Anwar, the Real Culprit

A video has surfaced on YouTube in which Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim appears to signal towards PKR deputy president Azmin Ali who gestures back and speaks to an Indian male who then pushes aside the barrier.

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77 Responses to Anwar, the Real Culprit

  1. Rashid says:

    This video makes my blood boil. Somebody charge Azmin and Anwar in court for endangering the lives of peaceful protesters. Assholes of the highest order.

    • Politicalamity9 says:

      what boils me more… he did it smiling.. and the dungus follow the buffalo.

    • Gerak Tak Khas says:

      Police rampage at Bersih 3.0 would not have happened if Dzaiddin Police Royal Commission Report had been fully accepted and internalized

      “428” will go down in Malaysian history as one of the national milestones in the long and arduous struggle of Malaysians to reclaim their democratic, constitutional and human rights promised them when the country achieved Merdeka 54 years ago.

      The other recent landmarks of this struggle are:

      Firstly, Bersih rally on November 10, 2007 (“1011”) bringing out 40,000 Malaysians in support for electoral reforms.

      Secondly, the “Political tsunami” of March 8, 2008 general elections (“308”) which cut down the mighty Barisan Nasional down to size, winning five state governments for Pakatan Rakyat and depriving BN of its two-thirds parliamentary majority.

      Thirdly, Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9, 2011 (“709”) with 50,000 Malaysians braving threats and intimidation, including mass arrests, city lockdown and campaign of demonization against the organizers and participants, in support for clean, free and fair elections.

      Fourthly, Bersih 3.0 “sit-in” on April 28 (“428”) with the largest turn-out in the nation’s history – estimated between 200,000 to 300,000 in Kuala Lumpur – with Malaysians regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, region, age or gender uniting in a common cause for clean, free and fair elections.

      There are two important lessons from the Bersih 3.0 rally of “428”.

      The first is that the peaceful Malaysian democratic uprising is unstoppable and there is hope for the future of Malaysia when we see Malaysians regardless of race, faith, class, region, age or gender coming out in hundreds of thousands in common cause for clean elections and a clean Malaysian – for it is clear signal that despite the extremist and irresponsible politics of racial and religious polarization of late, there is a growing sense of national unity and oneness among Malaysians which transcend racial, religious, cultural, regional, gender or age differences.

      Never before has the country seen so many people, including sexagenarians (between the ages of 60 to 70) and septuagenarians (between the ages of 70 and 80) as well as women and youths coming out of their comfort zone to take a public stand for a common national cause.

      The sexagenarians and septuagenarians are not doing for themselves, as they have passed their prime of life, or even for their children who are well-past middle-age, but the next generation to make up for their neglect and failure in the past five decades to take a stand and make a commitment for the national good.

      In fact, the outpouring of hundreds of thousands of Malaysians regardless of race, religion, region, class, age or gender is the most impressive demonstration of the 1Malaysia that has been achieved in the country 54 years after nationhood and which the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has made as his signature slogan when he became PM three years ago.

      He should acknowledge and celebrate the successful demonstration of 1Malaysia in the “428” Bersih 3.0 rally, but it is testament of the hollowness of his commitment to 1Malaysia Policy that he has completely missed this important symbolism of the “428” Bersih 3.0 sit-in.

      This brings us to the second lesson of the massive “428” Bersih rally – that Najib’s glib talk of government, political and economic transformation are just sloganeering without substance, political will or commitment to “walk the talk” and translate words into deeds.

      If Najib is true, serious and sincere about political transformation, that he has learnt the lessons from the disastrous mishandling of the “709” Bersih 2.0 rally causing him to announce a raft of political reforms under the rubric of “Political Transformation”, then the “428” Bersih 3.0 “sit-in” which saw a carnival and celebration of multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural diversity, unity and harmony until 3 pm that day would not have degenerated into a madness of police rampage against peaceful demonstrators through excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate use of police force, whether firing of tear gas, chemically-laced water cannon or downright police violence and brutality including wanton and completely unwarranted attack on media representatives.

      Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan had announced at the Masjid Jamek meeting point at about 2.30 pm the successful holding of Bersih 3.0 rally mobilizing some 250,000 people in support for free, fair and clean elections and called for the ending and dispersal of the crowd. The call for the dispersal of the crowd was also repeated by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who spoke briefly after Ambiga.

      The government and police authorities, with all the most expensive and state-of-the art communications system approved by Parliament, would have known of Ambiga’s announcement at 2.30 p.m for the dispersal of the crowd – which make the excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate use of police force, like firing of tear-gas and water cannon, half an hour later at about 3 pm completely unwarranted and unjustified even if there had been a breach of the Dataran Merdeka barricades. Even more inexcusable is the subsequent continued police rampage not only against peaceful protestors but also media representatives.

      As the Bar Council in its interim report on Bersih 3.0 today has said, the “police brutality” in Bersih 3.0 is worse than in Bersih 2.0.

      These are among the observations of the Bar Council on Bersih 3.0:

      Rally was peaceful until around 3pm when police fired teargas and water cannon.

      Use of force by police without any obvious provocation or cause, was far worse, indiscriminate, disproportionate and excessive.

      Police brutality was more widespread.

      There was concerted effort by police to prevent and stop any recording of their conduct.

      Police fired tear gas directly at the crowd in a way to box in participants rather than to disperse.

      There was retaliatory behaviour exhibited by rally participants against police wrongful use of force.

      Police were observed taunting and mocking the crowd.

      Police responded, stooped when participants threw items at them.

      Police personnel failed to display identification numbers on uniform.

      The police rampage at Bersih 3.0 with excessive and indiscriminate use of police force would not have happened if Dzaiddin Police Royal Commission Report on world-class police service had been fully accepted and internalized in past seven years.

      In 2005, the Dzaiddin Police Royal Commission of Inquiry Report made recommendations on transforming the Malaysian Police into an efficient, incorruptible, professional world-class police service focused on three core functions to keep crime low, to eradicate corruption and to uphold human rights.

      If the Dzaiddin Police RCI report and recommendations had been fully accepted and internalized by the police force in the past seven years, we would have seen a transformation in Malaysia to democratic policing from “regime policing” like colonial times, protecting and upholding the human rights of citizens instead of regarding peaceful protestors as ‘enemies” to protect the regime of the day.

      When the police brutality in Bersih 3.0 is even worse than Bersih 2.0, what “political transformation” is Najib talking about?

      This is why Bersih 3.0 is testimony of the failure of Najib’s “transformation” promises.

      • Pro-smoking says:

        Oi … buat blog sendiri lah if you want to proselytize.

        Comment means a short piece of opinion, not a whole sermon.

        And lastly, what are u smoking dude … gimme some.

      • Rabindranath T. says:

        Ambiga “declared” the demo over before 3 pm, followed by a short speech by Anwar, even when demonstrators were still moving in. Why stop it so soon, if indeed it was a genuine and sincere effort to end the rally? But was it really a genuine and sincere effort?

        Well, Assmin Ali at another point had been taunting the crowd, firing them up emotionally by asking where they wanted to go. Dataran? Of course! He continued: But Dataran does not belong to DBKL. Yet they refuse you entry, etc. That made the crowd of sheep even angrier.

        Then the truck with Anwar, with the sheep following, headed straight for Dataran (even when it’s supposed to be “over”). Anwar then (smilingly) signalled to faithful Assmin, standing there waiting for his signal. Assmin gestured to confirm that it’s “time”, nodding and pointing with his thumb back to Dataran, then spoke to R. Tangam, who then opened the barrier, letting protesters in, and everything else followed.

        “But it’s not me”, etc. Ha! Anwar-Assmin caught on camera again, though not literlaly with their pants down this time, and denying it. So what else is new with these troublemakers?

    • Anonymous says:

      Since at least 90% of violence is from police side, thus 428 Bersih rally is a police riot, a phenomenon not seen in other democratic countries except in 1989′s Tiananmen Square’s massacre in China.

      We should be proud with our professional police for elevating Malaysian police standard to China Communist regime standard.

  2. BlitzAce says:

    This is Anwar we’re talking about – he can walk around, slap someone in the face and then claim he’s innocent.

    • Blue Blood says:

      The police did riot in two phases as follows:

      1. The Initial riot was by plain clthes police men in yellow bersih shirts positioned in the frontline barricade where there was no razor wires ( police pre medidated intentions) who broke the barricades while shouting ‘Anwar suruh masuk’ and notice in the video the hundreds of policemen there instead of arresting these infiltrators ran away obviously so to allow these guys to escape into crowd.

      2. From then on, FRU started their ordered tasks to attack anyone and anywhere along all roads leading to Dataran Merdeka. No reason to but it was umno and police instructions to do so drive home FEAR. Then plain clothes policemen with their name tags removed started their door to door rioting bashing up any one they did not like even pressmen who took photos of their violence. Yes, it was a total POLICE RIOTING that we saw on Saturday evening.

      • Tulis biar betul.... says:

        bro, lu mmg lawak ah…very typical answer…typical typical.
        why u never say that all the people on that day actually was paid by UMNO even those who turn the police car aside, hitting the policeman on the head or even hitting the photographer until he pleaded for his life…kan senang. semuanya prg UMNO. Non-political event my a*s. All the speaker was from political party and they even brought PAS and DAP flags or even that is actually paid by UMNO.

      • kiasu says:

        Pathetic laughable recycled spinning by paid komtar Dapster.

        Oh, you forget to mentioned the red coloured FRU tear gas firing vehicles were also Umno disguised as police.

        Hehe, typical dear master guan eng sifu troopers.

        Try harder bro

      • AnwarWillGoToHell says:

        Blue blood, your brain is full of cow dung. Go commit suicide man. You are such a waste.

      • Magnetar says:

        Wrong, it was umno members masqurading as policeman wearing yellow t-shirts who started the riots and then bashed themselves up for you guys to film it and post it on YouTube.

        • Johara says:

          Police with no name tag. Police who destroy cameras. Police who confiscate memory cards from cameras. Home minister who warn the press on what to write before the demonstration. Politicians who try to deny wrong doings. Pm out of country when he knew that the demonstration will go on. …!

      • dungu says:

        What blue blood said is quite possible. Anwar won’t be so stupid asking people to remove the barricade knowing that there are so many cameras around.
        Were you there blue blood, next to the barricade what all this happened?

      • Avanger says:

        I am curious, from the clip, there are so many cameras around when Anwar dis the signaling, can someone else provide another video clip of this incidence?

  3. Anonymas says:



    ….eh, I expected this. And while the chaos ensued, he disappeared. To where?

    • ED says:

      To meet china doll lorrr..

    • haslam skop says:

      Tuan IGP Ismail Omar,was it you who gave instructions to your boys to take off their name tags so that they could not be identified as the cowardly culprits who punched and kicked the journalists and the 200,000 innocent Malaysians who were just walking peacefully for a cause,which is a clean and fair election.PDRM UMNO tried to make the Bersih 3.0 gatherings at Dataran Merdeka look bad and the cause of trouble.But with the mountains of evidence shown on You-tube and internet on how at the last minute the police,unnecessarily firing their tear-gas cannissters and water-cannons at the Bersih 3.0 rally,proves otherwise. The Government should set-up a royal commission of inquiry on why the PDRM misbehaved the way they did and who ordered them to take-off their Police name tags while on duty,itu pun boleh-kah,IGP Ismail Nor.

  4. man on da street says:

    Sendiri buat sendiri tanggung lah bro, bodoh punya melayu! Dah kena ngan pencabulan minda totok sendiri, baru mau sebut nama Allah. Ptuih!

    • Fahmi says:

      PM Najib’s attempt at concocting a false façade of himself as a ‘reformer’ came to a grinding halt in the gas-filled streets of Kuala Lumpur on a blazing Saturday afternoon.

      Najib let loose his thugs in blue who rampaged through the streets beating and kicking unresisting and unarmed protestors as they ‘arrested’ them. They were unfazed by the fact that they were being caught on camera since they would always be protected by their masters.

      Why would Najib unloose such mayhem and violence so close to the General Election? The plan appears to be to create an atmosphere of fear which the BN could then exploit to rig the election even more than they usually do. For the BN has already lost the election and it is looking now for desperate schemes to somehow return to power.

  5. Anak Kenyalang says:

    The silent majority will protest peacefully thru BOX this coming PRU 13.BERSIH 3.0 marks the begining of Anwar’s downfall.This coming election will be his last.Come PRU 14 Anwar will be 70 yrs old.By then he too is too tired and unwanted by the Rakyat.I for one will not want our future PM who behaves like a gangster instigating the younger generation to create chaos in our beloved Malaysia.What Tunku Abduk Aziz has said is correct and I stand by his sincere comments though he has been attacked by LGE,the dictator of Penang.

  6. JLee says:

    God is Great. Too Great indeed. Now the whole world is shown who this Bastard really is. Ambiga now you know the culprit. Aiyo, I know you got no balls but please get your Bersih committee to press government to charge them. To Mr Christopher Leong the VP of Bar Council kindly make statement and urging the AG to file charge on the Bastards. Otherwise you are as good to be a VP for BarGIRL Council.

    Thank you; Thank you; Thank you God

    • kamilia says:

      Police brutality aside, it is so heart warming and filled with hope to see people of all races hand-in-hand against the evil, sinister, corrupted, malicious, dangerous regime called BN !!! At least there is still hope for our future generations !!!

  7. Angie says:

    Disgusting leaders

  8. JLee says:

    Latest Anwar and Azmin say signals meant ‘negotiate with police’ in his PC. Hahahaha it won’t work this time. Everyone can see clearly and hear ‘masuk, masuk, masuk’ and that Macha open the barricade.
    Now God show more about this person. How he spin eventhough being caught pant down already. Like the China Doll where the wife said the tummy look bigger. I am sure the wife can identify his penis clearly.

    Anwar just admit your mistake and you might be forgiven. But now you have done double mistake. He obviously have not watch his own video. Poor guy.

    To all PR supporters now only you know this fella true color. Even Azmin also run away from the scene after they break the barricade.

    • kurafcuk says:

      Malaysians cannot and should not allow the govt to continue harassing and intimidating. We must all stand up and have the BN govt voted out.

  9. Silau says:

    When anuar say “masuk” “masuk”, he meant something else… with so many handsome young men running around you can guess what anuar had in mind….

    and anuar, azmin and the rest of you in PR, please for God’s sake, get lost from our beloved Malaysia. Ambiga, you stand and be counted, guilty as hell make yoursekf at home in Kajang women’s prison and start cleaning ALL the toilets….. after all you loved to BERSIHED everything, right…

  10. AryaStark says:

    Anwar’s career is toast. Here’s an article written by a Lim Chee Wei. Sums up my exact feelings

  11. Temujin says:

    for 13 years kita kena kencing by this man…not a day more, not a second more, saya kena kencing lagi…

    Kalau first time kena, saya cakap saya bodoh… tapi kalau dah lebih sepuluh kali kena kencing, memang saya ni bodoh dan bebal..

    Bye dude… You can kencing some people some time but you can’t kencing all the people all the time.

  12. ZooL says:

    When Anwar was sacked from UMNO and the government in 1998, I was taken aback. Something must be wrong with Tun Mahathir for making such decision and I viewed Anwar as a very very good man then. However, the moment Anwar dragged those university students in that same year to defend himself from being taken in by the police, I had lost all respect and trust in him as a leader. A true leader would not gamble the students’ future to defend his own misdeeds and wrongdoings.

    I thank God my ill feelings towards Anwar have been unshaken until today. The fact is, he is unmasking the demons in him day by day which justifies whatever unfavorable views I have had of him. What many of us have refused to accept is that: Anwar is just another human being and in turn is subject to flaws. And the problem with Anwar is he has too many flaws.

    Anwar Ibrahim, your time is over and please go away and get a life! We will be better off without Anwar Ibrahim in our lives.

    • Bruce Fam says:

      I have never trusted Anwar because he is a compulsive liar. Lying through his teeth for everything wrong he did. If he admit some of the wrong doings, I may have some respect for him. Anwar must go before you talk about Bersih.

    • kurafcuk says:

      In a really democratic country, the home minister and igp will have resigned as it is the honorable things to do but not this one and only ‘democratic’ country which retains them to do the regime cruel, inhuman and intimidation actions against the rakyat so as to remain in power (“over their crushed bodies”)

      • Pro-smoking says:

        Please la … stop making general sweeping remarks like this.

        It just lowers the quality of the comment section.

  13. bourne identity says:

    Azmin kan? Boss kata masuk, masuk lah….. ask Azmin’s wife lah what masuk means

  14. AryaStark says:

    Now he’s denying that he instigated the protestors. Can you believe this man? What the?!

  15. Lawful Citizen CCK says:

    This is truly an eye opener! I have to admit that I was indifferent to politics before and had no intention to vote…But if this is the alternative to the status quo, then I have now resolved to cast my vote for the current government.

    I cannot absolve myself from the guilt if such a vile and reprehensible character like Anwar gets voted into office. This is not how a mature and tolerant democracy is built upon. I shudder to think about the future if this violent political culture is embraced by my generation.

    • Vera says:

      IGP Ismail Omar …. READ THIS: You still have time to redeem yourself from this false protection of corrupted and murderous politicians. Allah gave you this position to do justice. Take advantage of your position and change history for the betterment of the country. Resist the Najib’s regime and ensure peace & righteousness to the rakyat. Do not follow Najib and the UMNO pigs to hell. You still can save yourself and your subordinates.

      • Pro-smoking says:

        The fact that you are willing to call your fellow Malaysians “pigs” just because they do not share your political beliefs tells volumes about your maturity.

        Grow up

  16. Husaini says:

    Sepanjang Merdeka 55 tahun kita hidup Aman damai. Sekarang semua berubah, puncanya Anwar celako. Katakanlah PR berjaya tubuh kerajaan baru dan kemudian Ada lagi demontrasi diketuai Dato Najib. Bila kesudahnya. Kacau bilau, kesulitan kepada peniaga; pemandu teksi; polis; wargakota khasnya serta rakyat amnya. Saya tak sudi menetap di negara yang terlalu banyak demo.

    Dah terang dan bersuluh si Barua Ni suruh ceroboh pagar. Beliau tidak minta maaf sebaliknya tuduh pulak kerajaan zalim macam Hitler dan Stalin. Sedarlah kita rakyat Malaysia buat apa menang bila menang jadi arang kalah jadi debu.
    Walaupun kerajaan BN Ada cacat celanya, tapi pemimpin mereka bertanggungjawab dan biarkan proses keadilan dilaksanakan.

    Strategi Anwar dan PR ialah merosakkan reputasi institusi Kehakiman; Pihak berkuasa iaitu polis Demi melunturkan keyakinan serta kepercayaan rakyat terhadap institusi tersebut. Bila hukuman dijatuhkan ke atas pemimpin BN mereka kata patut dan adil. Tetapi bila kena tang mereka semua ya konspirasi dan Penipuan .

    Doakan Anwar mampus cepat

  17. Ex Army says:

    Dengar baik-baik, leaps Anwar beri isyarat pada Azmin kedengaran sorakan Masuk,Masuk, Masuk. Kemudian kedengaran suer dare healer kata Boleh Masuk Dan kemudian Buka, Buka.
    Bila masa Ada isyarat pergi berunding dengan polis.

  18. Nkama31 says:

    Allah is Great.
    May the Truth unfolds before us all.

  19. antiwarbiga says:

    For those young ones who do not know the prelude to 1997 crisis

    The Anwar being the finance minister/DPM wrecked up the country’s economy by imposing restrictive policies. He raised the interest rates like crazy(15+%). Business stumbled. People got scared. IOI mall was deserted.(Almost the same crisis happened to Indonesia before Suharto’s Govt was taken down by people’s revolt)
    Maybe he was impatient to replace Tun Mahathir, who knows?
    Then a book against him was produced and his driver sodomy trial plus allegation of a playboy lifestyle abetted by his close friend brought him down. All these happened while Tun Mahathir and BN boldly saved the country from currency crisis(RM4.5++ = 1 USD) by taking Ringgit out of world circulation and imposing Ringgit peg

    Then the anWar guy created his reformasi defense bringing in hooligans, wrecking Medan Pasar and Dataran Merdeka. The rest is history when he was jailed. When he was released in Pak Lah days, the same story returns like an old record, ever so hungry to be the PM to fulfill his personal ambition.

    Now we see it again.
    People who have no inklings on the true intention of Bersih or why they are pushing it despite being granted concession, are being violent all over. This time the violence is very very much worse than reformasi 1997(which kicked dustbins only)
    Do we need these guys to lead us? Can we trust them with our beloved country and future?

  20. ray says:

    Anwar semakin tertekan dan terdesak sebab penaja asing (bos dia) mengalami kerugian besar, maka kini hilang kesabaran.

    Ramai sahabat karibnya telah pun melihat kebusukan sipeliwat tua ni, lalu menjauhinya.

    Berkat sholat hajat yang dikendalikan terutamanya oleh PAS, maka segala kebenaran telah ditunjukkan kepada rakyat jelata. Penipuan dan pembohongan serta janji janji manis sipeliwat tua ni telah terbongkar.

    Pengkhianat negara, penderhaka pada umat Islam kerana sanggup membela Israel, maka sipeliwat ni berjaya menghancurkan kerjaya politiknya sendiri.

  21. Anonymas says:

    MASUK, MASUK and ‘rolling fingers gesture’

    will become a new meme in the PRU-13 campaign

    • Bruce Fam says:

      After this compulsive liar explaination, all hand signs have new meaning. When you stick your middle finger up at him, it means you are inviting him for a drink. Liaring through his teeth.

      • xXx says:

        Slowly the stories of assaults by police are coming out. There could be a much more similar incidents than reported. This confirmed that the police lost control over their officers. The top police officers must take responsibilties.The apt description of the such acts ‘ police ran amok’.

  22. BBC says:

    The BBC is carrying out urgent enquiries after it was made aware that output from its BBC World News channel may have been censored in Malaysia.

    The broadcast of anti-Government protests in Malaysia was apparently edited before it was re-broadcast on Malaysian satellite television, with sequences removed from the original BBC version.

    The BBC is making urgent enquiries to the Malaysian operator, Astro, to establish the facts.

    During the week of World Press Freedom Day, it would be deplorable if access to independent and impartial news was being prevented in any way. We would strongly condemn any blocking of the trusted news that we broadcast around the world including via distribution partners.

    Not supposed to tamper with content – but it seems that Al Jazeera’s coverage of Bersih 3.0 may also have been doctored by Astro!

    The BBC is believed to still be awaiting a full explanation from Astro as to what could possibly have happened during this case.

    The company is apparently taking some time to respond to the urgent questions that have been put and it is believed that there may be further delay over the public holiday.

    However, the quality of the editing of the package would indicate that this was indeed a professional and carefully executed attempt to put the authorities in Malaysia in a better light. If so, the exposure of such manipulation is likely to seriously backfire on both the reputation of Astro and international standing of BN.

    • kiasu says:

      What kind of bullshit story is this. Who in Malaysia can censor Bbc, Ajlazeera or even Cnn news? U tell me. I pity your stupidity.

      • kurafcuk says:

        Astro ‘ikut perintah’ to do censorship.
        BN only wants you to listen to TV3, but we all know it is full of shit like this website reports!

    • Satriamanis says:

      When questioned by the BBC over the claim that Astro had unilaterally cut off the “unpleasant bits” of the former’s coverage of Bersih 3.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur, the latter retorted that the BBC video clip was cut “in accordance with national content regulations.”

      The BBC was rightly incensed that its coverage was snipped off so that its reportage appeared unbalanced and unfair to the parties concerned in the rally, namely Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and certain protesters who voiced their anger towards unclean electoral rolls and what they alleged to be the police force’s disproportionate response to the breaching of the barricades at Dataran Merdeka.

      In other words, the BBC is concerned that the cut footage adversely affects the quality and credibility of its reportage as well as the professionalism that the British institution strives to achieve. If this isn’t clear enough to Astro, this means that journalistic professionalism, which is a standard operating procedure for any news organisation worth its salt, demands that reporting be fair and balanced.

      As if this editorial intervention isn’t enough of a problem, Communication, Information and Culture Minister Rais Yatim came to the defence of Astro, which essentially constitutes a further insult to our collective intelligence. He insisted that Astro should instead be given credit for having shown the “best parts” that were newsworthy. Besides, he added, “each broadcasting house is at liberty to exercise its own style of eliciting the best news items for its station.”

      Informed Malaysians know that the mainstream media, and these include TV stations that are owned or controlled by people close to the powers-that-be, do not have enough room to manoeuvre so that biased reporting (towards the ruling party and the federal government) becomes a rule and not an exception. It is sheer, if one could borrow a word used by well-known writer Kee Thuan Chye in his latest popular book, “bullshit” to suggest that the mainstream media are free to decide on their own, especially at a time when the hegemony of the ruling elite is under threat from the ordinary people and other social forces.

      To cut to the chase, what has happened at Astro is a crude application of censorship procedure based on some questionable guideline crafted by the authorities. This is to say that the kind of censorship that is meant to conceal things that may cause eventual shame and culpability to the parties concerned especially the authorities — and consequent indignation of members of the general public.

      As intimated earlier, this state of the Malaysian mainstream media indeed only underscores one of the demands of the Bersih 3.0 steering committee as well as other concerned Malaysians, which is to have fair and balanced reporting as well as independent and accountable media.

      It’s not for Rais and his merry men to decide what is “good” for ordinary Malaysians especially in an era where, as Prime Minister Najib Razak himself once asserted, the government no longer knows best. In this case, Malaysians should be shown the entire BBC video footage of Bersih 3.0 — apart from other video clips by other parties — before they make their informed judgment.


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      Five in family found dead inside parked car
      Minimum wage will cause unemployment, inflation, say employers, economists
      Nayati back with family
      Poor organisational skills and a lack of leadership
      As I marched, I witnessed…

      YouTube video appears to reveal Anwar, Azmin ordered Dataran breach
      Bersih rally shows angry and divided nation, says Umno deputy minister
      Police give nod to Bersih assembly, warn against marches
      Najib under spotlight as world watches Bersih 3.0
      Bersih rally shows Malaysian government ‘authoritarian’, says Aussie senator

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      • Pro-smoking says:

        BBC reporting “professional and balanced”. Yeah, right …

        Er, which planet are u living in?

  23. Magnetar says:

    And his only defense was that he told the rioters to proceed to the right…well was he referring to his right, or since the crowd was facing him, dataran was to the crowds right.

  24. AryaStark says:

    I just cannot believe that he has so many followers blindly supporting him! On another note, I came across this video clip of a Bersih supporter. Think some of you may have seen it already. I cringe with embarassment yet I find it funny too

  25. Super spontan says:

    There are tons of undeniable evidence on police brutality during Bershih3.0. Unable to spin out of it, it is normal for Umno ministers to say, ” the victims deserves it”. After all, wasn’t that stated by the Minister of higher education on the young students peacefully camping in dataran merdeka asking for free education? Umno sec general has stated that Malaysian are not ready for democracy. Thus, it believe that they are above the law and all citizen must bow to them, or be punished. They believe they own the country and are a special breed. The rakyat has allowed that by voting them in for 53 years. Unable to declare themselves as dictators in this era to the rest of the world, our PM tells a totally version to the world. The rakyat has awakened and is saying no more!

    • Pro-smoking says:

      As you said, the rakyat “voted them in”.

      In case nobody told you,

      A democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority.

      So please respect the wishes of the majority.

  26. Anonymous says:

    While Astro chopped a BBC news in order to show its “best parts”, The Star yesterday surely showed the “best parts” of local news. And without any chop-job too if I may add. The Star had even seen it fit to provide the links to the blogs which carry the so-called sex pictures.

    The Star must be the first ever “people’s paper” in the whole world to have provided links to alleged sex pictures of a politician.

    Congratulations The Star. You have achieved a new standard in responsible reporting.

  27. bar-cc says:

    what do u all really wants whn the star report every thing u all complain astro cut BBC news u all complain if BBC report with pic of Azmin blowjob news u all blow yr top complain BBC become umno or MCA member repoter ask question not in favour of pakatan he is fr umno or mca also can be fr mic go to any news company majority of repoter esp chiness news are pakatan supoter but be up todate lah never heard of U TUBE GOOGLE YAHOO reporter are so bias i agree lah

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. bourne identity says:

    Tak sangka penyokong fuckatan rakyat dah berubah menjadi baruah Anwar Ibrahim.. kah…kah..,kah….
    baruah… baruah… baruah… ikut apa saja Al Juburi buat….#

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