ASS HOLE OF THE MONTH – Nizar Jamaluddin

What a liar Muhammad Nizar Jamaluddin has turned out to be. This PAS leader was caught red handed by Perak MB Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Nizar has been telling voters that he was against the multi-billion ringgit iron ore distribution centre in Teluk Rubiah, Lumut.

The scum had spoken at ceramahs accusing the BN of trying to compromise on the environment, making it sound as if the iron ore site was like a nuclear bomb site.

But Dr Zambry produced a letter written by Nizar himself expressing support for the project.

In a letter dated Dec 17, 2008, written to Vale global marketing and commercial director Renato Neves, the then Mentri Besar, Nizar, assured the company that it would provide the necessary support and assistance for the successful implementation of the project.

It is incredible how Nizar, professing himself to be a religious person of the Islamist party, is prepared to lie to the people for political expediency.

It is even more incredible that his allies in the DAP and PKR are prepared to look the other way when their leader openly lied to the people. What about to their big talk of transparency and accountability?

Caught lying! Evidence produced at the State Assembly – Nizar, you are such a pathetic asshole! You deserve to be the Ass Hole of The Month!

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67 Responses to ASS HOLE OF THE MONTH – Nizar Jamaluddin

  1. Anonymas says:


    • Golokman says:

      Datuk Seri Noh Omar must confirm if the cows in the NFC operated by NFCorp were found to have suffered from copper poisioning. Could this be reason those umnoputeras and its cybertroopers got poisoned too for consuming such beef? It is evident is their writings in this blog, penyakit gila lembu?

      • ray says:

        golok golok,

        Kalau dah tak fasih BM, jangan lah nak memandai mandai, boleh tak?

        Apa benda ni “penyakit gila lembu” – adakah pesakit kuman ni semua cintakan dan sayangkan lembu?

        Biar saya terangkan dengan penuh kesabaran. Yang tepat ialah “penyakit lembu gila”.

        heh heh …

    • belang says:

      Now, if NFCorp do have a shortage of cow, well they could stock up their needs from PR. I heard they’re mobilisng their cows on April 28th at dataran merdeka. Well NFCorp could do us the favor of that bull shit.

      • ray says:

        Hey belang, great rebuttal on the cow theme. The only missing item is the “rope round their nostrils”, as in lembu dicucuk hidung.

  2. Nig Nog says:


  3. Fareed says:

    keep an eye on this comment section to see how many idiots are gonna try to refute this, and/or deviate from the topic by talking about something else….always a fun read :p

    • Jijah Love Crooked Dick says:

      U re right!! wait no any longer…. just read this bloody fucking slanted cscsc’s comments. This varmint and his family in fcking Dong Zong has gone too too far.

    • mahua says:

      The Chinese in Malaysia no longer fear PAS. Don’t use the same old trick like MCA president Chua Sok Lek – constantly talking about PAS and its Islamic hudud laws to frighten the Chinese. It won’t work then in March 8 2008, and it definitely won’t work now. We have grown and moved on – but MCA have not, and Umno is getting desperate so Ah Jib Kor has to reach out to Chinese voters on radio 988 and NTV7!!!

      • yuna says:

        The 13 GE is not to hard for PR to march to Putrajaya. All the parasit in PKR and Pas already gone and this will make PR simple to Putrajaya. And the rakyat of Sabah and Sarawak are ready to make change. Last year of BN.

  4. Ccscsc says:

    Do you have proof.? Or is this your 3rd grade education showing again?

    • Rabbit says:


      How foolish this guy can be? Even 2 DAPsters have apologized to Zambri.

      • Korean Fan says:

        Proof is not applicable to DAPster because even with a 17 video of CCTV, it is not consider as proof.

        Proof is also not applicable to BN because you do not need any proof to accuse them of anything. Just say it and it will automatically become truth for the DAPster.

        There is no such thing as proof for DAPster.

    • apek lim says:

      Product of Malaysiakini and Malaysiatoday readers – 3rd grade mentality and out of reality .. hahaha

  5. belang says:

    aww admin…come on….i just about to have my dinner.
    Having seen that, I guess he could be in the Malaysian book of Guinness if he stay stupid for the whole year.

  6. Anonymas says:

    Remember when his car was involved in an accident due to a pothole in front of the Perak UMNO building? He accused Zambry of ‘conspiring against him to cause a fatal accident’.

    • anon says:

      He’ll say the same thing
      Can foresee him saying that these are all conspiracy by the Decepticons to frame him
      while the duit rakyat are all being eaten up(or being given back to the rakyat in RM500’s ).

      He is pure as a standard one kid whom just came to school, 1st day and all but now being played by the bullies

      Actually ahhh, who are the real Decepticons here?
      You be the judge

  7. rexuan says:

    just remember one thing, out of the many pakataik reps, this nizar guy was the one selected to be mb of perak.. mb of perak for god sake!

    selected out of the many, so he must be the best. just imagine, if the best is a manipulative liar, what about the rest of pakataik reps? hahaha

    no wonder la pakataik reps have no problem picking dsai as they leader..

    • Doitos 3 says:

      These Pakatan fellows are very good at turning and churning issues out of nothing. Anything good, they will claim it comes from them. If any problem they can’t solve, they will blame it on BN. Even good things done for the people by BN, they will twist and turn them into issues against BN. What type of low class politicians they have turned into?. Just imagine if they were to take over the country, they will shit the people left, right and centre , and their supporters will get the “best” shit. The best shit they have shown to the people everyday now is GAG orders and their supporters said is “god’s order”.

  8. aloya says:

    kahkahkah ass hole of the month?? more like muthafakah of the month to me.. 🙂

    • Jidin says:

      Comparing PAS and UMNO, I would prefer PAS. At least they do what they say. UMNO will say but do the other way. MCA will just remain quite. UMNO is many times more extremist than PAS

      • Rosli Yatim says:

        Compare PAS with Lembu, i’ll prefer lembu. At least, when lembus shit around, they do it openly and don’t tell others its not shit.

        But PAS, they shit around but tell others its not shit and not theirs. Just because they are wearing turban. They are hypocrites and munafiks.

      • nani says:

        Rakyat are ever ready to vote for PR in next GE13 – rakyat want lower cost of living and free education for their childrens.

  9. im shock says:

    what!!! there is no supporter of nizar here? man i thought in his ceramah the people are with him…wonder if that mean to be lied to ahaks…

  10. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    The 10 problems to justify Bersih 3.0:

    1) Voters who are above 85 years old.

    2) Inconsistencies in the gender indicated by the IC number and EC data.

    3) Voters with the same name, and some with the same/similar date of birth.

    4) Voters who have IC addresses with the state of birth as ‘7x’, indicating that they are born overseas.

    5) Voters in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur in the third quarter and fourth quarter of 2011 who do not have house addresses, even though other newly-registered voters in the same locality have house addresses.

    6) Postal voters who are registered using their regular ICs.

    7) Spouses of police who are registered as postal voters.

    8) Spouses of army/police voters who are of the same gender.

    9) Army and police voters who are above the retirement age.

    10) New army and police postal voters who are above the recruitment age.

    • Dalam Botol says:

      “Spouses of army and police voters who have the same gender”? Does this mean “Sexuality Merdeka” is alive and well in the armed forces?

    • ray says:

      Uhhh only ten, I thought from the NOISE generated, there were 101 justifications.

    • ED says:

      Dei Gopal.. We talkin about Nizar la dei.. you go and list down some shit about Bershit for what? are you from PR ah? always salah lobang wan..

  11. Aspan says:

    Rakyat khususnya orang Melayu sudah sampai masanya untuk berfikir jauh diluar kotak. Sampai masanya rakyat memilih untuk memulakan pembetulan dengan merubah keadaan negara dari mula.

    “We have to start anew”. Cara berfikir yang usang patut dibuang kerana kita orang Melayu yang sudah kononnya dibela oleh parti Melayu, Umno selama 54 tahun tidak berdaya untuk membantu bangsanya duduk sama rendah dan berdiri sama tinggi dengan bangsa lain walaupun perlembagaan telah memperuntukkan keistimewaan untuk orang Melayu.

    Jika selama 54 tahun Umno gagal menaikkan taraf “competitiveness” orang Melayu, apa pula alasan pimpinan kita untuk meminta orang Melayu untuk terus menyokong Umno dalam pilihanraya yang akan tiba ini. Peluang untuk mendapat hasil yang sama juga adalah besar… walhasil balik asal.

    Kalau kita berikan mandat lagi kepada Umno keadaan Melayu akan lebih teruk lagi. Yang pasti akan berterusan dan berkesinambungan ialah bertambahnya gejala rasuah dan menyalahgunakan kuasa akan bertambah besar lagi.

    Kita tidak boleh lagi memberikan harapan kepada Umno kerana jika selama lebih lima dekad parti itu telah gagal masakan kali ini dengan kepimpinan yang lebih tidak senonoh ini akan memperbaiki keadaan orang Melayu. Umno dan kegagalan adalah dua perkataan yang sinonim. Umno itu kegagalan, kegagalan itu adalah Umno. Jangan malu-malu untuk mengakuinya.

    Lagi satu “attribute” Umno itu ialah ia sinonim dengan rasuah. Saya selalu berkata “Umno dan rasuah itu adalah ibarat aur dengan tebing… saling menyandar diantara satu dengan lain. Umno tidak boleh hidup tanpa rasuah dan rasuah tidak akan berkembang tanpa Umno”.

    Maka Umno, kegagalan dan rasuah itu adalah “attribute” penting sebagai cara pengenalan parti itu. Masakan parti ini boleh diyakini setelah membuktikan kegagalan setelah mendapat mandat selama 54 tahun.

    Saya agak ramai kenalan dikalangan OKU-OKU (orang kuat Umno) kerana kehadiran saya dalam Umno itu mencecah empat dekad lamanya. Hanya saya tidak begitu bergaul dengan pemimpin-pemimpin besar kerana saya ini tidak sama dengan “wave length” mereka, tetapi saya tidak putus-putus berhubung dan dihubungi ramai pemimpin-pemimpin kecil-kecilan parti ini.

    Mereka juga bersetuju yang Umno itu sudah hilang segala plot untuk mentadbir sebuah negara demokrasi seperti negara kita. Mereka bukan tidak mahu berubah tetapi mereka tidak tahu bagaimana hendak berubah.

    Setakat ini mereka hanya tahu untuk mendapat undi dan mentadbir, tetapi apa yang hendak ditadbir atau apa yang perlu dilakukan untuk mengisi keperluan negara ini mereka sudah tidak berdaya lagi. Kerana apa mereka jadi begini? Jawapannya ialah kerana mereka tidak dapat menanggalkan budaya memikirkan kehidupan mereka secara peribadi.

    Jika pemimpin tidak dapat memberikan tumpuan terhadap fungsi siasah mereka, maka tidak mungkin mereka dapat menggubal dasar-dasar baru untuk kepentingan negara. Mereka menjadi lesu kerana mereka enggan dan tidak berani berfikir diluar kotak.

    Rakyat sudah berfikir dalam ruang lingkup yang luas tetapi Umno masih lagi tidak berubah dan pemikiran Umno tidak berkembang mengikut perkembangan masa dan waktunya. Itulah sebabnya Umno dan penyokong tegarnya sentiasa menyalahkan orang lain apabila rakyat mempersoalkan mereka disisi siasah negara kita ini. Umno tidak pernah menyalahkan diri sendiri.

    Perbuatan Umno selalu membuatkan orang marah, tetapi bila orang marah mereka melakukan berbagai fitnah melalui media massa yang diketuai oleh Utusan dan TV3. Mereka tidak memahami kenapa orang ramai marah tetapi bertindak untuk melakukan tekanan terhadap mereka yang mengkritik mereka.

    Kalau begitu keadaannya, apakah lagi alasan untuk mempertahankan parti ini? Isu yang kita semua dengar setiap hari ialah isu mengenang budi dan membalas budi, satu isu yang sudah luntur kerana itulah isu yang diperbesarkan sejak negara merdeka dahulu. Umno mahukan orang ramai membalas budi dengan menyokong mereka melakukan rasuah dan menyalahgunakan kuasa.

    Bagi Umno mereka mesti disokong walaupun melakukan berbagai-bagai kemungkaran politik dan ekonomi terhadap rakyat dan negaranya. Rupa-rupanya Umno mengharapkan rakyat memberikan sokongan walaupun mereka tidak lagi memperjuangakan bangsanya lagi… semata-mata kerana budi lama.

    Yang kita tahu yang berbudi itu ialah Umno yang telah ditewaskan oleh Dr Mahathir Mohamad dahulu. Umno lama dahulu ditubuhkan diatas premis kesatuan dan penyatuan rakyat, sebaliknya Umno yang baru ini diwujudkan diatas perpecahan orang Melayu khususnya ahli-ahli Umno itu.

    Oleh kerana pemimpin-pemimpin dan ahli-ahli Umno tidak mengubah partinya kita meminta semua orang Melayu melakukan perubahan ini. Kita boleh melakukannya. Dalam pilihanraya 2008 dahulu jumlah pengundi Melayu adalah 5.5 juta dan dari jumlah ini hanya dua juta sahaja orang Melayu memberikan undi kepada calon-calon Melayu, lebih dari 3 juta Melayu telah menolak Umno tanpa segan silu.

    Dan daripada jumlah itu 1.5 juta ahli Umno telah memilih untuk mengundi parti-parti alternatif. Asas untuk memberikan waktu berihat kepada Umno memang sudah ada dengan jumlah ahlinya yang ramai yang telah mengundi pembangkang. Tidak ada sebab kenapa mereka tidak boleh lakukan sekali lagi bagi memberikan impak besar terhadap kumpulan perasuah tegar ini.

    Selamatkan harta benda rakyat yang masih terbaki sedikit sebanyak itu. Mereka yang telah menyapu bersih harta rakyat itu tidak akan bertanggungjawab kepada tindakan mereka. Yang akan sengsara adalah generasi kita yang akan datang. Menyelamatkan generasi kita merupakan fardhu kifayah besar dan itu adalah tuntutan agama kita juga.

    Tetapi kita harus menerima hakikat yang usaha untuk melakukan kebaikkan merupakan satu usaha yang perlu melalui kepayahan. Kata seorang ulamak yang muktabar, “jalan ke syurga itu berliku-liku dan penuh ranjau dan onak dan jalan ke neraka itu pula penuh dengan roti dan keju yang teramat enak rasanya”.

    Kepada semua yang insaf, marilah kita berjuang walaupun terpaksa melalui segala onak dan duri itu, kerana penghujung perjuangan itu adalah adalah kebahgiaan kepada rakyat dan negara.

    • R-Truth says:

      Finally, the truth has set me free.
      Thank you Aspan!

    • belang says:

      If that is called the truth, then i guess my bullshit could be your bible..

    • belang says:

      Aspan if my guess is correct. You need to reallly look at yourself. You have benefited from the same module, the same structure and the same system for all your life and now when things didnt go the way you want to, suddenly all hell break lose. You’re the one with a corrupt mind and intention.

      seorang pejuang hanya melihat dan berjalan kehadapann dan berfikir apa yang boleh diubah untuk kebaikan org lain tapi anda telah berhenti berjalan dan hanya berdiri sambil menoleh kebelakang dan tidak henti2 mengeluarkan kata2 kesat atas jalan yang anda sendiri pilih setelah sekian lamanya. Sayangnya cermin dirumah tidak cukup untuk melihat diri sendiri dan mengingatkan bahawa perasan pada diri sendiri yang jalan yang anda pilih adalah benar dan org lain adalah salah.

      Time’s up Aspan. You’ve overstay your welcome. You are not needed by the this generation.

    • ray says:


      In order to instigate/brainwash the Malay Muslims, they first need a Malay Muslim face and name.

      Secondly they will communicate in Bahasa Malaysia.

      Thirdly they will quote extensively from the Quran, in order to play by the same rules as a sign of solidarity or guilt trips.

      Some even wear Baju Melayu, donate cash and give sermons in mosques.

      • belang says:

        yea ray….and the only different among these 3 stooges parties are:
        1. You cant tell between ass hole and mouth hole for DAP because both comes out shit.
        2. PAS’s shit out quietly but shift the blame on others for their shit……… AND
        3. PKR glorify ass hole so much that they even make a logo for it.


      • nani says:

        God fearing Malaysians to make the change NOW if we want a better Malaysia which we and our children so deserve. So please do your part to make change a reality. Bersih 3.0!!!

    • anon says:

      Badut DAP bila berkata-kata , dia terlupa kat bontot dia penuh dengan taik yang tak dicuci .

      Aspan satu sahaja yang kau perlu lakukan ialah kritik kepimpinan DAP , dan dengan segera kau akan dituduh sebagai tali barut DAP dan dibuang . Jangan jadi buta kerana duit dan kuasa

    • Rosli Yatim says:

      Jadi Aspan nak mengajak orang melayu memberi mandat kepada DAP untuk memperjuangkan hak2 orang Melayu? Itu maksud kamu Aspan?

      Wah, tak sangka ya Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh adalah pejuang2 melayu dan islam. Jadi selama berpuluh2 tahun kamu yang teramat cerdik pandai ni buat apa duduk dalam Umno wahai Aspan? Entah2 kalau dari dulu kamu cepat masuk Dap, agak2nya bangsa majoriti dalam Dap tu dah lantik kamu jadi Setiausaha Agung parti ke?

      DAP dah lantik ke ketua MAIK di Pulau Pinang? Dah lama dah jawatan tu kosong. Senang le dia nak kowtim jual tapak masjid di Bayan Mutiara. Apasal tak lantik adun Pas ke jawatan itu sedangkan sudah lama dijanjikan. Oh ya tak ya, jawatan tertinggi Maik pun biarlah Guan Eng yang pegang, kan dia khalifah pejuang Islam.

    • Matt Kamal says:

      Saya akan sokong PR kalau ketua agong kamu Anwar punya akhlak/moral yang mulia….. Dah 20 tahun lebih kita kena kencing Anwar… Amacam bro?? PAS rasanya ok, walau pon Tok Guru Hadi tak jumpa “Negara Islam” dalam Qu’ran. Tapi tahun 80an dulu dia jugak kafirkan UMNO??? Apa hal. PAS langsong tak konsisten. DAP toksah cakap la. Terang2 anti Islam. Coba kamu baca blog Helen Ang, banyak benda dia kupas pasal DAP.

    • Abdullah says:

      Ahhh… this guy Aspan… Met him a couple years ago.. Not sure what was his profession then… But I heard from friends he was some kind of deal maker, a broker to be precise.. It so happen my friends were looking for a financier and this chap Aspan match- make with somebody that had the financial clout..Not sure whether he got commission from any accomplished deal or not. Maybe he was sincere helping another friend.He he…Mana ada free lunch, rite…

      Talk about rent seeking Malays that will use connection mostly political to close deal. This guy will hantam, the so called corrupt rent UMNO seeking commission seekers but look, 1 finger pointing at other people, the other 4 fingers are pointing at you… sound similar, rite..

  12. ED says:

    I am from Perak, and the nature of my job required me to indulge into the political bickering within Perak. I think that as humans, everyone can be a good human being. The problem is when greed takes over a man, and he eventually deviates from his actual calling and purpose and begin to quench for his greed. Poor YB Nizar was caught in a quandary, which is if he wants to keep his job, he should adhere to the invisible hands that were guiding him. But to know that he has been whacking BN even when knowing that its his own signature in the dealings, that’s kinda like being a moron of the first degree.. ha ha..

    • Anonymous says:

      First and foremost MCA leaders are brain-dead on the issue of Islamic state. UMNO’s erstwhile honcho has declared Malaysia was, for all intent and purpose, already an Islamic state to thwart off PAS attempt’s then. Period. So why is MCA still bitching about this issue? Be a good puppy go and yelp at real issues. On ‘diluting’ non-Malay representation, search your souls on what you have done for the Chinese when you had a robust representation in Parliament those years. We suffered humiliation, innuendos and insults every time UMNO needs to placate their parasites. MCA chose to be a silent conspirator. Now that MCA is staring at extinction come GE13, they are suddenly invigorated. We feared PAS in the past, but given the corrupted regime of which MCA is an abettor, I rather cast my vote for PAS. By the way, isn’t UMNO also fishing for Malay votes. At least PAS does not demonize the Chinese in the process.

      • ray says:

        PAS is free from corruption? Hullo you should brace yourself for HUHUD laws dearie. No gambling no booze no miniskirts no concerts no flesh delights no no no …

        “At least PAS does not demonize the Chinese in the process.” Wow this is a clear indication that you’re a newbie in politics.

      • ED says:

        “Yelp at real issues”?? ha ha.. Tell it to morons of Pakatan first. they are the ones who have been using their ass medias to harp on issues that are never even worthy to be called issues.. Even is one Pakatan fellow trips on a little stone and falls, it becomes an issue, and BN is blamed as the party responsible to have put the little stone there… Wake up Losers!!

  13. im not shocked says:

    My vote in the coming elections is to end the current political monopoly which at last will pave the way to a two-party system in Malaysia.

    Only then can neither political party take the voters for granted. Only then will neither party so easily sit comfortably upon the seat of government and start to think their party and the government of the people are synonymous. Which among other things may mean, “What is yours (the people’s money and resources) is mine (the party and its leadership).

    Only then will neither party and leadership morph into arrogant, careless, do-as-they-please governors over a helpless, cowed populace.

    Only then can Malaysians contemplate the improved prospects of their future, go to bed and sleep easy. Only then can Malaysians know that if their government misappropriate or mis-deliver or misconduct itself, there is a remedy the next time they vote.

    • anon says:

      Yeah, 2 party system in the US for centuries, but they still send their soldiers to fight in wars under false pretenses and their defence dept still pay $500 to purchase screws.

  14. Temasik says:

    Lee Kuan Yew has snubbed Mahathir in the auto-industry. Lee introduced Certificate of Entitlement (COE) to increase national revenue. Mahathir introduced Proton to also try to increase national revenue. At the end, Proton failed and Singapore still pocket lots of money every month without fail.

    Another reason why Malaysia must learn from Singapore.

    • Anonymas says:

      haha, the country that penalizes you on chewing gum while importing rubber from Malaysia?

      Funny country, hilarious.

    • toothpick says:

      maybe the learned temasik should migrate to temasek

    • anon says:

      what a funny nick name , Temasik ?? Temasik already loss for billion of dollars that miss managed by Lee Kuan Yew family dynasty (yeaahh i know u even dont know who the top management coz u re soo fucking lazy)

      and still u proud talking about others , typical DAP who always lick Apek Lee balls

    • ray says:


      Singapore PM apologised to their citizens for fear of losing more votes. If not for the perpetual redrawing of constitutency boundaries, PAP may have been kicked out of government sooner.

  15. I not MCA says:

    I am confused by Najib’s rhetoric. Now he says Chinese Malaysians cannot be bystander. But we have been bystanders since the implementation of the NEP, something orchestrated by his very own father. You want Chinese to truly participate in the making of Malaysia, abolish NEP and its successors that practiced discrimination based on race, class, and religion. Restore meritocracy and the Chinese and other minorities will ceased to be bystanders. Until then, don’t double speak. You cannot have both. Who are the fools here. By the way, when someone points out the Emperor is not wearing any cloths, it is not the Emperor who should be embarrassed but the person pointing it out. In this case, it is the Rakyat who are embarrassed for pointing to Najib he is naked.

    For too long the Chinese have watched with exasperation and dismay at the inequalities that have insidiously inched their way into their daily lives. They had to stomach the insults, innuendos, humiliation hurled at them by even UMNO and its soul mates. We become convenient punching bags for the failures of BN’s economic policies to enrich their cronies. When Najib and gang ingratiated themselves to their flock, the kris was brandished and Chinese blood was demanded. Where were MCA and Gerakan during those dark days? There wasn’t even a whimper from them in protest. They are now paying for their sins of omission. Najib can effect his much vaunted ‘transformation’ any time at his own volition, if he has the guts. By asking for the Chinese mandate as a prerequisite to activate changes is subtle blackmail at its best. This interview has displayed but more of the same old Najib traits – non-commitment, dithering and dodging pertinent issues – in short keeping his feet dry.

    All these “transformations” – what do you think cause them? A stronger opposition! That is what caused them. We should continue to support the opposition so that these UMNO/BN buggers do not return to their old arrogant ways. Even under current circumstances UMNO/BN arrogance flares up every now and then. A leopard cannot change its spots. Look at Shaik of UMNO Youth notoriety in Penang and our defacto Law Minister who can be so dismissive when faced with issues which show up the truth about their weaknesses. Where is Najib anyway when you have Hassan Ali making false accusations against the Christians and the Johore seminar for Islamic teachers which has on its agenda an item which is so inflammatory against the Christians. Where is Najib when the infamous Shaik falsely accused LGE of selling land belonging to a mosque? C’mon Najib don’t be so two-faced. The day you are able to speak out boldly against such injustices will be the day we give credence to what you say. Now NO!

    • belang says:

      MCA must be so lucky not to have this retard in their party. Btw you’ll need bigger glasses to see around becoz yours is too shallow..

    • apek lim says:

      typical DAP moron

    • cinapek says:

      I am willing to vote for a PAS Malay candidate than I would vote for an MCA candidate. What is important is not identification of race but what PAS stands for. PAS has every right to fight for an Islamic state just as non-Muslims have every right to oppose it. This is what democarcy is. And because we all believe in a democratic process in supporting our right, it also means that PAS must respect the right of Malay Muslims to NOT support an Islamic state. Until the Constitution is changed, Malay Muslims who do not want an Islamic state but prefer a secular one have the protection of the Constitution in protecting that fundamental right. And if PAS stands for righteousness, truth, goodwill, peace, equality for all in the eyes of God and man and champions ketuanan rakyat regardless of race, I will vote for PAS than for MCA which so far has proven to be crude, vulgar, two-faced, unprincipled, PORNOGRAPHIC, blatant cheats, corrupted, lying urinals for Umno.

    • ray says:

      So now that you have very clearly expressed your resentment at the so-called Malay “discrimination” against the well-educated and rich chinese, it has elevated the situation to a second phase.

      It won’t be the govt policies that you will now contend with. It will be the orchestrated actions against the convenience for the chinese to accumulate wealth without disturbance from the MAJORITY bumiputeras.

      If every bumiputera were to consciously boycott chinese business, do you really think you can still ARROGANTLY demand “special” treatment that goes against the constitution. You and your forefathers have already consumed the benefits from the social contract and you DARE demand that the other parties to the agreement FORGO their benefits.

      Just how cocky can anyone get?

      • melodi says:

        PR needs to stay united and use truth to steer them out of this UMNO dominated field. In addition, they also have to be on an offensive side to launch those strategic constituencies ceramah to spread the truth and couner the lies of this website!

    • melodi says:

      With new & better ideas and bitter experiences gained from the abuses of Umno, I believe PR is a better government.

      Let send BN into history book.

      • ray says:

        Yup and that particular HISTORY book will expose the chinese communist leanings and actions that went against Tanah Melayu.

        That HISTORY book will enlighten PAS and PKR Malay Muslims about the real DAP with their Malaysian Malaysia deceptive propaganda, their Middle Malaysia con job as well as their guilt over the May 13 1969 riots.

  16. Pro Justice says:

    Reading the response to the above article, as usual the Pakatan Rakyat pea-brains CANNOT COME UP WITH ANY INTELLECTUAL RESPONSE.

  17. apek lim says:

    the pakatan rakyat commentors too morons to read the article title ..moron by nature

  18. melodi says:

    PR should make sure the electorate system is clean of phantom voters. If a so-corrupted BN could continue to win election, what future Malaysia has? Soon, Malaysia would become Philippine or African countries.

  19. Matt Kamal says:

    I will support PR when the sodomiser/adulterer is no longer here.

  20. Outstanding elements here. I will be willing to go to your publish. Appreciate it a whole lot with this particular waiting for contact you. Are you going to i implore you to shed us a postal mail?

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