Of Political Hijacking and the Actual Bersih 3 Agenda

The Bersih 3 organisers have somewhat got an agenda in creating a “logger head” situation with the authorities on their sit-in protest on April 28.

They had insisted that the venue should be at Dataran Merdeka despite the City Hall’s objection.

It is somewhat amusing and at the same time puzzling that they had remained uncompromising on the venue when the subject matter of concern is the push for political reforms.

It gives rise to whether the organisers were giving priority to the venue or the cause that they are championing, which is related to political and electoral reforms.

Already the management of Bukit Jalil National Stadium and Stadium Merdeka have agreed to allow Bersih organisers to use their place for their rally on Saturday.

But that is not good enough for the organisers who had been adamant in only staging their sit-in protest in Dataran Merderka.

Their clear defiance on the venue proper clearly points to their deliberate attempt to create a ruckus or troubled situation at their venue of choice. “Whether you like it or not, we want to hold our rally there,” that’s their stand on the matter.

There seems to be a shift from its primary objective of rallying for a cause on electoral reforms to arguing about the venue now.

The blatant refusal to take up the offer of a different venue smacks of great suspicion and obviously smells like an agenda in the making.

This time around, the rally apparently was to protest against the Parliamentary Select Committee’s (PSC) audit of the electoral roll which they claimed was incomplete, and had not addressed issues related to postal voting, election offences and measures to end dirty politics.

To set the record straight, the government had dutifully in response to the call for electoral reforms set up a Parliamentary Select Committee.

After a long six months of deliberations, it has tabled its final report in Dewan Rakyat with 22 recommendations covering voter registration, maintaining clean electoral rolls, dissolution of Parliament, campaigning and polling.

The parliamentary select committee members were made up of five representatives from Barisan Nasional and three from Pakatan Rakyat and one Independent.

Although the committee members were given a free reign to disagree on the views brought up during its deliberations, it came as a surprise that when the Electoral Reforms report was finally tabled, the Opposition staged a walk out from Dewan Rakyat.

The rakyat should this time around put serious thought to the planned Bersih 3 whether it is justified.

They should ask themselves whether it has been politically hijacked for the agenda of certain individuals to gain political mileage and whether it is to drum up enough support running up to the coming general election.

Worst still if it is a deliberate attempt to create unrest at the venue and spark off violence.

With all those talk of electoral reforms, Pakatan Rakyat should perhaps look at their own backyard first.

During the Pakatan Rakyat’s party election in 2010, there were allegations of rigging and vote manipulation.

It was marred by internal conflicts and allegations of vote irregularities.

Some of the irregularities are as follows:

  • Inconsistencies with vote tally and voter turnout, and ballot boxes transferred to other locations.

PKR Rembau division chief Badrul Hisham Shaharin (or widely known as Chegubard) had in a letter to Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail complained that:

  • There were inconsistencies in the vote tally posted on the party’s website with some figures changing mid-week;
  • He received complaint from a Sabah division chief that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had instructed him to support a certain candidate and reject another;
  • Ballot boxes in Libaran and Sandakan were taken to different locations for tallying without the presence of agents of the candidates.
  • The numbers of votes were much higher than voter turnout. For example, Badrul said counting and polling agents confirmed that voter turnout in the electoral log was only 70, but there were 200 papers in the ballot box;

Money politics and phantom voters

  • Lim Soo Nee, PKR-Kulim assemblyman had also complained that money politics were involved and there were phantom voters in the Kulim-Bandar Baharu divisional election.
  • He alleged there were “cash payment” to some after they had cast their ballot papers;
  • There were presence of “helpers” to help delegates mark their choices of candidates on the ballot papers;
  • Photostated ballot papers were distributed to delegates;
  • There were 306 PKR members who were eligible to vote, but 420 ballot papers were issued during the election. He questioned where the extra 114 voters came from.

All these points to a lot of happenings behind the scene. We only hope that the people would not be taken for a ride.

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24 Responses to Of Political Hijacking and the Actual Bersih 3 Agenda

  1. Shirly says:

    I pity the taxi men who will have problems getting customers on April 28. People will shun the city and maybe the roads as well.
    This Bersih thing is nothing but a political drama to shore up support for the Opposition parties. The people are being dragged into the picture for a cause that is not true in the hearts of these politicians. All they want is attention and to stir up as much hatred against the government. The bonus will be when someone gets beaten up, overzealous police firing tear gas at the crowd.

    • Anwar Barua says:

      Why pity when majority of them is foreigner taxi driver or Ali Baba. Hearth rumour that Bersih collected enough fund to set up a stand for all those effect by the rally to claim compensation like taxi rental, shop rental, wages; loss of sales or even they will pay for the re planting of grass at Dataran Merdeka.

    • Kula Shaker says:

      How to have a bersih election when the EC are all Umno members?

      Surely got conflict of interest, right?

      • Iamyomama says:

        Waliao. Jahat this EC leh! You got facts to back that up? Can share link!!! Or you just talk talk shit like PR usually do oni?

    • Bersih Punya Budak says:

      The Bersih protest is “a huge test case” for how much freedom Malaysian authorities will allow, according to Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at New York-based Human Rights Watch. “The government is in a pickle,” he said by telephone. “On the one hand they are saying they are reformers, on the other hand they don’t want to do too much and give up real political control.”

  2. Abu Bakar says:

    Very rightly said by stopthelies. Pakatan should clean up its backyard first before they want to talk about the bigger picture. If they cant get their acts together, dont come and tell us this is not right or that is not right.

  3. Bernard Tan says:

    Anwar has always been taking the people for a ride. He tells the people that he will take over Putrajaya on Sept 16 shortly after the march 2008 elections. But all those did not materialise. He makes lots of promises but in stark reality Anwar is just playing poker.
    I still cant forgive him for issuing instructions to all the education departments to get schools to take down the cross in schools . He is such a hypocrite.

    • John Tan says:

      He will never repent. If he dares to do things forbidden by God then he fear nothing. One after another lies and promises. I never voted BN but after this I am sure not to vote PR. Maybe independent candidate. Probably Kita.

      • Beliawanis says:

        John and Bernard have been misled by Umno, via MCA.
        So sad for both of you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh ya? Anwar was from UMNO isnt it? I still remembers what he did in Sabah long2 time ago… Hypocrite guy… He is he one invented kangaroo politics !

  4. Ambigot says:

    Senang aje, tangkap semua tu bagi duduk Kat Pulau Jerejak. Bagi mereka reform Kat sana. Apa jadi pada janji nak buat pemilihan Kat Majlis Kerajaan Tempatan. Dah nak habis penggal dah. Kalau Kat setakat peringkat daerah pun Kerajaan PR gagal Ada hati nak desak buat seluruh negara.
    Venue Dataran Merdeka dipilih kerana ada nilai simbolik pengistiharan kemerdekaan. Pak Samad Said sah nak mampus baru nak berjuang Bersih kononnya. Hai masa dapat anugerah Saterawan Negara bukan main berlagak tapi akhirnya bab papan iklan yang gagal memartabatkan BM pun gagal dipantau. Pak Samad balik ah jaga cucu.
    Tadi terbaca dalam MI bahawa J/K Bersih briefing Envoys Atau wakil negara asing. Kemudian susul pulak berita Anwar brief envoy keyakinan PR menang PRU. Kata Ketuanan Rakyat tapi bagi penjelasan kata wakil negara asing.
    Teman aku kata buat cara Ah Long je, nampak mereka yang pakai baju Bersih simbah dengan CAT MERAH. Baru Ada kelas ma. Yang keluar pun berdemo kaki bangsat, pinjam duit PTPTN pun tak nak bayar.

  5. Anonymas says:

    If the issue is truly “Free & Fair Elections”, they would accept any venue offered if Dataran is not permitted. All this looks like a major propaganda stunt (well, duh).

    And if they think that the EC is unfair, just return all the five states they’ve won. But they didn’t.

    • Ah Beng Kia says:

      Hei well said Anonymous, if the issue is truly “free & Fair Elections”, then the venue does not matter.
      Its not only a propaganda stunt. Just watch out on Saturday, there will be a few jokers who will instigate the crowd and someone would just throw a molotov cocktail into the crowd and blame it on the police or BN.
      The whole idea of having this Bersih thing is to stir up emotions and violence.

  6. anon says:

    Its not about us rakyat. Its all about getting power for SABI & co no matter what

    Believe that even if Bersih got all of the 800 demands on a silver platter at the PSC/parliment, they will still want to do chaos on the street. This is to fish for votes’ momentum just like 2008 and years before.

    Maybe Bersih is not about reform or rakyat’s interest at all but just a vehicle(to generate hatred and attract votes). Its always like that with our SABI dude. Not about rakyats’ interest. Always on the streets come election time. Somemore 90% of the time overseas doing what nobody knows. Never heard him in parliment championing for rakyat(if got also its about staging walkout or “blatantly” getting suspended)

    If indeed its about us, the Bersih would clean up Pakatan’s voting process first or raise suspicion on the way so many states were won by Pakatan in 2008. If not “clean” now it shouldn’t have been clean as well in 2008.


  7. jay says:

    You are right Ah Beng Kia. I don’t understand this bersih agenda for fair elections. Even in UK, under the Public Order Acts, they have stringent requirements for demonstrations. Venues set by the authorities should be democratically accepted when the authority believes that there is a reasonable apprehension that disturbance will be caused. Let Bersih go to UK and demonstrate at Trafalgar Square or 10 Downing Street and see whether it will be allowed by the authorities.

    So, the way I see it, this is simply Bersih’s way to stir up trouble where there is non. If there were no free and fair elections … then how come PR won five states? The rakyat is not interested in demos – they are interested in reforms. Yes the reforms have been agreed upon by the government – so what’s all the fuss?

  8. Anak Malaysia says:

    Felt so damn good to see Ambiga whacked by KJ left and right, front and back, top to bottom…..her arguments are so so so childish it embarassed me to listen to her. Now I see why she won’t budge from going to Dataran Merdeka…bird brained. otak lembu kepala udang and so many morons following her….brainless followers following equally brainless leader. God save us from their likes, now and forever… 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      u went to the debate place that night ? wow!
      but, i was quite afraid that things would turn ugly during that day,
      if there is true justice, let false lies be uncovered and that people would shun the movement.

    • Super Spontan says:

      Those umno flers could have got mad-cow disease from the beef supplied by NFC.

  9. awkward moment says:

    I still remember last year July 7 Bersih 2.0 had insisted to have Stadium Merdeka as the venue, but the Government didn’t agree to it.

    This time they are given Stadium Merdeka, but they don’t want.

  10. gary says:

    Anwar takes us for ride ones in a while. But the BN has done it for 55 years!

  11. Kelawar says:

    When Muhyiddin went to Bayan Baru Penang, the support for him was so low that civil servants are told to stop working and to go show support to him. This is true and I am one of the civil servants that have to ‘ikut perintah’!!!

  12. nick najis bodo says:

    woi kelawar jgn nak menipu org la……hang ni melayu tolol

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