Racist DAP ADUN Ng Wei Aik Comes to Yap’s Defence

As expected, the pro-DAP Malaysiakini and its sponsor, the DAP has come to the defence of Dong Zong chairman Yap Sin Tian.

Penang DAP Youth leader and Komtar ADUN Ng Wei Aik has come to the rescue of Yap, the Chinese educationist, who bought two faked degrees from Kensington University by attacking The Star for the coverage.

He has accused the newspaper for “stirring up the issue of the doctorates” as a “way to divert the people’s attention from the shortage of teachers in Chinese primary schools.”

Ng, in his statement to the pro-opposition Malaysiakini, said The Star had published the news for the past three days.

He was quoted as saying that the Chinese community was not interested on whether Dr Yap was holding any bogus degree.

Ng is a well-known racist. Maybe that’s why he loves Yap, another racist, so much.

Last year, the obnoxious DAP ADUN was in the news for insulting two women who married Bangladeshis, labelling them “traitors to the country” and in a raid during an operation with municipal councillors, he insulted an Indian restaurant owner, calling him to “balik India.”

This arrogant DAP leader is also the political secretary to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“We will support the Dong Zong as long as Dr Yap dares to come out with any decision which benefits the Chinese community,’’ Ng said to the Chinese edition of Malaysiakini.

What the DAP is telling Malaysians is that it is okay for a Chinese educationist to have faked degrees. For a party which talks big about accountability and principles, Ng is telling us we must sweep the issue under the carpet and pretend it didn’t happen and continue to believe that Yap earns his doctorates!

This portal also wish to point out that blogs such as satdthinks.blogspot.com and stopthelies.my beat The Star in exposing Yap on his faked doctorates. Don’t be a lazy bugger Ng, just google the expose and the dates from several blogs.

Ng should also read up the Chinese blogs which have also joined in to expose Dr Yap. Stop talking on behalf of the Chinese community.

Since when does the multi-racial DAP becomes a Chinese party? And why is the multi-racial party endorsing the push to kick out non-Chinese speaking teachers from Chinese schools.

Ng Wei Aik, it is best you stay out of this. You already have enough dirt waiting to be exposed, so behave. Eat your char koay teow with your boss and shut up.

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55 Responses to Racist DAP ADUN Ng Wei Aik Comes to Yap’s Defence

  1. aloya says:

    Eat your char koay teow with your boss and shut up.<——– ROFLOL!!!!

    • Alahai says:

      That was funny ending.. xD serve him right!! +100

    • Encik Nakal says:

      Tapi dia tak gatal macam Datuk K, konon nak kahwin Rozita Che Wan. Mungkin dah jelak sama si Simplisity?

    • Kilau says:

      Tapi dia tak gatal macam Datuk K yang kononya nak kahwin Rozita Che Wan, mungkin dah jelak sama si SimpliSiti?

    • At least DAP talks with PAS with openness and not not like MCA being “cowed”,”jeered,” “bullied,” “laughed at,” treated 2nd class or maybe 3rd or 4th class,” by UMNO. MCA is the “running dog” for UMNO and is always on the leash by UMNO. MCA is a mad dog barking and howling but no effective bites when having its BN executive meeting. MCA’s tail will curled in between its legs whenever any UMNO members questioned and asked them to “shut up.”

  2. Anonymas says:

    Ah, the ‘diversion’ argument.

    bla bla this is just a diversion from a more important issue bla bla blah

    • Jannice Lim says:

      The “diversion” argument is often used by idiot politicians when they’re unable to counter argue with facts. The other old favorite is the “racist” argument. Like little kids, both arguments are used with both their hands covering their ears and singing “lalalalalaaaa…I can’t hear you” to cut themselves off from reasoning and reasonableness.

      The utter stupidity of the “diversion” argument lies in the fact that the conman Ah Yap is the frontman, the towkay, the Dear Leader, the Emperor, the big-ass boss of DZ. So how can a Premier be a “diversion” when anybody inquisitive enough would obviously want to know who the messenger is when trying to understand his message? How can that fat conman bastard Ah Yap be a “diversion” when he goes everywhere parading his fake degrees while preaching about chinese education while threatening the Gomen to kowtow to their racist demands? Unbelievably stupid lah these people.

      • anon says:

        It’s just something he throws out to appease DAP followers. That’s probably why he only made statement to the Chinese section of Malaysiakini. Most likely doesn’t even expect this site or other sites to pick it up.

        • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Then in the RM250million NFC corruption debacle, involving UMNO Women’s chief Shahrizat Jalil, which is getting stinkier by the day, top UMNO leaders like Abdullah Badawi, Khairy Jamaluddin, Muhyiddin Yassin and also Najib were all involved in one way or another. Talk about all in the family.

      All these top UMNO leaders knew from day that Shahrizat’s family had no experience in cattle breeding. How can they make a success of the National Feedlot Centre? Still, the UMNO bigwigs – all of them – closed an eye and handed the project together with a RM250mil government soft loan to Shahrizat’s husband and three children to manage – or should the word be ‘mismanage’.

      Not a second thought was wasted on the project or the impact on UMNO if it fails. None of them even bothered to monitor the project and when it turned into a mess, none of them even felt a twinge of guilt or remorse. All they did was rush to brainstorm to find a way to get themselves off the hook. No one cared that RM250 mil of the people’s hard-earned saving could have gone down the drain just like that.

      Even Najib lied through his teeth. As the Finance minister, he should have immediately frozen the NFC’s assets and those of its directors. Worse still, he assured the NFC assets had been frozen, but this has been proven to be untrue. Furthermore, as PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli pointed out just a day ago, the Shahrizats are now busy trying to cash out of their assets, especially those bought corruptly through leveraging on the NFC soft loan.

      Has Najib responded on this or said anything yet? What sort of a Prime Minister, Finance Minister and UMNO president is this?

      • im shock says:

        ahaks really not sure if you are in the topic or not…oh by the way sir/mdm when the sharizat suami applied for the project there was an expert in their team about lembu dan ternakan, how about you please do simple Google research before start to spread lies, you do familiar with TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTANCY OF YOUR PAKATAN HARAM RITE oh and also their moto HONEST POLITIC so called.

      • I not shocked says:

        Jibby your talk is hollow We gauage a person by his actions not by mere words You seem to think you are above all and need not explain any allegations against you You think your pretty speeches will sway us when there is no intent to implement You need the transformation more than anybody or anything else Retaining Sharizat is a ghastly mistake It says corruption is thriving and you are the captain of the corrupt The list of doubts on your character is endless Surely you have to go

  3. anon says:

    They would even have less teachers if they kick out non mandarin speaking teachers, maybe he should keep that in mind.
    That is, if he actually cares about the schools.
    He doesn’t actually care about Dong Zong la, all he cares is that DZ dares to come out with issues that serve to polarize Malaysia, make it look like DAP is championing Chinese race.
    All he needs is just a thick faced, arrogant and loud mouthed front man, not so loud mouthed now that he got exposed.

    • Doitos 3 says:

      When non political org are penetrated by dirty political parties, they tend to be extremist in the way they talk and act as they have “godfathers” behind them.This is political corruption of the organisation.

      • Ah Long says:

        Honestly, the Chinese vote that went to PAS is not because they love PAS, but because they hated UMNO. The only change in UMNO I noticed is that UMNO Youth is not as nosiy as before, but unfortunately we have 2 sons of Ali, Ibrahim & Hassan, who are noisier with their brand of Chinese/non Muslim bashing. Though you may claim that they are leaders of NGOs, and has nothing to do with UMNO, but whenever they open their mouth, it is just like they are talking on your behalf. No amount of denial can convince me that they are not working for UMNO. Generally what the Chinese want is fairer treatment. Dont use us as a punching bag to distract us from whatever failures of yours. I really dont care whether the PM is from PAS or UMNO, as long as he or she is capable in doing away with all these rampant corruptions that existed almost everywhere.

    • Haruan Idris says:

      Tan Sri Abu (Sahid Mohamed, the owner of Maju Expressway) walked away with an estimated hundreds of millions in profit after he sold the Maju Expressway toll concessionaire that had been built largely with public funds.

      The recently awarded West Coast Highway (WCE) over its questionable terms and conditions such as the doubling of the concession period to 60 years.

      MACC shoudl investigae!

      • im shock says:

        another out of the topic, but hey why not we include LGE giving money to developer that are going to develop an area oh what about the SPICE project wait wait what about the terowong project wonder where are they going to get money to maintain the terowong with out toll?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s all clear that UMNO will kick or side line all their coalition partners and will stand alone with or without their partners in the coming GE. MCA, MIC and Gerakan has ask for it as their leaders has not defended their communities and for monetary gain they became the dogs of UMNO. All their coalition partners especially MCA doesn’t have any principal or code of ethics to represent their communities. MCA has to accept that the new political landscape doesn’t require their so called representation and with or without MCA, the community will still stand tall in the community.

  4. zaki says:

    Dirty Asshole Politicians…

  5. bourne identity says:

    Aiya…. cap ayam PhD ya? At least Yap got a kick punch on his nose.
    Same old story from this racist DAP chinese party…
    I supposed they have forgotten how thankful their ancestors were when the Malay sultans agreed and allowed to the request from the British for the chinese to come and stay here. They dont make REAL chinese anymore dont they?

  6. Korean Fan says:

    He was quoted as saying that the Chinese community was not interested on whether Dr Yap was holding any bogus degree.

    Wow, since when the Chinese community appointed him as their spokesmen and his own interest automatic represents the interest of Chinese community?

    The Chinese community should stand up and remind this guy of not to put words into the mouth of Chinese community.

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t matter if UMNO and Malaysia bleeds to death in the process as long as they survive and most importantly, they and their families continue to be wealthy beyond imagination. No, Najib did not care about the repercussions on UMNO or even Malaysia. No, Najib does not love either UMNO or Malaysia.

      Until now, Najib has merely denied any involvement in the scandal but refused to order a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the matter of the RM570 million Scorpenes commission swindled from the people’s hard-earned wealth. Najib must remember the RCI is not just to clear his name but to find out the truth and seek justice for the people, which obviously is the more important.

      Najib does not feel guilty; like Mahathir, he does not seem to have any conscience at all.

  7. Azlan says:

    Dong Zong sepatutnya berusaha menarik belia-belia yang fasih Mandarin dan berkelayakan agar menyertai bidang perguruan. Tindakan mendesak kerajaan memindahkan guru-guru BM & BI yang bukan penutur Mandarin keluar dari sekolah SJK (C) boleh disalahtafsir (atau sememangnya) bersifat perkauman, anti integrasi dan menggalakkan polarisasi kaum.

    • Alahai says:

      Sepatutnya mereka memberi cadangan untuk mengatasi masalah ini bukan menyalahkan pihak-pihak tertentu. Mereka patut duduk semeja untuk membincangan perkara ini

  8. Johnny says:

    This Ng fella is a cocky bastard. He is hated in Penang. The word is he will be dropped in the elections. He’s such a racist that it is no wonder that he can get along with another racist, this faked doctor Yap from Dong Zong. Hope they live together.

    • Gopal Raj Kumar says:

      PR is on the right track. Unlike BN, PR is attempting to unite all Malaysians, not divide. Way to go! My sincere hope is that most malays will see through u m n o’s schemes and cast their vote for PR and not u m n o which has long been taking them and the people for a ride for 50 years.

  9. Jasbant says:

    Looks like another racist cashing in on this issue! Oi, I thought DAP is trying hard to be multi-racial.

  10. Diana says:

    Only Malaysiakini and the Chinese newspapers will layan him.

    • Geletek says:

      Aiyoh, can die man. Every morning have to be subjected to severe brain bashing and absolute mental torture with shit and garbage spewing from our local msm, the completely obedient lapdog of the ruling government. Adoi, my poor heart. A crystal clear reflection of the height of absolute stupidity, arrogance and shamelessness on the part of many arseholes walking the corridor of power in BolehBullyland. Kesian Malaysians.

  11. Old Journo says:

    A typical useless and selfish politician. He calls the press when he needs them, then he fucks them,. Ptui! Sick bastard! May you rot in hell.

  12. Bad Bad Boy says:

    DAP is King in Penang. Everything they say is the gospel truth. Guan Eng is God. Chinese educationists are God.

    • KM Chua says:

      As far as I have noticed, most of the ceramahs or rallies organized by Pakatan were different from BN. In Pakatan rallies, all the leaders from the three coalition parties took turns to speak. On the other hand, only the top leaders from UMNO spoke in BN rallies. The other components just sat and clapped their hands.

  13. Shirly says:

    This Adun acts like a gangster wherever he goes just because he is the political secretary to the CM.
    Ive been told that he has kicked chairs and tables of a nasi kandar restaurant in Penang which were found to be dirty.
    I know that we should not condone such unhygienic conditions in eateries but to act like a gangster is something else.
    Come on be humble a bit !

  14. Pro Justice says:

    The Malays and Indians who voted the Opposition have finally realised that they had been cheated by the Chinese-lead DAP. PAS and PKR are merely tools to achieve their evil intentions.

    DAP do not have the interest of the rakyat in their mind. They only take care the interest of the Chinese. They merely made use of the Malays and the Indians.

    At GE13 we’ll kick out the Chinese-lead DAP out of Penang forever. We’ll send back Lim Guan Eng and his cronies to Malacca where they belong.

    • Clean & Green says:

      Pakatan Rakyat is for all true and loyal Malaysians: Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Dayaks and all true natives all over Malaysia. Without much financial budget aid from Putrajaya Government, the 4 present Pakatan states are doing a wonderful duty and service to its state nationals!

      Jom! Let’s join Bersih 3.0 on 28th. April 2012, 2.00 to 4.00 petang for the Bantah Duduk (Sit-in) at all state capitals and other global cities.

      Then march forward to vote to UBAH (Change) the government. Just imagine the central government under Pakatan Rakyat, with all the national revenues, income taxes, Petronas profits, EPF savings, custom duties and others, what the new government could do and serve all true Malaysians. From then on we could work together progressively to build a true united and prosperous nation, truly Malaysia.

  15. Teh Chee Seng , Ph.D. says:

    He has a blog, but all in Chinese . I guess he is not bothered about his Indian and Malay constituents, just like many other DAP Aduns (check most of them are in Chinese too). This guy is a lawyer ah? From which uni ah?


  16. ray says:

    Sigh … and they were quick on the draw in calling Ibrahim Ali a racist and a string of other negative adjectives.

    Poor Ibrahim Ali was simply reasserting the bumiputeras’ constitutional rights.

    Here we have DAP a so-called multiracial party demanding chinese supremacy rights. As clear as the blue skies, Malaysian Malaysia and Middle Malaysia are just smokescreens to wrest political power from the Malays.

    They create wild allegations, claim monumental credit, spread misinformation, CHEAT and LIE just to march to putrajaya.

    We have seen anwar scream and shout, kit siang perpetually accusing and blaming UMNO, guan eng with his imaginary CAT, karpal with his legal chameleonings, tony bugs phua with his arrows missing targets, teresa kock with her christian one-upmanship ….

  17. Cucu Tok mahmud says:

    Atok aku kata muka si Ng Wei Aik ni macam komunis!
    Eisshhhh…..mana ada kan? Macam samseng ada la kot..

  18. Jasmie says:

    “He was quoted as saying that the Chinese community was not interested on whether Dr Yap was holding any bogus degree.”

    Does this mean that according to this fella, this DAP ADUN, the Chinese community don’t give a damn about honesty… Is that typical of Chinese in Malaysia or specifically, in Penang? I wonder.. and what would my very good Chinese friends say about this. Sorry, the Lims, Ngs, Tans and others if this is representative of the Chinese way of thinking. If you agree, well continue to elect him, otherwise next election, throw him out… he has just clinically told the world that the Chinese would do anything to get to whatever they want…and lying is fair game…. Pity for those in the game

  19. Firdaus says:

    dear Stop The Lies,

    It is most appreciated if you could provide related links for your readers references. Like this one, tried to find the news in Malaysiakini, but I’ve failed. Need your help on the future postings.

    Thank you

  20. Islander says:

    Quite sad how Ng Wei Aik is prepared to forego principles and quality of education just to defend Cap Ayam PhD. Politics and power has gone to his head. Not surprised if he will soo say that the Chinese not interested if Yap raped his daughter and beat his wife for as long as he is whacking the BN.
    YB, the Chinese still like the DAP and want your boss to be the CM. But please don’t talk as though the Chinese are as idiotic as you. There is a limit to how every race can take the nonsense that come out of the mouths of politicians.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whether Yap raped his daughter or not is up to our competent police and impartial judge to decide, no need mca to campur tangan!

    • The Malaysian Chinese are very sick of the same old MCA campaign on Islamic issues and do not see any actions from MCA to protect the interest of the Non Malay against UMNO racial policies, bias main media, police, judicial, immigration and government services to protect UMNO scandal, corruption and cronies. Why did MCA kept so quiet on the recent harassment of a Malaysian Chinese lady by the KL police after withdrawing money from ATM at around 6 am? I don’t seem to see any report on this incident by Star newspaper which presumably is to cover up the unprofessional practice of our police force in order not to embarass the government. The news on the recent visit by the murdered Mongolian girl’s father to Malaysia parliament was widely reported in internet but the Star only reported he denied receiving money to close the murder case and never mention anything about the purpose of his visit.

  21. Daud says:

    UMNO has been squeezing the country dry the last 30 years. Look at us, the oil is drying, we are losing our edge in every fields and still you choose to believe that our education system is better than the US, UK & Germany.

    Another term for UMNO in the federal level will surely bankrupt this country.

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