Lim Guan Eng Insist on Staying in Tax-Payers Paid Bungalow

The Penang Chief Minister has been staying in a rented bungalow – all paid for by taxpayers – claiming that the official residence Seri Teratai is termite infested and leaking.

But that was three years ago when he first moved in after being appointed as the Chief Minister.

He had then told the people that it would only be on a temporary basis and that he would move back once the renovations and repairs were carried out. Well, this portal would like to remind the DAP zombies that he has lied.

He is still staying in the same rented bungalow. All paid for by taxpayers! Is it because all the expenses-paid bungalow is more comfortable than the official residence?

So far, he has avoided questions about his residence, evading questions about the expenses.

The bungalow at affluent Pinhorn Road at the Green Lane area, which the CM is staying, is worth RM2.5million and that was the valuation in 2009.

By now, it’s probably worth over RM3million, so do your maths and figure out how much the rentals would run to!

Stop The Lies has been informed that the renovation work was carried out in February 2009 which cost RM1.5million. It is surprising that the owner would spend so much to renovate the bungalow.

Guan Eng moved out from the official residence in Macalister Road in June 2009 when the renovations were in full progress, promising to move back but we all know how often DAP leaders lied. It’s already three years and our dear leader hasn’t move back.

We are told the reason why Guan Eng has refused to move back is because the bungalow belongs to a middle-aged woman from Malacca, who is said to be a crony of Betty Chew, the wife of the CM.

The RM8,000 monthly rental is paid for by the rakyat and that excludes his electricity, water and Astro bills!

Guan Eng should explain to the people why is he still staying in the bungalow after three years. How long must the people pay for his luxury?

We also know that his “fly economy class” image is a stunt. He flies economy class between Penang and Kuala Lumpur but he is not telling the DAP zombies that he prefers First Class when he goes overseas!

He also travels to Hong Kong monthly, according to our records, supposedly to meet businessmen! To collect what????

He has claimed he is “upgraded” by MAS! Come on, if he often travel Economy Class as he claims, he wouldn’t be able to chalk up enough points to be upgraded to business class.

Stop bullshitting!

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125 Responses to Lim Guan Eng Insist on Staying in Tax-Payers Paid Bungalow

  1. Rabbit says:

    Hahaha. Caught red handed again.

    Still remember the photo of Guan Beng in AA coutesy of his cybertroopers. It make me want to puke.

    • Anonymous says:

      Najib is allowing Bersih 3.0 because the elections are near. He wants to be seen as a democratic leader. Because he needs to win the general elections and remain as prime minister and Umno president. If that wasn’t the case, Bersih 3.0 will end up like Bersih 2.0. Sit in on April 28 to show you want a better Malaysia free from electoral fraud.

      • majid says:

        Of course Najib is very worried.

        Sabah, Sarawak, Johor and Pahang all make up 99 parliamentary seats. If Pakatan can win 1/3 of each state’s parliamentary seats, Pakatan would have approximately 33 seats. If then add to the 82 seats that Pakatan have now, Pakatan will form majority and take over Putrajaya!

        So we expect Najib to continue to give radio interviews and go round the nation distributing bribes to safeguard his future as a PM.

        • jiman says:

          In the run-up to GE 12, Khir Toyo boasted ZERO opposition in Selangor. Toya got booted out. MCA was decimated. BN lost Selangor. Now, Shahrir claims that ‘…a political upset for the ruling coalition in Johor is “impossible”. Selangor Umno-BN was delusional in 2008. Now for GE13, it is Johor Umno-BN’s turn to be delusional. Unless Johor MCA is both blind and utterly stupid, MCA will be wiped out in Johor in GE13 just as what happened in Selangor in GE12. PAS and PKR are making serious in-roads to the Malay communities in Johor. That leaves the Indians and others to decide if they will back Najib and Umno-BN. Even if PR does not achieve 2/3 let alone win the state, all that matter is (i) Johor as ‘Umno bastion’ is destroyed and (ii) MCA is wiped out in Johor. How difficult is that given the extent Umno-BN is robbing the rakyat and country and the totally irrelevant MCA?

          • belang says:

            If you keep on taking history to predict future then i recommend you to rear horses instead. They could become unicorn one day.

          • andi says:

            yes then malaysia will have sampah problem like selangor. pasir problem like selangor, then tanah problem like penang jual ikut suka bina ikut suka tipu ikut suka but dont worry malaysia willl have free education courtesy of petronas then when petronas goes bankcrupt we can blame BN even though the 1 that causing it is pakatan haram, then we can any chinese indian bangladesh mynmar school no need national school because that is their right. hooray go pakatan…of course then any transgender by that time will be free, any case of seducing will be normal woman please shut up that is their right to have your man ah yes that also their right to have your wife, oh please dont forget we have good counseling from pas please came by around 2 in the morning there are busy in the day.

            let see pas want to be negara berkebajikan dap want to be negara sosialis and pakatan want to be liberal hermm wonder how will they divide malaysia….

            then bersih will satisfied because it is clean election(pakatan haram menang kalau kalah worst ever in the history in man life) then samad said will be happy because bm will maintain as main language then the english will be happy because they also got what they want ah yes and dong zong also will be happy because they also got what they want, but i still wonder how are they going to divide it to 3 in malaysia

            man why only i keep wonder with worried instead how happy it could be IF pakatan haram rule malaysia, well minus the intergrety(not there) honesty(still dont see yet)transparency(not sure what is the mean is it anwar video or others pakatan haram video)

            well IF is a big thing….

        • belang says:

          That will happen if you could retain the current 82 seats..err minus bayan baru & kulim should be 80 seats…wee choo keong, ibrahim ali…ahh…deduct again the seats. Please do the math
          Anyway, pakatan could win big in 2008 not because peoples started to believe in them nor do it have any relevant to pakatan but merely because of paklah. Fast forward to GE13, large swing of malay votes now in favor BN, thanks to racist and immoral image of pakatan tops. PAS & PKR will lose most of the seats in malay belt area except for kelantan while selangorian would prepare to send parting gift to khalid. While in Pahang and n.sembilan which deemed as next possible target for PR. Well that only happen in their wet dream. Aspan and Sakmongkol are not heavyweight in both states. So basically majid, BN will fare better than 2008, Allah’s willing.

      • Angeh says:

        How can a dictatorial BN regime which had remained in power for so long by using those repressive laws be expected to do away with them completely ? How are they going to remain in power ? Whatever changes promised in those so called reforms are merely cosmetic. Don’t be fooled.

        If Najib is serious about reform, instruct the media to give equal access to the opposition parties! Television and radio stations are funded by tax payers’ money ! They don’t belong to UMNO!

        • belang says:

          I’m one of the tax payers and i vote not to listen to craps and bullshit from anwar and gang. But seriously angeh you need to learn more about public administration.

        • andi says:


      • Chiak Chai says:

        Firstly, how come fraud existed when the opposition could conquer so many states the last election

        Secondly, is this fraud issue is something that the opposition creatively spin to capitalise on, while realising that they are unable to offer any benefits to the rakyat or at the minimum have not done enough for the rakyat (in the states won) and worst still, are shadowed by the questionable moral ethics and practice of their leaders.

        Thirdly, haven’t the authorities given them all the benefits of PSC? What more is lacking?

        Fourthly, doesn’t all these shows that they are only stage shows to whip up the emotion to garner votes to win. For sure and definitely, there will be simultaneous demo world wide, funded by you know who, just to show their strength.

        • Aziz Latar says:

          opposition could conquer so many states the last election because pak lah is too naive and over confident and did not use EC like what najib is using right now!

          • Chiak Chai says:

            Thanks for demonstrating the endless swirling of facts by the oppo. Such a nice one there : last time Pak Lah did not use EC hence many states lost. Now Najib uses EC. So cannot trust also hence must paint the street yellow….

            The head will spin disbelief.

            If give money-they’ll counter its our money so what?
            If set up cheap govt clinic-they’ll say this is unfair to the conventional clinics
            If set up cheap sundry shop-they say products are dangerous(as though all the high end ones are pure and safe)
            If impose lower income tax-they probably say they shouldn’t be made to pay taxes at all
            If give free school and cheap varsity education, they say what the big deal-its their job what?
            If keep fuel cost low so as avoid inflation, they’ll say its our money what………..

        • Aznil says:

          UMNO will lose many seats in Johore this time both at parliamentary and state levels.. MCA and MIC will be completely wiped out. Shahrir himself may lose his seat. He is completely out of touch with the grassroots in Johore. It is possible for Pakatan to take over the state government. In this day and age why would anyone want to support a corrupt government that has been in office for over fifty years. Only a fool will want to go on the way it has been for so long. Johoreans want a change very badly.

          • belang says:

            “Only a fool will want to go on the way it has been for so long”. I say the biggest fools would see butterflies in cockroaches.

          • Argonite says:

            And all this is the reason why it’s OK for Lim Guan Eng to stay in a bungalow to reward his cronies using taxpayers money.

            You DAP cybertroopers don’t do justice to the rakyat-lah

          • mph says:






          • andi says:

            Kudos Johorean that’s it select pakatan haram then you can be like selangor all the sampah is there but don’t worry selangor state goverment only have 7 complain left to clean everything up(wonder why there are still sampah not being collected), then you will have a party that actually label johor as the most dangerous place to live a lot of kidnapping happen the crime is out rages, really JOHOREAN KUDOS

          • stsoh says:

            if bn loose the rakyat will suffer more under opposition admin because opposite parties are even more corrupted

      • fuad says:

        Opposition should have won in the last GE and the by elections had the elections been fair, clean and free but we knew that that was not the case. It was not clean/fair/free and it will never be so for as long as umno/BN rules. Too much at stake and these corrupts cannot afford to lose lest they / cronies/family will land themselves behind bars for a very long time and declared bankrupt. It is up to us, God fearing Malaysians to make the change NOW if we want a better Malaysia which we and our children so deserve. So please do your part to make change a reality.

        • belang says:

          Fuad, you should stop taking weeds. It’s killing your peanut size brain.

        • andi says:

          seriously fuad, are u willing to bet malaysia for that what 4 state of pakatan right know is so righteous, i will give you kelantan for 25 years their rule yet they still dont manage to solved water problem. how about selangor will you dare saying that because of so righteous the selangor is having sampah problem because BN sabotaj?? pasir problem because BN sabotaj?? go to penang and you will SPICE project being granted without the majlis perbandaran concern?to make it all better penang goverment will paid the delevoper because they are building the SPICE and then the 1 that get profit is developer??is that even logic?where is the untung in that?

      • Kakak Burung Tiong says:

        Fellow Malaysians,

        We are about to witness a new dawn in Malaysian politics.

        Malaysians are reclaiming their democratic rights and power to determine their destiny as a nation.

        The 13th GENERAL ELECTION is a pivotal one. And Sarawak is THE indisputable game-changer.

        If you want change, because you believe it’s time for a new government that will heed the wishes of their boss – that means, us, the Rakyat – then here’s what you can do:


        Parti Keadilan Rakyat, which will be contesting the bulk of the rural constituencies, is already mobilising their party machinery on the ground. And the response from the marginalised constituents has been nothing short of encouraging.

        However, the battle for these frontline seats requires substantial financing.

        Recognising this crucial need, we, a group of volunteer political activists who are non-party members, are organising a fund-raising tea party to launch the *Adopt a Dayak Candidate* Initiative at the date (stated above) and venue (below).

        The highlight of the launch is a face-to-face update and conversation with three candidates:

        • Nicholas Mujah (P202 – Sri Aman);
        • Abun Sui (P216 – Hulu Rajang); and
        • Roland Engan (P220 – Baram)

        …and a sape (Orang Ulu guitar) performance by a mystery guest.

        Entry is by invitation only, with a minimum donation of RM100. Seats are limited, so please book early for an up-close and personal session with these PKR Dayak candidates.

        So, if you are ready to be the change you want to see, come for the tea party at Dignity International A-2-7 Pusat Perdagangan Seksyen 8, Jalan Sg Jernih 8/1, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and find out how you can help further.

        Join me,
        Noelle J aka Kakak Burung Tiong, producer-presenter RadioFreeSarawak
        On behalf of The Organising Team

        For reservations and further information, please email or call 0111-562 9646. We will keep our activity expenses as low as possible to ensure that as much of the proceeds as possible go directly to the candidates. Our expenses will be published on our Facebook

        • belang says:

          If i’m not mistaken, you have been giving shit about sarawak cm during the last dun GE sarawak and the last time i remembered mkini editor Gan has published apologising statement to sarawak’s CM for the shit published in mkini taken from you.

        • ray says:

          “a minimum donation of RM100” – so much for fighting for the ordinary rakyat!!

          This is concrete evidence that pakatan is all about MONEY and abuse of power. Only the rich elites are welcome for membership. The ordinary rakyat will have to crawl for pittance.

          The sheer arrogance of personalities like anwar who shrieks and barks at poor journalists, trying to do a decent job, clearly shows he has no care and concern for the man-on-the-street.

          LKS is another goon who howls uncouthly and is forever frothing, blaming UMNO/BN without presenting alternative policies. His BM is also in tatters.
          LGE with his public CAT is practising nepotism, cronyism and badmouthing just to win credence.

          Teresa Kok of ketuk ketampi and dog food notoriety, has only surfaced anti-Malay Muslim issues such as Jawi, Azan, chinese women being “abused”.

          Compare those repulsive and abhorrent klutzs to genteel Najib and charismatic Tun Dr M, both personalities well-loved by journalists, local and foreign.

    • shawn says:

      Throughout those 40+ years, UMNO/BN has mastered the art of deception, please do not take it lightly as they have a bunch of tricks in their sleeves. Important thing for PR is unity as none of them is a dominant party, unlike BN, UMNO is the boss. PR needs to stay united and use truth to steer them out of this UMNO dominated field. In addition, they also have to be on an offensive side to launch those strategic constituencies ceramah to spread the truth. Then PR will win big in GE13 and bring Malaysia forward to prosperity and join the rank of 1st world.

      • belang says:

        They way we see it DAP is the dominant one and majority of malays realized that. Have you not seen enough already?

      • Argonite says:

        Deception is staying in a bungalow using tax payers money when the termite is all but gone three years ago.

        That is deception.

      • Well 7 says:

        The masters of deception are all gathered in Pakatan but you Pakatan cybertroopers can’t see them because they are your masters. When they shitted, you all called it perfume. Your masters are godfathers that don’t take criticisms except gag orders so that you people know nothing except behaving like robots. Most of you are very well paid cybertroopers but you never question where the money come from as long as it goes into your accounts.Those not paid are being manipulated and used by those well paid. Most are stationed overseas. As for the money you all received, it came from sources worst than corruption.Congratulations, you are rich.

        • Chiak Chai says:

          Decepticons out to destroy Malaysia.

          That’s a scary thought

        • ray says:

          Yup, filthy rich coz they ONLY believe in “the ENDS justifying the MEANS”.

        • Munshi Abdullah says:

          The master of deception is non other the Pak Sheikh Aljuburi… According to Nalla, his tennis buddy… he can fucked somebody wife during Ramadhan and at nite can make himself visible to others praying tarawih in the mosque.

          Nak belajar hypocrisy of the highest order, learnt from him.

      • andi says:

        hahaha none of them is dominant party…let me see kelantan PAS, penang DAP, selangor KEADILAN, kedah PAS ermmm i thought there are democratic everyone will share the ruling right but then again and again DAP fight for chinese language PKR fight for malay/english language PAS not sure even there interested to fight for any language

        talk about free education but they sell hostel for yayasan selangor student, ah but there dont dare to give free education at selangor, penang, kelantan and kedah and yet they promist the whole malaysia???really is that enough to make you said they are good

  2. Wayne says:

    What’s wrong with this article?
    Penang CM deserves such perks!

    • Anonymas says:

      Deserves, huh….

      The one who provided him the bungalow was his wife’s crony. He accused BN of being crony-oriented but he’s the same. Sitting in his expensive bungalow, while the rakyat (esp in Seberang Prai) suffer. When it’s time to face the people (memorandum) he holes inside his office, nobody’s allowed to see him

    • toothpick says:

      he has managed to save lots of money..yeah right.
      One of which is due to reclassified status of loans owing to central govt, but he said he saved money…

    • Ah Cheah says:

      hello my friend..

      Penang govt has OFFICIAL residence @ Macalister Road opposite SGGS. Stay there and not waste more money to rent another place ! Idiot !


  3. r@y says:

    What’s the fuss? He is not staying in a lavish Istana.
    LGE has done so much for Penang.
    Afterall, he embodies the contrast between Penang’s business transparency and the four-decade old policies of the ruling party that favor Malays, which the World Bank says undermine competitiveness.

    • Anonymas says:

      You havent read through the lines, have you?

      Are you even a Penangite?

      • Jom Ubah says:




        • toothpick says:

          Penterjemahan dari google. Nampaknya banyak orang yang tukar balik ke BN…

          Is the time the renewal

          Something is broken, even if the washing, the patch can not be returned to original look, perhaps from the very beginning, it is a bad thing, we can do is “change” out!

          You in the end do not want to “change” you “for” not “change”?

          • Yang says:

            Can toothpick help to translate this:









          • toothpick says:

            reply to Yang 11/4/12 2.09pm




            Malaysian race are all false talk

            Why still talk chinese here?

            Why isolate other people from other race?

        • ray says:

          An undisputable sample of CHINESE supremacy alive and kicking. Even though Malaysia’s national language is Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia, this pathetic goon has the gumption to write in chinese which is a foreign language.

          This shows they are not Malaysian at heart. They are here because they have been rejected by their forefather’s lands, who termed them as unpatriotic and undeserving of any compassion.

          So they are rendered stateless and YET they are still loyal to their datuk nenek who no longer wants them.

          Pathetic to the max – critical identity crisis.

          If the majority bumiputeras are still hopeful for equality under dap, please read all their heartfelt passion right here in this blog.

          Bumis should start buying chinese last.

    • Brendan says:

      There’s nothing wrong, he can stay in the rented house forever. But he was the one who said it was only temporary until the official house renovation is completed. 3 years has gone maa, that’s the issue la, not about istana or what. He must walk the talk la, not talk cock!

      • This is lagi best! says:

        Our government said some RM49 million was forked out annually to maintain the official residences now occupied by Najib Razak and Muhyiddin Yasin between 2006 and 2010.

        Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz said the cost to maintain the duo’s homes came to RM48,789,115.03, covering rent, renovations, electricity and water.

        Giving a breakdown of the yearly costs, Nazri revealed that the rental for both buildings came to RM32,972,115.55, renovations RM3,581,744.78, electricity RM10,267,868.15 and water RM1,967,386.55.

        The amount comes to an average of RM18,000 a day for the rental alone, paid by the government to Perbadanan Putrajaya.

        The government paid RM160,000 for electricity and RM33,000 for water bill monthly for the official residences of PM Najib and DPM Muhyiddin. This is enough to pay my electricity bill for 100 years and water for 6,000 people!!!

        • Aziz Latar says:

          RM160k a month for electricity is absolute NONSENSE! Both PM & DPM are hardly at home, except late at night and only on certain days of the month. This is absolute ridiculous!!! Should at least ask Tenaga to check if meter is faulty. If the normal or above average bungalow incur about 1k electricity bill a month, their residence should not be more than 10k pm… 160k is indeed a shame to the rakyat! Such wasteful expenditurehave only fuelled public anger and dissatisfaction towards Najib’s rule as PM.

    • Islander says:

      r@y, I keep hearing that Lim Guan Eng has done so much for Penang. Just name me three things that amount to so much. I know he is not as hopeless as Koh Tsu Koon or as corrupt as the Umno people but please stop perpetuating myths about him. He is just a greenhorn from Johor who got lucky in 2008.
      He is trying his best but he is not fantastic and he is making mistakes and getting boastful. Imagine calling his critics “old man” and wanting to have a zero-opposition in Penang! That is not democracy.
      He scolded Utusan Malaysia recently for writing about a PAP delegation to his Komtar office. He said it was private visit. These people called on him in his capacity as CM, the meeting took place in his office, that alone makes it official. If he wanted private, he should have invited them for tea at his rented house or taken them to a restaurant.
      I think he should get a chance at a second term but let’s not pretend that he is the Second Messiah. He is not Lim Chong Eu but an inexperienced Chief Minister groping his way through Penang. He cannot tell between private and official, he cannot decide whether he prefers to be opposition fighter or leader in government and he does not understand how Penangites feel about development. Sad.

      • Garrett says:


      • Wonderboy says:

        Wonder why the monthly need to travel to Hong Kong? Does Penang now send monthly tribute to Hong Kong just like Kedah which send bungamas to Siam when it was under the Siamese rule?

      • This is lagi best! says:

        Our government has spent more than RM17 million for trips made by prime minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor since 2008.

        The breakdown for the past three years is given as follows:
        2008 – RM1,739,332.85
        2009 – RM4,811,837.48
        2010 – RM5,140,307.99
        Jan-June 2011 – RM5,427,172.26

        • Aziz Latar says:

          Pembaziran duit rakyat!

          • mph says:



          • Really wasting rakyat money!
            BN punya style!

        • Rosli Yatim says:

          How much Anwar earn as MP and how many times he travelled overseas with such income?

          Ini lagi best!!!

        • toothpick says:

          How true is it?

          Kindly quote source

          Does anybody have any idea or care to speculate how many times and the length of Anwar jalan2 trip overseas and also how much cost was incurred and whether it was funded by duit rakyat(of Selangor) . Did he take economy class flight and hotel?
          What are the trips for by the way.


      • shawn says:

        Hello Ilander

        As far as YAB LGE’s report card goes (and this is a report card by the people of Penang, not some do-it-yourself report card of najib), he has fulfilled what he preaches. He practise open tender, CAT and most of all he declared his asset PUBLICLY and audited by an internationally recognise public auditor. Najib dare not even declare his asset to MACC let alone to the public.

        Speaking of incompetence and we are looking at you, an incompetent bn cyber trooper.

      • Well 7 says:

        3 things he had done for Penang:-
        1. Bullshit
        2. Claimed the projects of former government as that
        of his.(Use others backsides as his face) Bullshit.
        3. Bullshit.

    • Koteypendeksunat says:

      R@y,what you want him to stay in an Istana?this Ah Beng named LGE is a royalty is it?looking at his character which is like a gangster and who have been in prison,you must be out of your mind.This lidah biawak fella shud be sent to Melaka where he comes from.A CM of P Pinang shud be reserved for rakyat PPinang not this pendatang from Melaka.People of PPinang got no balls to chase this uncultured Ah Beng back to where he belongs.Inilah orang Melayu kata Kata dulang paku serpih,mengata orang Ah Beng yang lebih.Walk the talk lah Ah Beng.Kami dah meluat sangat dah kat hang .

      • These mca clowns have been told repeatedly that Chinese do not want mca to represent them anymore, not after 54 years of allowing umno to cheat the chinese and use them as a bait and fall guy. The Chinese are now prepared to elect PAS even if that contest sees mca pitted against pAS, get it, you mca goons. It is umno that uses religion and discriminates against Christianity and other religions , while mca never raise a word against it. Why ? You mca must be shit , at the service of umno, even allow your past president and deputy president to take the fall on behalf of umno for corruption( read PKFZ). we will make sure no mca candidate survives after GE13. we will be happy if a pAS candidate serves us rather than an mca one. Trust me , our hate for your stupidity, kau tau to umno, lying, cheating the Chinese , corruption, etc is beyond repair. It is final, mca will be as dead as Gerakan became post 8/3/08.

        • Matt Kamal says:

          Wow sooo much hatred for UMNO?. Well said though, MCA n Gerakan will be punish by the Chinese, the way you said they’re traitors to all Chinaman. Just like most Malays believe Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor to Malays, not to mentioned his sexual appetite. The way I see it Malay will bury Anwar for good come next election. I for once trusted him, not anymore….

          • Anonymous says:

            count your days and enjoy your limited time before BN is wiped out in the PRU13, provided EC play fair.

    • Siew Lek says:

      While Najib tries to hoodwink the Chinese audience of 988 FM with stupid statements nobody believes like he enjoys ‘increasing support,’ MCA is successfully undoing everything that Najib is stitching together to convince the Chinese of his sincerity. What Najib needs to really do is tell MCA to shut up & let him do the talking. But Najib needs to do this behind closed doors otherwese the repercussion is simple. It will be yet another crystal-clear instance that MCA is Umno’s urinal & Pornsident Chua Hump-a-hump of Burning Love is nothing but a pissed-on lapdog. Najib is delusional – he just does not accept the Msian Chinese HAVE ABANDONED him. To win, he must appeal to the Msian Indian poor middle and lower classes who respond readily to his handouts. Now that Hindraf have come to their senses and are willing to get off their ‘Indian causes only’ platform, Najib will have a pounding headache coming fro the Indians now. Die MCA die!

      • mark says:

        It doesn’t matter at all if there is no single Chinese MP in the Parliment,MCA! We need trustworthy MPs to run the Government and not paranoid racist MPs like those in MCA and Umno. The Chinese do not bother about races or religious background of MPs! Sleep on it, MCA

        • belang says:

          trustworthy eh? you could see stupid mp in PR. They convened under the tree in perak, never mind with the shouting and gangsterism. You see weng aik racist bigots in penang, you could smell rats in ronnie liu, ean yong doing under ground business. The list could go on…

      • kijang says:

        1. name another BN run state that is even offering free statewide wi-fi, even if it is given to cronies?
        2. name me another company who tendered for the new toll highway that was recently given to chan ah chye?
        3. name me another company who tendered for the failed RM 250M NFC project?
        4. name another BN run state that the Auditor General clearly stated is financially sound in the last 3 years report? (this should be easy…use Google)

        • belang says:

          1. There is no free wifi, penang still albeit using tax payer money. Read more will ya..
          2. it is not failed project becoz the cattle is still been breeding in the center. The only failed project is RM600 mil kelantan no water lo0an and that is under PAS.
          3. financially sound eh! off course is financially sound but penangite will have to pay the loan when Lim Guan Beng switch the water loan to federal. The way i see it it is the government at the expense of penangite that reap the benefit.

    • ray says:

      Dear r@y (my cousin)

      LGE does not walk his talk.

      He lied. He is guilty of cronyism. He does not practise transparency. He enforce the GAG order all the time. He sues Utusan and others for their freedom of speech. He paints a terrible picture of Johore overseas.

      He loves to blame UMNO for his failures. All these are symptoms of a NON leader, more like a spoilt brat.

      • ram says:

        On many occasions, PAS has proven themselves less extremist than Umno. Take the ‘Allah’ issue – PAS is happy to let the Christians continue to use the term ‘Allah’ which they have done so for centuries unlike Umno, whose appeal against the High Court ruling is still pending.

        Take the case of the Johor teachers’ seminar where Christians have been portrayed as being aggressive when in fact they were being attacked. Did anyone hear a squeak from MCA or for that matter the BN component parties?

        Take the Lynas issue, MCA chief Chua Soi Lek was quoted as saying that the demonstration in Kuantan would not achieve anything and look what happened after that? Now MCA is in support of the anti-Lynas campaign.

        MCA is no longer relevant. Even its former chief, Ong Tee Keat, is of the same view.

        • belang says:

          There are certainly 2 camps in the Allah’s issue. One that kissing the DAP’s boot and the other one that slowly gather momentum to gain more influence in PAS.

          If you care enough to read the constitution than you should know that Malaysia forbade other religion to be propagated to muslims.

          About lynas..why didnt anyone discuss the solar panel in penang? such a hypocrite of PR supporter.

        • ray says:

          Dear ram (my maternal uncle)

          Do read about the Memali incident to decide if “PAS has proven themselves less extremist than Umno.”

          The video showed villagers armed with parangs, catapults and Molotov cocktails taunting and protesting the actions of the Federal Reserve Unit troopers. The video also showed a mortally wounded police Sarjan writhing in pain while awaiting help.

          P.S. If PAS appeared accomodating to pakatan, it is beacause of political advantage not religious. The only common ground of PAS, PKR and DAP is only their shared jealousy and hatred for UMNO – not their overwhelming CARE and CONCERN for the rakyat.

  4. Anonymas says:

    Jeng jejeeeeeeeeeeng

    A secret businessman? With unrevealed HK liaisons? And a 8000/mo bungalow?

    CAT, CAT, where are you

    • This is lagi best! says:

      The pre-engagement arrangement of the PM’s daughter in Kazakhstan coincided with the 7th World Islamic Economic Forum (7th WIEF) from June 7 to 9 June 2011 in that country’s capital of Astana, which also coincided with the long-standing invitation by Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev to his country.

      Why is Najib coinciding it with a domestic affair while on a working visit to Kazakhstan? Is there transparency and accountability over the total expenses – including the total number of family members that were on board the entourage of the PM and on whose expense?

      Lu pikirlah sendiri.

    • kee says:

      LGE cleaned up corruption and deny all the rent seekers from bleeding Penang dry. As a result, Penang enjoy the highest level of FDI of all the states in Malaysia. This alone is a great achievement.

  5. Nani says:

    Nak cari CAT buat ape ?
    CAT dah terlampau gemok kerana dimakan suap dengan tikus enam kali sehari selama tiga tahun.

  6. Johnny Wong says:

    When you have tasted power, you forget about the people

    • Tok Mat says:

      Precisely this is what happening in the last 50 years under BN regime.

    • shirly says:

      MCA is desperate. In its desperation, it becomes illogical. So besides being already stupid in the first place, in these desperate times of complete abandonment by the Msian Chinese, 80% of whom will vote PR, MCA becomes imbecillic in its postures, actions and utterances. Only yesterday Selangor MCA Secretary Wong Koon Mun tried to portray DAP’s support for and cooperation with PAS as counter-productive for non-Muslims and now Penang MCA Secretary Lau Chiek Tuan tries to portray DAP as anti-Malay racist party. MCA has to decide how they want to demonise DAP. On the one-hand they say DAP is cooperating with PAS (Malays) to the detriment of non-Malays and in the same breath they say DAP is an anti-Malay racist party. What utter nonsense, lies and stupid contradictions. This is solid evidence that the national MCA leadership is totally at sea with how to undermine DAP. It is not surprising why they cannot think clearly what with a Pornsident who thinks with his little swollen head.

  7. Shirly says:

    Things get into your head when you are sitting on the power throne. The Guan Eng of today is a different Guan Eng now. So sad

    • Smiley says:

      Agreed. LGE can do more good now as he believes that with power comes greater responsibilities. That’s why BN flers are so scared as they are pale in comparison, only depending on local MSM to boost their deflated egos as rakyat is crying for CHANGE and UBAH the Pakatan way as demonstated by LGE effectively in Penang!

      • Anonymous says:

        najib has got nothing to concretely show that any one of his projects is successful. as pointed out many times, his rhetoric outnumbers his successes. and he has backtracked on almost all his projects. even his attempts to buy good image overseas with govt money failed miserably. seems many cronies are making massive amount of money from him. najib has thus far demonstrated that he hasnt got the political will nor leadership to execute any of his policies, except those that make money for himself as finance minister. and now that he also has sharizat’s ex minister portfolio, we all know that rosmah will be making money off that portfolio with ease…

    • Wahid says:

      Look at the high cost of maintainenance on the residences of the prime minister and his deputy. A total of RM48,789,115.03 was needed for the rental of the two official residences, cost of repairs, water and electricity bills from 2006 until 2010.

      The rental cost for the two residences amounted to RM32,972,115.55 while the repairs cost RM3,581,744.78.

      The electricity bill cost RM10,267,868.15 and the water bill totalled RM1,967,386.55.

      If the 27 million Malaysians were to live like those 2 above, the Antarctic ice caps would had totally melted in 2006. The no-plastic-bags campaign is a failure because it will never work as long as there are people like the 2 examples given.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remembering some of the greatest achievement by Najix b4 he is voted out come GE13!
      – NFC cowgate
      – Failed “My First Home scheme” with only 36% loan approval
      – TBH thrown off from MACC office
      – Violent suppression on BERSIH2.0
      – Churches being burned down
      – Cow head incident
      – Endorsement for RACIST PEKASAR
      – Racist Ahmad Ismail banned lifted & return to head UMNO division
      – Perak Coup
      Najix shall finally bring a close to the R.A.H.M.A.N prophecy as the last PM from the rotten UMNO !!!

  8. belang says:

    What can you expect, he’s an ex-convict. His father was a racist bigots once. Together they make the party as their own family matters and you wonder where those bad genes coming from?

  9. apek lim says:

    what the hell man !!! this CM can do everything and DAP cybertropers will cover their corrupt , lies , murder and manipulation will all of their heart .. stupid

    • Ah Long says:

      MCA is a senior partner in the BN that has enriched itself by supporting corruption at the expense of the very race it supposedly represents. The Chinese Malaysians substantially contribute towards the progress of the nation by being innovative, taking risks and being industrious. What MCA has done is to capitalise this advantage to basically enrich themselves.

      Now we want the alternative in the form of Pakatan Rakyat that primarily wants to integrate all Malaysians as a single race, i.e. bangsa Malaysia. We no longer condone the ongoing divide-and-rule policy that BN relies on to stay relevant after 54 years of gross misrule. We want to be Malaysians with no racial demarcations. We want total commitment to root out corruption, abuse and misrule.

      We want leaders who are committed to the well-being of the nation and not for themselves, their families and cronies. We want a government that fears the people and that looks after the well-being of all the people.

      • Loy says:

        Well said!

      • Chiak Chai says:

        Is Pakatan a bigger crook?

        This is a nice strategy:
        a) Accuse others imaginative sins(so that they look white)
        b) Scare tactic(so that it looks that they are better)

        Consolidating into a single race? There are many signs indicating otherwise. Among others the Chinese schools issue.

        Wanting leaders who are committed to the well-being of the nation and not for themselves, their families and cronies? Actually hah which party has the most layers of families, sons and wives as henchman(and also leaders not elected one)? Quite funny, when they are describing themselves.
        And aren’t the current govt caring with the many kind policies and action-gov clinic, subsidised school, fuel and basic necessities, cheap funding for SME business. This has been in place even before Anwarism and opportunists era.


      • apek Lim says:

        Single race what the total lie laa !!! even DAP not practise democracy in their own party and always shout about chinese .. see everything about chinese ie chinese school , chinese criminal , pusat babi haram .. and you call it as a towards single race nation .. cut the crap laa , DAP dont even care about others race just look at Penang and Selangor …

      • ray says:

        Pakatan leaders comprise of father, son, wife, daughter, son-in-law, friends and relatives ……

      • Anonymous says:

        MCA=’Morally Corrupt Association’. LGE is right. If you subscribe to Utusan Malaysia or Berita Harian, it is like throwing good money into the sewage pond because these 2 papers are fit to be use as ‘toilet papers’. So how can the students improve on their Bahasa Malaysia if they continue to read these ‘toilet papers’???? MCA is dead at GE13.

        • Apek Lim says:

          and still you shout like an anjing for freedom of speech and democracy !???? .. thats why i never believed people like you and all DAP supporters , they are hypocrite and racist in silence , once they got the power the will show they true face, more animals than others

        • ray says:


          Only the sepet race use toilet paper – which is definitely environmentally UNFRIENDLY.

          They shout GREEN but they wipe their a** with precious paper that kills millions of trees.

          LGE and DAP should start a campaign that promotes cleaning their a***s with water rather than paper. Definitely a mindset change that is highly welcomed by the whole world.

    • R-truth says:

      apek Lim,

      Here is the latest update on the murder you are refering to:

  10. proud penangite says:

    Yes we need to make changes. He owes it to the people. No need to asked us to work with him unlike you CM you work for the people. Have seen progress at Vale Of Temp road, resurfacing the roads, creating safety measures and widending it. This I call working for the people. YB CM LGE thank you !!!

    • DAPshit says:

      yeahh resurfacing the road you call it working for people ??? What happen to Kg Buah Pala !?? Last time DAP said they will save them and after winning an election , the residence got insulted from DAP troopers even from DAP leader !!! exspecially your corrupt CM .. and your corrupt CM also defamed to Do Re Mi owner for selling an alcohol just bcoz want to demolish the warung , he is a PAS member and the warung is there for more than a 10 years.

      DAP also racially push all the Malay and mamak traders at Penang !!! stupid DAP troopers

    • dugo says:

      Dap’s changes and progress for the people = resurfacing the roads, creating safety measures….”

      ha ha ha, saya tidak tahan mau ketawa!!!

      can add some more, Dap cuci longkang, roboh gerai, manyak laga, waa DAP memang bagui

  11. sicfallacy says:

    “No, my beloved party did that for the sake of rakyat. Not like your crap party!”

    Leaders can be as corrupt as they can be, as long as they have blind follower whom will forgive them for whatever their sins, closing their eyes on the misdoing and power abuse, no matter how big the wrongdoing is.

    BN is bad. But Pakatan is no better. They will become corrupt as long as there are stupid followers defend them.

  12. abdullah says:

    the other truth is that the official residence is mired with secret tapes and listening devices and also of hidden cameras..U think this ultra kiasu paranoid bastard LGE wants to stay in such a place kah???

  13. abdullah says:

    cont…devices planted by UMNO of course!!!!

    • belang says:

      That’s not it…umno even planted SB inside the flower vase and TV set. They will record everything guan eng is doing. If you see the sofa and the cupboard actually that is also umno’s SB. Now the biggest jerk is that, guan eng hasnt even know they are SBs. He just sit on the SB, watching SB mimicking bulletin utama, putting his clothes into SB’s jacket and shower them to make them looks lively and pretty. And all he ever complained is the termites.

      If that is the leader, now try imagine their supporter? scary eh!!

  14. Ginger Guo says:

    Yeah.. more racist flocking in!

  15. Sia Bilang Macam Di KK says:

    Have you all heard about the craziest and best-covered news of all time? It’s involving our very own chief minister of sabah. Now, those grusome evidences being produced by overseas’s authorities did not made into the national nor the local newspapers in sabah, why is that? Umno / bn has to answer. All I read is allegations about lim guan eng but I never see any proof of his faults….imagine how would you feel if you are in lim’s shoe?

  16. The Truth says:

    You say that he flies economy class only between Penang and KL but takes business or 1st class overseas…..hey I personally went with the same flight with him to US 4 years ago…..and I saw him sitting in an economy ailse seat.

    You are clearly bullshitting about him….why dont you ask him for proof of his economy class tickets or why dont u get proof of his business/first class tickets

    You orang UMNO ini pergi mampus, you do not talk like that about our leader.
    HIDUP Pakatan Rakyat !! Hapuskan UMNO !!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your leader? Does he care for you? He only cares about making sure he is not overthrown as leader. Now issued instruction for Anthony Loke to with hunt the DAP members “with BN hearts”.

  17. Liam says:

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