Bersih – In Anticipation of Impending Defeat

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the Bersih 3.0 rally was just a preview of what the opposition could do if they fail to take Putrajaya in the 13th General Election.

Source: The Mole

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the escalated violence of the most recent Bersih rally was an indication that the opposition is anticipating a major loss in the upcoming General Election, and more demonstrations and more violence can be expected.

Saying the opposition would resort to anything so that it can to seize power, Dr Mahathir said:“Malaysian elections have been more clean than those in the authoritarian countries where results have always been obviously fixed.”

He added that  opposition parties have always won a respectable number of seats in elections at both State and Federal levels, unlike countries where elections are rigged.

“In fact whole states may be lost to the opposition,” he said. “And no matter how the Government party tried, it just could not wrest Kelantan from the opposition.”

Barisan Nasional governments have faced losses at both levels over the years, he said, adding that those losses do not follow any consistent pattern that would indicate the results of those elections had been manipulated.

“Compare this with the advanced democracies and it would be very clear that the results are quite similar to them,” he said. “The margins are never extreme one way or another.”

“So why the demonstrations and the demands for the elections to be clean and fair? Well, should the opposition lose in the States or at the Federal levels, then one can safely assume that the opposition will claim that the Government had not conducted the elections fairly, that the Government cheated,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said subsequent demonstrations would be “perhaps bigger and more violent” and that the opposition would demand fresh elections in an attempt to discredit and ultimately bring down a democratically-elected government.

“Seeing how repeated anti-Government demonstrations have brought down Governments in the Arab countries, (Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat) Nik Aziz of PAS now declares that over-throwing the Government through demonstration is ‘halal’,” Dr Mahathir said.

“Obviously PAS is already contemplating Bersih-type violent demonstrations as a way of seizing power if it loses the 13th General Elections.  The country will then suffer from violent demonstrations frequently.  This will affect business and growth.  Already Nik Aziz (who is PAS spiritual leader) considers the present Government as oppressive and dictatorial and it is right to overthrow it,” he said.

The former Prime Minister said such demonstrations would bring unwanted attention from not only Western media but also foreign governments and the various NGOs that promote their policies around the world.

“The support of foreign Governments and NGOs would come in as we see in the Arab countries.  Their agenda would be different but they would see opportunities for pushing their regime change, for putting their candidate in power as Prime Minister,” he said.

“This possibility is not far-fetched,” he continued.  “The average Malaysian always thinks what happens in other countries will not happen here.  But the Bersih 3 demonstration shows it can happen here.”

“We know that almost every demonstration in Malaysia has been organised by Anwar (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim – opposition leader). Now he is teaming up with Nik Aziz.  Both see much to be gained by seizing power through unconstitutional means,” he said.

“And when they are in power we can kiss goodbye to peace, stability and economic growth in this beloved country,” he added.

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100 Responses to Bersih – In Anticipation of Impending Defeat

  1. Anonymas says:

    “Compare this with the advanced democracies and it would be very clear that the results are quite similar to them,” he said. “The margins are never extreme one way or another.”

    – This is true. Most of the results are close, like 1,000 – 2,000 votes or so

    “So why the demonstrations and the demands for the elections to be clean and fair? Well, should the opposition lose in the States or at the Federal levels, then one can safely assume that the opposition will claim that the Government had not conducted the elections fairly, that the Government cheated,” he said.

    – lol, they’re sore losers. Look at kelantan’s BN, even though they almost got ahold of that state in ’04, but they didn’t cry out ‘unfair elections’. Now compare that to Perak….

    • Pak Jiman says:

      Najib, people do not go toppling governments by taking their wives and kids along. Bersih 3.0 was peaceful – maybe too peaceful for your liking – and you had to take matters into your own hands to make it ugly so that you can blame the protesters for the mayhem.

      I am house-bound otherwise I, too, would have gone to join the rally. Today I went through many video clips relating to the rally.

      The atmosphere was carnival-like and it was good to see people of various races getting together to deliver the message of Bersih 3.0. I also saw photos of Malaysians overseas in many cities doing their part.

      Then I saw clips showing police brutality, of defenceless people getting the crap beaten out of them. There was one chap who was ceaselessly beaten, with the police taking turns to kick and punch him and then being dragged senselessly away.

      I then broke down and cried. I am 74 years old – maybe too old to curse anyone – but the pox be on you and former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

      • Bruce Fam says:

        I believe many of old folks like you have a good niat to attend this rally peacefully, in fact many videos i watch confirm this truth. BERSIH 3 would have been a success win-win for Malaysia but not for PKR Adviser and his gang crushed the barricades that was put by Court Order(do you understand by this?). Thousand of mob rushed towards Dataran. Tell me if you are the Police Commanders what would you do? Smile, extend both arms to greet the mob, thank them for breaking the Court order!!! In manay countires, they will fire rubber bullet and in China, live bullets. This mobs are very wild and gila ones as you can see after that. Many of the Police retaliated and I was surpride that the policeman did not shoot the rioter with their gun when they are attacked. I blame this Bersih 3 fiasco on Anwar & his honcos and also Ambiga who either intentionally or naively(I doubt this) allowed Anwar to hijack this Bersih 3 rally.

      • ray says:

        Old men should never curse others. They should instead be wise and calm, giving proactive advice to youngsters.

        Those men who brought their wives and children were the unsuspecting, definitely ignorant and clueless as to the real sneaky agenda behind ‘bersih’.

        The leaders are the ones who planned for mayhem to occur for international consumption, to justify wresting power thru violent means.

        Has UMNO/BN ever forced anyone to vote for them? Malaysia enjoys Press Freedom ranked by international bodies. How is it that they are dictatorial. In fact DS Najib is too gentle and accomodating having repealed the ISA. These rabble rousers are testing their limits to plan for future chaos.

        Pak Jiman must play a patriotic role in protecting Malaysia’s bright and peaceful future, definitely not to happily curse leaders who have sacrificed a lot for this blessed nation’s well-being. Reflects badly on an old man, if you really are an old Malay man.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yea I am overseas n felt that I had to do my
        part n stand in solidarity with all malaysians

  2. ray says:

    The sane and sensible rakyat who hopefully forms the majority should pay heed to Tun Dr Mahathir. Although no longer PM, Tun still cares and will always voice his concerns. Luckily DS Najib listens to what Tun has to say even though he may not totally agree.

    Before ‘nasi menjadi bubur’, those ignorant protesters MUST be enlightened on the dire consequences of supporting Bersih.

    • terimakasih says:

      Tun Dr M has been always sharp and correct.
      We seriously need too pay attention

      He has brought us to where we are now, amidst many challenges within and outside

      Thank you Tun Dr M

      Who knows, the riot are just part of games of excuses that western countries can use to “invade” us later on, with the help of kuchin kurap hati hitam pandai cakap manis tipu kote gian selalu jilat orang luar politician.
      Remember history in the olden days how mat salleh colonised us, by “helping” local pembesar seize power and later placing “advisers” governing us

      Hati hati Malaysians
      Bukak mata dan hati
      Know a real traitor crook when you see one

      • Dr Lee says:

        Well said. Tun M is a farsighted leader be able to control his subordinate well. Remember in the 80’s when he want to build Penang Brudge with the cost if RM800 million. You can see how the opposition twisted his intention with corruption and Cronies. That God because those who oppose and spread lies still life until today. Lim Kit Siang; Hadi Awang; Karpal Sigh and Nik Aziz still alive to swallow their lies back. Now when Guan Eng is Penang CM, they are blaming the government of slowing down the construction even with the cause of RM4billion.
        The same guys asked Tun M to retire but they still want to be leader until now. Some half senile and some can’t walk but still want to contest in the next GE.

        Pakatan Leader is a hypocrite. May God Bless you Tun M and family. He did it HIS WAY. His legacy will be forever remembered. Hadi; LKS; KS; AI and NA will die without a legacy but just talking cock all this while. That’s why before they die they still want to step in Putrajaya even for a single second before they die.

        • Otai says:

          It was during Tun M’s regime, policies were introduced to bankrupt the country and to enrich his family and cronies. Tun M current followers are merely continuing his legacy and practice.

          I can’t wait for the day to see you, your cronies and their families in court for all of these. I am praying for your good health so that you see the day of your reckoning. It is very soon, the next GE will see the end of BN Government, and the judgement day will come. By the way, there is no spring in Malaysia…only hot hot summer all the year around.

          • Bruce Fam says:

            The North South highway is other project that Lim Kit Siang strongly protest because he claim it is a white elephant! Many years Kit siang refuses to pay toll because of congestion. Kit Siang if their is no North South highway today, we will all be in big big trouble.

          • anon says:

            Like the Penang bridge as well?
            It was opposed the first time it was mooted yeah?

            Now the current machai say want to do more bridge


          • ray says:

            Your storyline has a good plot. The only problem is that the villain is wrongly identified. The real crook is Anwar Ibrahim.

            Tun is the saviour, the hero and the beloved. Luckily the producer (who holds the money) rewrote your faulty script.

          • Edward says:

            If Tun Dr Mahathir is really so crooked and did all to make Malaysia bad and worse, why is the world leaders applauding his ruling ability? why so many of his projects continue to benefit the country till today? why was his strategy (which was criticized to no end by financial leaders at that time) to bring Malaysia out of its crisis back in 97 being followed by other countries? Tun Dr Mahathir is by far the best leader Malaysia has ever seen. Before you criticize someone who has been duly recognized worldwide, try and think if you have the ability to make Malaysia achieve even half of what has been achieved if you have been PM instead of Tun Dr Mahathir.

      • Dr Fauzi says:

        The main concern of Bersih 3.0 is the number of ppl turnout for bersih 3.0 but is not about to enter the Merdeka Square. As there is over 250,000 people turnout, it has sent a strong messege to BN that almost everyone also not happy with the rulling govt. What is so big deal of breaching the line? Is there a gold mine behind the line? Come on lar… Don’t make those stupid excuse to blame on the Bersih protestors of entering the dataran, it will makes the whole world laugh at the rulling govt. as it display immaturity in mind. After opposition grab the federal govt, we will all wearing yellow Bersih shirt to celebrate the historical event at Dataran, soon….

        • Bruce Fam says:

          Breaking the Court Order is a huge big deal because Malaysia is still rule by Court of Law or Law of Jungle. Tommorrow, I walk into you house and drive away your car or damged your furniture, can I say this is no big deal? Please respect the law. Period. unless you want to over throw the legally elected Government like Egypt and Syria?

        • ray says:

          I think the title Dr is bought online.

          Quote Fauzi: “After opposition grab the federal govt, we will all wearing yellow Bersih shirt to celebrate the historical event at Dataran, soon….”

          Eh, I thought you are already wearing yellow?

          Grab the federal govt?? Then the new opposition will also GRAB the new federal govt and this will continue until the chinese cannot do business anymore. All their taxes will pay for destruction and damages to Dataran Merdeka.

        • Dr Lee says:

          Dr Fauzi,
          250,000 people and you said it almost everyone not happy with the ruling party? We have 27 million rakyat and you mean 250,000 represent them? You must be kidding.
          Dr Fauzi, do you drive car? If you do, then why you don’t drive straight into the opposite site one way motorway? It just that you will be driving into an opposite drive way and this will be endangering your life and other driver as well. But as your analogy, why bother the One Way or No Entry signboard.

          We are fortunate when God gave us brain but not other primate. If you are wiser then you will be able to see far beyond the lines. Bersih 3.0 to me is just another commercial event which is successfully sold it’s limelight or Commercial slot to opposition leaders and foreigner who are out there to destroy our democratic country.

          Senator Nicholas Xenaphon an invited observer from Australia was actually a lawmaker actively trying to destroy our Palm Oil industry by accusing palm oil is unsafe for consuming. He was invited by Anwar. Dr Fauzi can you see the sense now?

          We can understand that the Rakyat unhappy with the government here and there. But should we Condone a leader who is inviting an enemy to destroy our country economy. Some Rakyat lost money during the demonstration but a few made million of dollar. I believe with your education level you will able to weight the good and the bad wisely.

          Good day

        • bar-cc says:

          it is not so much of or so BIG a deal of breaching the line it there is no gold mine behind ,infront or anywhere there is no STUPID excuse to make it is about the law of the country there is a COURT ORDER NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW that is the problem hope u can see what the big deal about still dont see then u will never see will never hear want to cross the line get a court order i repeat NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW the police are there to enforce the court order so u think u are above the law u are there u must respect the law when u cross the line u broke the law that is a big DEAL u are being make use of by the cleaning lady own agenda she inturn being make use of by ANWAR dont forget he at one time one of the most corruted person in the country like the old saying a tiger never loss its stripe a pieceof shit no matter how u purfume it it is still a piece of shit

        • nina says:

          Yeah ,,In your dream Fauzi… In Your Dream..

        • Bismila says:

          There are many ordinary people, doing extraordinary feats, like Toh Chin Hong aka Mr Straw Hat. They are different from the kind of leaders who were appointed or chosen. In a group of people, a crowd, there will be invariably a leader coming out to lead. This happens often at times of emergency, like a plane crash or a group of people taken hostages. In the September 11 attacks on World Trade Centre, United Airlines Flight 93, the airplane with 182 passengers lead by a few such informal leaders made a fight back to regain control of the plane. All were killed including the 4 hijackers.These informal leaders are ordinary people like us and they often show courage when triggered into action out of necessity.After the events they would go back to their daily job, not bragging about it.This is what we called a ‘leader in passing’.

        • Edward says:

          It’s about obeying the Court’s Order! It’s about making a stand if someone breaks the law! Period!

      • Atan says:

        Obviously our “good old” Dr. M and our”beloved” PM is trying to put fear into the rakyat again after the success of Bersih 3 inspite of some disturbances.The rakyat are clearly calling for clean and fair election my dearest PM. Are you so blind to the truth???? Did the protestors call for you to step dow,,Mr.PM? obviously no and why compare Bersih 3 to Tahrir Square????

        • ray says:

          Atan oi, 25,ooo protestors represent the rakyat?? You need tuition in Maths.

        • Edward says:

          Think properly who’s playing dirty politics. I guess you haven’t played office politics much, have you? Anwar has been toying you n many others so much you don’t see the facts. He has never given anyone much reason to vote him directly. He has to find fault with the current government, n then focus all attention on why the current government is bad for the ‘rakyat’ then claim that the only solution is to vote for him. What so great about him who’s managed the state of Selangor until not enough funds to handle its own rubbish? Can’t run a state well, but want to run a country? Reform, yeah rite…

  3. zack kitaro says:

    We never learn from what happen to other Arab countries…they mangage to overthrown their leaders but did they live peacefully….look at Iraq, Mesir, Libya…..did they adopt full Islamic teaching now….no…coz The western is manipulated the situation…..dont be fool…

    • Hj Dol says:

      In Mesir they still demonstrating eventhough Hosni Mubarak already step down. By then all of us just bite our finger la. It will leave our country twenty or thirty years behind.
      If youre not happy just go to ballot box. Even Nik Aziz smell defeat already. BN will wrest back Kelantan under Mustapa Muhammad leadership as Cah Keting is being solved. Only left with Kuli but he also ageing and know that he will just be satisfied with retaining Gua Musang seat. The young leader in Pakatan Rakyat will never allow him to Tumpang and be their leader. Kuli know this and at the same time is playing with his bargaining chip that is getting thinner. So he will be just lucky to be in BN

      • anon says:

        Bersih is just a crap game to rally the rakyat to gain votes for the XXXXXX to become PM

        So they will find whatever excuse they can to go to the street

        1. Haven’t them be given full autonomy in PSC? Apa lagi tak puas?
        2. Haven’t they won so many states(on the back of so called rigged elections)?Apa lagi tak puas?

        If give everything (150%) also including our buntots, Bersih still want to go to the streets just for the purpose of pancing votes. That’s why they baited the policeman. Recall didn’t the XXXXXX once baited and called policemen as anjing resulting in the famous black eye, which got everybody crying….

        • Opah says:

          Bersih reporting by the mainstream media and subsequent support for PDRM by Najib and Hishamuddin have opened the public’s eyes to their lies and utter contempt for the rights of ordinary citizens.! Payback , big time in the coming elections.!! ABU.!

          • anon says:

            Its the right of citizen to have a nice country. Opportunity to work and earn money good.
            Good education. Comfortable amenities.

            Not to be downtrodden by jams, loss of revenue,tax payers money, just for a in-the-air theme that everybody knows is to fish votes for the sicko guy.
            Didn’t the govt has bent backward for him as well for the said EC issue? Issue addressed,no?

    • Kronik says:

      The mouthpieces of UMNO Bernama, NST Utusan, Star and Sun all say Malaysians will vote back BN with 2/3′s majority.

      I hope there is still some decency left amongst Malaysian we will not hear one day somewhere a Policeman armed with a lethal weapon will not go amok….unable to bridge values and realities. If that happens, which we pray will not, some might hope it’s the SOB’s ass for the SOP mess!

      • Dr Lee says:

        Our police acted after they was intimidated by force/violent. Eventhough they we insulted verbally by the protestor, thx police still be able to conduct professionally. Only after the physical attack and of course Anwar instruction to crash the barricade only they enforce the Law and Orders.
        If you are attack by a crowd of mobs, I think you will automatically respond by graving anything to defend yourself.

      • Islander says:

        Kronic, relax … Even if BN wins with 2/3 majority, I am sure you and your Pakatan friends will take to the streets in yellow and march to Putrajaya. That is your idea of democracy right? Bravo to mob rule! You chose the right pseudonym … You are chronically ill.

      • bar-cc says:

        when a person go amok … unable to bridge values & realities it because he is sick it do not matter if its U or anyone fr both side he need a doctor like u can see how many policemen went amok that day 100 or 1000 but as u all claims there are 250,000 yellow shirt went amok where the decency where the values pls see the realities go to u tube try to see fr both side both side are just as bad they hit two time they hit back three time they hit four time they hit back five time and now they ask why u hit us & they will answer you hit us first what a sad story

      • Edward says:

        I guess you forgot how some officers were pulled down from their bikes got beaten, how a calmly moving police car (traveling on the road) had stones n cones hurled at it until its windscreen shattered, door windows broken, forcing the driver to drive with his head down to avoid being hit in the head, how public property (lamp posts, etc) were damaged, etc… Bersih was crap, is crap and will always be crap! It has never been peaceful, n will never be. Each rally forced the hand of the police and FRU, and each respond by the FRU is being used as a gimmick to claim that the ruling government rules with and iron fist. Come on. We all got our caning back in school when we broke a rule (or some sort of punishment), rite? Even when it’s keeping hair a little longer than what the school rule says. You go breaking through a barrier set by the government, you get the consequences. What’s all the complaining about? The FRU are already there armed with their teargas n water cannon. What? See discipline master with cane n still expect to get off by breaking the law??? That’s democracy? Gimme a break!

  4. Boby says:

    Bersih mission is to have free & fair election. That’s it. Nothing to do with any political parties. Why? How come banglas who work as security guard at my resident can have blue IC? Now who we going to blame to?

    Anyone can answer?

    • kawekoambo says:

      Fake blue IC or original blue IC?

      Instead of spreading unverified fact, why don’t you take that IC to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, and check

      Some party making money selling fake blue IC and gov’t get the blame….

      • Peter says:

        How do you know there are syndicates selling fake ICs?If you knew who they were,why didnt you make a police report?You shouldnt be spreading unverified fact.

        • Logix says:

          Peter kau tak penah tengok 999 ke? Kau paham Bahasa Kebangsaan tak? Sebab 999 dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan, takut kau tak paham, jadi tak pernah tau tentang sindiket IC dan paspot ni..

          ..and when did kawekoambo admit to “knew who they were”? Don’t put words in people’s mouths; people will know you’re from Pakatan


          • anai says:

            buat ape nak 999?
            ini semua modus operandi kroni!
            buat report nanti kena belasah kat lokap!

    • Anonymas says:

      “Bersih mission is to have free & fair election. That’s it. Nothing to do with any political parties.”

      Then why in the world were Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Azmin Ali and Hadi Awang there in all Bersih rallies?


      • Korean Fan says:

        Well, they say that EC is not fair because the chairman is a member of UMNO.

        Now, we can say that Bersih is also not independent as we can see that 4 out of 5 are opposition politician.

        A case of hypocrisy of pot calling cattle black.

        • Peter says:

          Haiya! why so stupid one.Bersih is a coalition of NGOs not political party and the EC is suppose to be an independent body which means they have to be neutral.Got it?Dont just talk for the sake of it or commenting in this case.

          • Hj Dol says:

            Then why give Anwar and the gang a centrestage. Maybe he buy some airtime from Bersih. Peter, you simply don’t understand what NGO stand look at the BarGIRL Council, they condemn the police but keep silent on the hooligan. Nobody is above law. You need to have a Neutral BarGIRL Council. Never forget they need law breaker to keep business going. Don’t be naive. Ambiga is former Bar Council President and she is pretty sure what will happen when he invited Anwar and the gang but she still do.
            Please do some deep thinking Peter.

          • ray says:

            aiyoyo Peter,

            Those NGOs were unregistered and boguslah. It is you who must check each and every allegations thrown your way by the pakatan goons.

            They have reached desperado levels. Ambiga requested anwar for numbers – so without the pakatan crowd, would your so called honourable NGOs civil society movement achieve 100k protesters, or was it 250k, or according to the aerial view of Dataran, it was close to a million honourable demonstrators.

            Without the mass followers of pakatan, ambiga will be a lone figure in a YELLOW tshirt. Benjy Lim has now experienced the real danger of huge crowds. So not sure if Bersih4 will pull in the pragmatic chinese who wants guaranteed returns on all their investments.

          • Anonymous says:

            Don’t forget one Wanita MCA also joined Bersih!

      • Peter says:

        They were there as Malaysian citizen.Even BN were invited,but they didnt attend for obvious reason. But anyway dont just swallow everything the MSM feeds you.Do read alternate media and think for yourself. Blind loyalty is not healthy for a nation.

        • belang says:

          Dont you want to ask the very same question to yourself. Looks like you’re in grave need of a mirrors.

        • Dave says:

          I have heard and seen the alternate media, and they are very quick to spread lies, and when called on it they start the blame game. Anyone who has ever lived during Dr.M time know how to read the paper, and if you are too young or have been in a cave or under a rock, you read what is not written. @Peter please do not make me explain this because it will only prove your ignorance.

        • ray says:

          BN under DS Najib are super smart people. They have no time for sponsored picnic at Dataran Merdeka. They are super busy working hard to uplift the nation and improve the REAL rakyat’s lot.

          Unlike some irresponsible party goers with ALLWAR and AMBIGA-OUS objectives, going on a rampage and destruction at the expense of chinese taxpayers money.

        • Islander says:

          Have you read Malaysiakini lately? They have gone over to the dark side. They are doing for Pakatan Rakyat what Utusan Malaysia is doing for Umno. If you haven’t noticed it, then you are probably have cataract or you are … err … retarded. Jangan marah, ya.

        • Edward says:

          Yeah… main stream media reports what the ruling government wants you to believe, alternative media reports what the opposition wants you to believe. Stick to either one and you obviously get brainwashed by that side. I challenge you to get all information from ALL reports. Then come to your own conclusion. Not the conclusion someone tells you

    • belang says:

      I guess when you see the reporter throwing back to that arrogant Bersih 3.0 aso with an umbrella using national language then you started to think that the reporter is more malaysian than the aso.

      To answer that question it is you to be blamed because you failed to report to the right authority.

    • Hj Dol says:

      Please get the IC and read carefully to determine whether it’s genuine or not. If he is granted Temporary Resident Status then it will be clearly written on it. Even with that your so called Banglas still cannot vote.
      I have almost 150 foreign workers and it was so difficult to go through the 6P process. It’s actually difficult to get our PR status unless you’re professional or rich. Even my buddy who hold the rank of ACP can’t get his citizenship for his Indonesian wife. Their child now about 20 years old already.
      Maybe you are more influenced by the email circulating around showing Indonesian man with Malaysian IC with Expiry Date and Temporary Resident Status.
      Please learn to filter information from the net. If needed kindly check with the correct authority.

    • kiasu says:

      U can answer it, coz u are the bangla.

      How come you never attempt to make a police report, or the very least verify with the security company that supply the bangla?

      U are typical Dap goons, tembak sana tembak sini but no fact.

      Now we know who to blame. Bangla like u.

    • bar-cc says:

      blue ic go make a police report have u if u have u would have got your answer if after until now you still have not make a police repot then you must be those that pass an accident site slowdown cause massive traffic that block the comming ambulance and before hand you curse why the big jam about so go make a police repot you get your answer if you dont get it fast curse & swear u all are good at and then blame the govt one more reason to bersih so we all plead for u to pls go make police repot he is nobody relative so you hv your answer

  5. AYAH says:

    Four out of 5 are politicians? I believe all of them are politicians. Ambiga is the worst, pretending not to be a politician but is actually doing the “politicking”. And the Bartenders Council? They must be downing a lot since they can’t think straight and refuse to admit that they are politicking as well!

    • zack kitaro says:

      yeah….why dont they all resign from BERSIH because BERSIH is a non political motivated group….how stupid their supporter are….being an idoit from group of no brain people that talk without thinking…

    • Peter says:

      Is demanding for clean elections is politicking?since when?And dont give me the crap of 5 states was won by the opposition cause I can say they would have entered Putrajaya if there was clean elections.How about RCI on Sabah?Why is the Govt silent?

      • belang says:

        Demanding for clean election is everybody fights but do your really read enough? Your facts and figures in Bersih 3.0 have been fairly rebutted, fair and square and any tom, dick and harry knew that your cause is lost the moment you’re unable to hold your argument. Any arsehole could lead that demo when she had only the stupid sheeps to herd.

      • TK Wong says:

        Please be rational if the election is not clean and fair you can’t even win a seat la. Don’t simply believe what is written on the net be by the opposition or the government. Learn to be an independent. You’re not wrong but only seeing things from one angle. Try to look from every angle.
        Peter, don’t be over confident because not all the voters is pro opposition. The Chinese now will look back and think for what they want in future. They are pragmatic. Today Bersih 3.0 demo at a Malay majority area. You will see how they react when their rice bowl is effected. You might be mentioning about Petaling Street or the China Town but please don’t forget the fact that more then 60% of that area is flooded with foreigner pedlars.
        Once our country run into chaos with the commodity price dropping like CPO and rubber then you will see how they react. An unstably country cannot promised them anything because they migrated from China because instability the last time. Even if Pakatan Rakyat take over Putrajaya they still guarantee peace. Thing will get worst if they try to stop street demos. Will the police still be dedicated to their job with all the demonisation of them by PR leader.
        The Chinese will never want to sacrifice the stability they enjoy now

      • ray says:

        The 5 states were given away courtesy of Paklah & sil. Even the pakatan were shocked and called PRU12 a tsunami.

        Pakatan were unprepared to rule 5 states. Peter don’t kid yourself, you need to get out more to clear the cobwebs in your brains.

      • Logix says:

        Firstly Peter, you seem to be supporting Bersih and claiming that it’s non-political. But at the same time you passionately claim the opposition can enter Putrajaya, which shows interest and intent.

        Secondly, Pakatan need to face the fact that THEY ARE NOT THAT POPULAR. It’s not the EC’s fault. Period.

        Stop thinking Pakatan is so popular. Shahrir Samad won JB as independent before. Can we now accuse people in the EC who are not members of political parties of backing him?

        Pakatan’s strength is playing issues. The majority of people in Malaysia cannot eat issues; issues just plain non-beneficial to them, get it?

        I want food, you give me issues, you think I want to vote for you? Govern your 5 states well, help put food on people’s tables. You’ll eventually win the people over. The way I see it now is that you’re much more interested in getting Anwar to be PM hence the haste; street demo for clean elections lah, anti Lynas lah (this is another major joke). Governance is best done with a thinking cap on and in a conducive environment say; an office, not with sweaty yellow and green t-shirts yelling “Reformasi” on the streets!


        • spy says:

          They are unable to perform well and better than BN hence the plan B lah- the streets.

          Trying to blind people’s judgement with excitement, hate and crowd mentality.

      • Demokrasi says:

        If democracy in Malaysia is like a dead man, then Bersih 3.0 successfully resurrected him. It just remains for the rakyat to nurse the dying democracy back to good health.

        It is doubtful that the PM or any other Umno politician, could have attracted the size of crowd that filtered into Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. It is inconceivable that they could have united Malaysians on a national and global scale. Umno just manages to divide the races. If Umno cannot see this, then it is either too obtuse or in denial.

        People know that Umno events are subsidised by the party. Taxpayers’ money is used for providing transport, makan and a small token of appreciation, averaging RM30, to each participant.

        For Bersih 3.0, Ambiga and her committee promised nothing and gave no handouts. All she did was to restore faith and self-respect in each Malaysian. They gave each of us an opportunity to express our disapproval of the corrupt electoral system.

        • magnetar says:

          Where is Ambiga now? suddenly very quite. At least DSN visited the injured at the hospital and even apologized to a reporter…what about Ambiga, she just went pointing fingers and blaming everyone except herself. Better still, their great leaders who were instigating the crowd by pointing at dataran, were the first ones to disappear when all hell broke loose. Then when they got caught with their pants down, they all started sounding like shaggy….”it wasn’t me”.

          • magneto says:

            Am be gone?

            don’t worry. probably working up bershit 4,5,6 internationally. she is a good worker

          • Islander says:

            I feel disappointed about Ambiga. I met her before, she is intelligent and opinionated. But her behaviour and statements post-Bersih3 shows a certain dishonesty and ill intent. She is so ready to blame the police for the violence but will not even question Anwar Ibrahim’s role in instigating people to break through the barricades.
            They said they defied a court injunction because it was an unfair decision. Can we defy court decisions in future then because we think it is unjust? And to think she is a lawyer! Pathetic woman.

        • ray says:

          Free and fair elections thru a violent means?
          25k represent the 28 million rakyat?
          Democracy already dead can be resurrected?
          UMNO divide the races, when they co-share power under BN?
          Malaysian taxes utilised is bad, while sneaky foreign funding is good?
          Ambiga ex-president of Bar council restore faith by instigating fellow rakyat to break the laws???
          Self-respect is merely accusing the electoral system as
          fraud without any shred of evidence?

          If demo & kasi cannot see this, then it (he or she) is either too obtuse or in denial.

        • Edward says:

          Yeah, Ambiga sure didn’t give any handouts. But Nik Aziz has openly admitted that he sponsored a number of people to take part in the rally. He claimed is from his own funds, but who knows? He may very well have taken the funds out of his state’s funds?
          Bersih is not about clean elections. It just the viral outbreak from a crybaby who lost in the election. The opposition has declared it will win on many occasions. But they kept losing. What to do? Make a claim that they lost because the ruling government is cheating, etc. Build up a rally, something emotional to get the people going. Make scenes to put the ruling government in a bad situation and keep focusing on it to continue gain support. Think well, who you’d want to be your leader, and whose strategy to win would you like to be forced to adopt…

      • bar-cc says:

        to demand for clean & fair election so do every one in the country want no more & no less but to say you are not clean & cheating where pls enlitten us where not clean where & cheating proof to us Malaysian if somebody say you are not clean & a cheat you demand to know where not clean how the cheating done if there is proof for exemple there is shit on your face that is not clean or there is dry sperm on your pants that is proof of cheating but instead answer you get is you are not clean & cheating in the polls/you are not clean & cheating in the polls/YOU ARE NOT CLEAN &CHEATING IN THE POLLS you are not clean & cheating in the polls……..polls…..polls…..polls…………..polls…….polls……….

      • Macha says:

        Peter, I would have fathered you if you mother was pretty. Do you got the message?

      • Edward says:

        How do you know opposition can enter Putrajaya? you know EVERYONE who votes there? Big talk. I dare say that there are number of people who outwardly say will vote opposition, but eventually still vote BN simply because used to BN. “Better the devil I know than the devil I don’t know” is the age old saying

    • Dave says:

      Amen brother.

  6. Pak Malau says:

    For almost 20 years now, the butt-rammer has been trying to burn down this country using street demos. Thank God at that time Malaysia had a leader with the biggest balls ever to deal with that anal-rapist. And thank God, most Malaysians are sensible enough not to buy Anwar’s bullshit.

    • Anonymous says:

      The highly corrupted Malaysian government under BN had spent billions of ringgit on sophiscated weapons and submarines but used cheap skate barb wires to “protect” our citizens and nation.

      • ray says:

        hahahaha @ Anon (May 5, 2012 at 1:18 pm)

        This is a classic sample of the pakatan brainwashed lembu … imagine using barb wires to combat Malaysian enemies?

        The barb wires were meant to be temporary hindrance and markers for out of bounds area lah, alaihai.

        Anyway thanks for a good laugh!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Long Live Bersih
        Hidup Rakyat
        Long Live Democrcy
        In solidarity of all Malaysians in Yellow

  7. bourne identity says:

    what if the EC chairman is a PAS or PKR member? Fuckatan Rakyat members will make bising you think? Podah…. alasan demi alasan.
    This is Anwar’s mentality theyre carrying…excuse after excuse….
    Walk the talklah Al Juburi Anwar…. dont just walk the fucks thay you and your deputy sheriff Azmin does…

    • Dave says:

      Who cares what party he is with, he is only one vote. How many were aware the former King/Sultan of Terr. supported PAS, or at least he has no problem with them. I do not see BN making a big fuss about it. PR knows they are in a leaking and soon to be sinking boat.

    • anon says:

      Remember he used whatever silly excuses to delay his court proceedings.

      The man is a genious in such ways of manipulation

      haven’t we learned anything yet?

  8. Crookedpeoplecrookedbridge says:

    Only crooked leader insist his cronies built the crooked bridge. Yes, he has a legacy alright. A crook who insist on having a corrupt bridge. Only Singapore save the rakyat from the stupid crooked cost!

    Just see how these bunch of crooked crony followers only believe in the crooks lies twisting the BBC and another respectable news to infuence these crooks mindset!

    • ray says:

      Ehh hmmm, crookedbrain

      This is so lapuk – a non-issue. In case you’re unaware, DS Najib is calling the shots now. Focus on current concerns.

      Or perhaps you’re just one of those with an axe to grind. You gotta exhale all your toxins dearie, otherwise cancer cells will multiply.

      P.S. singapore is scared shit coz the causeway removal will kill their PSA. Business will flow into Port Klang. Obviously you are not an econs grad.

    • TK Wong says:

      Thank you for saying ‘yes, he has a legacy alright’. You recognized Tun Mahathir contribution to our country but you failed to look beyond that. Crook bridge is not about corrupt bridge but a bridge that will spur our economy. When the Tebrau Street is open and deepen , it will allow ship to sail through. Imagine how it will spur our economy along the coast.
      Singapore is not smart as you said saving their Rakyat money but if the bridge is successfully open then Keppel Port will be running out of business lol. Looks when Port of Tanjong Pelepas open. Container operator like Evergreen and Merck move there from Singapore. Why? It’s cheaper. A gain to us is a lost to them.
      Please do a lot more reading but only from a fair and well research articles. BTW, you please don’t go and do business. Because you don’t have business sense la bro

  9. Funniman says:

    Why crooked bridge reader so naive one?
    Can you see that by starting to build the bridge will force Spore to rethink their stubborness and start to talk about cooperating other things?
    If crooked bridge is built, Spore will be bypassed by ships and their shipyards will be no more in favor. It will shorten the sailing time by 3 days using the crooked bridge channel….Tanjung Pelepas will be better.
    It is good to read and observe the things going around you but it is better to be able to link what you know and what happening.

    • bee says:

      Indeed Funniman

      If only crooked bridge were built…
      but alas, Malaysians are always known for the brotherhood syndrome, kind hearts and hospitality.

      That’s why the Bersih pests took advantage of it by 110%

  10. Sufiah UK says:

    Bersih reporting is completely bias and propaganda tool of BN. I get more coverage of the events in the entire country and the whole world online. If I had to rely on mainstream media i see nothing but government message… there should be a law to car any political party owning directly or indirectly to any mainstream media… there should also be another law to bar censorship and printing rights….everybody should have the right to print whatever they wish… if there’s readership, there’s income and there’s sustainability… and if there isn’t… then good luck folding up business!~

    • a malaysian says:

      Videos link showing violence against police is taken off the mat salleh host stream (just like a porn clip)

      While videoclips which will push the interest of opposition remains.

      Speaking of bias, judge for yourself…..

    • Edward says:

      Right…. everyone should have the right to print whatever they wish. How about I print and distribute leaflets that says pig eaters are shitless, gutless, yellow-bellied cunts? Would it be wrong if the majority of chinese breakdown my door and beat the living crap out of me? How about if I print people who don’t own dogs in their homes are plain idiots with no sense of home safety? Are you gonna stop the muslims (and many other non-dog owners) from stomping me under their feet?
      Every country has a certain level of control over press freedom. There can be NO TOTAL FREEDOM! It’s anarchy to have that level of freedom. Grow up, dude!

  11. bar-cc says:

    well U have just said the magic word EVERYBODY SHOULD HV THE RIGHT TO PRINT WHATEVER THEY WISH but your meaning of print whatever they wish but must be to your licking if not you blow somebody up/down well Malaysia Kini surely print only whatever they wish all to your licking

  12. bar-cc says:

    Breaking News;Did you see it on cnn &bbc oh! it was not shown in cnn&bbc how come did Astro block the news the anniversary OCCUPY WALL STREET protest in New York all over usa many arrested baton & tears gas used one protester kill hand tied with plastic culf wah cnn & bbc are the true & honest & fair news ever dont hv to belive go on line type OCCUPY WALL STREET

  13. bee says:

    Just realised from other blogs that the police were without batons and shields.
    The movie clips also did not reveal such items

    Obviously for the purpose of not hurting these pests, they exposed themselves

    No wonder the police were being bashed up good by these suckers.


    Kudos to the police
    Must be quite challenging when the sickos were kicking, spitting and you calling you names

    Good job
    Keep it up

  14. AryaStark says:

    Bersih is vile and its supporters are vermins

  15. bar-cc says:

    on that faithful day of Bersih 3.0 i do not doubt the sincerity of all of you and the Brave man and woman that put on the yellow shirt. the heroism i salute all of you the courage to stand your ground with principle.if ever or in the near future ever there is another opoturnity that call for your courage again,please take your leader with you when you charge forward please hold on to your leader hand make them stand side by side with you shoulder to shoulder make then into the Nepoleon that they should be general Custer or lord Nelson of the Waterloo,when you move forward to face your adversity dont let your leader move in the oposite direction looking for the safe room make them into the hero the bravemen like all of you make no excuse a general should lead by exemple in the front Queen Victoria went to war for her people so did King Richard of England,dont be the warrior that sigh your last breath while your general in the very back air-con room having teh tarik

    • Anonymous says:

      The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) are to be congratulated for complying with international standards.

      As reported in Star, the PDRM’s Logistics Department (Weaponry) assistant chief director Syed Mustafa Raja Syed Nordin stated that the tear gas used to disperse participants of the Bersih 3.0 assembly on April 28 was “safe” and “complied with international standards”.

      This must come as a great relief to the many who were on the receiving end of that tear gas, who, (unlike a comment once made by former US president Bill Clinton), may not have smoked it but who certainly inhaled the tear gas.

      • Anonymous says:

        Long LIVEBersih
        HIDUP Rakyat
        And to the whole world of global Malaysians
        keep up your yellow support in solidarity.
        All these ramblings in here are senseless and as
        citizens we want our democratic rights to vote.
        That is why we need Bersih.
        Awaiting Bersih 4 n will be there.

        • anointed says:

          Sorry but the song should be

          Bersihkan Pakatan
          Gunakan akal bijak
          Semoga maju dan makmur

          Hidup rakyat
          daulat tuanku
          majukan Malaysia
          jangan gadaikan negara kita
          jaga masa depan anak anak kita
          undi lah dengan bijak
          jangan tertipu dengan nama cantik tapi buruk dalam
          jangan terpedaya helah bijak kata
          hmmm hmmmm yeah..
          Bersihkan Pakatan

          —goto Chorus


  16. bourne identity says:

    It was under Tun M that we killed off and halau saki baki kominis dari semenanjung malaysia dan sarawak.
    Yang sedihnya..tak ada langsung ucapan tahniah dari adik angkat Lee Kuan Yew bernama Lim Kit Siang sebab hampir 99% PGK ini adalah dari kaum Cina.
    Tapi bila kami tewaskan Ibrahim Libya dan oengikut2nya….Lim Kit Sianglah orang pertama mengucapkan tahniah!
    As far as Im concerned as well as I believe Im writing behalf of my former colleagues in vat69 and associates in E1B… WE DO NOT NEED BERSHIT…ANWAR ..PAS and DAP. These 4 clowns and monkeys will sell the peace we have for their own gains.
    Mana perginya keamanan yang kami penat2 dapatkan di dalam hutan belantara dan laut?
    These monkeys langsung tidak respect anggota2 kami yg terdiri dari orang melayu, jawa, cina, india, iban, kadazan dan orang asli…kami tinggalkan cita2 peribadi kami serta anak bini kami menjunjung senjata mencari dan menghapuskan musuh negara kita.
    I dont care if you are 74 or 14 years old….. you should be advocating for peace and not tearing my beloved flag into pieces.
    Tak apalah kami tak di berikan sebarang pingat maupun tanah as long as we have the malaysian flag as our blanket and malaysian soil as our home.
    A peaceful Malaysia for Malaysians – only pendeharka saja yang sanggup koyakkan bendera jalur gemilang dan berak di atas bumi Malaysia kami.
    exvat69…1977/1993 batch…

  17. Daud says:

    If UMNO is sooo confident of winning, then why harp on the uneasy relationship between PAS and DAP. They should just keep quiet and let the bad relationship broil further. Why call on PAS for a muzakarah with UMNO? Not so intelligent, is he?

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