Would You Give Him a Scholarship Using Taxpayers Money?

He is a UITM student who has achieved notoriety for rioting and violence. He calls himself a law student but he specialises in breaking the law.

Perhaps, he is learning from his heroes in the Bar Council and Loyarburok – the two arms of the Pakatan Rakyat.

This scum, Khalid Samath, has even put up on his Facebook that “all policemen in the country should be killed.”

He has even incited his followers that in any future demonstration, there would be no more negotiations with police.

This 21-year-old youth was also involved in the recent Occupy Dataran protest where students demanded for the abolishment of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation.

But this scum should be advised to spend more time on his studies as he only has a cumulative grade point average of 2.3. In short, he is a borderline failure or is he already coming to be a drop out.

If you have seen this scum, please call the nearest police station as he is a wanted man for inciting a riot. He should be in jail, not in school.

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54 Responses to Would You Give Him a Scholarship Using Taxpayers Money?

  1. Anonymas says:

    ^ Future PAS MP material right there

    • Anonguy2012 says:

      Haha good one!

    • anti bohmau says:

      that’s why he never worries but check out who’s his daddy!! kohilal case…

    • hani bani says:

      Listen here you Police idiots,whether you cover your faces n brazenly beat up supposedly peaceful Bersih supporters,your identity will come up shortly coz I believe amongst you,there are still guilt ridden Policeman who just has to follow orders,but deep inside their hearts,they know what they are doing is very2 wrong,they will come out n reveal who the actual culprits are,don’t you worry about that,then when you are exposed,we shall give you back a sweeter taste of your own medicine,that I can gurrantee you,infact,I will participate in it myself,what can the courts do???,prosecute me,well they are welcome,coz after the Police,it’ll be the Judges/Majisteret’s turn,you don’t live alone in this world you know,people will talk n they will tell om you,just watch your back the next time you are out there on the street,we who got beaten,tear gassed,batonised,kick n punched will never ever forget what you did to us,it’s an eye for an eye.

      • Ahmad Yatim says:

        Whoa, you talk like a mafia gangster honey bunny!

        Can’t imagine the other way round if you are the police woman who jaga the bersih fellas. Bang bang bang, kapusssh, how may will you shoot dead maa?

    • Ahmad Yatim says:

      Bersih 3.0 vs Khalid 2.3

      At least Bersih is a 3 pointer, but this so called law student is a low grader.

      Mana mau let muka Khalid? Pi balik bacha buku rajin2 dulu macai.

  2. Well 7 says:

    This scum is lucky he is in Malaysia. If he is in Korea or Britain, he will look like roti canai by now. I still think that the police is too tolerance this time, as the scums have become too brave to cause maximum damage . Did you all ever sit down and wonder why only recently we have these groups of troublemakers? I am very sure they have their godfathers behind them to cause maximum trouble and blame the police and the Barisan government. No more ISA, so they are going all out to create issues and troubles using scums and hooligans. Any actions by the police will be followed by shouts of “Police Brutality” by their godfathers. To all the police, do not let this groups of troublemakers and their godfathers cause damages and injuries to property and person and run down the good name of the country. Hit them hard with the available laws. This is not a cowboy country.

    • Islander says:

      He is not poor either. Wearing a Paul Smith shirt. Soom he will graduate as a half past six lawyer, join the Bar Council and say stupid things like the current Bar Council chairman – like asking the government not to appeal against Anwar Ibrahim’s acquiital. Tak masuk akal.

      • Well 7 says:

        He used the scholarship money to buy branded apparels , that’s what scums do. I don’t think his parents are rich either. They will cry if they know that their children have been manipulated by dirty politicians.

      • Rabbit says:

        Then, he will be in good company! Ambiga will be his fairy goatmother.

      • nonpartisan1973 says:

        thats a fake paul smith bought by a fake pretentious 2.3 CGA idiot. Kesian. Im ashamed idiot like this is studying in UITM. He should be from UNISEL.

  3. anti Bersih says:

    He should be in jail by now….see how he feel be in the lokap or jail for a days. Try to be a heroes now face the truth of life there.

  4. Pak Malau says:

    Bodoh tak sedar diri punya budak. Dah diberi masuk Uitm pun tak mau belajar. Pointer macam taik. Belajar undang-undang, tapi tak tau undang-undang. Dah graduate besok, kau boleh kerja kat pejabat Anwar jadi coffee boy. Tapi awas, pakailah 3-4 lapisan seluar dalam bila pergi bekerja.

  5. AYAH says:

    ED, belum lagi. Tak tengok ke muka dia? “Constipated” nampaknya, susah nak ke jamban, semuanya keras. Dia hanya menunggu giliran dipanggil Anwar, lepas tu lebih senyum lah dia.

    Penyakit ni lah menyebabkan dia meroyan dan tak dapat tumpu kepada pelajaran. CGPA 2.3? Cerdiklah, tak mahu bayar balik hutang PTPTN kot.

  6. belang says:

    I think he deserve to be kicked out from the campus and I think nobody will blame the UiTM for doing the honor to this nuisance brat. He is the one that all sensible rakyat would not want as their children, a leper to the society. His family is a PR’s hardcore and I guess its running in the blood, but unlike all family, theirs like to bark to the hands that feeds. It’s only time before they start to attack their own master.

  7. Temujin says:

    He should be a good candidate to replace Mahfuz Bean SRP…

  8. Bruce Fam says:

    Syabas & terima kasih kepada semua ahli ahli Polis & Pegawai & Ketua Polis Negara kerana dapat mengawal keadaan apabila kekacauan belaku pada hari Sabtu di rally Bersih 3 di mana beribu-ribu perasuh ganas yang di hasut oleh Ketua pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim. Saya tabik Tuan Tuan and Puan Puan semua.

    The truth is Bersih 3 was peaceful with thousands of peace loving Malaysians rallying their cause and the police were doing an excellent job staying steady despite some provocation until Anwar & his konco gave the signal to crush the barricade to occupy the Dataran whcih was declared by court order out of bound and was agreed by Bersih 3 organizer Ambiga. When the rioter crushed the barricade, the police has no choice but to use water cannon and fire riot gas. Luckily polis did not use rubber bullet like in other developed countries. The real culprit is Anwar and his konco and the rest are just forced into this ugly situation. This is the truth and nothing but the truth.

    • TK Wong says:

      What the fuck are you talking about. If Bersih organiser listen to the advised given then everything will be ok. We all know that somewhere out there someone is waiting to strike an opportunity. So many party advised them including the wiser Tunku Aziz a Deputy Chairman of DAP but the whole gang of PR supported the demo. Finally, PKR hijacked and use it at full extend but God is Great by letting someone shot on their act and instruction to crash the barricade.
      Sad to learn someone like Tunku Aziz who in principle oppose the demo but still holding the Deputy Chairman of DAP. A man in principle will leave the organisation that they lead if it’s again his own principle. But Tunku Aziz didn’t walk his talk. What a shame for a person with high standing and once Transperancy International Chairman.
      No demo will end peacefully. Years ago we condemn KJ the Monkeys when he held demo but now Nik Aziz even sponsor them to demo. All this fault to be blame to Bersih organiser particularly Ambiga. Where is she now?

  9. bourne identity says:

    1976….tak dapat masuk ITM sebab keluarga aku tak ada duit. Anak sulong katakan… kenalah beralah cari kerja supaya dapat bantu adik2 aku masuk universiti akan datang
    so..aku join PDRM dan setahun kemudian volunteer masuk vat69 lawan geng chon chor dan bandit2 atau PGK dalam hutan sampailah aku terpaksa berhenti 1994 sebab vat69 tak ada role lagi dalam modern warfare.
    Budak sakit ni amat bernasib baik dapat masuk U – samapai sekarang sesekali aku berangan jadi mahasiswa.
    Oi budak gangster…while your father and mother was busy fucking each other to bring you and your adik berdik masuk dunia…. my men and I provided a blanket of freedom for them while we do violence in the jungles for the general public in Malaysia.
    Saya hara2 sangat pihak universiti kick this langau busuk keluar and offer this place to someone else that deserves this.
    Only then I can sleep well everynite knowing that someone really deserves the right to be a university student and offer his or her services to the country.

    • anti bohmau says:

      bourne identity,
      you can still get your degree since the government encourages lifelong learning. it’s never too late if you have the will to strive. i got my first degree when i was 35 with my 5 little children around me & my Masters when i was 46..
      bro, please be a graduate in 4,5 years to come. just register yourself in any of the higher institutions in our peaceful Malaysia. there’s no regret…wish you all the best!!

    • zickler says:

      as an UiTM’s student, I am sad this fella acted like this. I think he should do tons of assignment. Agreed with anti bohmau, there is a replacement class where we combine with part time students. Ada makcik umur late 40’s daripada RTM. Good luck.

      • bourne identity says:

        Duit tak adalah brader….saya bawa teksi pagi sampai petang, then makan malam….selepas isyak..sambung sampai 2 pagi.
        Tak apalah…. sacrifices dah tua2pun tak apalah..maybe thats what people like me are born to be 🙂
        Janji anak2 aku pulak senang sudahlah…. nak mati tengah jalanpun tak kisah asalkan I know I have done my best for the flag, the malaysians, my adik beradik and my family.
        Monyet je suka buang sana sini atau lompay atas kereta macam monyet di taman tasik Taiping, naik atas kereta orang sampai patah aerial radio kereta…
        Tu pun….rugi 3 hari tak dapat business KL sebab Bershit’s senseless demo…sewa teksi tetap kena bayar RM 45 setiap hari…

    • Shah says:

      Thank you bro for all your service to this country. I salute you !!

  10. Jijah Love Crooked Dick says:

    CGPA 2.3?? Lahabau ni berada di semester berapa? 2? 3? … alamat tak grad lah tu!! patutpun beriya sokong Raja Liwat supaya PPTN dimansuhkan!

    Ada hati panggil diri Mahasiswa.!

    Pengikut Parti Aiscream teruskan memperbodohkan diri kamu.

    Hukum alam pun memang dah macam tu. Rata rata yang kaya sedikit, yang miskin dan sederhana ramai. Kalau nak dikaitkan dengan scenario di Malaysia, Cina yang sedikit bilangannya, rata rata didalam keadaan bergaya dan berada, manakala MElayu yang majority nya rata rata berkeadaan sederhana dan miskin.

    Teruskan dengan kebodohan kamu Khalid Samath. Kalau semua nak kaya siapa pulak yang nak jadi tukang angkat najis nanti.!!

    Kamu dah tentunya calun yang boleh dipertimbangkan.

    • Traveller says:

      For a law student in the first year, having scored CGPA2.3 is as good as failing their second year onwards.

  11. Janet Ong says:

    What’s scared me is they acted like Taliban. He should be charge for assault and attempted murder a law enforcer. We all should protest those politician or political party that try protecting this type of Hooligans and criminal. If Anwar or Karpal Singh defend their action, we all should make sure that the next election we boot them out.
    Demonstration is another issue but attacking a law enforcer should not be tolerated.

    I will not vote for politician or political party that cordon violent or protecting criminal

    • kawekoambo says:

      his line of defence may sound like this ” in my attempt to help the policemen, I had accidently kicked him, I have no intention to hurt him” to ape Mr Ng Wei Aik defence when he grab the cylinder gas at the mamak nasi kandar the other day ” I had to grab the cylinder as an attempt to secure the place, as I suspect the cylinder may explode….. bla bla bla”

  12. Hj Dol says:

    Saya selalu tertanya-tanya bila Pakatan Rakyat begitu Beria-ria memburukkan imej pasukan polis. Adakah semua anggota polis akan di buang kerja bila mereka berjaya melangkah ke Putrajaya? Apakah peranan dan organisasi pasukan polis Akan ditukar dan diganti Oleh Unit Amal PAS?

    Bukan apa takut kalau Unit Amal PAS jadi penguatkuasa undang-undang nanti banyak pulak ‘Belalai Bengkok’ dikerat termasuklah kepunyaan Anwar dan Azmin. Selama ini maruah dan martabat paukan polis begitu teruk diburukkan Pakatan Rakyat. Di satu sudut, polis disalahkan bila Kadar jenayah meningkat. Di sudut lain pula pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat begitu bermati-matian membela dan mempertahankan penjenayah dengan menuduh iainya kekejaman polis.

    Kalau nak tengok ramai pemimpin jenis Bangsat dan Barua inilah yang diIdolakan oleh Oleh golongan yang ingatkan diri terpelajar tapi sebenarnya BodOh tak boleh diajar. Mak bapak Ahli PAS ingatkan anak dapat ganti Tok Guru Nik Aziz ke tapi anak ganti jadi Osama Bin Laden/Ibrahim Libya

  13. nick najis bodo says:

    babi haram jadah ni adik beradik khalid samad kot….sikit hari al juburi toron pungkork hang br hang tau …..tolol….buang uitm kemudian jel…biaq bini dia teriak

  14. terimakasih says:

    Kawan kawan semua

    Ini terjadi sebab budak ni termasuk yang lain baik tua atau muda tak berterimakasih.
    Adakah mak bapak 1st and 2nd generasi post merdeka terlalu rajin cari duit untuk beri kemewahan tapi dah lupa didik anak penuh penuh.

    Mari kita ajar anak2 kita sekarang untuk berterimakasih untuk apa saja yang kita bagi, supaya jadi orang yang sihat otak kemudian. Dia pun akan menjaga kita dengan baik2(cara terimakasih) waktu tua nanti dan tidak pula tendang macam tendang polis/kerajaan

    Banyak yang kita perlu berterimakasih sekarang:: Govt baik, negara baik, ekonomi ok,(walaupun dunia sakit), hopsital percuma/murah, sekolah percuma, rumah KPKT murah, biasiswa, skim pinjaman murah, banyak kerja, rakyat loaded(Astro semua mampu). kereta semua mampu, bini masak dirumah, basuh baju, suami cari makan, beli benda rumah, orang lain bagi orang tua duduk di bas dll

    Jadi janganlah kita jadi macam pembangkang, yang gian kuasa guna jalan belakang.
    Berterimakasihlah. Insaflah.


  15. ZooL says:

    Muka mamat ni macam sial je, muka mak bapak dia pun macam tu kot? Sori sebab libatkan mak bapak dia. Tapi dia tak ingat ke yang semua polis yang dia setuju dibunuh tu ramai yang juga mak bapak orang?
    Kalau dah mentaliti macam tu sahlah bila dia belajar law masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri. Tak pun jenis tak pernah pergi lecture and tutorial sebab asyik-masyuk nak membela Anwar. Baik masuk hutan dan dapat ijazah Law of Jungle. Spesis Jungle People!

  16. redchacha says:

    nope he doesn’t deserve the /any scholarship at the expense of taxpayers money if he’s behaving like a thug gone mad. and he shud be expelled from uitm. period.

  17. Gomo says:


    • Pak Man says:

      Kalau benar itulah balasan Allah kerana menggunakan duit haram yang tak berkat membesarkan anak.

  18. MatSentol says:

    Who want to berkenalan with this prick? Here’s his biodata (sumber: blog sel13.com)

    Nama: Khalid bin Mohd Ismath

    K/P: 900119-10-5453

    T/Lahir: 19 Januari 1990 di Pelabuhan Klang

    Alamat Rumah: No. 38 Jalan Bunga Raya, Kg. Raja Uda, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor

    Pekerjaan: (soon to be ex)Pelajar Tahun Akhir Jurusan Undang-Undang UiTM Shah Alam

    Persatuan: Timbalan Presiden Kumpulan Aktivis Mahasiswa Independen (KAMI)

    Blog: Revolusi Habib/ http://khalid -ismath.blogspot.com

  19. Hantu Laut says:

    I have in my past posting suggested the government recall loans given to those who participated in the demo for the abolishment of PTPTN.Of curse, the culprit to this saga is none other than Anwar Ibrahim.

    Hi,Bro I have blogrolled you, hope you can do the same.Thanks.

  20. nina says:

    What a waste !!. just make a payment to LHDN . Really hope the money did not go to this “monkey’.
    CGPA 2.3 -?? Congrats -you can Join the Udang Loyar Buruk at Bar’UA’ Council . That is the place for all Otak Udang.

  21. Pak Man says:

    Tak guna kalau mak bapak kononnya golongan alim ulama hanya dengan menjadi ahli PAS. Lihat pada anak yang mereka didik. Bab yang mudah saja ialah berkenaan hutang. Ajaran Islam menegaskan segala hutang perlu dilunaskan walaupun ke akhirat. Jadi apa pasal pinjaman PTPTN nak dimansuhkan. Mungkin tak bayarlah kat.
    Kalau muda mudi hari ini digalak dan didedahkan kepada unsur negatif iaitu berdemo ganas maka sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat membentuk kerajaan pun Akan berlakunya demo sedemikian oleh golongan yang sama.

    Persoalannya, adakah rakyat Malaysia sudah bersedia Dan sanggup hidup diselubungi aksi keganasan golongan pendemo ganas di masa hadapan?

  22. Anak Jati Perak says:

    Inilah dikatakan Melayu x sedar diri. Dah dapat belajar kat UITM tapi habiskan masa berdemo, kononnya untuk menegakkan pilihanraya bersih. Cuba bersihkan diri dan minda diri dulu. X suka kerajaan sekarang, undi mereka keluar – DO IT AT THE BALLOT BOX beb, bukan dengan berdemo. Ambiga, Anwar dan Azmin pun sama je…ada otak tapi letak kat kepala lutut. Inikah jenis manusia yang PKR nak kalau menjadi kerajaan nanti? Adakah mahasiswa half-past-six sebegini akan duduk di kerusi pentadbiran?

  23. Spanar Jaya says:

    The police violence unleashed on peaceful protesters, journalists, lawyers and medical volunteers at last Saturday’s historic and phenomenally successful Bersih 3.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur is a sign that Umno is in growing danger of losing its grip on power.

    The worsening police brutality must be seen as a measure of the political elite’s increasingly desperate and ineffectual efforts to respond to the prospects of losing power.

    Similarly, a spike in state violence against demonstrators was an unavoidable stage in the latter stages of recent regime changes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

    In most revolutions, the organs of state violence simply cannot help themselves, and inevitably resort to aggression, when they are unrestrained by their political masters.

    This will come as cold comfort to reported victims of police violence, such as Bersih steering committee member Wong Chin Huat, but state violence is often part of the birth pangs of momentous historical and political change.

    The violence at Bersih 3.0 in the capital – significantly absent from 85 other rallies in 35 countries – was evidently planned in advance.

    Men in police uniforms removed their numbers and name tags to avoid identification, and carried weapons such as knuckle-dusters.

    Many wrapped rags around their faces to avoid identification, in a bizarre role reversal of the traditional ‘cops and robbers’ imagery.

    In contrast, most protesters seemed proud and eager to publicise their participation at the rally, in support of clean and fair elections. Thanks in large part to the two latest Bersih rallies, decades of fear, fuelled by Umno intimidation of dissidentsusing the ISA and other repressive laws, have now been mostly swept away.

    That the KL violence was premeditated was suggested by PKR vice-president N Surendran. He announced he had informationthat Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein had instructed news editors to suppress news of police brutality – a day before the April 28 rally.

    The mainstream media has been predictably obliging to the home minister and to Umno. Astro censored out parts of a BBC report on police action during the rally.

    One mainstream newspaper even baldly stated that The Sun journalist Mohd Radzi Abdul Razak had been assaulted by 15 people after he had tried to defend a policeman from being beaten by protesters, although Radzi had clearly told journalists that he had been “kicked in the gut”, then beaten by seven or eight policemen. No apology has followed.

    Let loose by politicians

    It might seem logical that most rank-and-file policemen ought to have dreaded the prospect of being seen beating up protesters at Saturday’s rally.

    Their self-confidence and public image have taken a hard knock from widespread condemnation of police brutality at last year’s Bersih 2.0 rally, and from the outrage over the killing of innocent 15-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah and of deaths in police detention.

    There have also been demoralising allegations, made by prominent retired policemen such as former Commercial Crimes Investigation Department head Ramli Yusuff, of corruption within the highest ranks of the force.

    Still, some policemen appear to have been given free rein at Bersih, and were seen to be brazen enough to beat up peaceful protesters making their way home.

    It can be argued that several policemen might have been enraged by false rumours that demonstrators had killed policemen, as one young detainee reported on his Facebookpage.

    But the organised brutality – exemplified by the queues of policemen doling out verbal and physical abuse to detainees being led, handcuffed, to a holding area – indicated the violence was not an emotional response, but had been orchestrated.

    The go-ahead for the clampdown was surely issued by top Umno leaders, given that the premier and home minister are Umno’s president and vice-president respectively.

    Without this green light, the police could not possibly have beaten demonstrators with such abandon.

    Since the racial pogrom of May 13, 1969, Umno’s political survival has been predicated on its quasi-fascist appeal to ethnic supremacy.

    Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 have effectively demolished Umno’s ability to use the terror of ethnic violence to curb dissent.

    The multi-ethnic rallies of July 9 last year and last Saturday showed Malay and non-Malay demonstrators sharing camaraderie and mutual support when faced with boots and batons, tear gas and noxious chemicals fired from water cannons.

    This ‘social bridging’, broadcast via the social media, has eroded fears of racial violence among the Internet-savvy young. They have no memories of May 13.

    Umno has clearly lost the propaganda battle. The mainstream media’s credibility has evaporated, because of doctored photosand seemingly endless lies and contradictions.

    Suggestions in the Umno-dominated media that the Bersih protests were instigated by foreign powers, communists, Christian missionaries, militant lesbians and gays – or even some mutant combination of the above – have been globally derided.

    Umno can no longer rely on the bogeyman of ethnic violence to deliver Malaysian Chinese votes to its BN partners MCA and Gerakan, since non-Malay participants formed a healthy proportion of all the first-hand witnesses to Bersih 2.0 and 3.0.

    Misjudged police violence at the Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 rallies has proved devastating for Umno’s re-election efforts. Bersih protesters, young and old, have returned to each subsequent rally in ever increasing numbers, and with ever increasing politically awareness.

    The Bersih 3.0 rallies of 3,000 in Johor, and over 1,500 each in Sarawak and Sabah – all traditional BN strongholds – were peaceful, though several demonstrators in Johor Baru lodged police reports that acid had been splashed over their parked cars.

    The shocking KL photos and videos of mass police beatings of protesters curled up on the ground, and the use of tear gas as collective punishment, will now contribute to anti-BN feeling in other states.

    One Bersih supporter wrote in to the Global Bersih 3.0 website, exhorting all Malaysians to vote in the 13th general election or GE13.

    “I salute all Bersih 3.0 organisers and participants worldwide. Although it is heartening to see the level of support (for) Bersih 3.0, the fact remains that this government will never meet the demands of Bersih 3.0, before GE13 or beyond… if the government can’t change, we should change the government.”

    The police have unwittingly brought Umno’s worst fear closer: that voters will punish Umno for its crimes, and its servants’, in GE13.

    No political party can stay in power forever, even if the cost of tear gas is no object.

    • MatSentol says:

      waaahh…where did you get this piece of bull crap, spanar? I bet it from M’siakena. Your meaningless rant remind me of Comical Ali in Iraq war. As a propaganda minister, he appear on TV, passionately assuring the Iraqis that the infidels are soundly crushed. But the whole world can see that Baghdad is falling apart, their army in disarray while the American troops destroyed every inch of the city.

      You know what? The fact is most M’sian, especially the fence sitters wholeheartedly condemn the barbaric and uncivilised action of the protesters. Just go to Youtube and scrolled down the comment section. Even after bersih 2.0, i never seen this kind of condemnation for opposition. We the rakyat are sick and tired of these braindead wannabe moronic politicians fooling us to swallow their lies and hatred.

      Opposition making a big mistake in attacking the police force. Do you know that Police have been provoked non-stop by the mobs starting from the night before, they’re called all sort of names. (anjing, anak haram, p***mak are the most popular). The police force mostly consist of Malay, Sabah/Sarawak bumis, and Indian. Now do you honestly think that their family, parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins, childrens will vote for pakatan?? How can you win the election, when you piss off the majority of Malaysia.

      Buka lah mata luas2. Oh, you can’t, bcos you already buta(mata & hati)

  24. bourne identity says:

    Im glad there are still malaysians with monkey brains such as Spanar Jaya – next time ada Bershit 4.0 ke… aku nasihat kamu pakai baju warma oren , bawa mgeng2 kaki kelepek Babiga tu….ko berdiri di antara Bershit supporters and Police. This way, you can kawal your indisciplined monkey supporters from Bershit from behaving like monkeys.
    What were the policemen in blue wearing @ Dtaran Merdeka?
    Berets and blue uniforms. Were they armed to the teeth with body armour, batons and shields?
    And when you have been advised AND warned….be prepared to pay for your keras keapal otak ko lah.
    Kalau PDRM nak lanyak beruk2 macam Bershit members tu..they will be full riot gear.
    Since your english is good and you seemed to have a proper brain, use the internet and find out what it means wearing the usual uniform and riot gear attire.
    But this is Bershit we are talking about….biasalah perangai dan pemikiran lembab dan blur.
    Im sure you know what blur means kan?
    All in all, the law was there, the advises were there, the warnings were there…. but sadly someone BIG sodomised the carnival like atmosphere….
    Im sure you also know WHAT and WHO is famous for the word sodomised kan?
    You better ask Ambiga honestly and frankly if Mr A has sodomised her too.. manalah tahu kan?

    • bee says:

      True enough, Bourne Identity

      Their mind is all twisted now.
      All the glory of malaysian’s achievement is premeditated on the rhetorics that Bersih pursue, despite being granted what they demanded.
      Everything that we have done for them, is all washed away in eagerness to show their face in the glorified Bersih.

      Tak payah layanlah.
      Lagi layan lagi mejadi

      Kita tanya hati, apa yang baik untuk kita, anak2 kita dan negara kita.
      Siapakah yang dah bela negara ini selama ini sampai kita maju sebegini
      dan lepas undilah dengan baik
      seterusnya pandang dan maju kedepan

      Believe that the silent majority is rationale
      and can see the tricks of their trade

  25. bar-cc says:

    i do not think he got it fr M,KINI i belive he is the lose spanar in M.KINI because they make up the lies and then they go home make the whole family belive go back to work next day and see whole world belive such a small world

  26. bourne identity says:

    I remember once when we were pulled out of the jungles to support riot police in handling the vietnamese boat people near Sg Besi – now ASTRO….discussions were even made with the viet embassy people, advises and then the warnings…after warnings until we had to move in under a hail of steel, stones, sharpened darts, spears etc etc… and we only had rattan shields, steel helmets and wooden batons.
    Kasihan those policemen wearing berets minus side arms and batons.
    Kasihan that traffic policeman who was stamped and kicked by this anak monyet student. That traff policeman could well be the same man who stood in the rain and sun every morning and evening to ensure that everyone reaches their jobs and loved ones on time.
    So… kalau anak monyet ni tak kena sepak keluar dari UiTM – then something is wrong with this country.
    Kalau anak monyet ni masuk jail – please put him within the same section of all the kaki buntots…..only then I can sleep smiling everyday 🙂

  27. AryaStark says:

    Scum of the earth!

    • Shah says:

      This Spanar Jaya should be working with LesCoupeq production, producing Upin and Ipin series, kids would love your story line. You can make tonnes of money. Better than supportin Al-Juburi

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        Oh no, please… don’t let this Spanar Jaya scumbag works with LesCapaque. I don’t want the Upin and Ipin character being replaced with Anwar and Assmin. Pity my kids.

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