Tong Kooi Ong and The Edge Hedging Bet on Pakatan?

By now, multi-millionaire Tong Kooi Ong, must have heard that his financial newspaper, The Edge, has been described as the publication that is supportive of the Opposition.

That is the sentiment of the powers at Putrajaya and it is no surprise that he and his publication has become the target of Umno bloggers and pro-MCA bloggers in the Mandarin cyberworld.

The leaders of Umno and MCA are outraged at the fictitious reports filed by the publication. Either the reporters are being fed unsubstantiated information by the opposition or they are simply made up by their reporters.

In one report, the news had no byline or the name of the reporter, which has raised suspicion of the nature of the report.

The report said that Umno would take over the MCA’s transport post in the Cabinet. Well, at least, they believe that BN will form the next federal government.  They got this one right, at least.

Tong is said to be spending his time mostly in Canada, so many may give him the benefit of doubt as to whether he is aware or care two hoots about the daily operations of the newspaper but he better be aware that the complaints against The Edge are piling up on the desk of the PM.

He is now perceived as unfriendly to the BN and his history of being a crony of Anwar Ibrahim has not helped. In fact, he was Anwar’s super crony and long believed to be holding the wealth of the sodomite.

It was Anwar who helped Tong gained control of the PhileoAllied Bank and he later built the blocks of offices called Phileo Damansara. A block is said to be given to Anwar and for a while, the PKR headquarters was located there.

Tong is also accused of supporting  Nasaruddin Jalil, the former political secretary of Anwar, who had to flee Malaysia by banking in monthly expenses of over RM20,000.

He also packaged the MRCB deal for another Anwar crony Ahmad Nazri Abdullah and at the height of his link with Anwar, he threatened Tan Sri Munir Majid, then Securities Commission chief with impunitunity.

Tong even arrogantly refused to join the Malaysian Stockbrokers Association because he had direct access to Anwar.

Now, we are seeing the signs of Tong attacking Putrajaya with suspicious and fictional stories in The Edge, aimed at discrediting Umno and MCA.

BN bloggers are also watching closely the editors of The Edge said to be closed to Anwar and supportive of Pakatan Rakyat. In fact, its editors have openly condemned the PM and the BN at their meetings, according to insiders.

Some of their colleagues are in fact now running Selangor Times, the voice of the Selangor state government.

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32 Responses to Tong Kooi Ong and The Edge Hedging Bet on Pakatan?

  1. nagaman says:

    Dear Stopper, Sometime back my colleague told me – an interview was arranged for him by MDEC with Edge journo team- about helping to raise awareness to problems faced by my sector to a level where public and government will understand and appreciate the problems so action can be taken to solve them.
    However when the article was slanting towards an aggressive attack, not a balance picture that had been given, with ‘words put in my mouth’ . M colleague told me about it and i advised him to stop the interview as there”s been other instances when the EDGE was deliberately being anti establishment with a hidden agenda, using people like him. My friend stop the interview.

    The EDGE was so anti anything government and their reach goes into organisations like technology and innovation oriented government agencies . These senior execs in these agencies, who were paid high salaries by the Govt can happily slam the govt over tea with the EDGE journos. Such parasites who want to suck the best of everything have THE EDGE sniggering away with scoop stories , paid for. And they are still there serving the government agencies wit fat salaries.

    THe EDGE , yes , do have a hidden agenda but pretending to be vocal about truth and freedom of expression, my ass.

    Bloody bunch of hypocrites have always been against any good government policies and to hide their true agenda they use individuals with credentials and articles by or on them – or whoever have anything to say to slam or degrade the government. Of course the govt man in charge is always the last to know – and praise the EDGE… huhuhuu…stupidity deserve the EDGE.


    • Sheamus says:

      Educate more the vast majority whom we rarely heard of any complaints or grouses by them about the one (Umno/BN) who caused so much problems on the nation.We,especially the PKR and PAS must work harder now in rural and remote areas to achieve the goal and not wait till the nation go bankrupt.. tamat riwayat… completely die already. Lawan tetap lawan for the sake of our nation. ABU!

      • belang says:

        the one you called a problem is actually the one that enable you to hit your damned keyboard. Come GE13, PAS and PKR will rot away without a tombstone. Only the liwatis vote for PAS & PKR @PR

        • Anonymous says:

          With 500,000 dubious voters in Selangor, your dream will be made reality by EC!

          • belang says:

            Your bark is unreasonable. Last time it was mismah whom made the headlines and proof to be a hoax generated by PR spin machines. Now dubious voters? Care to give us the example?

      • Anonymas says:

        “We,especially the PKR and PAS must work harder now in rural and remote areas…”

        Meanwhile in the deepest darkest Kelantan, the Orang Asli is neglected. TGNA gave zero shits (yes, he said this to the media)

    • These bloody pukimaks should be rounded up and thrown onto the heavy traffic at the highway passing Phileo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear PM Najib,

    If you want to win big and do better than 2004 in this coming 13th General Election, all you have to do is give assurance to the Rakyat (people) that you will ‘gempar’ them and take action on the following essentials:

    1. Issue a warrant of arrest to your good friend Abdul Razak Baginda and charge him in court for abetting in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu – yes again. The rakyat really suspect he is guilty of abetting the murder as he was the main player and benefited the most in the Scorpene acquisition. Actually, some of the rakyat even suspect you and your wife, Rosmah Mansor, but one step at a time. Whatever it is, this action against Baginda might clear a little of the scandal off you, and decrease the negativity from your credibility in the murder.

    2. Arrest Samy Vellu immediately for the MAIKA, MIED and Telekom share scandal and charge him in court. The Indians will come back in droves to support you, regardless of Hindraf, and you will gain the confidence of the Indians voters when you march into GE-13.

    3. Fast forward the PKFZ scandal in courts to find Ling Leong Sik guilty and send him to jail immediately. This will make the Chinese sit up and watch while the Malays will be really proud of you and reward you when they vote.

    4. Send Khir Toyo to jail for corruption and sack him from UMNO, he was appointed by Mahathir Mohamad as the Menteri Besar and this doesn’t augur well for the ex-PM’s credibility. By taking this action you might even win Selangor without working too hard, as you have claimed to be on the ‘verge’ of doing so. A win will tremendously boost your image because you are the Barisan Nasional Leader for Selangor.

    5. Sack Shahrizat Jalil immediately from all posts in UMNO and freeze all assets of the NFC as well as the privately-owned firms of her family that are connected to NFC until every cent is accounted for. This might vindicate you from the Kazakhstan condo scandal that is brewing and about to erupt. It will also sky-rocket your ratings within UMNO and with the rakyat and give the Opposition a heart attack!

    6. Come clean on your wife’s spending as well as show evidence of the return of the US$24 million diamond ring back to New York. Also, you must be brave and make it a point to put your wife on a leash always. If need be, you must not be scared to put a muzzle on her mouth area. You have to show the rakyat that you are above her in all matters concerning your office as well as declare to the rakyat that the First Lady of Malaysia is actually the Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong, the King’s wife. Your wife is just the Prime Minister’s wife.

    You know something Mr Prime Minister, if you actually did this, the women’s vote will all be yours and this will help you tremendously to win with the two-thirds majority that we know you and Umno have all but given up on. Why? Sorry to say this but your wife is the most hated person after Mahathir in Malaysia.

    7. Apologize publicly for the Perak coup de et-ad and admit it was a grave mistake. This will help to you to retain Perak again. Also, while you are at it, give a tight slap on the face to Hee Yit Foong which will please all the Chinese in Perak. They may vote for you after that.

    8. Fulfill all of BERSIH 2.0′s 8 electoral reforms without prejudice. Show the people you are sincere in electoral reform and you do not need to cheat to win.

    9. This is a real challenge. And it will eith break you or make you a champion. Arrest! Mahathir Mohamed for all the corruption he was involved in his 22 years of rule. The power is now in your hands. Can you do it?

    If yes, then you win hands down, regardless Pakatan Rakyat and their hugely talented team. You will get the entire backing of the rakyat and a mandate that will be hard to beat by any other UMNO chief for decades to come.

    10. And finally, get rid of PERKASA and stay clear away from Hassan Ali and JATI. And most of all, declare you are ‘Malaysian First and Malay Second’ – not like that Muhyiddin Yassin who tried to be ‘funny’ and bully the non-Malays but look where he is now. So, uphold a fair 1 MALAYSIA for all races in Malaysia.

    The People’s Champion

    If you can really implement all these suggestions you will be” The Peoples Champion” and you can ride on for another TWO Terms on this euphoria alone.

    But the chances are, you will not be able fulfill ANY of these suggestions. So you will have to resign yourself to the idea that you will lose control lof both UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

    Pakatan Rakyat will be ready to form the next Government. Hopefully, for once you might do something outstanding by being a Formidable Opposition to them.

    • belang says:

      You have a whole list of things you wish for the current government to do but i have a simple request for you:
      1. We do not want bisexual to be our PM.
      2. We do not want a racist bigots in the government

      can you agree with the term?

    • Some of the things you are accusing cannot stand up in court. As for Perak, I think it was the Sultan himself who did not approve of an opposition state government. He is the sultan, so if he doesn’t want you, you better go. Lucky it’s modern times because in the olden days, they would chop off your head. Anyway, events later proved that those Pakatan leaders were totally not fit to administer Perak and BN taking over was a good move, for the benefit of most of the rakyat.

    • Pakatan will never form the federal government because the majority of voters and the rakyat in Malaysia are wise enough not to fall for their empty promises and glaring lack of integrity and capability to govern properly.

      • anung says:

        janji manis macam tebu di bibir
        tapi bila nak buat diam diam

        BN is an action govt and has been an action based govt
        for people

        Pakatan is a do anything fittings
        for themselves

    • ray says:

      Wow the famous 10 commandments from the super DAP.

      It definitely shows a disconnect from reality. The point of PERCEPTION is undeniably from a chinese supremacy who is brainwashed to dream the impossible dream. Motivated in the capacity of a ‘katak bawah tempurung’.

      His list of “enemies” have not been proven guilty simply because it was cooked up as a bestseller for spinning – to instigate the rakyat to reject UMNO.

      I almost believed that it was the alternative to JK Rowling “Harry Potter” – it contains the same ingredients – FICTION.

    • ZooL says:

      A very very very long lists indeed. Those aren’t factors that will determine Najib’s fate at the election box. They are ceramah topics for PR’s leaders to goreng.

  3. Jangan lupa kes NFC says:

    Karier politik Ketua Wanita Umno, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil sepatutnya sudah berakhir dengan skandal lembu NFC yang menyebabkan kerugian wang rakyat sebanyak RM250 juta. Tetapi beliau diselamatkan Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    Tindakan Najib menyelamatkan Shahrizat, menyebabkan ada kalangan pemimpin Umno di peringkat Majlis Tertinggi, negeri, bahagian, malah dari kalangan Pergerakan Wanita Umno terutamanya, terpingga-pingga dibuatnya.

    Mungkin mereka tidak tahu sebab apa Najib selamatkan Shahrizat walaupun dari segi faktanya, jelas Shahrizat merugikan masa depan Umno.

    Pada pandangan rakyat yang boleh membuat agakkan dan penilaian, ada kemungkinan ianya berkaitan dengan pembelian kondo mewah yang dikatakan bernilai RM1.7 juta di Kazakhstan.

    Orang-orang Umno tidak boleh menerima dakwaan mengatakan kondo tersebut dibeli Shahrizat, kerana hubungan akrab beliau dengan PM dan isteri yang bakal menerima menantu dari negara tersebut. Tetapi mereka boleh menerima hujah bahawa memang NFC tiada keperluan berniaga lembu dengan Kazakhstan.

    NFC jelas tidak mempunyai urusan perniagaan lembu di Kazakhstan, orang Kazakhstan pun tidak berminat membeli lembu Asia, tetapi mungkin juga NFC boleh memberi alasan, bahawa mereka bakal mempunyai kepentingan jangka panjang di negara bekas jajahan takluk Rusia tersebut.

    Bukan saja di Kazakhstan, NFC juga tidak harus ada hubungan dengan perniagaan hartanah, sama ada membeli kondo mewah One Menerung di Kuala Lumpur atau di Singapura.

    Memang sudah ada pendakwaan terhadap pemilik NFC iaitu suami Shahrizat, yang didakwa menyalahgunakan dana NFC untuk tujuan selain peniagaan lembu. Tetapi Shahrizat selaku menteri dan Ketua Wanita Umno sewaktu dana RM250 juta kepada syarikat milik keluarganya, tetap bersalah dan harus dipertanggungjawabkan.

    Pada 8 April lepas, Shahrizat terpaksa melepaskan jawatan menteri kerana pelantikan senatornya sudah tamat tempoh. Tetapi masih kekal sebagai Ketua Wanita Umno di atas kehendak Presidennya.

    Walaupun terselamat, tetapi Shahrizat “berada dalam nyawa-nyawa ikan”. Tiada siapa dalam wanita Umno yang mempedulikan arahan Presiden Umno. Mereka, khususnya Naib Ketua kepada Shahrizat, Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim, terus menyerang dan tetap beranggapan bahawa ketuanya adalah liabiliti kepada Umno.

    Kamilia akur dengan kehendak Najib mengekalkan Shahrizat, tetapi masih terus mengulangi pendiriannya menolak Shahrizat, dan pada pandangannya Shahrizatlah yang menyebabkan Wanita Umno menerima gelaran lembu.

    Mengapa Wanita Umno tidak suka menerima gelaran lembu? Mungkin barangkali kerana mengikut tafsiran orang-orang Melayu zaman dulu, jika mereka melabel seseorang yang dungu, mereka akan mengatakan kepada orang yang dungu itu “bodoh macam lembu”.

    Mungkin Wanita Umno lebih bijak daripada lembu. Maka dengan sebab itu mereka tidak mahu digelar lembu dan tidak mahu diperbodohkan oleh taukeh lembu yang menjadi ketua mereka.

    Tetapi suatu hakikat yang diterima Wanita Umno ialah, mempertahankan Shahrizat merupakan suatu “disaster” atau mala petaka buat mereka. Ini yang ditakuti bekas Menteri Kewangan dan bekas Bendahari Umno, Tun Daim Zainuddin.

    Secara terbuka Daim mengatakan bahawa Umno-BN akan musnah akibat skandal lembu (cowgate scandal).

    Justeru Kamilia tidak mempunyai pilihan lain, selain menentang Shahrizat bagi jawatan Ketua Wanita Umno dalam pemilihan yang akan diadakan tahun ini, jika Shahrizat terus menyinsing lengannya untuk berlawan.

    Jika Shahrizat hendak melawan pun tiada gunanya. Sudah tidak ada sebab hendak merebut jawatan dalam parti yang hampir karam. Umno akan karam kerana sudah tiada orang yang cerdik hendak mengemudinya.

    Hal ini pun secara tidak langsung diakui bekas PM dan bekas Presiden Umno, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang mengatakan, golongan cerdik pandai sekarang ini sudah tidak mahu menyertai Umno. Banyak profesional yang masuk PAS dan parti pembangkang yang lain.

    Dalam erti kata lain, yang tinggal dalam Umno atau yang masih sudi masuk Umno, hanyalah orang-orang yang seperti, diumpamakan oleh orang Melayu macam lembu tadi.

    Menyedari ketelanjuran ini, Umno tidak mahu mengaku salah, Umno tidak mahu surrender. Malah mereka cuba membersihkan nama yang sudah busuk dengan cuba mencari pembida baru mengambil alih operasi NFC.

    Tindakan ini dilihat, jelas bertujuan untuk menutup secepat mungkin skandal lembu tanpa merungkai soal pertanggungjawaban terhadap BN. Apakah selama ini Malaysia ditadbir secara “Pak Pandir” yang buta-buta memberi wang rakyat sebanyak RM250 juta kepada kroni?

    Jika pun Shahrizat sudah tidak menjadi menteri dan kalah dalam pertandingan Ketua Wanita Umno, masalah dan kepincangan dalam urusan NFC tidak boleh ditutup atau dilupuskan.Ianya adalah kecuaian kerajaan, kecuaian Umno.

    Kita ingatkan kepada mereka bahawa, mungkin bangkai seekor lembu boleh ditutup, tetapi bagaimana hendak menutup bangkai sekawan lembu yang jumlahnya hampir sama dengan jumlah perwakilan Wanita Umno?

    • belang says:

      ‘golongan cerdik pandai sekarang ini sudah tidak mahu menyertai Umno’ oleh Tun M dulu ditujukan semasa zaman paklah. Cuba update sikit dengan komen tu bagi tak nampak kebodohan sendiri.

      Yg masih bersama pr adalah lebih teruk dari lembu, lembu sendiri mungkin megah lebih bijak berbanding ahli2 PR. Adakah ahli2 pr ini menunggu sehingga diri sendiri diliwat baru hendak sedar? Atau mereka sendiri merelakan diri diliwat sehingga menyebabkan kerosakan otak yang sangat teruk? Apakah yg dibanggakan dengan buku jingga yang tiada konsep perekonomian yang jelas. Rasuah malaysia makin merudum indeksnya setelah 4 negeri ini jatuh ketangan mereka. Konsep tender terbuka hanya omongan kosong sedangkan PR sendiri melahap projek2 tersebut. Jangan lah menipu rakyat, fakta dongeng PR hanya layak dibakulsampahkan.

      • Mungkin belum terlewat untuk pencinta-pencinta liwat ini untuk bertaubat kerana memuja seorang pemimpin yang nyata munafiq.
        Di zaman Saidina Ali, munafiq begini akan segera dipancung.

    • ray says:

      Pakatan telah menabur FITNAH terlalu lama. DS Najib sendiri dan ahli keluarga telah menjadi mangsa beberapa kali.

      Tanpa bukti yang nyata, pakatan telah PAKAT PAKAT menuduh dan mencaci DS Najib – siap dengan gambar yang di-photoshopped sebagai “bukti”. Inilah cara kotor pakatan untuk merampas kuasa.

      Sebab tu, tanpa bukti yang kukuh dan nyata, DS Najib “bo layan lah”.

  4. Johara says:

    Lagu paling best.
    Pasti meletup di Juara Lagu 2012!

    • belang says:

      lagu ‘Mari Ubah Posisi’…. ost dari filem “Papaku Hebat” lakonan mantap anwar ibrahim feat khaldi samid and gang. Gerenti hits johara, i bet my 25 cucuk satay!

  5. Abdullah says:

    I may give Pakatan Rakyat a try… but not with the hypocrite “kote bengkok” as the Prime Minister… Never.. never..

    • Zoos says:

      I might give Pakatan a try…but not with the racist Lim family still leading the DAP….Never…never…

    • Wonderboy says:

      Why fix if its ain’t broken?

      Unless the current government is so hopeless like those in some Arab and African countries, I don’t see the need for the change.

      Ask yourselves. Are you starving because you have no job ? Is the government going around killing its citizen? Are your kids not going to school and universities?

      Talk to foreigners from countries which REALLY have hopeless government and COMPARE their situation with OUR situation?

      Don’t be like a monkey. Monkey see, monkey do. They don’t know WHY they are doing it.


      • bee says:

        Yes. On the dot wonderboy. Good one

        The “complainants” should go to neighboring Asean or other world countries and see/benchmark for themselves and see how fortunate we all are, all these years. Even better they should go to the mat salleh countries to compare.

        One should also see and analyse Bersih participants. Do they really know what they are”fighting’ for. Do they really “care” whether the govt has agreed and gave their demands a fair approval. Are they just suka suka guys from suburbs/kampungs in for a happy hour time FOC.
        Or are the organisors really fighting for they claim for or is it just a charade for purpose of raising a rally/reformasi to win votes(SABI’s signature style) and not for the benefit of rakyats.

        You see they have so far raised 3 excuses for reformasi pre election
        1. Gay right
        2. PTPN loan(no matter how ludicrous it seems)
        3. and “juicy” BERSIH

    • Anonymas says:

      “Do or do not. There is not try” – Yoda from Star Wars

      Oh hell, their ‘try’ period is over already. 4 years since 2008, what did they do? They’re losing allies and supporters left and right. Time to hit the dirt, PR

  6. anon says:

    Dear all

    Just noticed a trend, just in case if the pattern can confirm anything.

    That the cybertroopers’ posting are only done during office hours.
    Weekends no posting. Monday, they came alive
    And their posting also seems to be unusually longer now(perhaps a minimum quota instruction)

    BN friendly guys, ppost mostly after office hours(voluntarily lah)


    • ray says:

      Yeah, they are the paid press secretaries, instucted to counter the TRUTH and spin ala Harry Potter with imagined powers of magic.

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