Xenophon Spits on Us, Throws Sand into our Rice Bowls and Anwar Ibrahim Calls him a Hero, Along with the Other Bersih 3.0 Scums!

Nicholas Xenophon has been exposed by blogger Pasquale in his Barking Magpies blog for being an active anti-Malaysian palm oil campaigner. He goes around Australia and the world telling everyone that they should not buy our palm oil because they are unsafe.

We are all know how important the Malaysian palm oil is to us as it is the biggest revenue earner to Malaysia after our crude oil. It creates jobs and feeds the Malaysian families but this Australian bastard comes to KL, encourages mob rule in the name of democracy and then gets a pat on the back from Anwar Ibrahim.

Like lapping dogs, the Pakatan Rakyat and Bersih 3.0 supporters, also quickly applauded when Xenophon was wrongly accused by an idiotic Penang independent MP of being anti-Islam instead of anti-scientology.

The NST had merely quoted this dumb independent MP but NST ended up being accused of doctoring the story!

Now, we can expose here that Xenophon has been claiming that Malaysia burns its jungles, kills its animals and has even taken the step of appearing before the Australian Senate hearings on palm oil to throw sand into our rice bowls.

The palm oil is used for making instant noodles, candles, beauty products, soap and even medical products. In short, it is a miracle tree but this Xenophon wants the trees killed. We are sure he is even a consumer but he is surely paid by the soy oil and flower oil producers from Europe to act on their behalf!

That’s Anwar Ibrahim for you. He will sleep and even sodomise the enemy of our country to make sure he becomes the next PM.  For more, go to http://barkingmagpie.blogspot.com

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29 Responses to Xenophon Spits on Us, Throws Sand into our Rice Bowls and Anwar Ibrahim Calls him a Hero, Along with the Other Bersih 3.0 Scums!

  1. Dr Lee says:

    Thank you Bersih 3.0 for giving the opportunities to Anwar and it’s Pakatan members to made so much mistakes. From Anwar finger gesture and now he is inviting a true bastard into our own homeland to throw sand into hundred of thousands household rice bowl. All this years we have working so hard to convince consumers around the world of our palm oil benefits and spends million of Ringgit on it.
    What really make me sick is our own opposition leader in parliament extend an invitation to one that trying so hard and constantly to run down our country second biggest export. This too much to swallow.
    By doing this Anwar actually recognised Xenaphon works to discredit our country. Ones can collaborating with others to run down a government of the day but it’s highly unacceptable to see our own lawmaker collaborating with foreigner to run down our Country. Anwar Go To Hell

    • spy says:

      Thank you Bersih for awaking Malaysians to the danger of the opposition champions.

      They’ll bring us down the rabbit hole, full of excretions.

    • papamojo says:

      Nazri’s answer Cabinet agreed on RCI on illegals in Sabah blacked out in Sabah press instead of front-page headlines?

  2. rolansmile says:

    better tell this guy and his friends to start fucking the kangaroos!

    anwar can join, ambiga can bend down for the male kangaroos

    • Well 7 says:

      This Xeno cheapskate can be bought for 5 cents. If Anuwar grab power, I am sure this 5 cents fellow will go around telling the whole world that palm oil is the best oil in the world. Together with other crooks, local and foreign, they purposely are going around painting dirty pictures of the government of Malaysia to grab power by dirty means. They will do anything to sabotage the economy and security stability of this country. That’s why you can see a lot of dirty issues created by them. Maybe 5 cents is too much a price for this type of devil.

  3. bar-cc says:

    I am not suprise roket lim use to go to Aus back in the days even the Aus-govt have admitted to have funded some of the oposition in some Asean country at that time but refuse to give more detail Sorry have to borrow one of the chiness provert. It Is Hard To Guard Against People Who Come TO Your House To Steal, It is Even Harder Still To Guard Against If The Thief Is One Of Your Own Family

    • Well 7 says:

      Rocket Lim will not say anything. Must keep very quiet, want to become Minster of the country mah… CM only where got oomph.. The more foreign bastards are used to defame Malaysia, the better it is for Anuwar and his clowns.

    • Desi says:

      All this sex movement talk by umno or sexmore has got me horny ! So in Malaysia we have The Obedient Wives Club for women and Sexmore for the men ! Are these clubs for all or only the supreme people ? Then for sexual build up to fore play , read utusan ! Who says Malaysia is backward , no country in the world is having more sex than us ?

  4. palm candles says:

    I would like to know about the prices of one dozen soy candles and palm candles as I have bought a new apartment and thinking about using these candles in my bathroom for providing essences and materialism for my wife.

  5. magnetar says:

    These descendants of convict bastards are the perpetrators of “ethnic cleansing” towards the Australian Aboriginals……and they come over here and talk shit.

  6. Jenny Lee says:

    Birds of same feather flock together. What can you expect from a useless leader like Anwar.

    • belang says:

      Certainly you can expect the worst…now though one things you wont expect is uncle LKS running to the police station crying anwar had sodomized him during the pyjamas night over.

  7. Aidil Yunus says:

    Aiyooohhhhh!!! Stop The Lies.. simply cannot stop right… tsk tsk tsk… AM VERY UNHAPPY WITH YOU!! You have to keep expose like this everyday man.. no more break in between!! Hahahahaha

  8. bar-cc says:

    yeah ! i know the truth always hurt only lies are sugar coated

  9. Bee says:

    He is a destroyer
    He is nothing but bad news to us all peace loving rakyat

    Smiling evilly and disarming the rakyat with sweet talking lies while at the same destroying Malaysia just to fulfill his life long ambition to be PM.

    Destroy #1 :
    Look at his remote control party trying to brainwash Felda people through religion while at the same time he is screwing them up from behind.
    Look at his servants stopping the listing of Felda(locally). Now another attempt by Xeno(internationally)

    Many mid to lower end of society people in Malaysia has been uplifted by the oil palm industry. The GDP is sustained by this industry well.

    Destroy #2
    Kotor Bersih.
    Everybody knows Ambigun is his puppet.
    That’s why she left so early in the day, to leave the game to him to rush the police and get people clobbered.
    This is a sick game. Trying to garner support by rioting and pulling in the Mat Salleh for support/colonisation. It is clear the funding comes fro overseas. Please try the legit way of serving is well first(which is nil for the states won)

    Destroy #3
    creating a reverse an unacceptable social standard by implying it is OK to sodomise (LGBT), and play with chicken.
    Now his current Azmin issue , if authentic seems to implies that it is Ok to “makan luar’ with mistress. Honestly, one would suspect that these “expose”s are self-manufactured to distract people from their real issue of their weakness and shortcomings. People of this nature and standing would be extremely cunning to be so easily caught red handed.

    Enough said. The list is endless

    Other comrades, can add some more surely.

  10. Macha says:

    One of Malaysian most successful businessman said; ‘Gua tak tau, Gua nampak lobang Gua masuk’.
    But today we have this so called PM to be who cannot see lubang. As long as the lubang big enough to swallow his Belalai Bengkok dia masuk. So far only 2 type of lubang he cannot masuk. Lubang hidung and lubang Telinga. Other people lubang also he sapu.
    I am afraid this Mat Saleh lubang he also hantam

    • Grompie says:

      I am sure he tried the telinga and hidung orifice BEFORE he gave up!

    • belang says:

      The only lubang he failed to detect is lubang kamera. He kept on kantoi and kantoi and kantoi but those peoples trust him more than they trust themselves.

    • spy says:

      Correction my friend

      “PM perasan wannabe” definitely not “PM to be”

      Touch wood……

  11. TK Wong says:

    By doing this Anwar is actually hammering the last nail into his political coffin. The Chinese invested heavily in oil palm cultivation. With the negative impact effecting palm oil price then they will jump upside down.

    The Chinese businessman and smallholder will not tolerate them. You can mess with everything but not their rice bowl, DAP know this and that’s why they keep very quiet on this. How can you invite a foe to your country to do double damage. Xenophon is an active Anti Malaysian Palm Oil campaigner and now telling how authoritarian our government is worlwide.

    Anwar and his Pakatan gang will be punish by the Chinese next GE

    • Anonymas says:

      How two-faced of Australians. Putting their LYNAS plant here, while denouncing PO plantations in the name of Eco-sustainability.


  12. zack kitaro says:

    wonder why i cannot see any PR supporter on this page? No Holes? hahaha good article…..now we know who’s this Permatang Pauh MP is…..hope Permatang Pauh people read n know who they voted last time…what a shame….

  13. nina says:

    This is the best Comments in the article..
    “but this Australian bastard comes to KL, encourages mob rule in the name of democracy and then gets a pat on the back from Anwar Ibrahim.
    Agree ..Agree ( Both of the is equal Bastard..)

  14. Abu Sobri says:

    Malaysian bn-biased media would be forced to change due to rapid regional transformation towards freer and fairer media, such as in Indonesia and Singapore. Currently Malaysia has two planets of media, one the mainstream and the other being cyber space, that give readers two different world of news. Eventually the mainstream media will have to change. Or else it will become irrelevant to the young who do not believe in the spin and lies from BN machinery.

    • Anonymas says:

      Oh Abu Sobri, please do your homework.

      Singapore =/= Freedom in Media

      No criticism allowed, no rallies, no gatherings, no opposition newspapers, no political punditry, no anything

      Indonesia = Unrestricted freedom

      Too much X-rated stuff in magazines, uncredited sources, plagiarism, sensation etc etc

  15. Anonymas says:

    He’s anti-Malaysian.

    He befriends Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anwar Ibrahim in his international talks and speeches is also anti-Malaysian (not just towards the BN govt, but towards our culture too).

    So this unholy alliance, if they succeed, will make Malaysia a puppet country?

  16. nordin says:

    Honestly,I have no respect on this Anwar and his/its associates. To me, he is a real fool !, the worst human being I ever see , trouble maker, He/it think it/he is damp smart !!!!! go to hell !!!! I do not know what to call this idi.. I wonder how he could influence others ?????? and I do not know what to call them !!!!

  17. Anon says:

    And now this guy has returned to spew shit on our soil, thankfully the immigration department did well and deported this unwanted Aussie back to his country.
    Good job.

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