Well, by now, hundreds would have gathered at Dataran Merdeka. So far , there seems to be a carnival like atmosphere – that’s because the professional agitators have not showed up. The naïve and idealistic types are there.

We will keep you updated beyond what the mainstream and Malaysiakini – that pro-Pakatan Rakyat portal – can offer you. We will put up pictures showing you what these two sides won’t show you. We will expose the scums hiding behind the mask of democracy and electoral reforms!

So, they tell you that they will be peaceful. Well, see the video clip and picture above of these well-behaved and well-mannered mob. Syabas Bersih 3.0!

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  1. ray says:

    Round them up and interrogate them for the reasons they participate. Not surprised if they admit to being paid as agent provocateurs.

    • Hang Ten says:

      Ha ha. Umno self-directed movie using mat rempits as actors!!!

    • Bersih Punya Budak says:


      They can block the roads, but can they block our spirit?

    • Blumbek says:

      Najib Spending Could Risk Downgrade Without Revenue Boost

      Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s record spending binge, aimed at shoring up support before elections as early as next month, may risk the country’s first credit-rating downgrade since the Asian financial crisis.

      Standard & Poor’s “might have to think about” a potential cut in a few years unless the next government enacts measures to boost revenue and reduce subsidies after the vote, Takahira Ogawa, an analyst at the rating company, said in an interview. Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings also said Malaysia must take steps to bring down its debt-to-GDP ratio, which the International Monetary Fund projects may climb to a 20-year high of 55.9 percent this year.

      Najib, 58, has raised civil servant salaries and pensions, waived school fees and boosted handouts for the poor in a bid to extend the ruling party’s 55-year lock on power. His National Front coalition won its lowest-ever share of the vote in 2008, and failure to secure a clear mandate may lead to political gridlock that would impede plans to strengthen public finances.

      “Elections have delayed the required policy adjustments and aggravated the fiscal situation as populist policies take center stage,” said Chua Hak Bin, an economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Singapore. “Not going through with structural reforms, including introducing a broad-based consumption tax and reducing fuel subsidies, will eventually hurt Malaysia’s credit standing.”

      Debt Ratio

      Malaysia’s ratio of gross debt to gross domestic product rose to an estimated 55 percent in 2011 from 35 percent in 2000, according to IMF. South Africa, which shares with Malaysia an A3 rating from Moody’s, has a ratio that fell to 36 percent in 2011 from 42 percent in 2000.

      Malaysia is rated A- by Standard & Poor’s, along with Botswana, which has a debt ratio of 16 percent. Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, is rated BB+ by S&P and has seen its debt fall to 25 percent in 2011 from 95 percent of GDP in 2000, according to the IMF.

      Najib unveiled a record 232.8 billion ringgit ($76 billion) budget in October, saying the government would increase civil servant salaries by as much as 13 percent and also remove school fees for primary and secondary students. Households with monthly incomes of 3,000 ringgit or less have begun receiving one-off cash handouts of 500 ringgit.

      Spending on salaries and allowances is projected to rise 4.2 percent to 52 billion ringgit in 2012 versus an estimated 49.9 billion ringgit in 2011, according to numbers released by the government in October. Malaysia has also set aside more than 3 billion ringgit not included in the proposed budget to finance the pay raise for civil servants, according to the treasury department.

      ‘Particularly Crucial’

      “This election is particularly crucial given that the long-term outlook for fiscal sustainability and economic growth will likely hinge on the next government’s reform agenda,” Christian de Guzman, a Singapore-based assistant vice president at Moody’s said in an e-mail. “While both sides of the political divide readily acknowledge the need for such reforms, getting them passed will indeed be much more difficult with a weak mandate.”

      Najib may call an early election in May or June, ahead of the due date in early 2013, according to four officials who spoke last month on condition of anonymity because the talks are private. Najib told reporters on March 19 that winning back the two-thirds majority lost in 2008 would be “challenging.”

      Public Opinion

      Satisfaction with Najib’s leadership rose to 69 percent in February from 59 percent in August, according to the latest poll by the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research.

      Any risk of a downgrade isn’t reflected in credit markets, with the cost to protect Malaysia’s sovereign debt from default dropping 36 basis points this year to 110 basis points on April 25, according to data provider CMA, which compiles prices quoted by dealers in the privately negotiated market. That compares with 170 in Indonesia and 133 in Thailand.

      Credit-default swaps pay the buyer face value in exchange for the underlying securities or the cash equivalent if a government or company fails to adhere to its debt agreements. A basis point equals $1,000 annually in a contract protecting $10 million of debt.

      “The bigger concern is after the general election,” Kun Lung Wu, a Singapore-based economist at Credit Suisse Group AG, said in a telephone interview. “Whenever there’s another global shock, either a global downturn or drop in commodity prices, particularly oil prices, then that could easily send the debt- to-GDP ratio much, much higher.”

      Oil Producer

      Malaysia is Southeast Asia second-largest oil producer after Indonesia. Petroliam Nasional Bhd., the state-owned oil company which manages the country’s energy reserves, accounted for about a third of the government’s revenue in 2011.

      Malaysia’s economy may expand 4 percent to 5 percent in 2012, Bank Negara Malaysia said in its annual report released in March. That compares with last year’s 5.1 percent rise.

      Since Najib took office on April 3, 2009, the benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index (FBMKLCI) has risen 74 percent and hit a record on April 3. The MSCI Asia Pacific index has gained 43 percent in the same period.

      While the debt level of many countries rose amid the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, Malaysia stands out, said Fitch analyst Andrew Colquhoun.

      “Malaysia has yet to articulate a clear strategy for getting the debt ratios back down,” he said, adding that the country is over-dependent on oil revenue. “Structural fiscal reforms including tax reform remain on the back-burner.”

      • Islander says:

        Blumbek, people talking abc you talking xyz. Tak masuk akal. Can you take your long and boring essay eslewhere. This is a conversation thread not some dumb academic lecture. Bodoh!

        • ray says:


          This is their modus operandi- ignore hard truths and bulldoze their selfish interest and shove down others’ throats.

          They blatantly disregard civilty and all manner of decorum, break laws that block their crude agenda and simply put their own narrow interests first.

          In a nutshell, they are hoodlums and mobsters.

        • khal says:

          Kesian kurang ilmu dunia dan agama.

          Cuba belajar baca apa yg penting. Those who can simply call people names…. inikah ajaran agama.

          Bersihkan hat I Dan mulut kits dulu.

      • Well 7 says:

        Blumbek, pl check with Anwar. He wanted to cancel PTPTN and give free university education, RM4000/- as his BRIM etc etc, these will bangkrupt all private universities and the country faster. From here you can see he is lying to get votes and yet you Pakatan howlers are blinded by his speeches.

    • Ahmad Sobri says:

      If I compare Saturday’s event to a FOOTBALL match…it would be as follow:

      MU (Bersih-PR) was leading 5-0 against HARIMAU F.C. (BN) at half time with MU players playing their football leisurely thinking 5-0 scoreline is a SURE WIN. Sir Alex Ferguson (Anwar-Azmin) went overboard by telling HARIMAU F.C. coach (Hisham) that they are a hopeless football team.

      HARIMAU F.C.’s coach (Hisham) responded to Sir Alex (Anwar-Azmin) telling him the game is NOT over. Next, HARIMAU F.C. (BN) sent out all their STAR PLAYERS (FRU) & then scored 10 goals against MU’s 6.

      Fulltime: BN 10 – PR 5

      Damn beautiful match, man!!!

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  3. Shirly says:

    Thought it was supposed to be a sit-in protest. What has it turned into. This is no electoral reform protest. From the looks of it, it is to promote violence and mob rule.

    • Kula Shaker says:

      The world is watching on the Dataran stand off

      Kuala Lumpur City Hall has rejected Bersih Committee’s application to hold the April 28 sit down protest at Dataran Merdeka.

      The decision has not come as a surprise. However, I was quite surprised at the ground given for rejecting the application. City Hall’s letter said :-

      ‘Dataran Merdeka untuk acara yang bertahap nasional. Contohnya, Hari Kebangsaan dan Hari Wilayah Persekutuan dan acara yang setaraf dengannya’

      How could DBKL give such an excuse when it was reported that food giant Nestle celebrated its 100th anniversary at the iconic square for two days, on March 18 and 19?

      I therefore support the Bersih Committee’s decision to hold the event at Datran Merdeka as planned.

      A development which has quite surprised me though was Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s view on the coming sit in protest.

      He said that the event did not pose a security threat to the nation, adding that the civil rights movement’s demands had gained little traction with the public.

      “April 28 is not an issue,” he told reporters.

      He is certainly right to say that the event is not a security issue though many Malaysians can still recall how the historic 709 rally last year was handled by the government with water cannons and arrests.

      PM must intervene

      The sealing of all roads leading to the Dataran on the orders of the KL Mayor Tan Sri Ahmad Faud is irresponsible and unacceptable. Dataran belongs to all and sundry. The Prime Minister must intervene and order the Mayor to lift the ban on Dataran and advice the police to act in civil manner when the Bersih 3.0 “duduk dan bantah” proceeds. If the PM fails to do this it only goes to demonstrate, he has failed to keep to his promise of political reforms he stated on September 16, 2011.

      I am very confident that Bersih 3.0 demands have strong support from Malaysians. The coming general election is going to be the most important election in the nation’s history.

      We need to ensure that the impending elections will be a free, fair and clean election.

      Hence, we are in total support for Bersih’s 8 demands which are:-

      Clean the electoral roll

      Reform postal voting

      Use of indelible ink

      A minimum campaigning period of 21 days

      Free and fair access to mainstream media

      Strengthen public institutions

      Stop corruption

      Stop dirty politics

      In the last 10 days we have distributing bersih 3.0 pamphlets at wet markets and at pasar malams all over Ipoh areas. The effect of the distribution was meant both as an awareness campaign and urging people to attend the 3.0 bersih gathering on the 28th.

      I therefore call on Malaysians to give full support to Bersih 3.0 sit in protest and make 428 a historic day in the struggle for free, fair and clean elections in Malaysia.

      40,000 people took part in the 2007 Bersih Rally and 50,000 people participated in last year¡¯s Bersih 2.0 Rally.

      For those Perikians who can’t make it to KL, don’t worry the local NGO’s are organizing one in Ipoh. It will be similar to the KL do and it will be held at Polo Ground between 2-4pm on 28thApril2012. In any case we call all to wear yellow on the 28th and every Saturday until EC overhauls its electoral process.

      Bersih’s Perak representatives Augustine Antony has confirmed that the usage of Polo Ground has been approved by all concerned.

      • Islander says:

        Kula Shaker, you and Blumbek above seem to come from the same kampung of long windedness.

      • anon says:

        maybe ought to distribute pamphlets on how to clean up Pakatan internal PRU first…….

        Clean own backyard first

      • GURU says:

        Even if Bersih successfully attracted 100,000 paxs so what?
        It not a big deal la with a total population of 27 million.

      • ray says:

        “Dataran belongs to all and sundry.” – Will all and sundry also contribute to the maintenance?

        • Aidil Yunus says:

          Ray it is not about electoral reform it is about creating as much hatred towards BN as possible, that itself is dirty politics.
          Ambiga allowed PR leaders to give speech and to encourage people to break the law and to instigate the people to run amok. Yet she said Bersih is not partisan. Seriously. Since they like long windedness here should we publish the transcript from KJ/Ambiga debate so people can actually open their eyes and see how she twisted facts to serve her agenda?

  4. Chan Long Kok says:

    bro.. why u waste ur time doing all these blog for the pro-goverment?
    all the prime minister’s sons, deputy, ministers etc etc have millions in their bank already. boleh hidup sampai cucu-cicit. apa yg kau dpt? setakat duit sikit utk buat blog.

    all the UMNO people dah kaya-raya makan duit rakyat. anak-anak diaorg semua party mlm-mlm. bawak keta mewah, kau? beli proton pon terkial-kial.

    • Anonymous says:

      support u….

    • Wok says:

      Yeke bro “all the UMNO people dah kaya-raya makan duit rakyat. anak-anak diaorg semua party mlm-mlm”ckp tu biar la logik skit…aku org umno pn tkde kaya pn..kita tgk plak apa akan jadi bila pembangkang memerintah lak..tak sabr nk tunggu..aku nk tgk semua org malaysia jadi kaya raya time tu..semua dpt free..

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah Kok

      Why waste your time posting inane comments on this blog? Dont you think everyone has the right to read opinions and views which are different than yours? Why telan bulat2 what the opposition has to say without hearing the other side of the story? Dont you think the PKR boys are not kaya raya…think again

    • Zoos says:

      Marcus Lim son of Lim Guan Eng son of Lim Kit Siang suday kaya.
      Nik Abduh son of Nik Aziz sudah kaya.
      Nurul Izzah daughter of Anwar Ibrahim sudah kaya.

      Chan Long Kok why you so stupid one?

    • Pundek Paria says:

      Chia Long Kok your cock not long la. Indeed it’s very short like your brain. Don’t view coin one sided. Look at Anwar, where he got the money to maintain his family and lifestyles. Bodyguards; bungalow (upgraded to bigger one after 6 years long holidays in Bamboo River); Jaguar; Merc etc. Where the money come from? Why he suddenly become so holy. After joining PR? It only show that you can condone corruption as long they are the opposition or after joining them. Then it’s better for them to remain in opposition. Please talk about Chua Jui Ming also la.

    • ray says:

      Because UMNO and Raja Raja will defend the Malay way of life including the kampung lifestyle. The kampung folks can still CHOOSE to remain comfortable in their traditional houses.

      Unlike down south, where kampongs were rumoured to be burnt down to force the owners to move into a 99 year lease pigeon holes and work to their death to pay for it.

      Because UMNO for all its warts and acne is a local product, made in Malaysia, by Malaysians for Malaysians.

      Pakatan are made up of desperate and gullible puppets whose foreign masters will recolonise Malaysia.

  5. JC says:

    Support what you say to Chan Long Kok..

    Bro, if you watch the video, I agreed some stepped out of the boundaries and banged on the bonnet, kicked at the fender to startle the police officers in the car …which reminds me a little of the NYE celebration in Penang…so are those revellers agent provocateurs too??

    Please stop spreading hurtful words as you and I know that today’s gathering is of a much bigger, greater cause than all of us internet warriors can put together…

    • lisa says:

      violence is violence laa stupid… there could be no justification for it.

      • Mustapha says:

        Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang turun Bersih sedia dipergunakan oleh sesiapa sahaja utk PRU yang adil dan telus!

        • Pendita says:

          Sdr Mustafa,
          Ahli sasterawan kata anda ibarat Ada Mata Buta; Ada Telinga Pekak; Ada Hati Kering dan Ada Otak Udang. Apa itu PRU telus dan adil. Adakah anda faham Akan proses pengundian dijalankan. Sila perbetulkan jika silap.

          Bila kita pergi pusat mengundi, selepas semakan Daftar Pemilih kita diberikan nombor. Kemudian kita ke bilik mengundi, pegawai SPR membacakan Nama dan nombor Kad Pengenalan. Wakil Calon mencatatkan maklumat tersebut. Kemudian kertas undi diberi. Selepas undi dipangkah, kita masukkan ke dalam peti yang transparent/ lutsinar. Selepas masa mengundi tamat, tempat mengundi dikumci. Hanya Wakil Calon dibenarkan berada dalam bilik kiraan undi.
          Jumlah pengundi diumum dan disahkan Oleh rekod catatan wakil calon. Undi kemudian dikira dab keputusan disahkan Oleh wakil calon. Satu DUN Ada beberapa tempat mengundi Atau juga dikenali sebagai Saluran. Keputusan setiap Saluran selalu di SMS ke bilik kawalan Oleh wakil calon. Sebab itu kita dapat keputusan yang cepat. Jadi bagaimana nak tipu.
          Isu pengundi Hantu juga menimbulkan kemuskilan kerana pengalaman saya semasa mengundi adalah sebagai contoh di pusat mengundi/Saluran saya yang seramai 200 orang yang 100% penduduk asal kampung yang sama termasuk saudara mara serta sahabat handai. Kita saling mengenali antara satu sama lain.

          Diharapkan pengalaman ini boleh dijadikan rujukan anda buat kerja rumah sedikit. Jangan percaya apa orang cakap bulat-bulat. Saya rasa teman yang lain juga boleh berkongsi pengalaman dan pemerhatian.

          Undi popular BN 56% dan PR 44%, jadi agak seimbang. Sekiranya tak telus Atau Penipuan berlaku maka ianya Akan cepat terbongkar kerana bukan semua pegawai Atau kakitangan kerajaan menyokong BN.

          Nasihat saya, Ada Mata Lihat; Ada Telinga Dengar; Ada Hati Turuti dan Ada Otak Pakai


          • toto says:

            Setiap parti akan menyediakan sekurang-kurangnya seorang wakil untuk berada di sisi peti undi. Kalau kena tipu jugak, sama ada pembangkang tak pandai cari wakil atau wakil dari pembangkang tidur masa kerja.

      • Mustapha says:

        Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang turun Bersih sedia dipergunakan oleh sesiapa sahaja utk PRU yang adil dan telus! Hidup Bersih demi masa depan kita.

    • Tan says:

      How could you equate NYE revelries with this unjustifiable act of mob violence? How would you feel if you are the policeman in the car?

      Please stop spreading your stupidity O great internet warrior and get a brain

  6. beeBUZZ says:

    lebih baik ko jual otak-otak la…jangan jadi otak lembu…

  7. Super Spontan says:

    Today is a major test case for basic freedoms in Malaysia, starting with the right to peacefully march and assemble. Hidup Bersih!

    • Faud says:

      Police hitting and arresting civilians at Bersih rally in KL. All caught on video. We will post these videos on youtube and facebook for teh world to see…

      • Eyes Wide Open says:

        So what’s the big deal? That was why rallies such as this should be conducted in a stadium. Too many provocateurs deliberately trying to goad the police. Can you really blame the police for reacting in such a way when their patrol cars were attacked? They still have a responsibility to maintain public safety, especially to the silent majority of law abiding citizens who wants nothing to do with this Bersih rubbish!

        If you think this is police brutality, then you definitely need to read more world news. You reap what you sow. Here are some samples of for you:
        At Occupy Wall Street
        London Cuts 2011
        French Police

        So get your head out of the sand, Faud. Perhaps you’ll be less confused than you are right now!

      • Aidil Yunus says:

        thats the whole purpose isnt to make us look bad regardless whatever it is… sedih kamu semua kan

    • ray says:

      “peacefully march and assemble” is a blatant LIE. Only gullible hooligans will participate at the expense of honest petty traders earnings.

    • Rahim says:

      Bring tears to my eyes. Just goes to show the rakyat has never had any problems living with each other. It is UMNO racist policies that tries to drive a wedge between us brothers and sisters. The Bersih movement has united us more than any of UMNO or BN’s useless slogan or propaganda. Hidup rakyat!!

  8. Amir says:

    As soon as the Bersih 3.0 event ends in penang, rain began to fall. Showers of blessing.
    Rahmat Tuhan untuk Pakatan!!!

    • Mat Kilau says:

      Betul ke rahmat untuk pakatan atau pun hujan tangisan ke atas kebodohan orang Melayu Islam dalam pakatan yang senang sangat dipergunakan?

      Bukak la mata woi. Jangan buta-buta sokong Ambiga. Kau tak ingat ke? Dia ni la orang yang memperjuangkan LGBT, Lina Joy dan tak berhent-henti nak menjatuhkan umat Islam. Kat mana orang Pakatan masa tu? Kenapa mendiamkan diri? Kat mana kau masa Himpun hari tu?

      • beeBUZZ says:

        Agaknya mereka (Melayu la/Islam lah) tak memahami huruf-huruf LGBT. Lebih baik hang cakap macam ini…”spesies semua boleh hantam”. Susah nak fahamkan mereka semua. Lantaklah mereka.

      • khal says:

        Yes…. I salute you. Glad dlm nie ramai lagi yg masih terang hati. Moga Allah sentiasa memberi arah yg benar pada kita. Aminn.

    • Cifut says:

      Bukan Rahmat Tuhan tapi Tuhan turunkan hujan lebat Bersihkan sampah sarap dan kekotoran yang ditinggalkan orang yang mengaku Bersih. Selain itu ianya Bersih tak direstui Tuhan maka diturunkan Hujan lebat supaya hang semua cepat berambus kerana doa orang yang TAK SOKONG Bersih dimakbulkan. Amin

  9. Cintanegara says:

    Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan says the rally at KL has been a success.

    Syabas to Bersih!!!

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  11. AYAH says:

    Hujan di Penang tu sebenarnya nak bersihkan kotor yang dibuat oleh Bershit la tu. Mana la Tuhan nak berikan rahmat kepada yang tidak suci, dari kepala sampai hujung kaki KOTOR!

  12. anon says:

    Sick of this type of politics
    They have nothing good to offer(even after 4 years of winning many states)
    So they use road side violence to gain support again.
    and again and again ,elections after election

    And many selfish people(who did not care or know what not about Bersih) took the free subsidi bait and came from kampungs. This is all this is. Go for FREE things only. Semua mau FREE(education included). No conscience. And do the working for the evil masters.

    Ask ourselves, where the money for this activities come from?
    The organisers own pocket?
    Care about Malaysia.

  13. truthseeker says:

    1. some who attended the demo innocently thought for a good cause
    2. some attended for fun
    3. some just wanna be a part of ‘history’ (my foot0
    4. some happened to be there cos they were too passive, dared not refused those who dragged them there
    5. but the real culprits are the organizers who all along know about ‘mob psychology’ – that shit will happen and can happen when a group of people are put together plus some instigation. They’re bullshitting about peaceful demo cos they know how it will end up – see the results for yourself
    6. but, cannot blaim the organizers cos they have their own agenda….blaim yourself STUPID,…for not using your heads!

  14. truthseeker says:

    What is not Bersih?
    1. why govt cannot win kelantan, after many, many years with pas?
    2. why govt lost 5 states and no two-third majority/
    3. why govt lost several by-elections

    Actually the pakatan won because pak lah was dumb and slow, so people got fed up – that was why during pru12 there were lotsa undi rosak, people didnt vote and a few when to pakatan. This time pakatan knows the people come to their senses since Najib had given a lot to the people…pakatan knows they will lose…so what else to do? buat havoc and use idiots (who refuse to think).

    • Observer says:

      The worst is some are highly Educated but prefer to be Moo (cow) around. Including professional and lecturer in Institute of higher learning. They are just an idiot who is damned bloody lazy or low IQ then start blaming others to cover their shortcoming.

      • ray says:

        These “intellectuals” have been promised high posts if pakatan wins. They must realise that pakatan promises are empty ones, unless they are RELATED asin family members or friends.

        That’s why Anwar has his daughter and wife and friends holding posts, LKS with son LGE and friends, Karpal and sons and friends

  15. Anonymous says:


    We are talking about hetrosex….and you are talking anal sex….

  16. mustapha says:

    There was not a single freaking reason for the Police to fire chemical laced water canon or tear gas at a large section of the protestors when only a handful of angry guys tried to remove the barricade into Dataran Merdeka. It was the job of the Police to arrest these few and not to abuse their uniform and badge of PDRM to provoke more counter attacks or to create a situation to justify their earlier warning of chaos. The unwarranted fiasco was premeditated and reflected very badly on the Police and the arrogant and irrelevant UMNO controlled BN. Only a moron Home Minister would interpret the over zealous actions of our robocops as professional when it clearly showed that many of the officers in blue were simply not qualified academically, emotionally and mentally to wear the badge and uniform of PDRM.

    • ray says:

      mustapha must be as blind as a bat if he can’t see those freaks provoking and instigating the masses to react violently. Vehicles were seriously damaged.

      and ambiga achi had promised a peaceful demo.

  17. din says:

    jadilah manisia bertamadun perubahan ketua negara akan mudarat lagi negara ,ibarat angsa dgn telur emas

  18. patriot says:

    clearly, this page is pro UMNO and all its editor / writers are having some benefit from the corrupted government, nothing exposed here, the truth about this page is “spreading lies”… just another UMNO’s gunner’s blog…

  19. kawan kawan Malaysia says:

    Kawan kawan sekalian.. Jangan lah gaduh. BN sudahlah manage malaysia begitu lama. Why not kami kasi peluang pakatan yang manage pulak? Kita semua anak malaysia! Kalau pakatan manage jadi more worst, kita boleh vote yang lain? Janji negara maju makmur..

  20. khal says:

    Skg dah maju dear. Dari datuk yg serba tak berharta…ayah ibu usaha Dan juga kami. Ikut ajaran agama, bahasa sopan. Hidup aman. Moga Allah sentiasa beri panduan.

  21. lolipop; says:

    aduhai, pasal..annuar ibrahim tu…mmg kami tau dia ada orang yg dok back up dia pon..sbb. tu dia senang sangat..pasal ambiga tu…sama bulu la…kan…lani…pulak si bangali karpal singh tu…tringin nak jadi PM pulak….habeh…la…annuar…sbb tu la…dia ditendang keluaq awal2 lagi oleh former PM….rasa2 kali ni…2ekor nie nak kena tendang keluaq dari malaysia kot….da…buat huru hara….ada hati nak jadi PM…bersih diri sendiri pon x mampu mcm mana nak jaga rakyat..

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