Exposed! Azmin Ali Sapu Bersih! Caught In Oral Sex Video!

They talk about righteousness, principles and accountability.

They talk about holiness.

Well, Azmin is just following the footsteps of his Boss! Talk about sucking up to Anwar Ibrahim!

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127 Responses to Exposed! Azmin Ali Sapu Bersih! Caught In Oral Sex Video!

  1. AnwarWillGoToHell says:

    The true picture of this motherfucker is now revealed! Guess what, like his fucking master, this fucking assmin will deny all this in plain face.

    • kiasu says:

      His face is like Umno but his stomach is like Assmin. Mr Johari Bedul, your services is required once more to do movie acting ala P Ramlee for Anwar’s china doll, this time for Assmin.

      Wondering if Assmin will again label those who saw and believe this pics as dumb and stupid.

      Assmin, more pics will emerge maa, mana mau lari masuk? Dataran Merdeka eh!

    • Askmin says:

      Ini serupa macam kes oostaz Badrul PKR buat kaunseling jam 3 pagi waktu perhimpunan hijau di kuantan. Jadi apa salahnya tuan azzmin buat aiskeriming jam 11 malam, dah memang dah agenda pakatan haram pkr ini.

    • budik says:

      skandal lagi..kalu die berani krn benar np x lapor polis n saman jer..emmmm,mcm la nk jd leader mcm ni..tembelang sudah pecah..ha3

    • Chong says:

      Well many things are politically motivated. Most of the MP have their own stories. Very few people will be loyal to their wives.
      Well if he ever fucked anyone let him do. He will answer to God about it.
      U can either do the same or keep quiet. Forget this shit of blaming others but try to do something beneficial for Malaysia.

    • Ustaz Zain says:

      Sex again? Getting stale, isn’t it dUMbNO? Why can’t they fight fire with fire. Why only use sex to expose the wrongdoing of the oppositions. I have never ever seen the dUMbNO goons exposing the oppositions on corruptions. Everyday I only hear and read about corruptions of the dUMbNO’s ministers and their cronies. So what is worse? Corruption or sex? I want a corruption-free government. Their private lives does not interest me. So, stop these stupid accusations and clean yourself up first.

      • aloya says:

        stop using the name Ustaz you moron because real Ustaz will not accept such Azmin as a leader.

        Do not only talk about economy because one day your wife will sucks other guy’s dick..

      • Anonymous says:

        if ur really an ustaz, u won’t be writing like this in the first place, stop calling people DUMB because only DUMB people will do that.

      • Anonymous says:

        u want to know why only sex and no corruption news on air??? as easy as ABC Mr DUMB!! bcoz there’s no such news to be reported but only those sex activities by your DUMB so called leaders like ANWAR n ASSmin..

      • Anonymous says:

        ko ustaz Zain bole satu kapal ngan oztaz Badrul…boleh blah!

      • trevornervasing says:

        Totally agree with you, Ustaz. The nation’s coffers are plundered by BN but the alleged private wrongdoings of others should be left to God Almighty alone to decide. If they have done wrong, there is time for them to repent. Can the nation get its money back?

      • akuantiPAKATAN says:

        The reason the sex issue is being highlighted is because your holy leaders are cought with it. I’m not saying the BNs are hollier than thou but at least it’s not exposed. I don’t want a muslim leaders tarnished in a sex scandal to lead this country.

  2. KRU Boleh says:

    Teknologi canggih studio KRU!!!
    CGI and special effects untuk kegunaan BN!

    • Zoos says:

      A better reply would be, “camera itu besi”
      What is PAS doing with Syaiiteens like this?

    • buyaya says:

      ukur kote azmin baru tahu!

      • peacelover says:


      • AnwarWillGoToHell says:

        Betul aku sokong, tapi kena customize pembaris yg melengkung la. Baru ukurann tepat pasal batang dia melengkung mcm batang bos dia jugak hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • Well 7 says:

          Aiyo, bukan Azminlah. Rupa macam Azmin sahajalah. Itu perempuan bukan chinadoll-lah, rupa sajalah. Aiyo, lu orang banyak jahatlah. Nanti gua panggil bini Azmin tengok itu video, dia mesti cakap serupa saja, perut lebih besar dari Azmin. Gua panggil Dick Aziz tengok, dia cakap itu besi tak bolih pakai. Gua akan panggil kakak/adik Azmin tengok, macam mana?

      • mohd halmi says:

        asal buat kat toilet.. dah miskin ke?????? bilik hotel kan byk … klu ye pun x mampu .. budget hotel kan byk…. alahai….siot la lu

  3. Bee says:

    Standard PKRH(Paling Kuat Rosak &Hipokrit) response would be

    a). the pictures are doctored (not unless they produce a movie which would be in this case most likely in existence as the pictures look like a snapshot of a moviecam.)

    b) The man is an actor impersonating him

    c) not him at all. Never been to the place and the girl is unknown. Name the time and venue, and an SD will be produced stating he was somewhere else with witnesses (unless off course the girl later appeared and do a talkshow)

    d) Its all a conspiracy by you know who. They are unable to find fault with him politically so the girl is planted (with camera) to frame him. Nothing happened actually. End of the day he refused the girl’s advances as he remain loyal to wife and SABI

    • fefef says:

      Bee, grow up will you?

    • Aidil Yunus says:

      Bee Hahahaha 100% correct correct correct

    • Arsemin Ais Krim says:


      Got some more to add.

      He was tweeting at that time, you need to produce 4 witnesses and then organise riots at the court.

      • Well 7 says:

        Yes, create more problems and troubles for the govt. to get sympathy.

        • Bee says:

          Afterthought addition:

          Taste like me(mine), look like me, handsome like me, body sturdy like me,

          but its actually not me

          its the other me

          me goreng..


      • r@y says:

        What’s going to happen to this country. The sex videos, pictures, police going rioting, pointing their guns, the mass media telling blatant lies day in day out, assaults in front of government buildings, continuous corruptions and theft in public eyes etc, while the kids are being kidnapped, rapped and so many incidences that make this society becoming such a dangerous place to live. To make things worst there are still too many people that are unable to use their brain and believe things that is not only illogical but so ridiculous. What actually do these bn people want us to do, to follow their rhythm and act the way they do?…Do they really want us to fight the way they do! Thank god I have brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles who I had walked together in all the Bersih rallies to remind me that nothing is lost yet and there is still a glimmer of hope, and hope makes a human alive.

        • Anonymous says:

          hello RAy…GROW UP will you? living in an alien world r you? as easy as this laa..if you don’t like the govt BUZZ OFF ok…we dun need citizens like you to be in here…

        • Naz says:

          ” Do they really want us to fight the way they do! ” come on!! what the fu** can u do!!! who the hell u wanna fight? do u even qualified to do so? LOL … keyboard warrior!!!

  4. nick najis bodo says:

    ini besi x boleh jd bahan bukti bro……ini semua kheja UMNO…aku org baik2…hidup Parti Kongkek Rakyat

  5. bekssum says:

    He had his arm on azmin yesterday at bersih. they are both bisexuals and have great understanding……….it wasnt me. sounds like me. acts like me but it isnt me.

  6. bekssum says:

    i was just gesturing azmin to follow my footsteps

  7. Fuad Muak says:

    Our Home Minister said BERSIH will not be stopped a week ago and even declared the movement as not dangerous. Today he is saying POLICE will take action against people who join BERSIH. No wonder the top FLIP FLOP ministers are cousins. It runs in the family.

    • j3bat says:

      Y u no understand ?
      Seriously y u no understand ?

    • anon says:

      Sickening when talk on bersih is here in an attempt to divert attention from a girl bending down to perform. Just like an irritating advertisement in a nice movie, you know

      Bersih is evil and and opposition is desperately dangerous willing to sacrifice its people(paid or not we don’t know). So pls no need to divert the blame.

      You sxxk, others enjoy
      But you purposely break the law, you pay(not others).

    • dugo says:

      Alo, he did not say police will take action against people who join Bersih. He said police will take action against people who broke rules during Bersih. See the difference, mr spin?

      Or u no understang englis

      • _q0l0p_ says:

        yup u rite.
        Sama seperti memandu kereta, semua orang boleh memandu kereta, kerajaan tak haramkan pun. Tapi kalu pandu kereta tanpa lesen, melebihi had laju atau langgar lampu merah (macam aku buat dan kena last week) hu hu hu hu jawap la sendiri (RM300 bro wa kena.. )

    • Anti Pkr says:

      Ya ya ya, muka macam azzmin, rambut macam aasmin, perut macam assmin, tapi itu baju kolor biru bukan azmin punya. Ini umno banyak silap bikin cerita asmin la, lain kali check betul2 la warna baju.

      • Nasharudin says:

        This is actually umno answer to Shafie Afdal scandal. To deflect the attention from their crappy dealings like Musa aman and his brother profiting from logging in Sabah. Such pictures in mainstream media – paper and tv, will keep people busy and not think about umno’s corruption..

      • Anonymous says:

        biasa la tu..nothing new for PKR…dah ada jawapan…alwiz nak kata UMNO’s way of divert things…ko orang PKR (Pakai Kerusi Roda) pun boleh ON!! anytime, anywhere..dalam toilet sempit sbb tokleh baring duduk, standing pun jadik! so pathetic!!!

    • andi says:

      dear fuad

      a week ago ambiga declare bersih was will only DUDUK N BANTAH not RIOT, DESTROY N BANTAH
      Now i dont want to said malaysian are stupid but on that day it is proof that bersih are not clean n sincere, here to all pakatan haram supporter ask this question to your self or pakatan haram leader ship and bersih organizers
      1.why is anwar the 1 that lead the bersih he is not 1 of the committee?
      2.where is the co-chairman samad said?
      3.where is the rest of organizers?
      4.where is ambiga after she delivered touching speak at masjid jamek?
      6.with the current technology it is a bullshit to said we dont have enough time to inform our riotees the change in venue within a week?what decade do u live?506 masihi?
      7.taking anwar ibrahim press statement “who are we to stop the 300k people”

      • art says:

        keh keh kehhh

        spot on andi! lagi itu bersih punya orang apa nama mau kencing sama wa.. puihhh!

      • dugo says:

        Semasa zaman Bersit 3 ini mobile phone masih belum dicipta oleh manusia, jadi assmin dan assnuar kenalah berkomunikasi menggunakan tangan.

        Masuk, masuk…..bermaksud berunding dengan polis, hehehe pandai juga assnuar buat lawar yer

    • Anonymous says:

      woi Fuad Muak…no wonder la nama ko pun aku dengar pun dah muak…aku belajo tak la terer but aku paham la apa dia kata…kalu tak silap aku dia bukan kata nak tangkap orang join bersih MORON!!! dia kata those yang langgar law je kene tangkap BANGANG!!! Ko jangan suka putaar belit cakap mcm BOSS ko si ANWAR n ASSMIN tu..aku tau ko mmg Fuad F***er!..dats why suker cakap belit…it luks like me, sounds like me, but it’s not me…biasa la tektik ko!

  8. brubaker says:

    Macam cerita Hindi…within the hour baju boleh tukaq kale.

    • Humint says:

      bukanlah bodoh. video camera ni dah pasang lama. camera tu ambil gambar berminggu-minggu dah. gambar ini tunjuk depa main hari lain-lain. hari isnin ada, hari selasa ada, hari khamis ada. tengok lah jam kat tembok tu. waktu lain lain. 11:05 dan 11:45.

      • Rosli Yatim says:

        Tak payah explain kat bro bru ini, asyik tengok cerita hindi siang malam, mana dia faham adegan azmin ni dari waktu2 berbeza.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apasal la bodoh sangat, kan video kamera tu ambil gambar berhari hari

    • Anti Pkr says:

      Ya ya ya, muka macam azzmin, rambut macam aasmin, perut macam assmin, tapi itu baju kolor biru bukan azmin punya. Ini umno banyak silap bikin cerita asmin la, lain kali check betul2 la warna baju….haiya

    • Anonymous says:

      woii MORON baju tukar kaler kepala hotak hang? different gal and diff day n time la ngok!! Mangkuk Ayun punyer orang..mcm tu pun tak boleh pikir ke?

  9. Tulis biar betul.... says:

    mmg terbukti…he cant get it from his wife (cause wife busy with his boss) so apa lagi sapu je ah apa yg dapat….

  10. AnwarWillGoToHell says:

    Mampus la cepat2 Juburi ini

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  12. anti aljuburi says:

    Bro, there must be a dozen of these shots… like his bisexual boss, he cleans up every hole he sees… wow! this parti kongkek rakyat is really, really, really going to hell man… and to make us vomit, the blame is on UMNO.

    Agree on the above commentors to remove Hisham Samdol as KDN Minister. So lembik, his dick may not be working anymore… ! Sorry Hisham, I am speaking on behalf of the majority of the rakyat who think that you are so lembik, you deserve a kick on your ass, man…

  13. Nimal says:

    WHo cares who’s sucking his dick? Your sex life is your own personal life. All i care about is if you are a capable leader, capable of making the right calls, and not corrupt, and thinking about the future of the country.

    • Husaini says:

      Until you know that maybe your Mother or your Wife is doing it. Anyway who cares since you are so open minded and liberal.
      Your mother or your wife contact no please. I also don’t mind

    • buyaya says:

      capable of AC/DC?

    • Jijah Love Crooked Dick says:

      He cant even control his little penis. Do u expect us to put our trust on this
      ass(var)min !!? Then Muhammad the chosen one was a great mistake by Him then! Oh yes, He should take Abu Jahal instead!

    • Islander says:

      Wah Nimal, so liberal. You must be a staunch support of that LBGT group. But actually I do agree it’s his private life. But when he is caught and it goes public then, sorry la Azmin, you gotta go.

    • Magnetar says:

      I’m sure he’s thinking about the future of the country with his dickhead.

    • Anonymous says:

      you dun care who’s sucking whose dick bcoz its not your hubby or brother or father! or maybe its not you doing the blow job…but dun u tikn this kind of people u want as a leader? wait till one day i see ur pic taken sucking this ASSmin dick or ur bro’s ass F**Cked by DSAI…If you think the country is not capable enuf, then BUZZ OFF…

  14. anthony says:

    yea bro good job! this matter is so important to the nation. we must learn politics by sex video. we are great nation arent we?

  15. Humint says:

    d girl is short and ugly. d girl can be easily identified, her teeth like pagar bocor. d guy’s konek is small – almost cannot see.

    • Ah Beng says:

      You have 6 million Dollarman eyesight. So clear.
      Anyway pls don’t choose to be a watch repairer otherwise you will be shock to death. Reason is the magnifying glass effect. Your konek so small but sudden you thought it became so big. Hahahaha Peace

  16. Edwin Nouse says:

    muka perempuan toilet tu macam Nurul Izzah

    • Anti Pkr says:

      Certainly not her, but Nimal does’nt mind so long he’s a capable leader!

      Nimal oh Nimal, is this standard pakatan pkr? No wonder

    • Robert says:

      Are u blind to say that,a far cry frm Nurul’s face! U got cataract problem?

  17. Hj Dol says:

    Muda lagi dah kondem ke. Kena tengok DVD juga budak Ni Chua Soi Lek

  18. ray says:

    Nimal, the woman is definitely not his wife. As a declared Muslim, it is unaccaptable. This shows that he will force his own selfish interests upon whoever falls within the range of his power.

    Not someone who will fight for the ordinary rakyat or the downtrodden.

  19. Bargirl Council President says:

    Bro, interesting if you can write about Bar Council President who said they are looking to sue police with civil suit. This is very interesting because the never ever mentioned about the hooligan.
    At least what he can say is those who break the law must face the music. Please put up a topic on this and we discuss.


  20. moviedirector says:

    They can make a team don’t they
    for a nice movie
    sifu and torthaai
    maybe on tag team basis

    Dream steam team ….
    (hwvr pls remember to wrap/clean up with loads of tissue to remove dna evidence)

  21. bar-cc says:

    bar council R U refering to the bar after two drink t 2 more half hr later talk a lott sayy aa lottt sorryyy where bersehh toilet pls

  22. anti Bersih says:

    bro kasi upload video la,,kite org nak tgk kote sapa lagi power,,yg al-juburi dah tau bengkok and kecik aje,,Azmin mcm na erkkkk?

  23. Asam says:

    Why be so stupid, Join Party Agama Sesat under the old goat and get as many wives as you like but the maximum is four. You can always get a new one because there so many goats who are willing to sacrifice their female kids. The chief goat got a wife one third hs age. Ayo,yo,yo Assmin.

  24. Teoh Beng Hock says:

    Video tak Ada ke? CSL is the best. Azmin no video how to proof?

  25. bar-cc says:

    dump BN masuk Pakatan caught with pants down pisang hanging out blame BN najib or hisham menyarma saya ada witness itu hari pisang saya busy tempat lain sumpah boleh tanya CM he supect itu hot girl imposter fr BN must check dan gosok sedikit Mrs CM datang kacau esok gosok kuat sedikit tankap lagi blame BN

  26. Anak Kenyalang says:

    Can u imagine when Anwar is the Prime Minister and Azmin is Home Affairs Minister.Both of them will scru all the young ladies in the Ministry and Pm’s Dept.

  27. manan says:

    jangan kutok kutok klu tak ada bukti. klu betul.. suroh la dia sumpah kat mqasjid.

  28. Bersih 4.0 says:

    Another UMNO cheap trick to get PKR ppl…..

    Shame on u UM..NO…

    • Anonymous says:

      Hardcore PKR punya penyokong nie. Ada otak tak mahu fikir dan tak tahu menilai.

    • Bersih 5.0 says:

      Cheap trick? Which part of the pics is cheap trick? I pity pkr supporters, being tricked and cheated all along.

      Anwar, Badrul Amin, Azmin, Elizabeth Wong…..they have similarity, uch oww bersih konon, poodah

    • Husaini says:

      Bersih 4.0 ,

      UMNO cheap trick indeed as you said until you realise that the 2 jokers put their dick into your mother or your wife Cun; Asshole or Mouth. Then only you realise that the cheap trick actually helping from paying Heavy Price in future. Got so many talented and charismatic leaders in the country la why you still wanted a tainted one. The only holes that the 2 jokers not yet poke their dick is you nose and ear. God willing maybe they will do it the they when they are curse with Chopsticks size dick.
      Good luck to you as all of us don’t want to have leader who can’t even control a short dick.

  29. SP says:


    • aloya says:


  30. Wak Kang says:

    Zaman nabi nabi dulu ada mukjizat. Pokok, batu boleh bercakap. Tu pasal orang takut nak buat maksiat.
    Kalau nak pakai 4 saksi memang susah. Tu yang Allah bagi teknologi. Sekarang dinding batu bukan setakat boleh cakap je, malah ada mata pun!! Tak leh lari……….

  31. aimann says:

    ni mesti buat nuar marah ni. patutla bang nuar senyap tak terkata. tapi takpe lepas ni bole tukar suka sama suka kan azmin kan??

    • Robert says:

      Otak kosong,pikirla sikit,kenapa asyik orang pkr selalu kena hal macam ni?lu ingat orang umno,bn semua baik2,x cari china dol? Jika ia,mungkin sb chopstick saiz la! orang Pkr xda masa buat keje cam ni la,cuma Bn banyak duit beli orang buat keje cam ni,otak kosong,sedarla sikit!

      • andi says:

        puyoo kata bontot kuali hitam tapi lu punya hati lagi hitam dari itu bontot kuali.

        alo brader if bersih are so bersih why nik aziz paid the bersih supporter? who are the 1 that paid all the bus fare n hotel for bersih supporter? pakai duit sendiri ke???

      • Neutral's ass says:

        Chua soi Lek pon Ada video gak dia parti mana lupa la?

        • Aishah says:

          Asmin mana boleh lawan Chua Soi Lek punya. Sampai bini pun kena sedekah. Standard blow job boleh le. Geli aku

        • dugo says:

          Soilek ada video dan semua orang percaya pasai apa? Pasai dia Bn dan berani mengaku.

          Anwar dan Assmin pun ada video tapi ada orang tak percaya pasai apa? Pasai dia PKr dan pkr maksum.

  32. antigay says:

    penyokong pkr ternyata buta dan tuli!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Robert says:

    That guy is definitely not azmin becos the fake one’s face is thinner wth sharper v shape jaw. Azmin sue the person responsible for the video!

    • andi says:

      hahaha you mean like when anwar logged a police report and it was proof that the video is original and what anwar said, “i was forced to make the police report even though the video was true because there are conspiracy to take me down”

  34. Swallow says:

    5x remark(>18 only)

    Surely the sperm will be forced to be swallowed to avoid dna evidence.

    Leftover will be licked clean, Bersih.

    Those who watched his cikgu’s 5x movie will know how careful he is not to leave any DNA evidence behind(from hard learned lesson). Its all about Bersih kan….

  35. Baginda says:

    Kenapa ini macam gambar selalu terbongkar sebelum pilihanraya ~ munkin SOP umno !

    • Anonymous says:

      Apa boleh buat? umno dah terdesak.
      Tak ada cara lain, cuma boleh pakai seks untuk tipu orang kampung!
      Kotor = Umno (termasuk SPR)
      Ganas = PDRM

  36. niamah says:

    Hishammuddin Hussein and other BN flers who say that Bersih and other street demonstrations are bad for business are clearly not very suited to be businessmen. Earlier on, on the street I saw mak cik’s and pak cik’s doing brisk business selling bottled water, ice lollies, juices and there was even a stall set up selling keropok lekur!!! Bersih 3.0, like other rallies before it was clearly very good for business despite a minority of belly-aching shopkeepers and taxi drivers who keep getting interviewed and quoted in the MSM. There were also unidentified volunteers going around distributing bottles of cool water to mostly senior citizens. FREE!

  37. Bershit says:

    Don’t talk c**k la, you were busy being a keyboard worrior for Fuckatan at that time.

  38. bar-cc says:

    whn people say bad for business clearly it not refering to selling bottled water,ice lollies,keropok & juices if the country business are this we wont hv money for bas fare or pay for taxi to go protest at bersih shopkeeper they pay rental & taxi driver too if one day losses take three days to break that day loss if you are in business go protest in front of your shop or your office if U are sincere for the good of the future let us all take part in the protest

  39. bar-cc says:

    dont insult orang kampung kami bukan orang bodoh senang tipu hanya orang bodoh di bandar selalu di peralatkan sekali didepan sekali belakan lagi kata bersih bersih memang BODOH

  40. Anonymous says:

    Did she swollow or……it must be nice teast….

  41. Anonymous says:

    She looks talented in BJ….heheheeee

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