Guan Eng, the Best Boss! Too Good to his Hot PA!

How Guan Eng ended up with plaster on forehead.

She was a contract staff in Koh Tsu Koon’s administration. When Pakatan Rakyat
took over, she requested to stay on. She is fluently trilingual – Chinese, English and BM.

He noticed her during the Sarawak state election. She was initiative, an eager beaver and spoke well. It helped that she was also very pretty in the Hong Kong TVB kind of way.

It seemed like it was not all work and no play for the DAP politicians in Sarawak. Anyway, it was not the first time she had done work for him but it was the first time that she had the chance to work closely with the CM and he really took notice of it.

Rumour has it that Mrs CM saw her coming from the direction of her hubby’s room and the suspicion game began.

Moreover, the security staff at Komtar reported some rather familiar behaviour between the two love birds, I poke you, you poke me (not the Anwar type of poking la) when they were joking.

The finale confrontation took place after they returned to Penang when Mrs CM confronted CM, and an argument erupted.

Some said she threw an ashtray, others said it was a file, at him. Hence the plastered look.

The Chinese press in Penang gossiped about it for weeks. The girl was then transferred to do heritage work and her contract was not renewed.

Some said she was interested to be a calon. Unfortunately, Mrs CM thought she was interested in her hubby.

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21 Responses to Guan Eng, the Best Boss! Too Good to his Hot PA!

  1. Anonymas says:

    Suave! Charming!


    • No need to wait a second says:

      Support Press Freedom on Thursday 3/5/2012 with YB Chong Eng and others at Speaker’s Corner, Esplanade at 6 pm. Please come in a black top and a yellow ribbon.

    • Chiak Siow says:

      By openly backing Utusan, MCA is openly endorsing UMNO racism which every non-Malay in this country hate and is against. Unless the MCA candidate stands in a safe UMNO seat, I can foresee a total defeat of all its candidates in the next general election.

      • Anak Angkat Guan Eng says:

        Aiyyak! From sultry and hot “comfort girl” kept by CM office and insinuations about love-struck family with mummy foo and all and mrs CM doing the flying saucer act, suddenly morph into UMNO? Aiyyaaa ini macam ka?

        Price of fish naik in Spain — UMNO punya pasal
        Obama susah mau kincing due to prostate glands — UMNO punya pasal
        Cain killed Abel —- UMNO punya pasal
        Penang now ruled by DAP — UMNO punya pasal. err… strike that one out. That one kita punya pasal.

        More please! Who would have thought DAP-backed comments could be so much fun and hilarious?

  2. Well 7 says:

    Well, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. He is only human but when he talks, he acted as if he is an angel. Only 4 years, give him another 2 years and you can see a lot of rubbish.

  3. Hong says:

    Oh… CM, r u ok?

  4. AryaStark says:

    One word to describe this if rumours are true: Gross!

  5. Ah Beng says:

    Now we know why at one point Guan Eng changed his hairstyle. Middle aged crisis plus power sure go to the head. Heads I mean

  6. Joseph says:

    This is a great expose, syabas, the hypocrites of pakatan!

  7. Penang Boy says:

    DAP boleh! Guan Eng boleh! BN will be blamed!

  8. Islander says:

    Oh, that’s why he changed his hairstyle for more boyish and updated look. That’s what men do when they are on to a new trophy. But then Mrs Lim has also updated her looks to give potential rivals a run for the money.

  9. toto says:

    Ini salah BN <- standard reply from oppo-sex-maniac.

  10. tipu says:

    He’ll say its all tipu
    maybe the lady was a BN plant

    maybe alsothe wound is because he think too much about the rakyat(or how to stay in power forever)

  11. nick najis bodo says:

    bravo….all these are UMNO/BN conspiraries..hahahaha 4 years ago people may believe this type of answer…. PR please use ur otak to compose more covincing answers

  12. anon says:

    quite pretty also huh the lady

    lucky dud
    can do and say anything and get away with it(with proper squirming gel)

  13. yau says:

    wo yauu

  14. Reggae says:

    For sure this is BN punya kerjaaaa e e e e e e

  15. praha2 says:

    Just like I said before this in another bolg ” the pot calling the kettle balck”. He is thinking if CIBAI can do why not me? she is here very near every day I see or work with her. why not work on her?
    As many of the response said ” he is only human. well 4 years he learned alot from the sodomy case and the China doll episode, so why not try lah. after all who knows except Allah swt. Now the Khalifah has been exposed. Nik ajis what have you to say man?

  16. bar-cc says:

    thc lady in green fr lynas also can speak well & very pretty Guan Eng are u two someting someting on if not Azmin mau his Boss also can

  17. ZUL Bagan says:

    Pendapat Sy Isu KM PP YAB Mr.Guan Eng adalah:
    i) Isu dengan PA yg cantik manis > membuktikan beliau adalah lelaki normal…
    ii) Isu dahi beliau ada plaster (mungkin luka) > lebih baik tanya beliau, kenapa?
    iii) Isu Mrs.KM dikatakan marah, itu hanya andaian…
    Ada yg lebih penting:
    i) Bagaimana nak beri peringatan bahawa beliau berada di Malaysia
    ii) Bagaimana nak bertahu yg pemerintahan beliau telah menindas rakyat PP
    iii) Bagaimana nak pastikan beliau mendapat pengajaran
    iv) Bagaimana nak beri beliau sedar UNDI ada pada rakyat
    v) Bagaimana nak pastikan rakyat PP sedar

  18. magnasyst says:

    suicide case in Penang also Blame on BN. Because BN people build the Penang Bridge.

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