the only person using the word hijack & pay/paying/paid at the moment is just YOU. So, which people are you talking when you type this >>>”Well the people in here commented that PKR hijack BERSIH and pay people to attend.”
    since you address most of these people and even my self as keyboard warrior. i might as well address you as “the putar guy”

    • Spac3 says:

      Because Ctrl+F only finds comment in this page you noob. Read properly I said I read the other day one of the comments, it’s on another article here someone said so. Said PKR pay people to show up at BERSIH.

      • ministerofsin says:

        do you have anything solid to back your statement or your believe that they did not pay the people to show up? but then again, it will be another denial from your end. another denial lead to another denial. when will you face the facts?

        • zack kitaro says:

          i think better ignore all these PR cybertroopers…they only know how to talk and play backside….no facts…just media talk…..

          • tatz says:

            agree with you zack,they just like to talk cock- bcos they idolised a leader who like to “Thai capital”into any hole and he is equippep with a ” Thai capital” cock. They are just a bunch of cocky people; I call them all ‘COCKERS’

          • Grompie says:

            Inilah Lim Guan Eng…
            Bayar gaji mahal-mahal untuk orang bodoh macam Spac3 dalam payroll cybertrooper.
            If LGE really believed in Meritocracy he would have hired someone better than Spac3 to do the spin.
            Ini tak, probably si Spac3 kawan si Marcus atau bini dia punya nephew…or niece.

  18. Iklhas says:

    UMNO Baru is celebrating its 66th anniversary although it is only 24 years old as it was legally registered in 1988 after the officially-engineered deregistration of the original UMNO and which was why the first and third Prime Ministers, Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn refused to be members of UMNO Baru.

    Be that as it may, it is indisputable that UMNO today has reduced politics in Malaysia to its lowest depths as illustrated by two disgraceful events yesterday – the Perkasa “funeral rite” in front of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s house in Penang and the invasion of Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan’s privacy.

    In the former case, a group of 30 Perkasa members showed up at about 10.20 am and in a 15-minute demonstration in front of Guan Eng’s house in Pinhorn Road, Penang, threw posters of Guan Eng at his front gate and placed a framed photo of him with a garland of flowers to signify his “death” to the Malay community.

    What is most deplorable is the total failure of action by the police authorities.

    The Perkasa “funeral rite” is nothing less than a “death threat” to Guan Eng.

    Is it conceivable that if such a “funeral rite” or “death threat” demonstration had been staged by protestors outside the residence of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Cabinet Ministers or those of UMNO/Barisan Nasional Mentris Besar/Chief Ministers, the police would have been equally passive and indifferent?

    What is equally shocking is not only the tacit support for such disgraceful misconduct by the other Barisan Nasional component parties, but there is even a MCA national operative who could openly endorse on the Internet such “funeral rite” or “death threat” protest outside Guan Eng’s house!

    Would the MCA national operative agree if such “funeral rite” or “death threat” protests are staged by protestors outside the residence of MCA Ministers, Deputy Ministers and leaders?

    In the latter case, the petty traders group Ikhlas set up a burgher stall outside Ambiga’s house at Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur to protest against loss of income caused by Bersih 3.0 “sit-in” on April 28.

    Both these disgraceful incidents, marking a new low in Malaysian politics, would not have happened under the premiership of the first three Prime Ministers Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein or even under the fourth and fifth Prime Ministers, Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah.

    Why then are they happening under the premiership of the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Razak?

    Is this what Najib meant when he said he want Malaysia to become the “best democracy in the world”?

    Is Najib and the UMNO/Barisan Nasional leaders aware of the sense of outrage by decent Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, class, gender or age at the degeneration of Malaysian politics to such depths as illustrated by these two disgraceful episodes against Guan Eng and Ambiga?

    • ministerofsin says:

      i believe you guys did ask for it. freedom of speech, bla bla bla bla ….. human right.. bla bla bla bla … rights for demonstration.. bla bla bla bla … so why make noise?

    • Dave says:

      If you remember correctly, it was the PR doing a funeral march in front of a MCA woman’s home, but of course then you have no problem with that. That was way back in 08.

      • Spy says:


        double standard game they play

        Recalled also how they put somebody’s photo on the floor as doormat for everybody to step on way back in 2009.


    • Grompie says:

      Democracy died when Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim held on to leadership party post without being elected.

    • 4Skin says:

      Ibrahim Ali n Hassan Ali, when did Perkasa members learned to conduct Chinese funeral rites ? I thought or rather, the whole world thought Perkasa is a Muslim NGO, members are all Muslims. What kind of Quran do you all read in your 5 times daily prayer ? Are you reading the Chinese Buddha Sutra all this while from behind close door instead of the Quran. Worst still, the hard cover book shows Quran but inside, the Buddhist Sutra and are u Perkasa guys a traitor to Islam ? How can you being a Muslim conduct Chinese funeral rite for a Chinese ? Even an ordinary Chinese person cannot simply conduct Chinese funeral rites on a dead Chinese person because one’s must know either the Buddha Sutra or Tao rites well. One’s must swear oath in front of Buddha or Tao Master to learn n conduct all these funeral Chinese rites. You Perkasa Muslim must be very special breed and better than any Chinese master or u all must have taken an oath at a Chinese temple then. Something new to the MUSLIM WORLD.

      • funniman says:

        He don’t even know the difference of white angpau or red ang pau (or he pretend not to know) ….let alone Chinese rites….
        This man is dangerous…stay away…

  19. Funniman says:

    Perhaps not many of the young guys know this. ( I was 10 then but vaguely remembered the events as I walked home from Jln Raja Muda)

    May 10, 1969……a funeral procession was held for a Opposition worker was attended by tens of thousands along Chow Kit area, Jln Tuanku Abd Rahman and “anti government slogans” were shouted all over with raised fists. It went on for miles. It is a funeral which was hijacked for political purpose. That added to fuel May 13 racial riots, the darkest day of Malaysian politics.

    The events that followed lead to the stepping down of Tuanku Abd Rahman.

    If we want change, we can do this. We do not need to go back to have riots.

  20. Johara says:

    By using the Malay agenda, BN’s Nor yaakop is indeed desperate and without clear conscience for national unity. Throwing falsehood and untruth about Penang, citing neglect for the Malays in Penang without facts and truth is indeed foolish. People are convinced by, what they see, what they read, what they think, what they hear on facts and truth and not by rubbish talk. If one talks rubbish, do not expect people to listen, perhaps only fools.

    • Spac3 says:

      Yeah. And the pro-UMNO-BN troopers here asking for evidence LMAO.. Malas nak reply their rubbish. Today I learn not to argue with idiots for they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience!

      • zack kitaro says:

        Spac3… one ask you to be here… least it’s open here rather than other blogs especially Pro Opposition’s one which only “APPROVED” it’s crony comments… you know how democratic PR is… bullshit…

    • ministerofsin says:

      dap / pas / pkr never played the same end game before?
      so in here you are using Johara as a nickname and in themalaysianinsider you are using Love Malaysia as a nick. either you are to dumb to type in your own comment or you are just to lazy so decided to cut and paste where you see fit.

  21. Dave says:

    This blog called Can You See It? Made me think, while I do support BN I am not against PR, while I like most of the PR leadership as people I do not like their politics. I have many friends whom blindly support their parties, this is not good. If people like Spac3 support PR, I have no problem with that, I only ask why, and please do not condem the other parties, because this is only political propaganda. We must think why we support one over the other, running a gov’t is no small task as PR is/has found out. There are no such thing as quick fixes, it takes time and effort, but it does take leaders whom want the change, people like Tunku, wanted the change, there are others, but unfortantly there are not as many as during TAR’s time. I think that we must look back before we run ahead. Yes BN has been in power a very long time, but what have they done that is so bad? You may not agree, or you may just write without thinking, but if we think then we will see alot of mindless cybertroopers (on both sides) visiting this blog. Think about who you support and why!

    • ministerofsin says:


      i do agree with your comment. i am not against anything stated there. it is true there is no such thing as quickfix when it come to “change”. totally agree with that. but would you agree if i say to make that ‘change’ will require support from others. nowadays, what ever ‘change’ that being made is kinda became an issue. how can we expect that change when the mentality of some people does not sync with the idea.

      • Dave says:

        I agree change is about the people, the gov’t can only offer, if the people do not want (to) change then it is all for not.

        • Funniman says:

          Just 2 days ago, my neighbour said 50 yrs is long enough, he want Change. I said Change for the sake of changing or Change for hope of better things.
          Anybody or anything can change but you have to do the indepth study that this Change can be carried out smoothly and efficiently. In other words, calculated risks.
          Are we ready for this Change which is irreversible or are we following like a flock of sheep?

          • ministerofsin says:

            true that funniman…

          • Dave says:

            You can look at the USA under Obama and see change for the worse. Do we really want to see this in Malaysia? When politicians promise “change” be careful of what they are offering.

          • funniman says:

            Change => Reformasi
            Reform to what? Of people call for change, but what exactly is to be changed?
            I see the people who wanted change are divided into few groups:

            Groups who just wanted to replace the present Government irregardless of the outcome. Thay are not bothered if there’s improvement of the administration. They are stubborn and just wanted it to happen. Best part is this group are the blind followers. If the leaders ask them to jump, they will jump. They don’t even ask why?
            All they want is change and they do not know what to change.

            Second group is one who think everything in this world is ideal and fair, therefore if there’s any deviation, then it is time to change. If my price and quality is better than yours, this deal must be mine. If it is the other way around, there must be corruption. The system is just not fair.

            And there are groups who are not opposition nor pro government. They just wanted to be heard and part of the system. They will join any party so long as they are heard of their opinions. However, they do not understand the system of hierarchy. Just like in schools, you need to join inter class, inter school, inter state before national level. Then only you will be noticed. Young man in a hurry, so to speak.

            Lastly, the political group. These are real men and unlike the earlier boys section, they plan, divert, manipulate everyone including their families to achieve a certain degree of acceptance and eventually hoping to reach Rome. They are the ones who give the signals and the foot soldiers would charge in. These leaders would leave quietly and if there’s any problems, it is the poor foot soldiers who are on their own.

            Stupid as it may sound, but many are just another gullible and naive beings. All you need is to find people who volunteered to be manipulated and made used of by these politicians. The best part is these groups felt very proud to be part of this process.

            When you have this power to drive and manipulate people at will, there will be a self belief that what you are doing now is right. Everyone else who oppose you is wrong.

            That’s what I called power.

  22. Anonymas says:

    Welp. It happened.

    He quit DAP.

  23. anon says:

    If a *vice-president* can be censured so badly, what about normal people like you and me?

  24. “Sa mort est une perte plus énorme de tous ceux qui l’ont connu et pour un très grand nombre qui n’a pas fait.”

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