Bersih 3.0 is jumping the gun

Source: The Malaysian Insider

Consider this. Between Bersih 1.0 and 2.0, four years passed with no action on the demands of the group by the authorities. Between Bersih 2.0 in July last year and now, a parliamentary select committee (PSC) was formed; both Opposition and government representatives took part, held extensive public consultations, and recommended 22 measures to improve the conduct of elections, in the process agreeing with seven of the eight demands of Bersih.

Consider this, too. No dates for the next general election have been announced, the head of the Election Commission (EC) has publicly promised to take steps to implement the recommendations of the PSC speedily. Yet the leader of Bersih, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan has announced a Bersih 3.0 sit-in at Dataran Merdeka on April 28 because they are convinced that the government will hold elections before the recommendations of the PSC are implemented by the EC.

While it is apparent that there is significant public support for the cause of improving the conduct of elections, in light of the above, it must be asked whether the largely civil society base of Bersih supporters are being taken for a partisan ride in favour of opposition politicians by committing to yet another demonstration that might be premature.

Fair-minded voters, or fence sitters if you like, are bound to ask the question of why the worst should be always thought of the designs of Barisan Nasional when in this instance they seem to be doing pretty much what Bersih had originally demanded.

Just because in some instances, like the Peaceful Assembly Act and the ISA replacement act, the government seems to be talking with a forked tongue should not mean that even when they are doing something right, they should be demonised because of their past history.

From hanging chads in the US presidential elections to vote buying in India, no democracy is seen to be conducting perfectly clean elections. Incumbents will always try and manipulate the process to their advantage, and losers will always complain. Clean elections are always a work in progress. Nevertheless, governments do change through the ballot box, even when the odds are overwhelmingly in favour of the incumbent.

Now that most of their demands have been met, for Bersih to insist that unless they are met within a timeframe of their choosing or they will take to the streets immediately smacks of a political vendetta. If Bersih is truly apolitical it must acknowledge that the tremendous success of its campaign for free and fair elections has a lot to do with the efforts put in by both sides of the political divide.

If it does acknowledge this, why the unseemly rush to have a protest? Demonstrate only when all other options have been exhausted, not when the other side is responding to your demands. Otherwise Bersih runs the risk of alienating the very people it is meant to be representing by appearing to have a political rather than a civil agenda.

If the government has any real communication strategy, it should be about reassuring Bersih and the ordinary voter of its time bound commitment to implementing the PSC recommendations. If Bersih still insists on going ahead, they should bend over backwards to facilitate it, knowing that only partisan opposition supporters would attend, successfully positioning Bersih as a Pakatan Rakyat organisation rather than a civil society movement.

On the other hand, for Bersih to carry on its crusade while being seen to be above the political fray, it should positively acknowledge the progress made on its demands by both political coalitions, while continuing to publicly press for further reforms. There is a reason why a carrot and stick policy always yields better returns than just the stick.

Street demonstrations this soon after the PSC recommendations could turn the overwhelming popular success of Bersih 2.0 into the worst possible failure: Popular indifference to Bersih 3.0.

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82 Responses to Bersih 3.0 is jumping the gun

  1. PeminatRocky says:

    Bro… I say let them have the Dataran for that day. In fact Police should give them a permit.
    A week after that, PERKASA and other NGOs ask for permit to rally at Permatang Pauh and KOMTAR, simultaneously.

    The cause for rally? We can figure that out..what do you say? Agreed?

    • LockyBru says:

      Just like the headline of Utusan today, spewing hatred and lies.
      Reporting in Utusanhas a racially biased tone tending to be racist in approach on reporting. Politically fueled to give injustice justice and fooling majority of the people ordered by Bee Ann’s…… usual always giving ‘justice’ to injustice by the regime. Maybe CIJ should also study on this aspect on the major newspaper.

      • Saleha says:

        Utusan Malaysia antara empat akhbar yang konsisten menggambarkan himpunan Bersih 2.0 pada 9 Julai lalu secara negatif, kata pemerhati media hari ini.

        Ding Jo-Ann, wakil daripada Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) memberitahu Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) bahawa kajian semasa liputan media di himpunan Bersih 2.0 mendapati kumpulan reformasi pilihan raya tidak diberikan liputan secukupnya.

        “Laporan-laporan Utusan, misalnya terlalu negatif, menakutkan. Terdapat serangan peribadi terhadap (Datuk) Ambiga (Sreenevasan), satu usaha bersepadu untuk menggambarkan Bersih adalah jahat.

        “Liputan Utusan akan menguatkan penggunaan kekerasaan ke atas peserta Bersih 2.0,” katanya kepada Pesuruhjaya Suhakam Datuk Dr Khaw Lake Tee dan Detta Seman.

        Kajian dijalankan CIJ bermula dari 25 Jun hingga 11 Julai, kata Ding, hanya tiga peratus laporan Utusan menyiarkan kata-kata dari penganjur Bersih sementara bakinya memaparkan pihak-pihak yang menentang himpunan Bersih 2.0.

        “Walaupun Utusan melaporkan laporan daripada sumber-sumber tanpa nama yang menuduh Bersih dibiayai oleh organisasi asing, kumpulan Kristian,” tambah Ding.

        Secara perbandingan. katanya, akhbar lain seperti New Straits Times, The Star, dan The Sun memberi liputan yang agak baik tetapi masih berkurangan.

        “Pembaca biasa akan mendapati sukar untuk mengerti tujuan (himpunan 9 Julai) dari akhbar-akhabr ini,” tambahnya.

        Himpunan Bersih kali ketiga untuk pilihan raya bersih dan adil akan diadakan pada pukul 2 petang hingga 4 petang di Dataran Merdeka pada 28 April ini.

        Kali ini, perhimpunan akan diadakan serentak di seluruh negara yang mungkin akan memberikan tekanan kepada kerajaan untuk bersetuju dengan permintaan agar melakukan reformasi sistem pilihan raya secara keseluruhannya.

        Himpunan Bersih 2.0 pada 9 Julai 2011, menjadi huru-hara apabila pihak berkuasa menggunakan gas pemedih mata dan meriam air untuk menghuraikan peserta perhimpunan.

        Jalan-jalan utama di ibu negara telah dibanjiri peserta Bersih 2.0 sejak awal pagi walaupun amaran tangkapan telah dikeluarkan.

        Lebih daripada 1,600 orang telah ditahan termasuk pemimpin Bersih 2.0 dan wakil rakyat parti pembangkang tetapi perhimpunan itu dikatakan berjaya berdasarkan jumlah peserta dan publisiti yang diperoleh dari dalam dan luar negara.

        Kerajaan dengan segera menggubal undang-undang baru iaitu Akta Perhimpunan Aman selepas himpunan Bersih 2.0 dan membentuk Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Parlimen (PSC) untuk reformasi pilihan raya, namun Bersih 2.0 percaya langkah itu kurang berkesan.

        Ambiga mengatakan 22 cadangan PSC gagal untuk menyelesaikan masalah-masalah yang berlaku dalam sistem pilihan raya negara.

        • Ibrahim Alias says:

          22 cadangan belum dicuba tapi dah kata gagal?

          • 1Malaysia says:

            Just Change, For Malaysia.
            Berubah, Untuk Malaysia.

      • Peminatrocky says:

        I hate political opportunism from both sides.. That’s hatred for me on this issue.

    • X-men 2.0 says:

      Bersih 3.0 to be followed by Tsunami 2.0, and then culminating in Malaysia 2.0.

      I did march with Bersih 1 and Hindraf and missed Bersih 2 but will surely march at Bersih 3.

      When citizens keep marching in any country…dictators..robbers and thieves will all fall and be caught…sooner or later.

      It pricks the conscience to all citizens ….seeing thousands sacrifice so much for country and people.

      Malaysians know the marches are done because so much corruption and murder cases …..all not solved….clearly shows the Govt. have plenty to hide….and People Power demands TRUTHS to be out in the open.

      43 cities all over the world …including nine from Malaysia will do a BERSIH 3 gig. and carry babies to show how much he cares..are all hypocritical acting if he dare not participate.

      He should ask Nazri and Hisham to apologize to Ambiga.

      We all know….that is impossible for BERSIH is opposite to KOTOR which they are.

      Once umno B and Najib becomes BERSIH….many will go to jail and repent….especially Najib and Mamak.

      B-bring back our dignity & rights
      E-eliminate those election cheaters and schemers.
      R-rci project ic and phantom voters
      S-sit and protest for fair election
      I-independent election observers from other countries
      H-hinder evildoers from eroding our rights and freedom
      3-three musketeers – all for one and one for all

      • Guan Eng says:

        Bersih has lost it ideals and cause. It is a political ploy as feared by others early on. I was very symphathetic to Bersih when it was first launched followed by Hindraf. Then when Bersih 2 came despite widespread concerns over security i began to waver as I see a lot of political opportunism by opposition leaders. I was quite happy when the government established the Select Commmittee. But when the opposition politicians rejected it without giving it a chance even for adoption, it smells of political opportunism again. The fact that the 22proposals is not yet given its due action and Bersih 3is now being arranged, is again another case of opportunism by the opposition.

        This begs a question, was it ever intended as an election reform initiative or again a politically motivated event since day one…

        • Muhyiddin says:

          Saya tak faham, tapi saya nak jadi PM, hee hee!

          • IdioticBoy says:

            Kslsu tak faham, kau nak apa kan? Demonstrasi? Jadi maksudnya yg tak tahu menahu la yang selalunya pi demonstrasi.. Macam pakcik yang kena tipu dan meninggal di Avenue K.

      • 人民的心声 says:



      • HBK says:

        We 100% Support Ambiga Sreenevasan 我们全力支持安美嘉!!!

      • Adil Yunas says:

        Najib Administration must invite International Election Observers to monitor our next general elections to ensure its credibility and the legitimacy of the next government. If even Burma dare to invite international election observers, why cant Malaysia?

      • Cicak says:

        Changes pave way for a dirtest elections yet, says Bersih co-chair.

        Election watchdog Bersih condemned the amendments to the Election Offences Act 1954, which it said paved the way for the dirtiest general election yet.

        Chief among its concern, are four changes the to Act, which Bersih says will inevitably make the voting process less transparent.

        One of the changes, to Section 26 1(e), effectively rules outs candidates or their staff from verifying IC numbers of voters which is vital to detect phantom or multiple voters.

        “Part of Section 26 1(e) which allowed for the checking of identities of anyone entering the polling centre has been removed altogether.

        “The means that candidates and their staff are not allowed verify identities of voters or even to check if they are at the correct polling stations,” said Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga.

        She added that the current 50-metre exclusion zone from the polling centres has now been extended to 100 metres or any distance that the EC may deem fit.

        “This makes it impossible for election monitors to spot illegal going ons and it also makes it impossible to see if voters are marked with indelible ink after they have cast their votes.

        “What’s the point of the indelible ink? Who is know if these voters are voting for the second time under the new amendments?” asked Ambiga.

        Wong Piang Yow, founder of Tindak Malaysia, who has been training independent polling agents for the past year said the amendments have made all the training redundant.

        Changes have also been made to sitting the distance of polling or the counting agents at polling centres. The changes were gazetted on Feb 14 along with the use of indelible ink.

        Agents now are only allowed to sit about 10 metres away from where polling takes place. Wong argued that this distance made it close to impossible to identify if the voter was a valid one.

        The other changes

        Other changes to the Election Offences Act 1954 which could cause a hindrance to election observers are:
        •To Section 14 1 (A) which now allows the Election Commission to allocate time slots to determine when a candidate’s polling agents or counting agents may be present.

        Candidates no longer fix a time when an agent is allowed into the polling station. The EC is free to remove the agents from polling stations.

        Both Bersih and Tindak argued that polling agents are providing their services on a voluntary basis and may not be available for the time slots which the EC dictates.
        •To Section 26 A (sub-sections 2 and 3 which are deleted) which now means that there will be no more Barong Observers.

        Barong Observers are the only outsiders besides EC staff allowed to vet the IC numbers. It serves as a “preliminary screening” to weed out phantom voters.

        This amendment, says Bersih, is a “major blow” to plans to weed out phantom voters as only EC personnel are now allowed to check ICs.
        •Section 11, which requires all printed materials to have names and addresses of the printers and publishers, is removed.

        Ambiga said that anyone now can put up “anonymous defamatory, racist or sexist posters” (during campaigning) without identifying the publisher or the printer.

        “These amendments, introduced at this late stage and bulldozed through parliament, makes a mockery of our electoral process.

        “It also makes a mockery of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) as these amendments were hidden from them,” said Ambiga, referring to the committes’s findings and recommendations to the government earlier this month.

        Ambiga said that she had no doubt that these changes will be enforced before the upcoming poll due to the “unholy haste” in which the bill was passed yesterday in the lower house.

        “Let (the government) come out and say otherwise. Let them say that this bill will not effect the process of the coming elections,” she said.

        Bersih, said Ambiga, reiterates its call for the EC office bearers to resign immediately as it has failed to uphold the people’s demands of a free and fair elections.

        “In fact it is unashamedly doing the opposite,” she said. “If anyone had any doubt that Bersih 3.0 is necessary, that doubt is now dispelled with this latest move.”

        “These amendments confirm our worst fears that the 13th general election will be the dirtiest yet,” she added.

    • Niamah says:

      The award for most hilarious ironic statement of the day goes to Muhyiddin Yasin when he rubbished Anwar Ibrahim’s proposals to abolish the PTPTN using money generated by Petronas. This is what your deputy prime minister said….
      “If WE squeeze Petronas dry, what do WE have? Do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

      Funny or not? Can laugh sampai mati I tell you.

      • Patrick Stupid says:

        How can abolishing the ptptn help student indebtedness? No ptptn means there would be no money for students to continue tertiary education. Was that what Anwar’s actual intention is?

        Majority of students dont have clans or foundations to loan them money.

        I see the proposal as a racial attempt.

        And thid article above is about Bersih and the election system not about education or scholarship…


    • Clean Clean Clean says:

      BERSIH 3.0 video:

      share this video to all RAKYATS !!! go to hell with goverment that dont care to their people !!! go to hell to BN !!! you willl go down this time !!! enough is enough NAJIB !!!

    • Apa Mau Lagi says:

      What else they want? Pakai otak lah sikit. If the election is so unfair, how can they win kelantan, penang, selangor, kedah and FT. surely some or a few of the pakatan fellas can think. tak kan semua bodoh? saya lupa, depa caya itu bukan anwar. kalau itu pun caya, sah depa bodoh semua.

    • Aidil Yunus says:

      Guys don’t get me wrong I am all for Bersih but how bersih is bersih?

      Bersih is pretty much advocating some very valid points and some are totally ridiculous as if they are trying to preemptive any possibilities of PR losing badly.

      If our election is so dirty please explain how on earth tsunami 2008 happened? Please explain how on earth by elections were at first siding the PR as how I was post tsunami 08. Matter of fact PR start losing because they proved that they can possibly be worse than Mahathir with gag order etc.

      People keep saying how pendatang get their citizenship. Guess what my sister in law her parents been in this country for thirty years and they are still red ic holder. I am aware how many Indonesian unable to get citizenship. So please bring prove. Give us these people name and ic numbers. Because if it is proven for real you don’t have to be PR supporters to run amok. Every single citizens will run amok with you.

      Amazingly time and time again we keep tarnishing the image of our country. From claiming how we don’t have freedom of speech to how we don’t have fair election. Yes we can always improve but no I don’t think it is right to create unneccessary issues to portray that we are such a bad country.

      Let us all ask for fair election. Let us all start with how political parties conduct their election. But which parties conducting their elections fair and square ah???

      • anon says:

        actually ahh
        it is so obvious by now

        there are just good at creating issues and fitnah
        mater of fact they WANT to have issues
        to be seem to be FIGHTING for something
        the issues spinned, true or tipu are also not relevant to our rakyat’s day to day needs and requirement

        it will not matter also if the issues will have a bad multiplier effect on all of us and our children in a long long time, so long they or their family member win

        but when given a chance to govern they have failed miserably.
        or prove to be bigger wolf, hungry for land on the back of “cooperation” with the developers

    • Umi Dara says:

      This Election Commission chief is not only liar for UMNO, he is a low down traitor to the nation and a bloody criminal! Make him answerable to all his “crimes” if Pakatan took Putrajaya and cage him in Zoo Negara!

    • Too Bak Kia says:

      The BN goons have from the start already made up their minds not to allow Bersih 3.0, thus the contradictions from one department to another.

      The home minister says “no threat”. Police think otherwise. DBKL comes up with the stupid reason “Dataran Merdeka for only national events”.

      The way I look at it, PM Najib Razak and his ministers are not sincere at all. I believe they are now planning how to act in the event that Bersih 3.0 carries on with its ‘sit-in’.

      One thing for sure is that they are going to prevent all and sundry from getting to Dataran Merdeka. Mark my words – all routes leading to Dataran will be completely sealed.

      Bersih 3.0 has to come up with Plan B to counter the action waiting for them on Saturday. May God help us all against the tyranny of the current government.

  2. andi says:

    AAAIIIII agree on that not only in permatang pauh but also in dataran shah alam or dataran masjid shah alam, lets ware black, to show the sadness how malaysia lose their honour to someone like bersih non political ngo but have all the leader of haram coalation.

  3. Anonymas says:

    Huh……tak sabar-sabar. Changes are being implemented. What more do they want? The needs are in fact being addressed. They should wait it out. Like…the car is still being repaired by the mechanic, but you’re so impatient to drive it that if it’s not finished, you’re going to destroy the car itself.

    Rather than Duduk Bantah why not just Duduk Rumah and do something better with your time? BN lost in a lot of seats, 5 states fell into PR hands but they did not complain. They just manned up and accepted defeat. You don’t see them making a calamity like Bersih folk.

    Again, what more do they want?

    • Tuah says:

      you can duduk rumah waiting for PM to announce durian runtuh on the Felda Global Ventures Holdings’ (FGVH) listing. However, Felda settlers will not get any incentive payment from the FGVH listing, instead they will be forced to take up loans to buy shares in the company. So duduk di rumah, rumah runtuh pulak!!!!

    • Cannot jump the gun says:

      Electoral reform coalition Bersih 2.0 has unearthed more instances of fraud in the latest electoral roll ahead of its April 28 rally, including 24,105 voters in Sabah and Sarawak allegedly re-registered in Selangor.

      During a press conference today in Kuala Lumpur, the Bersih 2.0 steering committee claimed that 15,520 Sabah voters and 8,585 Sarawak voters had been registered twice in Selangor in the latest electoral roll updated until first quarter of 2012.

      Like that how to jump the gun?

      • Jumpyourgun says:

        Well that is simple. Now that it has been uncovered, let’s tackle it. If you still go to the streets, what is your attention, solving the double registration issue or out having fun at other’s expense.

        Now tell me how we can solve that finding by Bersih about the double registration between Sabah/Sarawak and Selangor? By congregating in Dataran?

        And if there is fraud with voters in Selangor, well look at who benefitted from it now? Last I checked, Pakatan is the ruling government in Selangor.

        • Sudik says:

          Bersih 3.0 = aman

          Jangan bawa samseng Umno buat kacau!

          • Kheiry says:

            Takda mana pon ahli umno kacau bersih satu dan dua… Yang ada si bodoh buat buat mati dan sembahyang tengah jalan… Melayu bangang ketawa dek org lain je

    • anon says:

      Actually, to answer you Anonymas, they probably just want an excuse to go to the streets, via Pak Awar’s fighting style, and pump up the momentum hence fishing for votes just like the successful 2008.

      So the Bersih agenda, though attended to in the highest order by the ruling govt is just a farce.

      It may be just for winning election purpose. Not about you and me and us all.
      See howlah the states won previously (through the alleged ‘Kotor” polls back then and still also now) have been administered. Any better, any worse? Have all the promises and ideal slogans fulfilled and adhered to?

      If the election does not materialise in June 2012,and postponed to early 2013 they’ll most probably do a Bersih 4 walkabout end of this year.

      or 5,6,7,8,9,10 years after years pre-any elections.

    • Rafizi says:

      EC is up to something fishy again and in this case, the timing could not be better-right before GE13. The removal of non-partisan Barong Observers is inexcusable. Of course, EC has to please its corrupt masters, who want to ensure victory in the coming election. By rigging the votes, the PM will definitely win unless BERSIH’s condtions concerning certain changes to EC for honesty and transparency, are met. Otherwise, BN will still have the upper hand.

  4. I am very happy to receive all the goodies from BN, only once every 4 years menjelang PRU. I am recovering from all the income tax I have paid to BN. But I will still vote for Pakatan! Ubah!!!

  5. Deep throat says:

    Off the top of your head and in 10 seconds, can you name five Barisan Nasional (BN) women politicians and another five from Pakatan Rakyat (PR)?

    When this question was posed to people, only stalwarts like Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Datuk Seri Sharizat Jalil, Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen came to mind.

    At the same time, the names of PR’s women leaders such as Nurul Izzah Anwar, Hannah Yeoh, Elizabeth Wong, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Teresa Kok came more readily to respondents.

    The invisibility of the women in BN does not bode well for the coalition, especially when the youth and women’s votes will be crucial in the coming general election.

  6. toothpick says:

    Lets see how Bersih 3 turns out

    Any more free food?

    Any more kopiah or kampung like old people mocking the police, under the hot sun while the ring and brains leaders in hotel panting with sickness((feigned or not we do not know)?

    Anymore feigned /or not feigned accidents?

    Anymore of that guy praying on the street?

    Anymore of that bunches of lawyers who roamed for observation?

    It is interesting to see the denomination of people running under Bersih 3 this time.
    Any more imports from kampungs?

  7. 乌巴神鸟 says:


  8. Subramaniam says:

    Ambiga is just like Bar Council, they are a wing of Pakatan Rakyat. I will respect them more if they stop hiding behind NGOs and declare themselves to be in the opposition. Ambiga’s face has already appeared on Pakatan’s billboard in Selangor. It’s the same with Bar Council and the Anti-Lynas Group. Come on lah, we are not fools.

  9. Penang Kia says:

    Just let them be. Let them demo. If they are ignored, it will lose steam. Fuck them lah, leave them alone.

  10. whatever says:

    Pls, Let them do THE CLEANING in SELANGOR

  11. anung says:

    sakit telinga dengar

    Dia orang line up dengan cara kotor demo Bersih, Gay and student dengan cara back to back basis bulan ni.
    (assuming jun 12 election)

  12. anon says:

    At this rate, we will have Bersih 32.0 in the year 2050.


    • Sudik says:

      Tak payah. pasal BN akan kalah PRU13.
      Lepas itu kita bersih dan aman damai.

      • ZooL says:

        macam bagus aje si sadik ni. can u guarantee malaysia would be aman damai if bn were to lose in pru13? Kepada penyokong pakataik busuk memang la aman damai sebab tak ada halangan nak musnahkan Malaysia. Belum PR menang lagi pun dah nampak angin Malaysia nak hancur!

      • ED says:

        Woi Sudik.. u mintak Pakataik tu sain perjanjian yang akan menentukan sistem pilihanraya negara akan adil 100%, dan memuaskan semua pihak sekitanya Pakataik ambil alih Putrajaya.. ada berana sain ini macam? kalau berani saya sendiri akan pilih Pakataik.. kalau tak berani terima sahaja bahawa semua pihak mempunyai kekurangan.. Engko tu takyah la guna segala jenis kebajikan yang disediakan oleh kerajaan sekarang. baik hijrah ke Somalis ker, Syria ker..

  13. SPR mesti Bersih says:

    Penipuan daftar pengundi kini sudah tiba ke tahap paling dahsyat. Cerita satu nama dua kad pengenalan, nama pengundi pos pada daftar pengundi awam, 20 pengundi satu rumah, ‘Kampung Baru’ layak mengundi dan banyak lagi tersebar ke seluruh negara. Malah kes-kes berkenaan amat mudah dibuktikan, hanya melayari laman web Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) maka ‘kesilapan’ boleh dikesan oleh sesiapa pun.

    SPR berpaut pada undang-undang pendaftaran pengundi. Kononnya, sangat sukar untuk membuang nama yang diragui. Perlu melalui proses bantahan awam setelah nama-nama itu diwartakan. Setiap nama yang dibantah wajib membayar yuran bantahan RM10 dan pembantah perlu hadir di mahkamah.

    Setelah proses itu selesai maka barulah nama digugur. Namun SPR boleh mewartakan kemasukan nama baru setiap tiga bulan. Seringkali, nama yang dibantah dan digugur ditemui dalam perwartaan berikutnya. Maka proses bantahan wajib diulangi sekali lagi oleh parti-parti Pembangkang.

  14. Satu nama dua KP says:

    Pasal kp dua nama alamat ni semua tohmahan bodoh korang je. Banyak sebut secara rambang.. Bukti takdak, kalau ada dah penuh kuar kat harakah roket dsb. Report polis, dedahkan laporan polis tu… Sebut nombor kp yg berkaitan serta nama dan alamatnya… Blog anwar ada, kit siang ada, izzah ada, taruk situ semua. Tapi kalau dah dijawab dan ternyata tuduhan sebenarnya ialah salah faham dan tidak betul, maka jangan pulak tak terima

    • anon says:

      ingat dulu pernah ada di ketemukan dalam SPR,sebelum di cleanupkan, ada kes aneh dimana banyak orang macam macam duduk satu rumah, banyak juga kes di jumpai di Permatang Pauh……

  15. pukimak ambiga says:

    kalo di india ko dah kono somolih da

  16. Zed Zaidi says:

    I will join Bersih 3.0 to protest that Seniman is kotor and not fair to let foreign malays win local awards!

  17. Johara says:

    Certainly, 28th April will be a momentous day. It will prove to be the watershed in the history of this nation. Remember it was people power that made the difference for Corazon Aquino to become the President of the Phillipines. That’s what democracy is all about. It’s not about the arrogant who think they can continue to abuse their power to further their own diabolical ends. It’s about justice and fairness and equality for all citizens of Malaysia, regardless of race or religion. It’s about a fair and just election without any manipulation or intimidation. That’s what we are rallying for. What is wrong with that?

    Thanks to Bersih movement we have a united Malaysia like we had during our time of independence that are absolutely resolute to get rid of unbridled corruption, abuses, social injustices, tainted Civil Servants and Insincere Self Serving Leaders from our beloved nation. The current administration can try their very best to split, cheat and abuse the nation to stay in Power. No matter what People’s Power will prevail.

    • MoleBru says:

      PDRM You are duty borne to hold save.peacefull and national internal security not puttin student in lock ups.dead in custody.Why do the public wants Police complain commision yet the BN promise to have one but back of due to police presure which will curb such activities. Now that home minister had say it loud and clear “NO SECURITY TREAD” then just to use this place for sit,chat funs games play peoms on this days or police just as bersih 2.0?Hindef use hard methods like tear gas, water connons,battons whatever it may on people who cannot defence themself .If anyone dare then that person end in police cage court huge fine and jail terms. We rather change the Najib Govt and get a new IGP who is self minded not taking order from political master.For that to happen the Malaysian with brains should vote out ABU and let UBAH take its place/PR.

  18. Zorro says:

    Of course, as even predicted by Dr M BN will win GE13 with the willing help of the Election Commission who has fine-tuned election fraud to an unmatchable benchmark. This time around, it will be postal votes and the phalanx of foreign workers blessed with citizenship.

    YESTERDAY I was summoned to the PJ Session Court as one of the OKT I bailed in November 2009 was arrested and brought to court hand-cuffed. He has not been attending most previous hearings. If I did not appear the Rm1,500 would be forfeited. The Judge levied another 500 bucks as punishment. YB Ronnie Liu chipped in and the cuffs were off and the session proceeded. THANKS RONNIE! As a reward Shanghai Stephen and I gave YB a lift back to SUK for his 4pm meeting.

    I entertained myself with what I wanted to do for sometime but had been vacillating. Here was an opportunity to kill boredom. I went into the SPR website to look for some fun. Months ago I was in the company of present and former military personnel. I learnt that each serviceman was given a service number. Numbers beginning with 300 were officers and those with 100 were lower ranking servicemen. Over the weeks I was able to get names of some servicemen together with their service number.

    And you know what? I couldn’t stifle an audible WOW at some search and I got a dirty look from the Judge.

    Why don’t you do what I did….here are some names and their service #.
    Enter the SPR search engine and have fun:

    Christopher Bengga 1099804

    Ahmad Fakharuddin bin Zainol Abidin 1066227

    Md Nor Abd Rahman 3002169

    Md Nazrim Md Hussein 3009658

    Othman Bahadon 3005777

    Mohd Haizdar Arshad 3009045

    Norisham Hassan 3006971


  19. 支持者 says:


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