Over the last few days, pro-opposition Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran has gone on the offensive by attacking the Prime Minister in his tweets. We all know that Malaysiakini is blatantly supportive of Pakatan Rakyat. They dream, work and campaign for the government to collapse. If they can, they want the BN government to be overthrown through protests and demonstrations.

Their job is to make the mainstream media looks stupid and bias and certainly their fans, mostly supporters of Pakatan Rakyat, strongly believes in them. But we all know Malaysiakini blacks out the pictures of Azmin Ali, the Ice Cream Man, and only carries his denial. We all know Malaysiakini has blacked out pictures of policemen being attacked by protestors.

Have you heard Pakatan scums calling for their boycotts or to cancel their subscriptions? No? Is it because Malaysiakini is objective and non-biased? Try sending a comment to Malaysiakini to criticize Anwar or Pakatan and see if it gets published!

Stopthelies is now able to expose that CEO Premesh Chandran and the chief editor Steven Gan has a rebellious and anti-establishment record while studying in Australia. The two were members of the Network of Overseas Students Collective of Australia (NOSCA) and together with these two were Elizabeth Wong and Tian Chua. The four remains the best of comrades and they returned to Malaysia to continue their anti-government activities.

We have evidence to show that they actively carried out anti-Barisan Nasional protests in numerous demostrations. Premesh joined MTUC for a while before joining The Sun with Premesh but the owner found their anti-government radicalism too much to bear and soon, they set up Malaysiakini. Malaysiakini is an arm of Pakatan Rakyat, it is that simple.

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  1. yo says:

    try post haters comment.. they will delete sure~
    freedom of

    • Blue Blood says:

      Najib sought US$1bil for Perimekaris. He is now the one billion dollar man. This gives new meaning to PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli’s description of the Umno rent-seekers.

      In comparison, Cowgate’s RM250 million is nothing, which makes it logical that Najib is so forgiving. Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil was spot on when she said it was surely okay for her because ‘others’ were also doing it, except making even more money.

      Now, there are many dumb Malaysians who will be voting for Najib because he gave them RM500. Do we need a Bersih 3.1 to further educate them?

      Let’s put those utterly pathetic rent-seeking Umno politicians behind bars. 1Malaysia can only be achieved by us, not them.

      • Sarkozi Hollande says:

        Najhib runs silent, runs deep, New documents appear to tie him to demands for kickbacks

        A flood of new documents relating to the US$1 billion purchase of French submarines has turned up additional, damning connections to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, the Malaysian rights group Suaram said Thursday.

        Frustrated by lack of progress in Malaysia about allegations of kickbacks and bribery surrounding the purchase of the two Armaris-class submarines through an offshoot of the French defense giant DCNS, Suaram in 2009 asked French lawyers for the firm Avocat a la Cour to pursue the case in France.

        Although the mainstream media in Malaysia has kept a tight lid on the scandal, it is increasingly breaking open overseas. Lawyers William Bourdon and Joseph Breham of Avocat a la Cour succeeded in winning the appointment of investigating magistrates Roger Le Loire and Serge Tournaire at the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance to examine the evidence.

        Cynthia Gabriel, a member of the Suaram secretariat, held a press conference in Kuala Lumpur Thursday to say the organization has gained “full access” to 153 confidential investigation papers on the transactions between the DCNS and the Malaysian Ministry of Defense, which Najib headed when the submarines were purchased in 2002.

        The documents, Gabriel told reporters, show the case has ”has magnified into a web of lies involving a slew of companies formed to complicate the concealment of the blatant robbery of Malaysian and French taxpayers’ money.”

        One of the documents seized by French police from the office of Henri Gide, an official with Thales, an offshoot of DCNS, indicated Najib had met personally with Gide on July 14, 2001, to demand that DCNI, another offshoot of DCNS, pay US$1 billion “for the stay in France” of Perimekar Sdn Bhd, a company that was wholly owned at that point by Abdul Razak Baginda, then a close friend of Najib’s and the head of a Kuala Lumpur-based security think tank.

        The papers do not make it clear what that means. However, Gabriel told reporters: “We were really shocked to find that one of the documents contained Najib’s name and (he) had placed a condition in writing in France that DCNS would need to pay a maximum sum of US$1 billion to Perimekar for their stay in France,” Gabriel told reporters.

        Razak Baginda was implicated in the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaaribuu, his jilted girlfriend, in 2006 but was exonerated by a Kuala Lumpur judge without having to put on a defense. Two of Najib’s bodyguards were convicted of the crime and sentenced to hang, although the trial carefully skirted the question of who had offered to pay the two RM100,000 to kill her. The two remain in jail on appeal.

        French investigators have found at least another €33 million channeled through a Hong Kong-registered company called Terasasi Hong Kong Ltd, whose directors were Razak Baginda and his father. Still other reports have indicated that the €33 million was part of €146 million that may have been funneled to officials of the United Malays National Organization and Najib, who traveled with Abdul Razak Baginda several times to France as defense minister at the time the Malaysians purchased the submarines from DCNS.

        Another document was an invoice faxed by Terasasi Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian predecessor to Terasasi HK, to Bernard Baiocco, then the chief executive officer of Thales, demanding the payment of €359, 450.00 as “success fees” to be paid to Alliance Bank Malaysia Bhd in the Malaysian suburb of Petaling Jaya, along with a handwritten note in French as follows:

        “Razak demande si ce SF peut etre pris en compte assez vite. Le Support Fee suit avec un rapport,” translated as “Razak requests if that SF can be taken into account quite urgently. The support fee follows with a report.” Although the prime minister is known by his name Najib in Malaysia, it is unclear if Thales officials were referring to him, or to Razak Baginda.

        Since the purchase of the submarines became public, a plethora of reports have detailed the distribution of millions of dollars through companies controlled by Razak Baginda. Perimekar received €114.9 million in direct commissions on the purchase, according to questions on the floor of Parliament in 2006.

        Still other reports have indicated that the €33 million in the Terasasi account was part of €146 million that may have been funneled to officials of the United Malays National Organization and Najib, who traveled with Abdul Razak Baginda several times to France as defense minister at the time the Malaysians purchased the submarines from DCNS.

        A fax from Thales dated June 1, 2001 from by Francois Dupont, a Thales official, to his bosses and titled “Malaysia/Submarine Project” detailed the chronology of visits and future actions during journeys to Malaysia for meetings with the Ministry of Defense and Peremikar, during which two contract proposals were mentioned.

        According to Suaram, Dupont “ finally indicated a meeting with Dato’ Sri Najib in France on 14 July 2001 with the condition that DCNI offers a maximum sum of US$1 billion for Perimekar’s stay (in France).

        While Suaram weren’t able to obtain hard copies and distribute them, Gabriel said, “we are however entitled to full view of the documents and are able to quote them to the media and to the public. It is also to be noted that the complaint lodged by Suaram has led to the evolution of a criminal investigation which has just commenced which will result in the criminal prosecution of those involved in this corruption scandal. The French, Malaysian officials and the companies involved in the corruption scandal may be put on the suspect list as the criminal case proceeds in the French Court.

        The French courts are expected to issue subpoenas in writing to the witnesses, which include Najib, Razak Baginda and several other Malaysian figures, obliging the witnesses to appear. If they are unwilling to do so, the e court can issue a notice “mandate d ‘amener”, compelling them to appear in the face of an arrest warrant.

        The warrant, however, is only good on French soil. Razak Baginda remains in the UK and the ability of France to compel the head of a soverign government to appear is nonexistent. Nonetheless, a red alert can be sent to Interpol, which would probably shut down jaunts to Europe by Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, who visited Italy last year to meet the Pope.

        “It has become apparent that this constitutes one of the Malaysian government’s greatest robberies over its people. It is no longer just the €114.9 million commissions to Perimekar that formed the basis of the complaint to the French courts that is in question,” Gabriel told reporters. “It has magnified into a web of lies involving a slew of companies formed to complicate the concealment of the blatant robbery of Malaysian and French taxpayers’ money. More retro-commissions have surfaced allowing the misuse of such bodies as the pilgrimage funds (Lembaga Tabung Haji) and the military pension funds (Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera).”

        • anon says:

          basi unsubstantiated theme….

          No “besi” evidence like the one against the sexcondriac guy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Copy paste copy paste colgate betul

        • Dave says:

          As I have stated on Facebook about this same thing when it came out. Where is the stated besides Lieskini, it is in none of the french media, I even check the most Malaysia disliking La Monde, and nowhere is the any statement of this crap. Plus the buyer never asks for a discount as the provider will offer just to get the contract (I have done defense and of contract to other nations). So please find the truth before you speak, and the truth is not in Lieskini.

        • TK Wong says:

          Gabriel, please don’t make judgement and expect us to swallow all your words. You think the French prosecuotor will let you view their IP. Sorry lo. SUARAM don’t carry weight here. Neither they are NGO but just a stepping stone to jump into politics bandwagon.

          Instead we rather wait for the officially outcome of the court case. Everybody is innocence until proven guilty. Anwar was so scared of his sodomy case until have to give so many excuses. But the truth prevail. So just wait for the court outcome. No need to have the colonisation mentality anymore. We are already Merdeka for 55 years.

          Wondering why this SUARAM only bias to the government but never open their mouth on opposition. Anwar video clip of instigating people to open barricade so clear but they never give comment.

          So please don’t label yourself NGO.

          • Chiak Chai says:

            yeah he mentioned so clearly pusing kanan(dataran) jangan pusing kiri….

            clear isn’t it?

            he is so full of pusing pusing.

            (one of which pusing belakang)

            no wonderlah his followers cannot think straight.

        • Islander says:

          Sarkoze Hollande, you sound like someone from the old folks home. Can you please stick to the subject matter. We have no time to read grandmother stories. If you are obssessed with Najib and Mongolia, try to keep it short like your little brother. Tq

        • ray says:

          Razak Baginda = Najib Tun Razak?? Ooohhh I see, they share the name Razak.

          Why the need to deploy foreigners to character assasinate dear DS Najib. Oh because you tried to spin about his wife’s role in Altantuya’s death, his daughter’s shopping spree in Australia but it didn’t work, eh?

          Oh and also that he’s a practising Hindu, that he planted Saiful to trap anwar etc etc …

          • moviedirector says:

            banyak imagination
            macam movie pulak

            kan the hampsap man semua movie stars
            Dulu buat show lari sembunyi dalam embassy
            pakai neck brace walaupun tak ada apa2
            dan sekali sekala naik silver screen

      • Husaini says:

        Notes? Whose note? Is it officially from Najib? Or just notes by the management. Anyone can write a note. Please la either I am too smart to be spinner by you guys or you all plainly insulting our Malaysian intelligence. A notes by whom? Any Tom Dick and Harry and you are trying to implicate our PM Ang tarnishing our country globally. Look like it was actually French Judiciary being manipulated by smart Malaysian especially SUARAM. So who say Mat Saleh is smart. They also got price tag la.

        Anwar proven with video evidence some more and you all said that it was a conspiracy. Now with just a note written by some Idiot French fella you all try to cheat us into believing that our PM took USD1 billion.

        Hahaha now Rafizi has proven that all this PR fella smart of is just spin and tell lies.

      • bar-cc says:

        blue blood i like your reporting format as like MALAYSIA KINI i assume u must be that idoit the headdick Malaysia kini if not never mind we just acuse you to be that idoit the headdick we just follow Malaysia kini format we just acuse you dont blame us this is MALAYSIA KINI sometime MALAYSIA SINI SANA

    • Well 7 says:

      They only idolise & carry their leaders as god. When you make any criticism on their ideas and issues, they attacked you with dirty words and then delete your replies. That’s what democracy is to them. You must not have any opinion of your own. You must always say good things about their leaders even though they shitted on you. In other words, you must be a bloody fool to be accepted by them. That’s what their leaders are doing now and their followers are following like bloody fools, can’t even make a simple disagreement. You do that and they attack you and brand you as UMNO supporter. Their godfathers are running the show with gag orders and no disagreements and their running dogs are so scared , they have no teeth and have lost their barks. Very pitiful.

  2. OrgUtan says:

    This is a lie. Stop the lie you said? But all you said are lie! All government media are spreading the lie, the fitnah and censored. MalaysiaKini? no Malaysia kini is real media they don’t do censor censor, the video “polis langar BERSIH” is real, but any video before that and after that are lie, BN have access to all Avatar, LOTR and Harry Potter visual effect, it’s true.

    Malaysiakini want to let all people in Malaysia know the truth, they only publish nothing except the truth, trust me they are real “free speech” media not “MONEY SPEECH” media.

    Don’t believe the Twitter screen shot, it ‘s a lie, don’t check the twitter either because Twitter already paid by BN! Malaysiakini CEO not bias, he is “THE REAL JOURNALIST” .

    Come on dog! let’s bark!

    • wtf says:

      Lunch…, Cheoww…!

      • Balasundram says:

        Premesh, you are nothing but a traitor to your race and country. You want Malaysia to be destroyed. You are a shit head!

        • Islander says:

          Can anyone blame Pramesh and Steven Gan for their one sided defence of Anwar and Pakatan? They will be the Rupert Murdochs of Malaysia if Pakatan comes to power. They are also in the power game.

        • Singam says:

          Bala, who is destroying the country, the one who is looting tons of money using the ministry banner and goes on killing spree or the one who is out to write and expose these deep shit scandal that plaque the country…??

          • bee says:

            Mr Singam, with all due respect.

            If money indeed was looted, Malaysia would not have lasted 50+ years post merdeka. Nobody can afford Ipad now.

            Its the greedy for power people who we should be wary and watch out for now, whom is willing to throw the country and stability into chaos in his SOP method to win election.

          • bar-cc says:

            sinkgam who is destroying the country the one who is looting tons of money using the ministry banner and go on a killing spree Anwar at one time one of the most corrupted person in the country the DAP at that time can comfirm so are u refering to him you must be this is M.kini news so now expose written m.kini boleh

    • Dr Lee says:

      Hehehehe that’s the Orang Utan mentality

      • Zek Jaidi says:

        You already kena the toxin of Umno, sampai tak tahu kebenaran!

        • Dr Lee says:

          Zek Jaidi,
          Everyone have their right of thought. I am sober and experience enough to evaluate things whether it’s right or wrong. I never an UMNO supporter but neither am I a Pakatan supporter.
          There is good politician and bad one also. It’s everywhere, be it in BN or PR. But there is also lots of good one. 55 years after Merdeka, I think BN deserve some credit for developing our country to what it is today. So get the right leader and I will support them. And it might be you but until the time come please grow up.

        • zack kitaro says:

          Zek Jaidi…u dah kena toxin PR sampai x tahu kebenaran..:)

    • OrgUtan says:

      Hope there are real human here still know what “sarcasm” mean 🙂

      • JC says:

        You said The polis Langgar BERSIH is real the rest was a lie. What happen to Anwar video asking Azmin and Tangam to crash barricade. BERSIH is just another Commercial event, selling ‘Airtime’ to Pakatan Rakyat. Almost immediately after Ambiga wayang to disperse, Anwar took the centrestage and the rampage ensued.
        My advised is please remain in the jungle as you can’t justify fairly what you see; read and hear

        • OrgUtan says:

          Oh God what have I done? The comment is to tell you all how stupid people still believe in Malaysiakini even you can see how wrong there are. Come on man, it “sarcasm” comment man.

      • Datu' Gomo says:

        NST and Utusan have lost all credibility as unbiased purveyors of news and therefore they do not deserve to be recognised as legitimate media any longer. Redeem your reputations first and show the Malaysian public that you report honourably and fairly and maybe things will change. In the meantime, the perception is that you are controlled by UMNO to do their political bidding, sans any subtlety, and are rightfully regarded as political prostitutes who therefore have no reason to be present in the State Assembly.

        • Mr Dundee says:

          Australian Senator Nicholas Xenophon has confirmed he will sue the New Straits Times (NST), accusing the Umno-controlled Malaysian daily of jeopardising his safety by publishing an article portraying him as anti-Islam.

          The independent lawmaker said he was aware of the newspaper’s decision to retract its report but said he would still seek legal redress in either or both Australia and Malaysia.

          • anon says:

            Suing is the weapon of mass destruction of the opposition

          • magnetar says:

            This is how he described himself, in his own words….”I can honestly say I plan to be a pesky, persistent bastard in and out of the Senate for the next three years”.

          • HM, syd-hk says:

            So, let him sue. Who cares about Nick – he’s irrelevant to most aussie much like Anwar is irrelevant to most m’sian. I pay tax to ATO who pays Nick his salary and I don’t give a hoot to Nick’s thoughts..:-)

            HM, syd-hk

          • FF says:

            Yo brader, did you know that Xenophon had just committed an offense in Malaysia?

            He breached Peaceful Assembly Act 2011, as a non-citizen, he is not allowed to join Bersih rally, as stated in the clause 4(2)(a), A person commits an offence if, he is a non-citizen and participates in an assembly.

            He was invited by Anwar Ibrahim as an observer. … an observer? My foot.

          • Pak Man says:

            Bagus Korean Fan,
            Anwar adalah pengkhianat negara yang Akan melakukan apa saja Demi kepentingan peribadi. Pemerhati Bersih yang kononnya berwibawa rupanya adalah seorang senator Australia yang berkempan memburukkan mink kelapa sawit kita

          • bar-cc says:

            let put a spin to this NST vs SENATOR NICK case Acording to M,kini news report this writer of nst could be spy/undercover fondling the oposition to cause problem for nst he is crony for the oposition M.kini news true or not if suporter of one side will belive it then it is posible

    • Anonymas says:

      lol go back into you cage, orang utan

    • belang says:

      That’s good stuff OrgUtan. Not many peoples does read between the lines, hence skips the explanation. Its reverse psychology guys.

      • Anonymous says:

        2008 BN did not expect the worst but since BN had known the voters trend, it has to manipulate to win in GE13. EC has become a tool for BN to win in GE13.

        BN minority government is actually ruling with less total votes compare to PR. BN can won as many rural seat as they want with 10000votes count over a seat compare to PR’s 50 000 – over 100 000 votes count/seat in urban areas. And, yes we want to change our current corrupt government thru a clean & fair election process.

        • anon says:

          This is the following saying applies :-
          “Bagi salah
          Tak bagi pun salah”

          Whichever way work out, they will also say the same thing that EC rigged lah, this lah, tu lah, just for an election theme(in-the-air issue). Not the actual bread and butter stuff like progress, justice, economic issue, education.

          Actually this is what the opp is all about. Pandering to syok sendiri issue, while the real bread and butter has been taken care by the BN govt. Say like Kelantan – water issue not taken care off, while they just syok go to ceramah eating up the speakers words whom collect donations everytime. But when got problem they expect the central govt to take care.
          Also other states , when the govt has granted them a restructure over existing loans, they claim to have saved money. Also claiming not enough fund channelled to them lah etc. Actually they are living off the Central govt benevolence.

          Actually, its the BN who are performing for the rakyat. Not the leeches

        • Husaini says:

          Ask PKR to tidy up their own backyard first la. Just a small organisation got so much complaints about vote rigging; vote Menu; vote buying etc.
          But they complaints so much about EC.

        • bar-cc says:

          anony-ing in 2008 BN perform the worst partly due to Pak Lah policy a lot of protest vote fr its own BN parties and the fuel hike and so on BN minority Govt hv less votes to PR but with more seat in rural area as you say 10,000 to 20,000 compare to 50,000 to 100,000 votes in the urban area these figure that you just give just show that the game is fair open your eyes put up all yr finger and start counting rural area hv 10,000 to 20,000 voter represent the number of people residing register voter for that seat if BN were to cheat they hv to increase the number of voter by 20% to 30% of the total votes to hv sure win so stert counting one bas can sit how many people and you need how many bas just for ONE SEATso you hv all your finger so count and then times the number of seat in the country logistically it is imposible end you need thousand and thousand of voter to keep it secret that it is even more imposible for the urban area it is only neturaly hv more voter than rural area all these people come fr their kampung to earn a living they live in these urban area and register as voter for these seat when long hoilday the highway is jam pack with balik kampung but to transfer voter fr urban to rural area as of bersih wants is cheating

    • magnetar says:

      Do you know why the “sarcasm” didnt work, because those PR cybertroppers do sound like what you wrote.

    • Dave says:

      A good nickname for you as you sound just like another monkey.

    • kiasu says:

      Your name…orgutan…and your level of thinking..hmmm no further response required.

    • ray says:

      Oh dear, your desperate comment could be your ticket back to your origins, the hutan.

      Malaysiakini should be investigated for evidence of foreign funding.

    • Sanggar Buana says:


      This is hilarious. You really make my day. Your sarcasm are top notch. Even i cant beat that. Hahaha.

  3. TK Wong says:

    I used to subscribe Malaysiakini years ago and did try to post comment but was blocked. That’s why I terminated the subscription immediately. Najib failed into the trap by abolishing the ISA which Singapore Government still implement it. You can’t change the law simply to satisfy the greed of those rascals.
    In the name of Press Freedom those fella wrote rubbish and confine other people opinion. You can see their product like the Org Utan, which can’t differentiate a true and a lie. But not only him, out there still more people like him or worst then him.

    • OrgUtan says:

      Oh man, my comment is sarcasm comment dude, I didn’t support Malaysiakini. Oh my God. Perhaps I write it too advance that both parties mistaken the meaning.

      Hope Admin can delete my comment because it mean “sarcasm”, it mean the malaysiakini supporter support Malaysiakini in very stupid reason. Sorry for all the misunderstanding.

      • JC says:

        Oops why write in Orang Utan language. We are a straithforward people. Maybe Anwar and PR suited your way of writing. Like drunken man. Look at Anwar he keep talking Sarcasm until saying that he asked Asmin to negotiate with polis but you can clearly heard that Cikgu Bard said masuk, masuk and boleh buka. And he got the confirmation. I watch the video again and again. Next time use simple human language

      • Dave says:

        Then you will have to excuse my comment to you.

    • JY Theng says:

      TK Wong

      I support you. We should read Utusan instead for sex news.

    • Sufiah says:

      I can only say this; Umno/BN lost their plot and is saying & doing stupid things out of desperation. They putting their necks closer to the noose. Bye Bye BN.

      No need to read any newspaper or blogs, or watch the TV.
      My entire family has decided to ABU all the way.

      • anon says:

        It should be ABAI

      • Edwards says:

        Unfortunately my entire family has decided to ABAI all the way.

        Now, lets go ask our neighbour’s entire family.

      • magnetar says:

        Its more like…I can only say this; Bersih/PR lost their plot and is saying & doing stupid things out of desperation. They putting their necks closer to the noose. Bye Bye PR.

        No need to read Malaysiakini.
        My entire family has decided to ABAI all the way.

      • dugo says:

        Sufiah, kalau pun sdri pandai sangat bab politik ni, kalau nak komen dalam bahasa inggeris, pi la belajar habis dulu ya. Cikgu Samad boleh ajarkan.

        Your english writing is so pathetic. Baru sikit paragraph sudah berterabur, kesian sungguh cik pkr ni.

  4. OrgUtan says:

    My “sarcasm” comment explanation.

    First I want to tell you, how stupid is opposition supporter don’t want to believe the video evidence, that why I said their believe BN have advance visual effect.

    Second, their believe Malaysiakini is free speech, don’t believe if Malaysiakini remove unfavored comment. Their don’t believe Malaysiakini are paid by opposition leader.

    Third, lets all the dog out, you know their dog just say same thing; “go to hell”, “fitnah” , “goverment dog” etc, their just bark same thing but never counter attack fact by fact.

    Really sorry if any of you misunderstood it. Oh, please somebody back up me please.

    • Anonymous says:

      OU, I enjoyed your sarcasm..and I bet your comments will not be allowed to enter Malaysiakini..too much for them to swallow

    • Pak Dol says:

      Kami di sini tak perlu hujah berbelit. Hanya kebenaran dan itu saja. Mereka yang boleh berfikiran rational walaupun sedikit tidak Akan baca Malaysiakini. Lihat sahaja kebiadapan Anwar semasa menjawab doakan wartawan. Dicerca; dihina dan dimaki hamun. Itulah sikap Malaysiakini. Saya percaya ianya lebih kepada pembiayaan Dana asing. Objektifnya hanya satu iaitu melihat negara huru hara.
      Nilailah sendiri dan bandingkan intipati penulisan di Malaysiakini dan anda buat keputusan sendiri.

    • Anonymas says:

      lol backpedaling

    • Zek Jaidi says:

      BN sure got visual effect. You can see so many malay movies now can have special effect. KRU already can make Cicakman. So umno has the capability to produce videos to mimic anyone.

    • Islander says:

      OrgUtan, shaddup oredy! U are boring us.

  5. batcha says:

    i understand ur sarcasm, org utan. but normally in times where emotion runs high ppl dont read to understand…hence the few “hantams” that u got. i agree with u tat malaysiakini is the epitome of lies. try posting something truthful in malaysiakini, they will not publish it,or wait till they hv a cybertrooper to answer..then only u can see it.

    • OrgUtan says:

      Thanks for understanding, I’m a little afraid if all of you going to hate me 🙁 . No more “sindiran” comment anymore, hehehe.. don’t worry I’m still here and will make more sharp, informative and better comment.

      • Ahmad Yatim says:

        Sabar, cuma berhati2 apabila menggunakan bahasa sindiran yang panjang2 yang mengelirukan pembaca. Anyway, we understand what you are implying about Malaysiakini and the pakatan hypocracy.

      • ray says:

        Hey OrgUtan

        Sorry to have misunderstood your style.

  6. Anonymas says:

    *raises hand*

    I’m also blocked by Malaysiakini after typing two long, researched, factual paragraphs in the comment section. Their butts get rashes easily. Such hypocrites.

    • belang says:

      I did not bother to post my comments there after twice denied. Mkini would not last long, you see they have to fund their operation from foreign organization. The only things that made their foreign paymaster continue to fund simply because of the hits on their website. Try boycotting Mkini and you’ll see gan and pramesh begging for works later. I for one never set my foot since then.

      • bee says:

        Just an analogy if it makes sense: Perhaps the commentors are syok sendiri masturbatung with hatred and bitterness(if the commentors are reallly ssuch and not internal staff masquerading as one).

        M Kini is a spawn of haters whom will destroy the country short and long term. You know just like the movie Alien, where more aliens will infect, will spawn and burst out from normal human, destroying them

        Its like a hate generators house. Generating more hate for the society. The more they post, on general unsubstantiated issues which is on a fantasy land , fanned by the moderator, the angrier and obsessed they become. Look what happened to the Bersih ugly student whom kicked a policeman when he is down..(whom the pakatan is probably saluting as a hero now to spawn more of them)

        Now. Have the govt really failed all of us? Aren’t they benevolent?
        Please benchmark to other asian countries, among others who put up large curtain to hide slums from foreign envoys, and whom ciitizens have to leave their families, go to other countries to seek employment.
        Don’t we have the best when we all have the same resources other countries in the region have? Subsidised public transport(LRT), medical fee(pay RM1 and get treatment and medicine-for elderly its free), free school, tax rate although skewed towards the benefit of mid and lower end is still cheap worldwide. Opportunities abound here. The Chinese and some Malays and Indians have made it big here on the land. Malaysia is ever so successful and respected worldwide.

        The said ugly student also has the cheek to demand for free education….Likewise for the pakatan evildom who ask for “fair” election is just an excuse to create ruckus to overthrow govt/fish votes, when nothing is wrong at all. Ask ourselves, what have they Pakatan gave us , or the states won, have they showed a good govt, are they capable to better than BN, the one with a proven track record? Give them time as 3 years is too short to “show”? Howlah..Their leader Anwar has umpteen years of experience in the govt, its the heart and true intention that matters my friends.

  7. Jenny Lee says:

    I don’t believed you guys but I tried myself. Result is if you praise opposition then lots of flag up for you comment. If you criticise them or praising the government administration then your comment will never appear.

    Don’t believe what people said but experience it yourself. I am going to boycott Malaysiakini from now.

    • Frustrated says:

      You all think lah how the opposition uses the shadow name kungfu

      Keadilan when there is none within/without
      Bersih when its actually dirt shit – a vehicle just to fish for vote
      They have use the term Malaysian(patriotic people) for the Bersih ugly rioters
      now Malaysia kini.

      One would shiver when they generously use the term rakyat when its all about themselves echelons, one dude, eunuchs and family and not about us at all.

      One has to be careful to see through their wayang kulit shadow kick. They will bulldoze and use whatever means without any repent just to win for themselves.

      Lets be good to humankind

  8. Rempahman says:

    Malaysiankini and MI both are “SYIOK SENDIRI” sites. This is thier version of fair reporting….then Papagomo is fair too.

    • Awie Bachik says:

      Yes, Papagomo is the only legalised source of sex stories, pictures and videos of awek melayu! That’s why malays are tagih to this website.

    • belang says:

      Papagomo eh! He’s a rogue bloggers but a source of information too. You messing with him, you messing with a lot otai bloggers. Those once a dirty politician, now an angel. The only one still survive is anwar and gang. That’s because they have lower than chimpanzee’s IQ supporters.


      • bob virus says:


        tolong kasi links seks awek melayu melampau.
        Gua boleh kongsi sama lu aksi video ‘kakak indon’ berintim telanjang atas ranjang sama bangla boy. cukup stim!

        papagomo otai pun boleh ‘angkat’, tak payah makan viagra!

        • belang says:

          Bob, i had enuf already with anwar and assmin.

          Dont skodeng too much otherwise you might end up filming you own blood.

  9. Genghis Khan says:

    Anyone can see that Najib is involved in the C4 murder Mongolian lady. Remember, his personal bodyguards were the ones who blasted Altantuya Shaariibuu to bits.

    And these bodyguards answer directly to Najib and nobody else. And mind you, these two bodyguards do not know who Altantuya was, and neither had these two men seen Altantuya before.

    So, anybody who is anybody knows someone higher-up gave the orders to kill her. And who do you think the higher-up was?

    • belang says:

      Ahhh….another altantuya conspiracy theorist. Remember those lawyers involved not only from the government but also coming from opposition party. And also remember that Mr Setev present the whole court proceedings and funny though he has never mention anything like you do.

      This is what we called Mkini disease…a symptoms that include brain shrinking, deafness and blurry vision. The infections are believe from constant hanging on dirty sites especially Mkini sites and recently they made this ‘gotong royong’ to Bersih all. Sadly, though Bersih going for the third times, still their condition has not improve. Next we might accurately prove Darwin theory because this infected peoples DNA actually similar to ape’s DNA.

    • OrgUtan says:

      @Genghis Khan – So suddenly you know new evidence? Good, tell all Malaysian but then don’t run away like P. Balasubramaniam & Raja Petra 🙂 . Nah don’t said they or you afraid BN threatened you, you can go to PR ask for help.

    • bee says:

      Didn’t Najib swore in the mosque on this Mongol issue?
      Why so many vain attempt to distract the real issue here?

      For info of non malays, a Malay muslim will not play play with such things. Religion is close to their heart.

      Now. What have the counterpart Anwar done? To absolve from his “sins”
      Did he swear?
      Only sue sue sue. Claim conspirasy(basi theme)
      And cheap rhethorics to pump up his supporters.

    • magnetar says:

      Yeah right!… as conspiracy theories go….George Bush assassinated Kennedy.

    • MatSentol says:

      ha…ha…G.Khan, ‘anyone can see that Najib involved in C4 murder Mongolian lady’. What a lot of bull crap.How can we see when there’s is no video evidence that authenthically verified by FBI? Can you come up with one? When BN say Anuwar is sex maniac bisex, at least they show the evidence independently verified by expert. What now? You want to say FBi also been bought by Umno/BN ka? Ok lah, since you and Malaysiakena said so.

    • Dave says:

      Let me take a guess, you will say Najib, but I think during this whole thing it was Pak Lah. If I am wrong as to whom was the PM let me know if not then get your story straight.

    • Islander says:

      Genghis Khan, are you one of those cybertroopers patrolling RPK’s malaysia today? Why don’t you go back where you belong. We like to keep it real in STL.

  10. Bruce Fam says:

    Keep up the good works to tell the truth but nothing but the truth. STAR/NST everybody knows are government newspapers, so I have never trusted their news. So is DAP Rocket, PAS Harakah, LimKitsiang, MCA paper etc, are declared party newspapers, so I never read them or trust them. But Malaysiakini so proudly declare they are neutral. Pui! Now thanks to this Editor, I now know why Malaysiakini is so biased toward BN because of the GANG of 4, Eli, Tian Chua, Premesh and Steven Gan. I will not read Malaysiakini from now on. As for Najib involvement in Mongolian case, pls let see the proof!!! any photos, video, documents. If not pls do make wild accusation. The truth need proof not just saliva!

  11. Julie says:

    Great expose – Tian Chua, Eli Wong, Premesh and Steven Gan, the four trouble makers of Malaysia. Balik Australia lah.

    • Wakawaka says:

      What balik Australia? 3 balik Tongsan dan 1 lagi balik Tamil Nadu!!!!

    • bar-cc says:

      when Eli Wong half naked photo posted by her indon boyfriend is out of frustration it take so long for his turn at that same time she having a chiness and amaley boyfriend indon boyfriend wait so long how to tahan so get angry so now there are three man and Ms eli wong again long and happy

    • Bershit says:

      Tak perlu balik, kan mereka ni selalu terbalik untuk Anu war.

  12. Joseph says:

    How come you didn’t expose that Premesh is an Australian PR and that his whole family is now in Australia. All running down Malaysia and got nothing good to say about Malaysia, licking and praising the damn Mat Sallehs, thinking they are God. Good lah, stay there. Why are you, bloody Premesh, stlll so keen in Malaysia?

  13. Hassan Mat Noor says:

    Budak ini memang biadap, Kurang ajar betui!

  14. Rashid says:

    Aku betul bengang, naik darah, baca pasal budak ni, Bahadul betul. Kalau aku jumpa dia kat Bangsar, aku mesti tampar dia. Tak hormat PM. Tak paham adat Melayu langsung.

  15. Abang Johari says:

    Enough is enough with these Pakatan dogs. I am fed up. Don’t test our patience.

    • Frustrated says:

      Selfish buggers, conspiring(Pakat) locally and international to go against the good guys whom has been fighting hard for the country’s stability all these long while.
      What do they got to lose they have been living off BN’s efforts and generosity

      That’s why they are sabotaging, unscrewing all the bolts in the ship just to gain power, under the believe they can go elsewhere should the ship sink.

      All you rakyat and Bersih rioters, buck up.

      No need to sell your country just for some short term tipu promises, free makan angin to KL with money/food/lodging and go and riot creating ruckus.

      They should, they gain power will eat all the good things in Malaysia which we have fought so hard for since Merdeka.

  16. Singam says:

    You can fool the Malaysians using the lop sided biased judiciary but its not going to be the same with the French … Altantuya was blown to pieces but the motif was not established and the court was not interested, why bcos it involves higher up’s…well, the French is digging deep into the shit hole well to find the hell out, neither the IGP nor the AG can help anyway. Crime does not pay.

    • Bershit says:

      The French will have lots of digging to do…..

      “At the heart of the story are allegations of a massive scandal involving not only Malaysian officials but top French politicians and arms purchases in Pakistan, Taiwan, India, Chile, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and other countries as DCNS geared up to sell naval equipment across the planet. The allegations include blackmail, kickbacks, a string of murders in Pakistan, Taiwan and Malaysia and involvement of such top figures as former French Prime Minister Edouard Balladur and others.”…….Asia Sentinel.

    • bar-cc says:

      the mongolia story was created by RPK at that time he was the holy man of the oposition what he say or anything he say their suporter will happily lick it and lick all of it again until RPK was screw from belakan by the almighty anwar and sudenly they do not want to lick him anymore they are so heartless at least lick him one more time for all his previous dees so heartless

  17. bourne identity says:

    What does SUARAM means? Suara Haram or Suara Anak Haram?
    Wonder if this Malaysiakini CEO is an indian born malaysia or a naturalised indian?
    They say…u need to have 2 indians to form a union and they also say….kalau jumpa ular ngan indian….which one you…er…er…er…

  18. Nkama31 says:

    Back in August 2009 , I wrote about foreign funded PORTAL MEDIA including MALAYSIAKINI.

    But no one took notice.


  19. nshinah says:

    Malaysiakini is designed to lie….in a smooth kinda way

    • ekompute says:

      Nshinah, are you blind to all the corruption that is bleeding the country dry? Can you explain why Malaysia’s corruption perception index has been sliding from No. 33 in 2002 to No. 60 in 2011?

      • Le God Eng says:

        Ishk ekompute,

        Diam lah sikit, Malaysia turun ke tangga 60 dalam corruption because of corruption dalam PKR. Kamu nie!! PARTI DAP kami nanti kalah kalau dorang tau pasal kami punya Nga-Ngeh cousins.

      • Anon says:

        Because PR corruption increasing. Talamgate in Selangor, 10,000 acres land to DAP Perak cousins Ngeh and Nga by Kelantan PAS to let Nizar become MB in 2008, commission from RM1.07 billion sale of Bayan Mutiara land in Penang, below market price sale of Taman Manggis land in Penang, etc, etc.

        • Le God Eng says:

          Betut Anon 2.23 apa lu ciakap. Ini Parti DAP ah manyak kasi pening kepala sama gua lah. Haiyoh!! Pening lalat lah.


  20. nshinah says:

    SUARAM is born to spread lies.

    If it (SUARAM) is such a good guy, do you see its staff queueing up to volunteer and help out in Ground Zero of Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon, tsunami-hit Acheh, earthquake-hit remote icy mountains of Pakistan, remote villages of the Rohingyas in Myanmar, etc etc? without advanced hotel room bookings, that is…and possibly a one-way ticket.

    Where was SUARAM when Muslims were SLAUGHTERED in Bosnia-Herszegovina? It was no political relevance to the funders, Soros, neo-cons and the gang, you see.

    THAT would be a true test of selflessness and humility.

    So, SUARAM, forget about pretending to ‘be heroic’ to the world by fabricating stories of Scorpenes, Altantuyas and goodness knows what else.

    Someone should buy SUARAM staff a MIRROR.

    Any volunteers?

  21. ekompute says:

    Is this one of the pro-UMNO websites? If not, can we hear something about the RM1,940 night vision binocular that was bought for RM56,350 and even then, what was finally supplied was a non-night vision marine binocular worth RM1,069?

  22. Le God Eng says:


    Kamu tak tau tutup mulut kah? Al Juburi kita dapat duit dari PissRaHell dan buat duit tu pergi main China doll dan Shamsidar kamu jangan lah korek.

    Aku pun ada charter satu kapal terbang untuk sedare aku semua naik satu kapal terbang private pergi China. Orang lain tak boleh naik. Itu duit kalau aku save sendiri tarak dapat jadi aku mesti pakai duit rakyat mah mau buat gitu macam. Tapi takpe, itu aku sudah luluskan dalam budget sebagai sah.

    Aku pun ada pasukan tentera aku sendiri yang bernama PPS Penang. Itu semua aku dapat senjata dari USA dan jugak PissRaHell. Satu M16 harga $1200AS aku letak dalam budget sebagai $5000AS. Tu pasal pasukan PPS Penang fundingnya is RM1 Million.


    Apalagi lu mau? Lu mau duit aku bagi untuk kasi main China doll lain? Boleh asalkan lu jangan main belakang macam kawan aku si Al Juburi tu.. Kah!!kah!!kah!!

  23. Sa famille se dit être “dévasté” à la “nouvelles tragiques”, selon un communiqué qui ajoute qu’ils partageaient ?un sentiment de choc et le chagrin”.

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