What Anwar Does Best – Carrying Out Destructive Protests!

Rioters geared with woods and helmets smashing the windscreen of a TV3 wagon just as the vehicle was trying to get out of Jalan Tun Perak here. The vehicle was carrying a crew covering the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim verdict

Many of those who took part in Bersih 3.0 are probably too young to remember the reformasi of 1990s.

Probably many were still in primary schools or sucking their mothers’ tits. But in 1999, professional agitator Anwar Ibrahim started street protests and other defiance culture.

Here’s a picture of what happened in the 1999 reformasi where a TV3 crew car was attacked.

If your son or daughter or husband was inside the car, you wouldn’t be so quick to support these hooligans!

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19 Responses to What Anwar Does Best – Carrying Out Destructive Protests!

  1. JLee says:

    Senator Hasil Khan Bizenjo a senator from from Pakistan said our protestors was Examplary and eye opener because if in other country he said they need transportation arrangement (Malaysia Insider). He was told by a youth that walked 20km to attend this Bersih 3.0.
    Really funny, I cannot stop from laughing as how and where this observer is found. Please enlighten me, who also sponsor them here la. Please correct this idiot senator from Pakistan, the youth probably just walked 20 metre from LRT station.

    This bastard not only can carrying out destructive protest. He also known by many to be destructive ash hole borer and people wife fucker

    • Kuromi says:

      Bersih 1.0 in 2007 included political parties, but after 2008, when opposition parties took over several state governments, a decision was taken to exclude political parties from Bersih 2.0. The Bersih 2.0 rally last year and the Bersih 3.0 rally on Saturday were solely civil society initiatives, though they were supported by federal opposition parties.

      The Election Commission chairperson is supposed to be independent and answerable to the Agong. He should not consider himself a “loyal civil servant”. Moreover, it has now been revealed that the top Election Commission leaders are Umno members. This alone is enough to justify the calls for the resignation of the Election Commission.

      The amendments to the electoral process rushed through Parliament are serious as they curb transparency during the voting process especially at the polling centres. It may even be difficult or impossible for independent observers to see if voters have the indelible ink on their fingers or for polling agents to verify the voters’ names and IC numbers against the electoral rolls.

  2. Alice says:

    A leopard will never change its spots but Anwar has con all the people! He can even conned the people to believe he is not the man in the sex video! He is the anti-christ but many Christians says he’s the Saviour!

    • Anonymas says:

      Once, he was in ABIM (the founder). He hates christians and people of other religions so much….he was not fundamentalist, he was extremist

    • Well 7 says:

      Well, for the devil so love the world that he gave his ill-begotten son Anuwar the great bullshitter, so that he can screw up those who believe in him.

    • johara says:

      50 years of BN propaganda & censorship has made you think this way. Sad for you.

  3. Muhd Osman says:

    Anwar memang Samseng KL!

    • Ahmad Sobri says:

      Till now, the strategy is still, “hold on, divert the attention of the hugely successful Bersih 3.0! Let us divert the attention of the extremely police brutality on ordinary Malaysians, let us now say they went against the ruling of the court, and removed the barricade!”

      This seemed to be the strategy being adopted by the Najib administration! The amount of brutality on show in public, those tear gas fired directly into crowds of hundreds of thousands of humans, the chemical laced water cannon sprayed on humans to hurt, the manhandling of innocent law abiding protesters, the damaging of equipments of journalists where telling evidence can be produced to incriminate the police, all these infact had been conveniently forgotten by Najib!

      And they are into the blame game, of Anwar, Azmin instructing the protesters to breach barricades, that the barricades were removed before the police moved in. Why then did the police bash the protesters not at all near Dataran? Why did the police brutalized ordinary peaceful Malaysians the length and breadth of Kuala Lumpur? Why were those in train stations, not in Dataran manhandled? There are so many questions and answers and they are not favourable at all to Najib! He has to worry, he definitely has to worry. The people are not going to forgive!

      We do not care who Anwar bonked, whether Azmin indeed had the (alleged) blow job done by someone very happy to do it for him, if indeed the pictures are genuine. … What and where then is the crime?

      If indeed this is a crime, Chua Soi Lek will be the first to be arrested, charged and jailed! Selective prosecution? It is an action enjoyed by two individuals and those who photographed the two individuals during their private moments on the sly, are the real devils!

      Whatever UMNO/BN try to do, Malaysians must stay firm in their demand to know the truth about the brutalizing of ordinary Malaysians by the police! Who authorized it? Why was such force employed? Why the need to have 10 or more police beating up 1 (one) helpless protester? What would have happened if the protesters were to turn against the police and use the same kind of violence on the police? The police were easily outnumbered, but, peace loving and civil Malaysians do not believe in the use of force on their own kinds!

      Najib must apologize to the nation, he cannot employ such violence on his people, or does he care at all?

      Salam 1Bersih Malaysia! Selamatkan Malaysia!

  4. Anonymas says:

    What’s funny is that, even for the cops being beaten up ridiculed kicked to near death…the protesters blame them! For keeping the peace. The Mayor of KL must be pulling his hair out.

    Duduk bantah my ass. It’s more like bangun merusuh.

  5. bourne identity says:

    whats the name this fuckhead from Pakistan? I say man…. look at your own countrylah… the only thing a pakistani can do is jual carpet in Malaysia.
    Id say lets call Pakistan..Pukistan?

  6. Johny says:

    Everyone only believe in Anwar. God bless you for reminding Msians! But sorry, they will say its a doctored pix! And the mob is from PDRM!

  7. izad says:

    hopefully no one will be irrational enough to take the law into their own hands and bring these puppet master to justice…

  8. Ex Army says:

    PDRM terlalu accomodate la. Berlembut sangat. Undang-undang patut diubah dengan membenarkan tentera menangani pendemo. Lagi bagus kalau mereka merusuh. Azmin yang rumpus barricade semalam gerenti ken a sebiji kat peha oleh sniper.

    Lain Kali Bersih 4.0 hantar tentera pulak. Baru tau si Ampuki tinggi rendahnya langit

    • LRT watchman says:

      PDRM terlalu lembut
      Macam sitting duck target
      Rasanya kuasa majority dah di blackmail oleh smallish minority yang ada banyak funding, dan dikuasai orang2 gila kuasa (sampai boleh tinggalkan pedoman dan perjuangan asal).
      Its all about them, not about rakyat

      Inilah strategi Warbiga.
      1. Nak pancing polis violence supaya jadi macam martyr dan dapat simpati undi. (ingat neck brace yang palsu?–Leher kan pernah ditangkap video tape dulu boleh pusing pusing macam biasa walaupun kononnya cedera)

      2. Kalau ada violence-kalau ada orang cedera, dia kata tak tauuu. Mest cakap bukan orang saya. Mesti pelakon BN.
      Lagipun cepat jee dia balik dari crime scene(ie sebelum violence act bermula)

      3. Mulalah Ah Lim kat utara dah cakap pasal polis violencelah… tak adil lahh. Kasarlah. Walhah apa yang terjadi adalah terbalik.

      Inilah opposition.
      Guna taktik KOTOR untuk menang pilihanraya
      Service rakyat tak pernah. Tipu kuat. Sandiwara number 1
      Guna istilah nama ideal untuk bohong dalam kepuraan baik
      “Bersih” yang sebenarnya kotor.
      Banyak lagi dema guna nama ideal tapi sebenarnya tipu saja

  9. Edwin Dutton says:

    It’s sad to see the campaign in KL ended up in chaos. Most of us want it to be well organised and managed to send clear message to the SPR and the Govt. But things when wrong in split second..why was the Bersih 3.0 campaign in Malacca, Penang and Kuantan ended up peacefully? Penang campaign wes led by CM Lim Guan Eng. They have pretty huge crowd. They then leave the place without anybody gets hurt. But it was totally different in KL. Why? Is it because of the quality of the leader?

  10. Since 1970s anwar the real coward and no ball….always runaway when riot happen..low moral and cheap leader !!!

  11. doe says:

    A good leader would NEVER use foul words to educate your people. Just like a father, would you educate your son using foul words? I don’t care that if Anwar was caught on sex tape, or Azmin got a blowjob and was caught on tape. I’m not interested in their sex life and honestly, everybody needs sex! Whether you’re a Prime Minister, human, monkey, grasshopper! A role of a leadership is vital and it is a deep shame and disappointment of how DAP is educating the younger generation. Giving public speeches and more than half of the speech was in content of foul words. Many under 12 children participated, because they support you. But is this how you want to shape up your future citizens? To follow on your footsteps and be as rude as you are and to be utterly ill mannered. Younger generations admire DAP, they look up to you as a role model, their future. I would imagine Malaysia to be in a total mess and citizens all with attitude problem, aggressive, rude and all with negative minds in 20 years time when DAP takes over, just wait and see. Poor leadership results on poor citizens. If they were educated through a positive way, i would have fully support the opposition party. What DAP like to do is create publicity, what can they do? They don’t solve any of our problems. Whenever there is an issue, citizens would find fellow DAP’s for help, the first thing DAP do is, oh, please get the reporters, let’s take a picture, let’s wait for this issue to be on the papers tomorrow and we will discuss further. Hence, what do they do? Create chaos, they build hatred into younger generation’s mind. They educate the younger generations to insult and hate. DAP can’t solve any of your problems. They stir up more problems in regards of your emotions and make you hate. And apparently it is OKAY to be rude, to insult, to have all negative thoughts and worse to hate. Planting seeds into citizen minds and telling them that it is okay to be aggressive, it is okay to use foul words to anyone you despise and to also educate us to NEVER FORGIVE. What kind of a leader is this? It’s degrading, Malaysian have always lacked well mannered people and i think most likely is going to extinct soon. We will all be violent and aggressive and would never get respect from younger generations, we could be insulted terribly and sounds worthless and it will still be okay because, our leader does it anyways. Well in fact, we don’t even need to wait for the future, just take a look at yourself now, the comments you are making on facebook in regards for Bersih 3.0, do you hear yourself? Don’t you reek of shame? A whole sentence of ear irritating words filled with filthy degrading words, why are you all so aggressive by just putting it out on words? Can you feel the how strong the hate is from those words? Foul languages, never fail, all negative thoughts. Why? Because your leader shaped you that way, your leader educated you that way, because your leader say that is the right way. But this is human, we are always weak when it comes to emotions, but the fact is your leader is excellent in stirring ones emotions, which is why, you all are feeling so much hate. This is abnormal, from a psychological study point of view. Manners is important, it shows who you are. The leaders should start educating you all in a different way. With more positive thoughts, less hate, less foul languages and to build up better citizens for the country to be better. One day, Malays dream will come true, chinese will go back to china. Indians will go back to india. Even if changes were made, Malaysia will never ever improve with unacceptable characteristics and ill manners.

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