Azmin Loves This Shirt! From British India?

Azmin Ali has denied he is the man getting a blow job. Like his Big Boss Anwar Ibrahim, he has said he is not the man in the picture. Like many zombies in Malaysia, they will all nod their heads in agreement.

They will curse the press for highlighting the pictures of the PKR leader who has been caught in the act. Facebook and Twitters are now silent. There are no comments about this sex expose.

If the sex pictures involved a BN leader, you can be sure these Pakatan scums would go to town but since it involves Azmin, there is a deafening silence.

So if Pakatan Rakyat comes to power, we will have a PM, who is a serial adulterer, who doesn’t care if it’s a Thai, China Doll or men or someone’s wife.

Hell, we will also have a Minister aka Azmin who is also busy getting his blow job.

We can hear him say now, like Bill Clinton, “we did not have sex, she just blow my dick.’’

Where are all the Pakatan Rakyat leaders who seems to have something to say about anything/ Surendran, dei, where are you?

Lim Kit Siang, uncle where are you? Lim Guan Eng, busy with your new found girlfriend?

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87 Responses to Azmin Loves This Shirt! From British India?

  1. Shukor Rahman says:

    I do not know what to say about the Pakatan people anymore. It’s as if they are possessed already. Power has gone into their head!

    • Well 7 says:

      These Fakatan leaders are all dreaming of being Ministers, so no choice except to keep quiet. That’s why I have said before and I’ll say it again. “Dirty politicians have no morals. As long as they think they can gain power, they can even sell their wives and the whole country”.

      • Skopian says:

        As long as RCI is under UMNO/BN, it is very difficult to win this coming election. Today’s news from Malaysia Chronicle confirms that both number one and two positions of EC are being held by UMNO members. The names are Tan Sri Abd Aziz Yusof (chairman of EC) and Dato Wan Ahmad Wan Omar. This is not only a major conflict of interest, but also illegal in the context of democracy. If they do not resign, EC13 has already been pre-determined.

        • Ah Long says:

          Umno is no reformer. The people will reform Umno with the results of GE13. Umno has corrupted all agencies to stay in power. These agencies like the police, MACC, EC, all Govt Ministries, MSM, GLCs n even the private sector now serve Umno n not the people. Vote PAKATAN RAKYAT IN GE13 TO TRANSFORM ALL THESE AGENCIES. ABU !

          • ray says:

            aaahhh and let the AH LONGS run the show with underworld kings eh?

            massage parlors, beer gardens, china dolls, thai dolls, paint on doors, chained up debtors, writings on walls to pay up, pirated cds, dvds, demos and protests everyday

            and vulgar words will be the new national language

            accusations, insults, curses, beatings will be the reformed culture of Malaysia

    • kurafcuk 2.0 says:

      Utusan should provide free porn videos on a weekly basis to its readers as it is so much into porn movies. What is the Home Ministry doing in this matter, letting a newspaper print these sort of images. Utusan is insulting Muslims and our Rulers. I think Malaysians generally should be utterly ashamed that such a publication exists, although like other publications, it too should not be subject of the PPPA. The fact that it is, and is allowed to publish such drivel unhindered tells us volumes about its masters. Its time is coming – just be patient a little longer.

    • Islander says:

      The shocker is Tok Guru Nik Aziz. He scolded Utusan for carrying those pictures, said that it would corrupt the young readers. What about the guy and the girl in the pictures. What sort of example are they setting?
      It is like Nik Aziz refusing to acknowledge the elephant in the room but he is scolding the person who let the elephant in the room. Tok Guru, time to retire and spend more time reflecting on less political things.

    • Adan Malek says:

      It’s a standard MO (modus operandi) for the police and Umno – anything and everything must have something to do with sex. So, if you remand someone, use sex as your main weapon of interrogation.

      If you want to discredit your opponent, use sex again. By the way, if anyone here thinks law student Khalid Ismath looks anything like the guy that stomped the traffic cop, please have your eyes checked. You must be blind. This is an absolute slander.

      Do they think rakyat is that stupid to believe such allegations? Khalid should sue the entire police force, Utusan Malaysia and Umno for such an immoral, despicable act of deceit and systematic humiliation.

  2. Shirly says:

    Rather disappointing to know that Azmin was the person who instigated the Bersih 3.0 crowd to storm Dataran Merdeka and to take over the field. What a leader??

    • Abu Bakar says:

      Hei Shirly ,

      Bersih, whether it is Bersih 1, 2, 3 or whatever, it is a fight for one person. And that is for Anwar Ibrahim. He wants to see the country in chaos and to forcibly take over the country so that he does not need to go to jail for all the sins he has committed, sodomy, and his lustful and sinful acts with prostitutes.

      • Fadilah says:

        How do I know whether some IT expert has digitally Creatively created the photos? To be fair, I also want to see the other photos of UMNO leaders in Port Dickson, etc, with maids etc etc

    • Fazil says:

      Najib may delay the polls, but he is only delaying the inevitable. The middle ground which the Barisan coalition is dependent on is gone. His predatory ruling party has broken faith with the people and has lost all credibility. His administration’s carefully crafted facade of a reformist government has crumbled to dust under Bersih 3. The actions of the police in brutalising defenseless civilians – journalists, press photographers, legal observers, medical orderlies and scores of peaceful protestors – appear to be premeditated. Instead of ordering an immediate, full inquiry, his regime sows misinformation, slanting the local news reporting and spinning foreign news broadcast editing out news bytes that show police brutality. Bersih 3 has established that this regime is incapable of self-transformation and is vehemently opposed to clean elections. It is going to spur the electorate to unite, strengthening their resolve to end Umno- BN rule.

      • ray says:

        yawn …

        Same old spoilt record being played over and over again. Hey DAP cybertroopers, why don’t you write creative fairytales with improved intellectual plots.

        Then maybe some might be convinced to vote those pakatan clowns.

  3. Ramli Osman says:

    Now, they are talking about Bersih 4.0. The whole idea is to overthrow the government without the need to go to the polls because they have already said the elections would be tainted.

    • Husaini says:

      Hahahaha what did Rais as Menteri Penerangan do. Singing Karaoke ka. No effort by the information ministry to show how the police was brutalised by the mobs.
      Like the police patrol car that ramp at SOGO that day. The driver lost control after the protestor attack them. Even there is some clip showing a guy climbing and jumping on top of the police car. Give police more airwave to show their side of stories. So many video show how the Bersih 3.0 protestor breaking the law.
      Don’t have to prove what Bersih do is wrong. Simply educate the viewer the negative effect of street demos with uncontrol crowd. Sacrifice some commercial slot la hoi Rais and gave PDRM more airtime.
      We have the most BAHLOL kaki bodek Information Minister since Merdeka.
      Damned Idiot

      • syukri says:

        At times UMNO’s higher echelon viz. Rais, Home Minister denounce the alternative online media and bloggers; but when the P-bloggers (papagomo and parupukari) aligned to UMNO post some filth in line with the sex-maniac instincts of UMNO, the MSM front-pages the so-called news. The standard of response for scandals like these have been set by the PM i.e. ignore, deny, muzzle the police and judiciary from carrying out their enquiries and black-out all news from the MSM. Since Azmin is from PR, he can only ignore and deny. The police, Judiciary and MSM are all UMNO inspired.

  4. Jasmine says:

    Azmin, Azmin, Azmin, blia hang nak bertaubat?

  5. Badrul says:

    I cry for Malaysia. People like Anwar and Azmin are regarded as heroes and saviours. Ya Allah!

    • emma says:

      nowadays like jahilliah…masyaallah…

    • baki says:

      Do you think our ministers know the country vision, mission and core values? Vision:2020;Islam Hadhari; 1Malaysia… Can we keep changing vision? Mission: Enriching self with projects, cows, diamond before country go broke? At least this is consistent. Core Values: Malay First;You help me I help you; Nambikei? Can we achieve Vision without proper core values?
      I think Malaysia is doomed under BN!

  6. Harris says:

    Tak malu pun!

  7. bourne identity says:

    Now you know what the PKR Logo stands for – lubang. Bloue means..any lubang is halal.
    Kasihan kak azizah…kena share lubang depan dengan lubang tahi kah! kah!kah!

    • Ustaz Zain says:

      UMNO and your agents (including please think of God and your family before showing sex the video for political gain. Are you only good at lies and was that the way you were raised. what about your children ??? Are you leading by example ?? Who ever you are – it is NO use that you pray 5 times a day.

      • Justice Pao says:

        Ustaz Zain, do you know what are lies? Lies are untruths. How do you know they are lies if Azmin DARE NOT sue the so-called liars and a proper investigation is made and presented before the court of law. Is he afraid that the truth shall be proven in court?

        Don’t be a munafiq. Don’t try sidestep the issue. The issue is now is that many Pakatan Rakyat leaders are IMMORAL. Immoral leaders are NOT FIT to become government.

        Don’t try to hide behind religion to justify your leaders’ immoral behaviour.

        Don’t just issue a mere denial.

        • bawang merah says:

          The longer the delay in calling for elections the harder it will be for Najib to retain power. The sooner the better to contain the fallout from the French investigations going on over the Scorpene deal and its kickbacks. Worse still the Electioin Commission and its chairman and deputy have been sleeping on their jobs that results of a general election may not easily be accepted by the electorate. UMNO will have to go it alone as the MCA and MIC do not support the Barisan any longer for they have been destroyed by the NEP. Bersih 4.0 is already being touted and Najib will have nowhere to hide if he delays calling for elections soon!

      • ray says:

        Ustaz Zain, did you buy that title in a chinese kopi tiam?

      • duluPas says:

        Bila pemimpin BN spt chua soi lek terbabit, puak2 oostaq terpekik2 mengaibkan beliau, tapi bila pemimpin PKR atau Pas terbabit, baru ustaq nak ingatkan tuhan dan keluarga. Apa punya ajaran singsang ni ustaq?

        Kalau satu dua orang pemimpin bawahan tak lah teruk, ini sampai hulubalang2 dan ustq pkr yg besar2 spt Anwar, Badrul, Azmin, apa kejadah nya ustaq? Dahlah mereka ini mengaku kononnya pejuang2 islam, aah menjual agama ada le.

        Lies? Bohong? Fitnah? Itu gunanya gambar2 dan video sebagai bukti bukan fitnah. Tak kan nak sorok2kan kebenaran. Tak benar? kalau tak benar, kenapa tak anwar, badrul, azmin, dan adun pas tu saman orang2 yang konon menyebar fitnah.

        Ustaq oh ustaq, kau menjatuhkan maruah ustaq shj dengan pendapat sonsang ni. Anak murid nik aziz le katakan

      • dugo says:

        Ustaz Zain says:
        May 3, 2012 at 10:51 am
        “?? Who ever you are – it is NO use that you pray 5 times a day.”

        Inilah sifat ustaq2 songsang ajaran parti sesat Pas. Cepat kilat manusia ustaq ini Menjatuhkan hukum Allah terhadap manusia lain. Tapi bila manusia bernama anwar terang2an berbohong, ustaq ini tak mau pula jatuhkan hukum sama terhadap anwar. Bisu ya ustaq masa tu.

      • bourne identity says:

        Kirim salam pada Nabi ustaz yang songsang dan nyanyuk ya…
        dia duduk di Kelantan,…. orang hijau bulan putih anggap dia uloamak tetapi dia ahli politik je.
        Saya nasihat ustaz kalau nak masuk syurga, elok di kenumikan di perkarangan rumah Nik Aziz dan kain kapan bendera PAS ya?
        Anwar bersodomi..Nik Aziz kata PAS…. Azmin dapat aiskrim Nok Aziz kata PAS…. Lim Kit Sial hina melayu dan Islam..Nik Aziz kata PAS…. hinggakan rosakkan harta benda awam dan hentam polis yang menjaga keamanan negara pun Nik Aziz kata PAS!
        Kalau Anwar benarkan kahwin sesama jenis pun Nik Aziz akan kata PAS!
        Semua PAS….

  8. Ccscsc says:

    Eh pundek…don’t you have anything else? Don’t you realize that the people don’t care about persons as much as they do a about a clean government? Fuck off with your bullshit and just don’t cheat at the polls ok.

    • magnetar says:

      Well, if “people don’t care about persons” why you getting so upset?

    • Husaini says:

      Until you. Talk about Cheating in election. That’s very subjective. Please quote example.

      I do agree to your argument that people don’t care about what other people do with their sex life. Are as open as the Mat Saleh, they can have sex anywhere they like such as in public park; public transport; cinema etc. They never care in the name of Human Rights. But when it comes to their leader they want them to be a Saint. Why they impeach President Bill Clinton when Monica just doing a blow job? The answer is simple because he is a leader.

      Frankly, if you and me that was expose. Then you are damned right when you say no one care. But this fella is Azmin Ali who is a YB in Parliment and State DUN. How can you let someone with loose moral ethic to lead you and your children. Westerner even go a step further by also taking account what the person do and don’t years before they select him.

      Make some sense please. There is so many more So called ‘Clean’ leader around like YB Karpal Singh; YB Hadi Awang; Tok Guru; YB Mustapa Muhammad; YB mukhriz etc.

      • OrgUtan says:

        Damn right! If I read a real informative comment like this everday, in a year my IQ will be increased. Keep a good work.

    • Macha says:

      Hoi kawan, lu Melayu gaduh jangan marah sama kita. Ada ok. Wolingatik podah

    • ray says:

      tsk tsk tsk ccscsc

      That word you use ‘p****k’ will make ambiga go green like the hulk. As for the other vulgar words, your family upbringing is definitely below par.

      You should just go HUG all the UMNO members because on the whole, they are a cleaner government than the pakatan hypocrites of the highest order. Admit that PRU13 will see pakatan hauled up and caged for being aggressive creatures.

      And that is the REAL reason for bersih3 – as a lame excuse and convenient whitewash for pakatan’s imminent downfall.

    • Husaini says:

      Since you never reply to example on how BN cheat during the election as accused by you. Please let me enlighten you a bit from my voting experience and youre welcome to correct me if my observation is wrong.

      When we go to polling station, we check our registration again and they give us the number. Then we proceed to Voting room, SPR officer will read loud and clear our name and NRIC No. The will be Candidate Representative ( Wakil Calon) each representing each candidate. They will record each Voter as announce by SPR officer. We vote and later inserting our voting paper into a transparent box. At 5pm, the voting process closed. The voting is done immediately in the voting room witness by the Wakil Calon. SPR officer will telle the number of turnout voter with wakil calon. Then counting begin and the total voting paper will be telle wit the SPR and the Wakil Calon record. Finally wakil calon will confirm the result and sign on it. Please tell me how they can cheat.

      Regarding, phantom voter or the illegal immigrant Temporary NRIC issued, from my experience. There will be a few voting station also known as Saluran in a DUN. At my voting station, we have 500 voters and almost most of them we know as relatives; neighbour or friends. If foreigner come to vote then they will be easily recognised.

      Bear in our mind that BN popular vote about 60% while opposition is 40%. So 4 out of 10 voter is pro opposition and we don’t know who they are. They may also government servant like police and the army or me or the SPR officer.

      So, my dear CCSCSC please quote some example of how cheating can be done during election. Maybe I can enlighten you; or I will observe during the next GE or I can learn from you. I am waiting for your comment or any Bersih supporters or even PR members or maybe from Bar Council.
      Thank you

      • Aishah says:

        You are my MAN

      • moviedirector says:

        The opposition is comparable to people who went to eat at people open house free of charge, cut queue, put a lot on the plate, burp and tell everybody later that the food is lousy, owner kedekut, not enough food etc …

        They get voted in and control a few states and now turn around say the ballot are false and tipu. Can we annul the past election now?

        They take BR1M and say its the rakyat’s money, so nothing to thank about. Just like children saying its the parents job to raise them…so what?

        Good people thank daily for good things that come their way each and every time

      • Bersih kepala hotak says:

        You explain kat otak lembu ini macam mana pun dia tak akan terima. Puak puak ini teramatlah sombong dan angkuh.

        Standard “fair election” mereka ialah PKR national elections….itu yang mereka anggap bersih dan adil. Pundek punya keadilan songsang. U tanya pada thambi ini satu soalan saja, what happened to the hundreds of official complaints on the previous pKr election?

        Potong ayam, pundek ini can never give a proper answer? So what bersih nonsense are they talking about?

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        How do expect this CCSCSC guy to reply. He’s a DAP cybertroopers scumbage squatting at other people’s blog performing his cut and paste ritual. He’s too dumb to answer any question let alone presenting any example whatsoever.

    • Bersih kepala hotak says:


      Who the fc…k are you to represent people, dei pundek?

  9. Bruce Fam says:

    i really love this website where commentators are balanced in their views to criticise whoever is wrong whether is from BN or Pakatan. Unlike others like Malaysiakini, TheMalaysiaInsider, FMT, limkitsiang which are swamped with Pakatan esp DAP people who will mati-mati write to defend their leaders and their kind even there are hard evidence to show that they are wrong. This is communist/socialist propaganda techniques will criticise habis habis if BN(enemy) do wrong and keep repeating BN(enemy) is corrupted/bad until people believe them. If DAP/PKR/PAS do wrong, gag order, keep quiet or agree to disagree.
    Hi editor , pls let me know how I can contribute articles for this site. I am no supporter of BN or Pakatan. I will write the truth and nothing but the truth.

    • Grompie says:

      Dear Bruce,
      I can relate to what you wrote about this website.
      In here all parties can put in their comment.
      No filter or fancy registration process.
      Keep up the good work StopTheLies.

      • Bruce Fam says:

        Dear Grompie,

        Thanks and keep up the great job for telling the truth which will always prevail!!!!

    • xXx says:

      shame on Rais for saying that ASSTRO has the right to edit and for truthful reporting – truthful only to UMNO. His PhD should be thrown to the dustbin. Anyway, BN and UMNO and their cronies has always lied and cheated the Rakyat and one from Srarawak even thought that the Rakyat should be grateful to them – yea, grateful for their plundering, robbing, raping and stealing of the wealth of the country!

  10. bar-cc says:

    voter name & ic number call out to rep fr BN & PAKATAN will cross check with their own list only then ballot paper handed to voter ballot box never left the room until voting time over counting vote in front both REP in each room both rep counter sign on how many number of vote who win with how many vote poster vote percentage small very spred all over the country cheat !how u not vote before that Y you say cheat at polls

    • Ahmad Sobri says:

      Under BN/UMNO we are becoming backward… its not to standard of our neighbour countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and others in terms of Freedom of speech, press more Demoractic, their aims is just to hold power and to achieve this BN/UMNO will used whatever means by using of government agencies such as SPR,Police,Broadcasting such as RTM,TV3 and others.. even up to censor our pay TV like what they did to BBC,Aljazeera and others… why they so afraid of as during BERSIH 3.0 up to the stage of censorship that news???? if we still under BN/UMNO as government we might ended like Soviet Union before..

      • dugo says:

        Alo mat, lets end up like Soviet Union, whats wrong with that. No one dies doing demonstrations here in Malaysia….yang jadi mangsa polis, yang disalahkan polis. Bangangnya mat ini nak bandingkan dgn S U.

        Freedom of speech? Hehehe, adakah freedom dibawah PKR, Pas, Dap? lebih teruk adalah, sampai dibuang parti kerana tidak sehaluan pendapat dengan pucuk pimpinan spt Hassan Ali, zul noordin dll.. Contoh terkini, timbalan pengerusi Dap Tunku Aziz, kenyataannya dituduh oleh Guan Eng sebagai memalukan. Freedom pundek le mat. melayu jadi boneka shi dalam Dap.

        Either u talk nonsense, or u sheer hypocrite. Or both. U are free to choose, mat.

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        You can always migrate to Indonesia or Thailand. No one will stop you. BTW what the hell are you mumbling about. You’re way too stoned bro.

  11. Temujin says:

    I salute to MCA leader named Chua Soi Lek.. At least he admitted. Muslim leaders the like as Anwar Inbrahim and Azmin never admitted even got video as evidence.They gave excuses and lies after lies.

    As muslim, I malulah got Muslim leaders like this. I salute to the Chinese for their values.

    • Hj Dol says:

      Nilai agama Dan maruah Chua Soi Lek lebih mulia daripada bekas Presiden ABIM. Dia mengaku, berundur; bertaubat Dan diberi peluang semula. Dua pemimpin Muslim yang di atas hanya berani beralasan tanpa berniat membersihkan nama Dan maruah. Malukan bangsa Dan agama sahaja

      • moviedirector says:

        The goatee dude does not even mind to bring down the whole country and his followers inclusive just for his lust for ***, **** and power.

        yeah CSKL is admirable. Face up to the truth. Trustworthy. Dependable. He delivers everytime. Even when he was MOH director, tightened the ship.

      • dugo says:

        …dan penyokong2 DAP akan berteriak, kami tidak peduli dengan kegiatan seks mereka, songsang atau belakang, asalkan kerajaan BN dijatuhkan.

        Beginilah moral mereka terutama cina dap akan menggunakan melayu pkr yang tidak bermoral yang mereka boleh kontrol kemudiannya, untuk berlawan dengan melayu kerajaan. Inilah muslihatnya. Dan melayu Pas yang gilakan kuasa tidak mempedulikan ini semua kerana matlamat menghalalkan cara.

        Pkr tidak bermoral, Pas pula munafik politik.

        • Insaf says:


          Malu tengok Melayu digunakan, dikudakan oleh orang lain untuk agenda mereka yang hitam.
          Penguna rasanya ketawa dalam hati melihat betapa bersungguh sunguhnya untuk membuktikan kepandaian dan kekuatan mereka…

          Adakah semata mata untuk duit kopi dan jalan makan angin percuma?
          Atau suka suka mengikut lembu2 lain tanpa berfkir?

          last last apa pun tak dapat. Fikirlah sekarang dapat apa? Long term kalian lah yang rugi. Negara yang tercinta rugii..
          Si penipu tua ketawa dalam hati.(sebab dia pandai berpidato macam hitler. Cakap kosong semua. Buat baik eillak)

  12. addin says:

    Baguslah tu. lepas ni kalau perintah Malaysia kang, semua bebas nak puaskan nafsu masing masing. yelah kan seksualiti merdeka. anak balun mak ke..ayah balun anak ke..merdeka beb.. merdeka

  13. ED says:

    If Pakataik rules PUTRAJAYA:
    1. All tolls will be abolished. The present PLUS workers cari kerja lain la.
    2. The Rukunegara will be replaced by BUKU JingGAY.
    3. Less of PDRM, more of UNIT AMAL MALAYSIA.
    4. No Chinese Teachers in SK schools.
    5. SPRM will be renamed as ‘Semua Pakatan Rakyat’s Money’
    6. Kementiaan LGBT will be formed, many candidates to helm this kementerian.
    7. Less of Indonesian Maids, more of China Dolls.
    8. Youths will be free to set up campsites even in the middle of Jalan Ampang.
    9. Yearly ‘Turn-The-PDRM Petrol Cars-Upsidedown Contest’ would be organised.

    Pls feel free to add if you have any.

    • Harmy says:

      10. If you have no job….just blow it

    • Magnetar says:

      11. Yellow t-shirt will become national costume.
      12. Malaysiakini will be one national news agency to replace bernama.

      • Swallow says:

        13. There will be special toilets for gaying activities
        Door fee : 20 sen. RM1.00 for tissue. Free water.

        14. Everyweekend there will be gotong royong Bersih party on the streets(to wreck and flip up double parkers’ cars) and every other days except Mondays will be no plastic days(including condoms)

  14. mahua says:

    As Astro censored a BBC news on Bersih 3.0 rally in order to show its “best parts”, The Star yesterday surely showed the “best parts” of local news. The Star had even seen it fit to provide the links to those umno-cybertrooper blogs which carry the so-called sex pictures. The Star is owned by MCA to advance the agenda of umno in the spirit of BN?

    • Edwards says:

      “The Star is owned by MCA to advance the agenda of umno in the spirit of BN?”

      So what is the issue, whats wrong with that? Everybody that owns takes own sides, you exception meh?

      What about, utusan, harakah, malaysiakini, roket? Are the owners not doing the same meh? U wanna deny it? U tell me maa? Or you hypocrite?

      Btw for you info, there are plenty of Dapster journalists in The Star, lu mana tahu ini sumua. Coz u double tongue.

    • Magnetar says:

      And you are here to advance the agenda of Fucatan..

    • Cukup Spontan says:

      While Astro chopped a BBC news in order to show its “best parts”, The Star surely showed the “best parts” of local news. The Star had even seen it fit to provide the umno cybertrooper links to the blogs which carry the so-called sex pictures. So MCA is actually supporting Utusan in this sense.

      The Star must be the first ever “people’s paper” in the whole world to have provided links to alleged sex pictures of a politician.

      Congratulations The Star. You have achieved a new standard in responsible reporting. MCA is thus keeping up with its KPI to brown-nose Umno!

  15. bar-cc says:

    news censor by autority yes but did u see police brutality in CNN & BBC on the protest in New York Occupy Wall Street Baton & tears gas use one person die many arested there are laws in USA putting up poster or sign asking people to join in the protest can be jail or helfty fine up to US 25,000 or both and protest where presidential or seret service is guarding face up to 10 yr jail the BAR president tell u what he wants u to know go to u tube u dont see all this in BBC or CNN go ask all this people go ask BAR president if he dont know ass him go check

    • xXx says:

      To censor in order to distort the truth is BN-UMNO’s media regulations. To tell the truth is against media regulatory laws. That is how to keep the regime in power for half a century.

  16. bar-cc says:

    Datuk nik fr pas slammed newspaper report on scandal with pictures azmin doing someting with a girl Datuk NIK AZIZ strong comdem such repoting is he trying discourage or stop bad news whn its involve them a picture paint a thousand words and lies are done with words wise man say dont belive what people say if only there R pictures

    • Edwards says:

      To borrow xXx’s word –

      To censor in order to distort the truth is PAKATAN’s media regulations. To tell the truth is against media regulatory laws. That is how to keep the opposition’s hypocracy for half a century.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Itu ahh…FUKATAN banyak bur*tsih wooo..

  18. Anonymas says:


    Oh god, hahaha

  19. Power Rangers says:

    Saya akan mengundi Pakatan Rakyat bukan kerana menyokong mereka tetapi kerana muak dan jelak serta menolak kepimpinan BN.

    10 dari 11 kawasan parlimen di Wilayah Persekutuan milik PR. Persoalannya, adakah pengundi yang silap membuat pilihan atau BN menganggap pengundi masih kurang matang dan cerdik?

    Kita tunggu keputusan PRU13 nanti…

    • zack kitaro says:

      we BN votes are waiting for the call from PM…dont judge us from last election…silence majority 2008 will come out this year….the fall for PR especially PKR…..just see….

    • akuantiPAKATAN says:

      I will vote BN for sure. Any problem? I’m not a BN supporter but I’m fedup and tired of PR’s goons.

  20. bar-cc says:

    semi-setuju dgn Ranger Power pada PRU12 saya menolak kepimpinan BN kerana dah jelak muak sya undi Pakatan utk DUN&PALIMEN. tetapi pada hari protest aman Bersih di Dataran Anwar&Azmin menperalatkan/Hijack protest Bersih dan menyerbu masuk mecetus pergaduhan banyak protester dicederakan oleh polis dan polis dicederakan oleh protester ini bukan cara hidup kita bukan di MALAYSIA jikalau PRU 13 Pakatan menang apa lagi BN apalagi tiap tiap hari protest ikut cara Pakatan .Pakatan boleh BN pun boleh hanya selesai sampai Negara hancur dan minta sedekah dari USA/ENGLAND/IMF jadi saya pada PRU13 saya undi BN Anwar sya memang marah u

    • zack kitaro says:

      undi bukan kerana parti dan perasaan…kerana masa depan anak….PR akan hancur kali ni…pengundi boikot 2008 akan keluar kali ni….go for BN…

  21. bar-cc says:

    sekarang ada cakap=cakap BERSIH 4.0 akan datang tolong tolong tolonglah jangan next time both side come prepare bukan protest aman lagi protest Bersih 3.0 hanya nampak protester dan polis sahaja suporter dari BN thinking they still hv goog chance that why u dont see them i am sure they can mobilise same if not twice the amount of what u see that day it is not wise to go that path you R gambling with the future of children use reason over passion

  22. bourne identity says:

    Nik Aziz is free to say anything sebab dia ah nyanyuk – maafkanlah dia Dia pun bukan ulamak tetapi politician.
    Anwar pulak expired product…mukapun dah bertambah keraput macam buah tomato terjemur kepada matahari.
    Yang paling2 menyedihkan…emak bapak penyokong akatan Riuh….rosakkan masa depan dan minda anak2 depa dengan brainwashing depa.

  23. Cukup Spontan says:

    The Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof and his deputy Wan Ahmad Wan Omar have no shame of being UMNO members and yet are holding such very important/crucial posts in a supposed to be an independent body, the Election Commission, at the same time. In UMNO and BN, the issue of bias, conflict of interest do not exist in their dictionary!! These 2 have thought they can hide their UMNO membership from voters but the truth will always prevails! No wonder they were and still are so determined and desperate not to clean up the electroll roll and the election procedures to protect their UMNO and the BN interests!

    The EC chief claimed that his name could have been registered ithout his knowledge, so who paid his membership fees. How cannot be possible? You are not an idiot? Don’t they need your IC to register or is UMNO just picking up ICs to register? Fxxxk you with you stupid excuse!!!!!!

    It matters not that those 2 koncos of the UMNOputras have not disclosed their UMNO links!! They are sitting there, as head of the EC UMNOputra division making sure the electoral playing is weighted more against the other parties!!

  24. bar-cc says:

    dont get so excited over these two person not steping down not declaring if or if not an umno member if you wants to drop them we all agree but then we most probably have to drop more than half the govt workforce there are umno,pkr,mca,dap,pas,mic,gerakan dan lain lain in the govt workforce so which department to start which department next let go

  25. Pingback: Senate to debate bill to end commercial seal hunt – Anglosphere Network

  26. syahmi says:

    some peoples might think that anwar and azmin sex scandals are their personel life…and still believe and claims these two goons will be a good leader… let me tell you…pls proof to me any great leader from any time in past and future whom commit adultery, sodomy but still can manage their country well with no corruption, no lies, no abuse of power , etc…in fact this anwar ibrahim will turn malaysia in its biggest era since the ice age

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