Election Reforms in Pakatan First lah, Come On!

Anwar, Kit Siang and Nik Aziz all hold appointed posts

The Pakatan Rakyat ally, Bersih, has announced their plans to stage a Bersih sit in at  Dataran Merdeka.

This is despite the fact the government has agreed to almost all the electoral demands made by them.

The only grumble they have is that they want 21 days of campaigning while the government wants 10 days. But come on. We all know the Pakatan Rakyat politicians hold ceramahs every day.

They have been campaigning since the last general election. So please do not bluff yourself and Malaysians by saying there is not enough time for campaigning.

But the biggest bull is this. While the three Pakatan parties – PKR, DAP and PAS – talks about election reforms – they themselves have never practised what they preach.

Anwar Ibrahim is the Ketua Am of the PKR. It’s an appointed post. He does not need to stand for elections and he has the cheek to lecture us about free and fair elections.

It’s a laugh because all the Pakatan zombie fans believe everything he says.

Then, there is DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang. He’s the most powerful man in the DAP but he doesn’t need to stand for elections either. It’s another appointed person.

He’s worse than Robert Mugabe, who at least holds elections, even though it’s rigged.

Of course, there’s Nik Aziz Nik Mat – the Spiritual Adviser of PAS. He is another appointed leader in the party.

In the name of religion, he holds the post because no one dares to question his purported religious title.

So all these three big Pakatan leaders – Anwar, Kit Siang and Nik Aziz – have something in common, they don’t even respect democracy in their own parties but they lecture us on such principles. But amazingly, plenty of sicko Malaysians believe in them.

But that’s not all. In the DAP, there is NO direct elections. The delegates invite a group of candidates into the central executive committee.

They then decide the positions themselves. What a great way to conduct elections! This portal never hear anyone calling for election reforms in the DAP.

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134 Responses to Election Reforms in Pakatan First lah, Come On!

  1. Shirly says:

    You will never be able to satisfy these people. Their aim is to hype up anti-govt sentiments irrespective if it will go out of control and create chaos.
    Bersih has been manipulated and hijacked by political parties. It is no longer independent.

    • Kuning Bistari says:

      The eight Bersih 2.0 Demands that motivated 50,000 Malaysians transcending race, religion and region to support the historic July 9, 2011 Bersih 2.0 rally were:

      Clean the electoral roll

      Reform postal ballot

      Use of indelible ink

      Minimum 21 days campaign period

      Free and fair access to media

      Strengthen public institutions

      Stop corruption

      Stop dirty politics

      • Anonymas says:

        All of those demands have been fulfilled by SPR in their PSC. But, it havent been fulfilled within PR itself

        Cause DSAI, TGNA and LKS are emperors. Nobody questions them. If you do, pancung kepala.

      • chewal says:

        50,000??? hahaha the best joke ever…

        Based on scientific crowd calculation, there were about 8,000 (max 10,000) crowd on bersih 2.0.

        But if you want to believe in Mkini the liar, that’s your choice.

        • Usop Din says:

          “Flip-flop” secara tiba-tiba oleh Presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek dan tindakan MCA untuk membuat pusingan U daripada menyokong loji pemprosesan nadir bumi Lynas kepada menuntut agar loji itu dimansuhkan, bukan sahaja menonjolkan pendirian MCA yang tidak konsisten dan tidak berprinsip tetapi juga menimbulkan soalan tentang keikhlasan dan kredibiliti MCA.

      • anon says:

        free media ?? even Pakatan media like Malaysiakini , Harakah and Malaysia Insider and majority chinese newspaper never give a fair report , full of lies , create tension among Malaysian and you only know is to lick Pakatan Rasuah ass only ! walk the talk laa stupid hypocrite !

        Dirty Politic and Corruption !? ahhh you point one finger to other but there is 4 finger pointing at u ! yeaah urself !!!

      • anon says:

        If give all 8 points also, or even 9, somehow or the other there is this feeling that the Bersih 3 will go to street also. This is assuming election is around June 12.

        If the election is postponed to Feb 2013, as there is this possibility that some states will not follow simultaneously (hence waste money) then there will be definitely Bersih 4 end of this year

        They wish to repeat what reformasi(by the hooligans) did for them in 2008 victory

        End day its not about rakyat’s good.
        Its all about winning the seat.

        Think what they have ever done for the rakyat these long 4 years in the states won. It is just about politic politic politic. Nothing concrete for the rakyat. Promises not fulfilled. The leader is always overseas. Machais keep on referring to the past “sins”- digging up books for more and more evidences but do you ever see them “serving” us “better” as promised or worst still was there any service at all.


        • Rosham Noh says:

          Bersih 3.0 must happen, happen big, happen in every major town and in hundreds of thousands. Do not let this opportunity pass.

          Pak Samad is literally sacrificing his life for us by speaking up for the people. Can we be quiet , comfortable at home and watch the media news on what will happen, leaving it tot he same people to suffer the hard knocks in the streets , because this is what will happen if we stay at home and let a few suffer consequences on our behalf. The umno police will just do that if the nos are not significant to show an example. But if we all move as ONE, then that will scare the shit out of the rogue police, and scatter them. Thismpolice force knows knows only to bully , not defend the very public it is duty bound to protect. We will only curse ourselves for forever if we do not participate. Let the WORLD and all of Malaysia see and feel the pulse of the Nation in the streets on 28/4/12pm. The can of worms within this umno govt will be released. ABU ABU

          • Sandy says:

            Its sad that morons like you are not involve in the process of the vote counting in the election….the whole time during the process of voting …all the elected observer (both parties either barisan/pas/pkr/dap) are in the room….even the counting of votes they have to sign and the results are known at that time….so how can you accuse the SPR as not being transparent…. There is no way…the votes can be rigged/manupulated!!! People like you are just not thankful to ALLAH s.w.t for what you have gained as a citizen in this country.

          • ray says:


            You and all the taxpayers will be burdened with payment of damages as in UK riots.


          • Matt Kamal says:

            ABU= Allah Bersama UMNO
            Slogan lebih baik= ABAI… Asal Bukan Anwar Ibrahim

      • Raslan says:

        Mr Kuning, nak tanya sikit, geng2 PKR ini adalah diantara peneraju himpunan Bersih. Pemilihan parti PKR penuh dengan putar belit, penipuan, politik kotor dan rasuah politik. Ratusan aduan dan bantahan rasmi telah dibuat oleh calun2 dan ahli2 PKR sendiri termasuk oleh pemimpin2 utama PKR. Sehingga ke hari ini, segala bantahan telah dipeti-sejukkan.

        Adakah anda boleh percaya orang2 hipokrit PKR seperti ini yang terbukti KOTOR dalam pemilihan parti sendiri LAYAK untuk mengaku BERSIH dalam pilihanraya umum nanti?

        Dalam rumah sendiri dia jadi PENCURI sudah tentu luar rumah dia jadi PEROMPAK.

        • Anonymous says:

          The EC should be dismissed immediately especially when almost daily some irregularities are exposed!

          That were how the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir stay on in power for 23 years. And now his successors, the deceitful and corrupted scumbags and parasites are emulating him in every way. Every woe and shamble Malaysia is having comes from this mamak shenanigan and is about time he gets indicted. Allah must have kept alive for this very purpose because only the good dies young and for sure he is not young by any means.

          Najib should have an inquiry held into his abusive and excessive use of his power and then have him indicted for the countless atrocities he committed during the tenure of his rule. And for sure you will be reelected without having to dish out million, if not billion of ringgits, almost daily. Just remember Malaysia is running a deficit in the beget and you are borrowing to do so. This, no doubt, will bring Malaysia to be closer to Greece and Italy, just to name a few countries.

          This may not be a popular move to his cronies but not all good decisions are, at first, popular with some but for sake of the future hold a RC on this shenanigan Mahathir and you will surely get re-elected and with a margin similar to that of the first GE of AB as leader of BN. .

      • Anonymous says:

        This GE will be the dirtiest, non-transparent, manipulations, ……..in Malaysian History.
        Don’t expect the EC to clean up the Electoral roll, …..

        The fingers of all the voters must be independently checked by independent body at the 1st gate before can walk into the voting room. Else, the playout can be done by cover the ink on the previous inked area, if staff of EC are not ethical and integrity, in case.

        Just like Russia, install all the function cameras with recording function with 12 hours backed up battery around the voting rooms…..

        • anon says:

          no wonder ambigashit and Bersih can spread the lies , bcoz Pakatan have many monkey brain like u !!! why u need camera … where is pakatan electrol observer that can be inside the room all the time until the vote count ..

          they soo lazy and going out to fuck china doll kaa ???

      • ED says:

        Hey Kuning, please include in that list that the organizers would be held responsible for the safety of the participants. last time around, a participant died but did the organizer take any responsibility for it? NOPE.. BERSHIT said that it is FRU’s mistake. on the other hand, did any of DAP leaders take responsibility for TBH’s death? NOPE.. the DAP leaders said it was MACC’s fault. Go on destroying other peoples with your BERSHIT thing, but you’ll know when all these comes back to you..

    • Doitos 3 says:

      We must ask where did they get all their resourses and money to go around creating issues and demonstrations??? Were foreign godfathers involved??? Why the need for them to always create issues and blow them out of proportion as if Malaysia is dying and without law and order??? Are they doing these for the good of Malaysia or for their own good at the expenses of the people??? Why always condemn Malaysia to the outside world??? Wake up Malaysians, search your souls and you will find the answer. Make sure you go to the poll to stop these traitors.

      • Anser says:

        Yes, we also know and understand that why Umno/MCA recently expressed their full confidence to take back the Selangor state in the coming election. From the data shown, the selangor’ new registration has been increased by almost 22%, likely by dubious voters, fresh from 6P exercise!

  2. Abdul Kadir says:

    Bersih is now a conduit of Opposition parties to drum up support for the coming general elections.
    These jokers portray themselves as being heroes fighting for the rights of the people. They dont even practise what they preach. For them its excusable not to hold elections and get appointed in high positions within their political parties. This is their intepretation of democracy within their respective parties. But democracy for Malaysia to them is yet another set of rules. Why 2 different set of ideology.

  3. A.B.A.I says:

    can’t wait DAPsters come and hoghwashing here…

    • Jeremy Huang says:

      My vote in the coming elections is to end the current political monopoly which at last will pave the way to a two-party system in Malaysia.

      Only then can neither political party take the voters for granted. Only then will neither party so easily sit comfortably upon the seat of government and start to think their party and the government of the people are synonymous. Which among other things may mean, “What is yours (the people’s money and resources) is mine (the party and its leadership).

      Only then will neither party and leadership morph into arrogant, careless, do-as-they-please governors over a helpless, cowed populace.

      Only then can Malaysians contemplate the improved prospects of their future, go to bed and sleep easy. Only then can Malaysians know that if their government misappropriate or mis-deliver or misconduct itself, there is a remedy the next time they vote.

      • ray says:

        My precious vote goes to jeremy for his world wisdom.

        P.S. in case you are unaware jeremy, yours is just ONE miserable vote.

  4. M. Muthusamy says:

    Enough is enough. There should be an end to Bersih or else they would continue until Bersih 100. Do we need our streets to be jammed up, businesses to be affected, taxi drivers having zero income for the day.
    Already our Sunday rest day has been affected by the 2 previous Bersih demonstrations.
    We dont want to have this fear of having to stock up food rations anymore. Keep politics off the streets .

  5. Johnny Wong says:

    Then you all forgot about the Anwar Sdn Bhd company. His wife Wan Azizah is the president, Daughter Nurul Izzah is the vice president of PKR.
    How can a party be dominated by one single party. I really dont understand why no one in Pakatan dares to raise this matter.

    • Fuad says:

      Khairy once asked as to who actually owned Alliance Bank and Pantai Holdings Bhd before they were both sold to Singaporean interests.

      For those in the dark, the answer is Mahathir’s sons, who were also involved in various business ventures and at times needed to be bailed out using government funds.

      Jangan mudah lupa!

      • Kacang Merah says:

        Kamu belajar kat sekolah mana?

        Tajuk posting ini tentang “bawang putih” tapi kamu komen pasal “kacang tanah”.

        ada sekolah ka?

    • Sandy says:

      Well said….. 🙂

  6. Akmal says:

    all 3 of them more or less have seumur hidup posts – a.k.a dictator. it is very clear to see that the opposition is being hypocritical. but nonetheless, as you mentioned, the zombies will believe everything these 3 clowns tell them. what a joke.

    • Anak bumi says:

      Why are the P.M. and his DPM dishing out over 600 million ringgits in a matter of two months ?You don’t need the brian of a primary school student to know that was ‘vote buying’, but of course, that is if you and your kind even have the brains of a primary school students. Or may be you and your kind are so use to bribing that you and your kind are immune to such bribery. Also why is the money being out just before the GE when the P.M. and his deputy have been able to do so for so long ?

      Why the Umno morons are begging to the ex-Malaysian non Malay professional immigrants to return to serve Malaysian with incentives and added new incentives years after years? Especially so when there should be a surplus of professionals or shall I say Malay professionals in the country when at the rates the morons have been sending million of NEP (Never Enough Policy) students abroad to further their studies ?

      • Kacang Merah says:

        Kamu belajar kat sekolah mana?

        Tajuk posting ini tentang “belacan” tapi kamu komen pasal “sabun”.

        ada sekolah ka?

  7. YAB Panglima Sri Darjat 1Murni Pandikar says:

    Semakin lara kita didera bara,
    kita laungkan juga pesan merdeka,
    demokrasi sebenderang mentari,
    sehasrat hajat semurni harga diri.
    – A. Samad Said.

  8. beng says:

    these pakatan only know demo demo and demo , they dont care about rakyat . stupid people , dont say to me laa this demo about and for rakyat !!! obviously its pakatan greedy to power and get more corrupt and steal more money !

  9. Dr. Fake says:

    The Bersih monkeys should come to Selangor and literally Bersih-kan Selangor first lah. The place is a shithole, fucking rubbish everywhere. Stupid incompetent state Govt.

  10. kaboom says:

    i believe your statement regarding of DAP party policies is an Understatement.

    i. DAP does practise “election” among the party. However, those who eligible for vote are “appointed by” you-know-who.

    ii. please pay a more “respect” to Mr. Lim KS. He is not only the Champion of DAP, he is the parlimentary leader, Chairman-of-everything, Father of Penang CM, father in law of first lady of penang, and the party defacto leader for FOUR long decades (So much of democracy in the party)

  11. Anonymas says:

    Meanwhile in PR headquarters……….

    (you know what I mean. 3As, emperors vs warlords, TGNA’s ayatollahism)

  12. Kerajaan PR Pulau Pinang akan mendedahkan UMNO Pulau Pinang sebagai parti rasis yang jelas tidak menghiraukan undi bukan Islam dalam pilihan raya umum yang akan datang, dengan hanya mempersoalkan kehilangan tanah masjid dan bukan tanah bukan Islam dalam projek Bayan Mutiara. UMNO Pulau Pinang telah menyalakan api kebencian agama terhadap saya sebagai seorang pemimpin bukan Islam dengan menyebarkan fitnah bahaya bahawa saya telah menjual atau melenyapkan tanah masjid dan sekolah dengan penjualan tanah 102.6 ekar Bayan Mutiara melalui tender terbuka kepada Ivory Property Group Bhd (Ivory).

    Apabila tanah 102.6 ekar Bayan Mutiara dijual melalui tender terbuka, geran tanah tidak dipecah sempadan tetapi dijual secara menyeluruh. BN tidak membuat apa-apa pemecahan sempadan ke atas geran tanah semasa mereka berkuasa. Ivory akan membuat pecah sempadan hanya selepas pelan baru diserahkan kepada MPPP dan Pejabat Tanah untuk kelulusan. Pelan baru dan pemecahan sempadan geran tanah belum lagi diserahkan oleh Ivory kepada pihak-pihak berkuasa, maka bagaimana UMNO boleh mendakwa bahawa tanah masjid atau sekolah telah dijual atau dilenyapkan?

    UMNO harus berasa malu jika mereka betul-betul tidak tahu mengenai syarat-syarat pihak berkuasa tempatan di mana setiap projek diwajibkan untuk memperuntukkan tanah untuk kemudahan-kemudahan awam seperti masjid, jalan, taman, perumahan kos sederhana rendah, sekolah dan tempat-tempat beribadat bukan Islam. Syarat-syarat ini adalah biasa bagi semua pihak berkuasa tempatan di seluruh Malaysia. Mengikut logik sesat UMNO, jika tanah masjid telah dilenyapkan akibat penjualan tanah kepada Ivory walaupun Ivory belum lagi menyerahkan pelan baru kepada MPPP, maka tanah untuk tempat-tempat beribadat bukan Islam juga telah dilenyapkan.

    Jika begitu, kenapakah UMNO tidak menggembar-gemburkan “kehilangan” tanah untuk tempat-tempat beribadat bukan Islam tetapi hanya menekankan tanah masjid? Adakah rakyat bukan Islam tidak penting untuk UMNO atau tidak berhak kepada tanah untuk tempat beribadat mereka? Kerajaan Negeri PR akan menumpukan perhatian kepada kawasan-kawasan UMNO, terutamanya kawasan parlimen Nibong Tebal, untuk memaklumkan pengundi bukan Islam bahawa UMNO tidak ragu-ragu untuk membiarkan kehilangan tanah bukan Islam.

    Adalah jelas bahawa UMNO telah mengambil pendekatan rasis dan bahaya yang mengapi-apikan permusuhan antara kaum dan agama melalui fitnah-fitnah terdesak untuk melemahkan kepimpinan saya dan juga Kerajaan Negeri PR. Kerajaan Negeri PR akan menjelaskan kepada rakyat bahawa tuduhan-tuduhan ini adalah fitnah semata-mata, dan UMNO tidak memerlukan undi bukan Islam dalam pilihan raya umum yang akan datang.

    Kutuk Keengganan Utusan Malaysia Dan Berita Harian Untuk Menyiarkan Penafian Kerajaan Negeri Dan Ivory Dan Saya Akan Mengambil Tindakan Mahkamah Terhadap Ketua Pemuda UMNO Pulau Pinang, Utusan Malaysia Dan Berita Harian Atas Fitnah-Fitnah Mereka.

    Utusan Malaysia dan Berita Harian dikutuk kuat kerana keengganan mereka untuk menyiarkan penafian Kerajaan Negeri PR Pulau Pinang dan juga Timbalan Pengerusi Ivory Datuk Seri Nazir Ariff atas isu ini. Kerana keengganan mereka, saya tidak mempunyai pilihan lain melainkan untuk menyaman kedua-dua suratkhabar itu serta Ketua Pemuda UMNO Pulau Pinang Shaik Hussein Mydin atas fitnah mereka bahawa saya telah melenyapkan tanah masjid.

    Saya telah cuba untuk sabar apabila UMNO menggunakan retorik perkauman dan agama untuk melemahkan kepimpinan saya dan juga Kerajaan Negeri PR. Tetapi, permainan yang bahaya ini sudah melintasi had dengan fitnah bahawa saya telah menjual tanah masjid.

    Sebelum itu, Shaik Hussein dan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang lain telah menyerang saya dengan fitnah bahawa saya tidak menjual tanah 102.6 ekar melalui tender terbuka. Beliau telah meneruskan fitnah itu walaupun Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang dan pihak pemaju telah kemukakan bukti bahawa tanah tersebuat telah dijual secara tender terbuka.

    Kemudian, Shaik telah terus memfitnah dengan menuduh bahawa saya menyatakan tidak perlu sokongan kaum India. Apabila fitnahnya dibuktikan salah, Shaik bukan sahaja enggan memohon maaf seperti yang dijanjikan tetapi beralih kepada fitnah lain bahawa saya telah melenyapkan tanah masjid. Fitnah kali ini sangat bahaya kerana ia menyentuh sentimen agama dan bertujuan untuk menimbulkan kebencian orang Islam terhadap saya sebagai seorang pemimpin bukan Islam.

    UMNO hanya boleh mengatakan bahawa tanah masjid atau sekolah telah dijual atau dilenyapkan jika pelan baru oleh pemaju telah diluluskan oleh MPPP tanpa ada tanah masjid, sekolah atau tanah untuk bukan Islam. Sebagai kerajaan berjiwa rakyat, PR Pulau Pinang selalu memegang kepada prinsip asas untuk TIDAK membenarkan tanah yang diperuntukkan untuk sekolah, tempat-tempat beribadat, masjid, surau, gereja, kuil Cina, Hindu atau Buddhist untuk hilang begitu sahaja. Ini akan menjadi jelas dalam mahkamah apabila tindakan saman fitnah diambil.

    • ray says:

      T & T

      Such an elongated and verbose comment. Just one single point to rebut your long-winded spinning.

      UMNO is a party for Malay Muslims and they never deny or apologise for their stand. BN comprises component of parties with different racial representation that functions as a coalition.

      So simply put, UMNO will defend all rights of Malay Muslims.

      Now hear this – DAP claims LOUDLY that they are multiracial and they fight for ALL races. But the main difference is that they demand and insist on chinese supremacy rights.

      So they are fraudulent cheats. Their outward claims are lies that serves to CON the gullible and the ignorant. CAT seems to stand for CHEAT, ACCUSE and TRICK.

      • Rosham Noh says:

        While Burma, Cambodia and Laos is moving towards a more open and democratic governance, Malaysia is moving the other way, political violence and political intolerance is becoming very prevalence.

        54 years of BN rule had taken us from one of the top Asean nations down to a position which were once occupied by those three countries. How can anyone ask me to like BN?

    • ray says:

      LGE claims to champion freedom of speech and yet, is ever ready to enforce the GAG order. And also the frequent sueing of parties for their views and queries.

      • Anonymous says:

        You should bertaubat like that Do-re-mi guy in Penang!

        • ray says:

          Errrr excuse me, what channel are you at? Oh I know, you are karpal wannabe eh, giving advise to anwar for So-do-my 2.0 in court.

          Penang should be ruled by Penangites not an unwanted Malaccan, agree or not eh anon??

    • beng says:

      crap punya DAP troopers .. kerana membongkar rasuah DAP yang melibatkan tanah masjid maka digelar sebagai rasis !!!, mana punya sifir kau pakai ni !! apabila rasis DAP menyalak pasal bangsa mereka ia digelar sebagai kebebasan bersuara ??? hypocrite bastards

      Tanah di Bayan Mutiara get your fact , rasuah beratus-ratus juta didepan mata ! bila pula ia adalah open tender ???

      next time jangan hanya pandai copy dan paste daripada surat khabar penipu macaxm Malaysiakini dan blog pembangkang , tak payah nak copy paste dari cerita bohong mulut busuk apek Lim , CAT kurap system !

      sampai hari ni apek Lim tak jawab langsung isu bayan mutiara dan tanah … masjid ! rasuah beratus juta didepan mata semua DAP buat tutup mula .. GAG order !??? freedom of speech anwar ass laa !

    • Haruan Idris says:

      UMNO has been stoking racial issue ever since they lost the people support. The sad thing in Penang is that the Malays there permit their race to be hijacked by this mamaks and is blind to the truth which is so dearly taught in their religion. Blatant lies, widespread and open corruption is ignored just for the sake of the race. This runs contrary to any religous belief and will go down badly for any race that support such act and lies.

      • Dugo says:

        Kau tuduh Umno rasis tapi mulut kau sendiri sebut mamak. Apa kejadah kau ni, hipokrit gaban macam puak DAP. Oh lupa pasal dasar hipokrit ni, mereka tak sedar lidah bercabang macam kau.

      • apek lim says:

        your said umno playing racial issue but the true is you and DAP monkey always degrading mamak , what the hypocrite fucker you are !!! when BN exposed the corruption of apek Lim about Mosque land , the fucker like you and DAP monkey only know shout racist ! and forget the real thing about corruption of DAP , only this you can do ???

        • Anonymous says:

          So what?! Isn’t it’s true only mamak really want to show that they are more Malay than Malay themselves? A case of inferiority complex perhaps?

          • apek lim says:

            this is not about race , stupid DAP cybertroopers !!! they just exposed DAP corruption ! and DAP cybertroopers like you macam anjing menggelupur called them want to be more Malay .. typical laa pekk , no wonder DAP can do everything they want bcoz they know many stupid like you

        • belang says:

          If somebody met you and a snake. I thinks it give justice to smack you first then the snake. Yours is more venomous than the snake.

      • ray says:

        Kesian haruan tak tentu arah …

        Nak hasut tak pandai. Cara yang dia tahu hanyalah menuduh sesuka hati. Kemudian gunakan psikologi LAPUK yang tak laku. Budak kecil pun faham niat jahat si ikan haruan ni.

        Religion dictates self defence and jihad against evil mongers like ikan haruan.

  13. i'm A says:

    Tulus and Tepat?? shiit…c&p what LGE said is tulus and tepat?

    Are you stupid or plain stupid?

    • Nongkrong says:

      You can be more rational if you stop reading Utusan, and stop watching Buletin TV3

      • apek lim says:

        you mean Malaysiakini , Harakah , Malaysia Today all the opposition newspaper exspecially chinese newspaper can be trust ?? what a low life you are

      • ray says:


        Do you know what ‘nongkrong’ means? It is not at all flattering, you know. Utusan and TV3 have more INTEGRITY than DongZong and Yap with faked qualifications.

        • Anonymous says:

          Integrity my ASS. If its true, why they never carry news from both sides? Why always showing story from only one side without giving the other side to give their part of the story or even a rebuttal? Is that integrity to you? Then u are no better than shit that coming out from ur anus

          • ray says:

            tsk tsk tsk …

            You mean your a** has integrity but the owner does not have. Kesian nya nasib si anon.

            Such language depicts your family upbringing, dear anon. You don’t even have the integrity to give yourself a nic. At least a simple nic that portrays a “personality”.

            Most of us commenters are anonymous but a nic provides you with an identity lah.

          • belang says:

            Integrity meaning news reported in the paper is reliable and from the trusted source. The one you damned cursed is not integrity by definition but objectivity meaning giving fair and unbiased reports. That is never heard of in Malaysia, i have to admit but the same goes to PR’s media also .

  14. shirly says:

    April 4th was Qingming (or Tomb Sweeping Day), a Chinese festival that is marked by people tending to the graves of departed ones.

    This is the 3rd year that Teoh Beng Hock’s family is visiting his grave in Semenyih. We note with profound sadness that it has been almost 2 years and 9 months since Beng Hock was found dead on the rooftop of the 5th floor of the same building that houses the MACC headquarters on July 16, 2009, and today we are no closer to finding out the truth.

    After the Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas returned an open verdict into the death of Teoh Beng Hock, a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) was set up to probe the death of Teoh Beng Hock and the circumstances surrounding and contributing to his death. A 124-page report was then presented to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong on June 22, 2011.

    The RCI report clearly pointed out that Arman Alies (the investigation officer known as “the bully”), Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus (the assistant investigating officer known as “the abuser”) and Hishammuddin Hashim (“the arrogant leader” who is also former deputy director of MACC Selangor) were guilty of excessive use of violence on Beng Hock, therefore the police have more than enough reason to commence investigations against the trio for possible offences under Sections 304 and 304A of the Penal Code, namely for culpable homicide not amounting to murder and for causing the death of Teoh Beng Hock by negligence, respectively.

    Apart from that, there were 10 MACC officers who gave false testimonies during the RCI proceedings. They should be investigated under Sections 191 and 192 of the Penal Code for giving false evidence and fabricating evidence to protect certain parties from being held responsible for Beng Hock’s death.

    However, a written parliamentary reply from Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz dated March 29, 2012 to YB Dr Lee Boon Chye revealed that no legal action will be taken against MACC trio:

    “Jabatan Peguam Negera telah meneliti keterangan yang dikemukakan oleh pihak Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) hasil daripada siasatan semasa prosiding inkues dan Laporan Suruhanjaya Siasatan DiRaja yang ditubuhkan bagi menyiasat kematian Teoh Beng Hock.

    Hasil penelitian yang dibuat secara terperinci, Jabatan Peguam Negara mendapati tidak wujud kesalahan jenayah oleh 3 orang pegawai SPRM tersebut bagi apa-apa kesalahan di bawah Kanun Keseksaan [Akta 574] atau Akta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia 2009 [Akta 694]. Sehubungan itu, tiada tindakan undang-undang telah diambil terhadap ketiga-tiga pegawai SPRM tersebut.”

    However, the written reply from Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri to me yesterday (April 4, 2012) claimed that:

    “Pihak Polis sedang menjalankan siasatan bagi mengumpulkan keterangan dan bukti-bukti berkaitan laporan berkenaan. Kertas Siasatan telah dirujuk kepada YA Ketua Unit Pendakwaan Negeri dan Pejabat Peguam Negara bagi tujuan kajian dan nasihat.”

    The decision of the Attorney-General has made a complete mockery of the entire RCI proceedings. A life was lost and our Government spent RM1 million to set up the RCI. And yet, despite the fact that the RCI report clearly pointed out the 3 MACC officers as having used excessive force, none of them will be held responsible and accountable for their actions. More shockingly, the “arrogant leader” Hishammuddin Hashim was rewarded by being promoted to the post of Negeri Sembilan MACC director.

    In addition to that, the investigation conducted on Selangor Exco YB Ean Yong Hian Wah was also politically motivated. Around the time of June 21, 2009, Hishammuddin Hashim received information from a source alleging that Selangor state assemblymen were submitting false claims. Acting on this information, Hishammuddin Hashim requested for officers from other MACC branches in Selangor as well as from HQ to assist. All in all, 35 officers were roped in to investigate the allegation. Not a single one of the Selangor state assemblypersons was charged in court.

    During the RCI, the Commissioners found that there was a “blue wall of silence” as evidenced by the untruths spouted by MACC officers to cover up the nefarious activities that took place on the 15th and the 16th of July, 2009. [Paragraph 362 of the RCI Report]

    Fast forward to the present, and today, we are confronted by the political decision that no one will be charged in court for the death of Teoh Beng Hock. No words can describe the extreme hurt, disappointment, hopelessness and despair that we feel as a result of this unjust and outrageous outcome.

    This is a grave travesty of justice and a great blow to all concerned and upright Malaysians who deserve to know the truth about what happened to a bright and promising young man.

    • apek lim says:

      The TRUTH is when Teng beng Hock die , many DAP leadership got AWAY from corruption charge . Its seem many DAP supporters like u dont want know the truth , its like Yap from Dong Zong who have fake phd and in the same of time DAP troopers only know to comment is leave him alone …

      and what u fucking did is blame the others !

      • Anonymous says:

        What corruption? 2000 ringgit is it? Don’t simply use the word apek coz clearly an apek has more brain matter than u Malaon. Shouting racist jaunt here. All this umno ppl is just like pak pandir, menang Ayam kg tegadai

      • belang says:

        2000 or 2millions, a corruption is still a corruption. However it is quite a dismay to learn that one vote from a healthy mind like me equal to one vote from the mentally corrupted like you. It is a ashamed to be on the same level you know. Lol…

    • ray says:

      Ya ya

      There were so many other “unnatural” deaths, even clear murder cases in Malaysia. Why must Teoh Beng Hock be extra special? The reason is for political mileage and sneaky camouflage for DAP’s wrongdoings.

      • Anonymous says:

        Becoz nobody r gonna kill themselves be coz of 2000 ringgit corruption u motherfucker! Enuff of racist taunt!

        • ray says:

          Tsk tsk tsk …

          Bad spelling denotes an interrupted low quality education. And those nasty words reflect a substandard upbringing. Poor anon.

          Dear anon, have you heard of a theory that expounds the possibility, that perhaps TBH became so depressed after discovering that his girlfriend’s unborn child was not his.

          • Anonymous says:

            Wow, suddenly we have another umngok theorist! Wat a donkey. Have u known someone who killed themselves be coz his girlfriend is having other ppl child? Non! Except u maybe

          • belang says:

            Just becoz you might not want to end your life over RM2000 claimed corruption deosnt means everybody doesnt. Consider yourself lucky. Now if you have something to suggest it is a homicide case then show the proof , otherwise you’re nothing more than those DAP goons barking hard to bring peoples back in when in fact the same peoples now realize you’re not a sheep but a wolf in disguised.

          • ray says:

            Dear Anon @ April 7, 2012 at 9:59 pm, you have an unhealthy attitude towards animals, you know.

            So you accept that TBH’s girlfriend was pregnant with another man’s child eh?

    • Doitos 3 says:

      The truth is the death of Teoh Beng Hock was a suicide as he can’t endure the pressure of intense interrrogation and that his boss that DAP guy didn’t care to calm him when he called him after the interrogation. What transpired between Teoh and his boss during his call, you can ask his boss but I am sure he will not tell you the truth. He must have exposed a lot of shits of their wrongdoings and felt very guilty. Anyway those MACC guys should be charged for torture but how to give evidence against them when the victim is dead. Certain lawyers in Pakatan knew about all these, that’s why the death of Teoh Beng Hock has been turned into a political issues. This is all a game of dirty politics and the people suffered most are the love ones of Teoh Beng Hock. The work of dirty politicians are always camouflaged.

      • Anonymous says:

        Woah!!! Exposé a lot of shit n wrongdoings? N yet they couldn’t manage to convict? What utter rubbish. Fucker, this is Dap la bahlol. If there is even an atom of wrong, they will go straight to jail regardless. Unlike ur najibtuya, muhyiddin, gangster ag n musa… Even cow dung ijat take ion to resign. Maybe ur brain r full of filth from reading n watching utusan melody a n tv 3suku

        • ray says:

          This anon may be a bipolar patient, with uncontrollable anger and frustration. Or a product of the vernacular schools. Or a victim of bullies in his early years. Or was an abandoned infant at a church’s doorstep. Or …….

          • Anonymous says:

            Nope, just couldn’t stand the filth that is spewing here. N I don’t think u know wat bipolar is. A donkey brain cannot fathom those word

          • ray says:

            Anon dearie, let me educate you a little (if that’s even possible).

            Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) causes serious shifts in mood, energy, thinking, and behavior–from the highs of mania on one extreme, to the lows of depression on the other. More than just a fleeting good or bad mood, the cycles of bipolar disorder last for days, weeks, or months. And unlike ordinary mood swings, the mood changes of bipolar disorder are so intense that they interfere with your ability to function.

            See you displayed all these symptoms dearie. To assist you further, here’s the link – http://www.helpguide.org/mental/bipolar_disorder_symptoms_treatment.htm

            Pssstt – it is hereditary …

        • belang says:

          You need to read more. The witness who took the stand is a DAP supporter. He has acknowledged the dirty tactics of DAP politician in securing the contracts under Class F for the benefits of themselves. Legally there is nothing wrong with that becoz the company involved are legits but wrong in ethics becoz ‘ean ah long yong’ insistence that the company must finance the jobs through him and only paid 5% for the jobs.

          Now let see your side of story about altantuya, muhyiddin etc. From the look of it, you certainly have a big mouth but a peanut brain.

        • Anonymous says:

          How about the 3 evidence which seems TBH was murdered?

          1. No finger print on the wall or at window before he fall down.
          2. One of his shoe was wear/tear badly, looks like he was drag before he die.
          3. Emotionally he cannot do suicide as he supposed to marry the next day.

          • Edwards says:

            How come they didnt appoint people like u to sit on TBH’s RCI? So that u could choose which theory u like and ignore those u dont like, including forensic experts findings.

            Anyway, i am sure you totally agree that those hypocrites in Pakatan Dap, Pkr and Pas need to self-reform first before telling others what to do, especially in respect of Pkr’s party election in comparison with general election. What say u?

            Sure u will quiet quiet one about this.

          • belang says:

            what you suggest is the victim’s action before the falling but what we really do need to look are the evidents that surface after the fall. All the evidences brought before the court point out of suicide rather than homicide. Even dr pornthip after the 2nd autopsy could not hold her argument in RCI. Need i remind you that karpal also reluctant to proceed the case into RCI. You’re deluded.

    • Adil Yunas says:

      It’s upmteen months now and no action seems to have been taken against those implicated by the RCI. Apparently they thought the rakyat have forgotten about the matter. Sorry. we are waiting. If nothing is done by the 13 GE, rest be assured the TBH issue will decide how thousands of Malaysians will cross their vote. Don’t play, play.

      The same words of MACC to Gani Patail “You help me, I will help” This is the famous phrase by BN headed by the PM. With this, MACC will now close the files against Gani and considered the file close. Can the Agong order ythat appropraite action be taken against the trio since PM does not want to advice the Agong.

      May the Almighty punish the trio guilty of causing TBH’s death. May they lose sleep as guilt haunt them. I wonder how will they face their families. Only Almighty can save Malaysia. BN will suffer at the rakyats hands come GE13.

      • belang says:

        You might want to change your name to Judas. It suit you better. On the other hand, the rakyat are sensible enough to think that the case has way too far being politicized by certain quarters and racial cards has been played excessively during the course of time. And you should know by then, your slanders and false accusations could also be answerable in the after-life.

      • ray says:

        Adil Yunas is a copycat nic. With brains like that, it is no wonder they get “pirated” completely.

  15. ED says:

    BERSHIT 3.0.. he he

    They can do until BERSHIT 50.0, and assholes of BERSHIT would not be happy with whatever reforms EC or Gov bring to electoral process. AMBIGA, pls stop being the doll of DSAI.
    I would like to get hold of some BERSHIT participants and ask them if they understand the shit they are shouting for or not.. probably that fellow just wanna spend his sunday disturbing other peoples income and life..

    • anon says:


      I have seen the faces of reformasi rioters in 1998, being inadvertently caught in the middle of one and majority of them do not seem to have any politically conviction at all.

      All were just out to have “fun” damaging things

      • Doitos 3 says:

        What having fun, all bullshit. 90% of you all bershit are being paid by foreign godfathers, that’s a fact. Don’t hide behind foreign powers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Motherfucker, bersih is not only about election. Umno r giving away our ic for free to Indonesia n bangla. That is what we want to stop. Maybe u r one of those indon given free ic n spewing ur trashy mouth here. Bullshit Malaysian, n I don’t care if u r Malay, mamak, jawa or whatever

      • ray says:

        Hey anon, we should all celebrate the new citizens of Malaysia whether they are formerly Indonesians or Bangladeshis.

        The more the merrier! Hooray….

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah right since u put it that way. That’s the only way umngok can win isn’t it? N yet these are the ppl who shouting protecter of agama, bangsa and raja. Don’t u get it? N these same ppl are the one that u all here r so resolutely defending. Talking about cowshit

          • ED says:

            Hey Anon.. Throw the stone, and hide the hands. From day one it has been accusation without prove. bring the Bangladeshi and Indonesian brothers and sisters who have been granted simple citizenship. Your talk is full of political rhetoric and idealism, but comes down to pure craps. Bring the prove..

          • ray says:

            Anon honey,

            It is quite simple really you know. The Indonesians and Bangladeshis LEARN Malaysia’s national language very well. Within months, they can converse in Bahasa Melayu perfectly.

            They are also friendly and will sincerely assimilate with the descendants of Ketuanan Melayu. They are also willing to wear the baju Melayu and the tudung or songkok. They extend respect towards the Raja Raja and all customs of Tanah Melayu.

            You & your clan however insist on practising an alien culture from faraway lands that clearly rejected you as stateless peoples. You also demand to be funded for a school system that has outlived its very purpose – which was to ship you & clan BACK to those faraway lands.

            You & clan, after years ripping off this blessed land, REFUSED to learn and speak the national language Bahasa Melayu, even though you carry the Mykad right to the toilet to sengkelet.

            You insist on CHANGING the landscape of Tanah Melayu into another province of a faraway land.

            UMNO for all its warts and scars, is a Malaysian product, comprising of Melayu leaders uplifting the welfare of Malay Muslims. But under BN, UMNO is ever willing to collaborate with its component parties of various race and leanings, to lead Malaysia.

            The other parties are suspect, basically because of their foreign fundings. Bersih movement is fully funded by foreign elements that should be REJECTED by true blue Malaysians. It has nothing to do with free and fair elections, just a smokescreen.

            So anon sweetie pie, what say you?

    • Hijau Kuning says:

      The 428 march is on and getting momentum. This must go on until it reaches its target. The signal to the people in power is that do not take the people for granted. You have used your power for far to long for you and your families, cronies and friends interest. This is a blessed nation where every Malaysian can live in peace and comfort. In the last thirty years you all have almost like the Sarawak CM subdivided this country wealth among yourselves and some top corrupted civil servants. Now you live in fear as the people have woken up as exposes of one scandal after another have been revealed. So you intend to protect what is wrong in whatever means you can find, even selling the rights to foreigners. This will mean that our people will face more competition in their daily struggles as even now they are facing difficulty with all the prices of essential goods on the rise. Well it looks like that that is not your priority anymore. Himpunan Bersih & Hijau, way to go!

      • Edwards says:

        Whoa, u self represent all the people in this country maa? Who are u maa? Please exclude me maa, but what say u about PKR’s tainted election and those hundreds of official protests by pkr’s candidates and members?

        These are the very same people who talk about Bersin, oops sorry Bersih. U one of them too? Surely i will here u say no, i am not member of any party. HYpocrites maa!!

      • belang says:

        Ahh…another round of Penyusah Rakyat in the making. I got to admit you peoples knew very well how to destroyed things.

  16. ED says:

    Electoral Process is a process that can bring out the dirty side of within and outside a certain party. Pembangkang fellows would always try to evade this process with the fear for their own position, and the image of the party. Yet they wanna say that there is no democracy in Malaysia. But it is ok for Pakatan Taiko’s to issue GAG ORDER as and when they feel like they have to.. so much for democracy in Pakatan..

    • Anonymous says:

      Of coz if u r in an institution u r required to observe certain rules n regulation. If u r working even in a government department, the only one who can issue a comment is head of department, not any tom, dick n Harry u idiot! Oh I forgot, u must be umno lackeys who were paid to spend ur time thrashing pr. Wasted sperm

      • ED says:

        Hell with your opinion. PR knows how to ask for PSC on Teoh Beng Hock, then dont agree on the outcome, ask for PSC on Election, but dont agree on the outcome.. childish behavior, and i am not even in UMNO to know the craps PR is playing. Just have to be an observant citizen, certainly not with mind pre-occupied with lame ass-bangers..

        • Anonymous says:

          Of coz la don’t agree coz u bugger from umno try to sweep all ur wrongdoing especially with regards to rci on project ic. This is what we hope for… No free citizenship in return of voting umngok. Oh I forget, u were paid umno lackeys n have less brain matter than a donkey

          • ray says:

            Hmmm …

            From the content and language you displayed all over in this blog, I believe that a donkey has more brains and is definitely more gracious than you.

            Right or not eh, donkey? Psst, the donkey nod his head and said “yes”.

          • Anonymous says:

            When leaders of a country are selfish and corrupt, the citizens suffer. To those UMNO sychophants, I am sorry for them for not being able to distinguish between ‘black and white’, If they are blinded to their welfare and their children’s, then they are to be bamed only for voting the ‘monsters’. Malaysia will never prosper with their type of mentality.

          • belang says:

            Yea , that arrogant fools now a CM in Penang and a mullah in Kelantan.

        • anon says:

          Well said ED.

          Just some humble opinion:
          Think how does DAP conduct their elections-does their rakyat have a say/vote on who will lead them?
          What happened in the last PR own elections? Should they have their own PSC on their own elections?

          Think it all boils down to vote fishing-finding or raising some issue or rather some non issue so that it becomes hot or a focal point on garnering votes.
          Lets talk about development, peace and income instead(which is almost absent in their agenda)

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s why I said, don’t depend on umno mass media, have u heard of buku jingga, it’s all stated there. Please if u don’t like dap, at least read something out of bn domain. It’s wrong to say pr do not have a plan on d Econ, that’s why they oppose bn in the first place! To stop wastage n corruption. Tell me, since 4 years pr have govern d 4 states, which project r known to b wastage?

          • belang says:

            Yea, we’ve heard about the jinggay book. It’s a craps and those who write and put the idea simply delusional and out of reality. BTW to the question of which project r known to b wastage under PR? Well let see, for big projects: RM600m water projects at Kelantan. Only one big project for the entire 20 years of PAS and 4 years of DAP. They do not have the brain to think complex things. For small projects, i guess i have to take this portal for myself then. Sampah, tebatan banjir, syabas, ISA billboard, brothels, ahh…to many hun…

          • Hijau Kuning says:

            Four million households in the country received the BR1M facility,” Najib said GTP exceeded target? If there were 4 people per household, then 4x 4 million people = 16 million people are poor in Malaysia. 16 million out of a population of 28 million are poor which is about 60% of our population are poor. This is an insulting figure and yet Najib seems to be proud. Strange!

          • belang says:

            Seriously dude you need to learn math not meth. Your strange brain look yellowish green at a time, a symptom of weeds in progress. Since Kelantan is one of the lowest GDP in Malaysia, I guess it’s logic to assume they are the one who benefited the most from the programme.

            The BR1M is an additional monetary assistance to the monthly allowances given to the under privileged and targeted groups. It too complicated for you to digest but be patience, you’ll understand the effect of BR1M to Malaysia domestic economy in no time.

    • Doitos 3 says:

      When Pakatan win a few states during the last GE, BN never said they cheated but now because they are so useless and rubbish to Malaysians , everyday playing dirty politics instead of working for the people and being exposed of their dirty tricks, they know they are going to lose back certain state, so they started to use Bershit to go around demonstrating about a coming election which they have to claim to be unfair to get sympathy of the people. The lowest class of politicians they have being used by foreign powers to fight their dirty cause for them.

  17. Malaysian only Malaysian says:

    Everyone have a choice. If a party is no good then join any other party but EC is another matter. We are Malaysians and the cleanliness of EC ensure a better Malaysia with reps of our choice. If someone is no good we don’t vote him. If someone have a tainted past we don’t vote him. Our system is so bad that even suspected murderers and robbers of the country’s wealth gets to be leaders.
    If you have a gripe with a party….quit. In any organisation they have their rules and regulations and EC must have rules that ensure all parties fight on equal grounds.

    • Raslan says:

      “suspected murderers and robbers of the country’s wealth gets to be leaders”

      Hmm…can you name them, with details of your accusations, proof and evidences?

      Hey, if you are Pakatan or Dap, its okay man, no need proof or whatever, just accuse and u are right, is it?

    • belang says:

      Raslan , Its Lim Guan Eng. He is the only ex convict in the world ever to con penangites into electing him to the seat.

  18. Aidil Yunus says:

    Stop The Lies minta kebenaran to share this on your site. I think in the midst of slowly heating up temperature of our political scenario it is nice to see some cares about the less fortunate: http://www.ohmustget.com is trying to raise money to help Yayasan Chow Kit and more. Please log in and help them reach their objective. They are aiming at raising RM25,000. Yayasan Chow Kit provide safe space for kids of Chow Kit.

    • Adil Yunas says:

      Najib is proud that there are still 4 million beggars receiving BR1M after 54 years of umNO rule!!! Single jobless people were ignored by BN and not given the aid, but people who are earning and married are given the aid. What sheer stupidity is this. A Datuk from MCA is given the aid and jobless people left out. Shame on Najib for trying to fool the people. If after 54 years of rule, you still have 4 million households which are earning less that RM3,000 a month, then you are admitting to incompetance and to the fact that UMNO has failed to develop the people.

      PM Najib go round the country spewing out statistics and expects us to believe. 1000kms from Perlis to Sabah in 36 months. Great achievement. This is normal and does not have to be highlighted. It is only 27 kms per month. Great achievement. The Police statistics is just one big joke. Crime is down he says and that is never the feel on the ground. How many have secured employment and where? How many factories and companies have been established in Malaysia in the last 36 months through FDI’s. What is the point of all these subsidies for the people? This is purely because you are afraid of the Opposition. All the payments are because you believe in the final analysis Malaysians are stupid enough to vote for you for RM 500. You would never have done anything like this had you got 2/3rds majority. So please thank the Opposition and it is the fear of losing power that is motivating you to undertake all these meassures.

      The way Najib spent money on himself and on the rakyat he is going to bankrupt the country. National debt had more than double since he took over the PM post.

      • belang says:

        You know one things, Singapore has a public debt of 96.3 of GDP ratio. They’re on 9th placing of total debt to GDP ratio of 102.4 in the world, the worst is Japan. Did you see anybody in those countries running on the street barking about debt?

        But here in Malaysia, we have some dumb hunks barking about debt. As if he bought his car, home, land and other things in total cash. Please get laid dude.

      • ED says:

        I really think that people are losing their value for the peace and freedom we are enjoying. It is sad to see that some idiots are willing to put the nation’s harmony at risk just to hold the balls of a few unscrupulous assbangers. Adil, you can say about thousands of weakness in the Government, but if you would have ever enjoyed a single benefit from the government, you ought to be ashamed of yourself man. if you feel so much hatred, leave the country man..

  19. French investigating magistrates probing the US$1.2 billion sale of submarines to the Malaysian Defense Ministry are targeting, among other things, a Hong Kong-based company called Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd., whose principal officers are Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s close friend and the friend’s father.

    Investigators believe that at least some of the €36 million funneled through Terasasi ended up in the pockets of Najib, who was Malaysia’s defense minister and deputy prime minister when the two Scorpene submarines were purchased from Thales International or Thint Asia. The state-owned defense giant DCN, later known as DCNS, and Thales established a joint company named Armaris to manufacture the submarines in 2002.

    The two Armaris Scorpenes, named for the first prime minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, and Najib’s father, Tun Abdul Razak, are on duty in Malaysian waters.

    Abdul Razak Baginda, the former head of a Malaysian think tank who was at the center of a 2006 investigation into the death of Mongolian translator and party girl Altantuya Shaariibuu, is listed as one of the two directors of the company, which was previously incorporated on June 28, 2002 as Kinabalu Advisory and Support Services Ltd according to the Hong Kong Companies Registry. The other director is Abdul Malim Baginda, Baginda’s father.

    The Terasasi offices are located on the 19th floor of an office at 3 Lockhart Road in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong. There is no indication in Hong Kong government records of what Terasasi’s business is. It is only listed as a “local company.” However, French authorities say Terasasi apparently received regular payments from Thint Asia. One payment was for €360,000 accompanied with a handwritten note saying “Razak wants it to be paid quickly.”

    The magistrates have documents that show that the money was funneled from Thint Asia to Terasasi — €3 million of it when Terasasi was still domiciled in Malaysia, and €33 million after it was incorporated in Hong Kong. There is no indication at this point where the money went. French investigators, however, theorize that it was part of €146 million that may have been funneled to officials of the United Malays National Organization and Najib, who traveled with Abdul Razak Baginda several times to France as defense minister at the time the Malaysians purchased the submarines from DCNS.

    On at least one trip in 2004, Altantuya, then Razak Baginda’s lover, accompanied him to France as a translator. He later jilted her, impelling her to come to Kuala Lumpur to demand US$500,000 from him. In a handwritten letter found after her death, she wrote that she was attempting to blackmail him, although she didn’t say why. Two of Najib’s bodyguards were convicted of shooting her in the head and blowing up her body with plastic explosives in September 2006, possibly to hide the fact that she was pregnant when she was killed.

    Because her killing does not appear to be connected to the scandal, French investigators are not looking into the causes of her death or the reasons behind it.

    Although Razak Baginda was charged with abetting her murder, he was released without having to put up a defense and fled to the UK, where he remains. Najib’s former bodyguards remain on death row in Malaysia. Their appeal against the death penalty has been delayed, presumably until after national elections expected in May or June this year.

    It was previously revealed on the floor of the Dewan Rakyat, Malaysia’s parliament, that Perimekar received another €114 million as a commission on the sale of the vessels. Perimekar at the time was wholly owned by another company, KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd, which in turn was also controlled by Razak Baginda and Mazalinda. Perimekar is now 20 percent each owned by the military retirement system LTAT and Boustead Holdings.

    Two years of police investigation at the behest of the Malaysian NGO Suaram into the sale of the submarines culminated recently with the appointment of investigating magistrates Roger Le Loire and Serge Tournaire at the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance, according to Agence France Press, which said the probe involves three contracts for the submarines which were signed on June 5, 2002.

    According to the documents, the contracts had two components: the sale of two submarines built by Thint and the Spanish shipbuilding firm Izar, for €920 million; and the delivery of “logistical support” from Perimekar Bhd – the €114 million — to train the first 200 Royal Malaysian Navy personnel although there is no indication that the company had the wherewithal to train them.

    Under the bribery conventions of the 32-member Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the French defense contractors could be liable for criminal sanctions if it is proven that no real services were delivered by the companies. Under French law, violators are liable for up to 10 years in prison.

    Joseph Breham, a lawyer with Solicitors International Human Rights Group which was engaged by Suaram, said in October last year that DCNS often budgeted as much as 8 to 12 percent of its total receipts as “commissions” to grease sales of armaments in third-world countries. Breham said Perimekar had received the commission for “supporting the contract,” which he said was a euphemism for unexplained costs, and also for “housing the crew” of the submarines in France.

    In France, before 2002, any money used to bribe foreign officials was tax deductible. When the former finance director of DCN made a claim for €31 million allegedly used to bribe the Malaysians for the purchase of the Scorpenes, Breham said, the Minister of Budget questioned such a large bribe, although he did eventually authorize the tax break.

    The contracts cited by AFP included the €114 million one paid by the Malaysian government to Perimekar. The second, called “C5 contract of engineering business,” was concluded in August 2000 between DCNI, a subsidiary of DCN, and Thales International Asia worth some €30 million. The third was the “consulting agreement” signed in October 2000 between Thint Asia and Terasasi.

    The French investigators are also studying one of the invoices issued by Terasasi in August 2004 for €359,450 sent to Thint Asia. For investigators, “it appears that… the amounts paid to Terasasi ultimately benefited Najib, the defense minister, or his adviser Razak Baginda.”

    Olivier Metzner, a lawyer for Thales, told the French daily Le Parisien that “we have already demonstrated to investigators that there was no corruption in this case.” However, a confidential memorandum made available to Asia Sentinel and the Malaysian website Free Malaysia Today states that: “The beneficiaries of these funds are not difficult to imagine: the family clan and Razak Baginda relations. In addition, these funds will find their way to the dominant political party (Umno).”

    • anon says:

      Just another humble opinion, it it may influence the cybertroopers and convince fence sitters.

      Remember how some hawkish parties kept on criticising Proton from its first car rolled. Its seems that they like to see anything Malaysian made or conceived fail.
      Kancil had its fair share initially-cannot go up Genting lah etc.
      And many more, you name it, the Penang bridge, F1, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya.

      With their superiority complex, it seems that they like to see anything generated in Malaysia to fail, govt included. They seem happy to simply label Malaysia as going bankrupt and some may vehemently believe it themselves, without data, and swallowing any imagined stories, hook line and sinker.

      Companies sometimes fight their competitors dirty, putting down their rival products…..and at the meantime promote theirs.

      However, politics in our beloved county is ludicrous. Opposition keeps on gnawing, biting and chewing but has nothing to offer, if got also probably even much lesser, judging from their 4 years of constantly hawkish/inactive track record. Some leaders are almost absent, with heads of opposite tendencies/directions tied together with a fragile string. When a party throws away their basis of conception in the names of agility and winning, can you trust such chameleon? Meanwhile avid follower just imagine or find something bad to say portal wise or among families, even when been given good things/opportunities which lead to an upgrade in social/income scale-Give them white. they say its not white enough or it was originally black just temporarily dyed white. Its all about putting down the rival, but not for rakyat’s good.

      Our future and kids’ are not for suka suka experiment based on hearsay or juicy gossiplike accusation, particularly when a major downturn/world turmoil is round the corner.

    • belang says:

      Haha…spin dear … i hear a squeaky sound from your spin mills. The only court ever to hear your case is the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance. Judiciary in France resemble quite a different traits or form from the British and us. Its not a criminal case dude, a civil case indeed. The case involve shall be less than Euro 10k claim case of general jurisdiction. Suaram has taken you for a ride dude. Never mind, you could sell your house, car or anything for suaram, they might need the money for the expensive holiday in Paris.

  20. Desi says:

    Malaysia is a NETT PRODUCVER/EXPORTER OF PETROLEUM, so when the world price rises, we get more income for our higher-grade oil exports, SO MALAYSIA HAS BEEN A NET BENEFICIARY ON RISING WORLD OIL PRICES.

    If the government were a caring and responsible government, it would have directed the national oil corporation, Petronas, to share rising revenues, hence also profits, with the people, who are also tax-payers. When world oil prices go up, our local pump price should go “south”, and at least remain stationary, and the peopple don’t have to further tighten their belts because essential daily items keep rising in price too.

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