Dong Zong Chairman, Dr. Yap Sin Tian, Has Faked Doctorates!

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Dr Yap Sin Tian – the controversial organizer of the 325 rally for Chinese education – talks so much about the quality of Chinese education.

He portrays himself as if he is a man of high integrity, high accountability and principles. In short, a man in defence of Chinese education.

But we have enough evidence to prove that behind his beefed up image, is man who is dishonourable and deceitful. He has no qualms of buying his doctorates from the Internet.

What you see of him is not what he is and he has over the years deceived the people and even his Chinese educationist group with regards to his fake credentials.

He proudly displayed his resume on the website of the Oriental Strategy Research Centre of which he is a director.

He claims to have a Ph.d in Business Administration from the Southern Cross University in Australia in 1999.

His purported strings of other qualifications include a Ph.d from the Kensington University in USA in 1993 and another doctorate in Business Administration from Kensington University in 1991.

Strangely enough Dr Yap who professes to champion for Chinese education prefers US degrees.

Apparently we are not the first to question Dr Yap’s three dubious doctorates. It was first raised by Dr Kua Kia Soong, a former DAP MP and Chinese educationist.

He asked how someone like Dr Yap could become the chairman of the board of the New Era College.

Our checks show that Kensington University has no classrooms, no laboratories or dorms. Certainly strange.

The so-called campus was housed in a small Glendale office building in California.

It ran a programme where students could earn anything from a bachelor’s degree to a doctorate – all without ever attending a single class or ever meeting their instructors face to face.

The unscrupulous school had been found to have routine acceptance of below-par student work, awarding inflated credit for so-called “life experience” and not having enough faculty.

In one case, reviewers were shocked to discover that a student was awarded a doctorate merely by reading magazines and doing about a dozen short reaction papers.

It seems that the school had also awarded doctoral degrees for as short as a four-month work, according to a report on the closure of this diploma mill school.

It was finally shut down by a court order following public complaints on this dubious college which Dr Yap proudly showed off his faked degrees!

The university was shut down by Californian authorities in 1996. It shifted its operations to Hawaii but eventually was shut down by the authorities there in 2003.

Wonder any of those hot headed protestors knew about this fake man! He has taken his supporters for a ride all these while.

Well, the background of this expose comes from the Los Angeles Times. Perhaps admirers of Dr Yap should wake up and do more research on this dubious character.

The information are easily available online. Just google, you dick heads!

Florida State Representative Jeniffer Caroll had to quit from the National Commission on Presidential Scholars after the press exposed her for having a degree from the Kensington University.

In this case, Dr Yap has not one but TWO faked Ph.ds from this same crappy unaccredited university which has been shut down by the authorities.

We can only say that Dr Yap is a phony man with phony Phd from a phony university. Shame on you!

You are dishonourable. You have brought shame to the Chinese community – so stop bullshitting or talking about defending Chinese education.

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119 Responses to Dong Zong Chairman, Dr. Yap Sin Tian, Has Faked Doctorates!

  1. Banana Split says:

    I noticed that this Dr Yap Chinese extremist bought his faked degrees from US. Not a single one from China athough he talks so much about Chinese education.

    • Ah Beng Father says:

      It does not worry me, considering non-bumis are never given a chance to get into universities locally for desired course despite good results.

      • warisan tmk says:

        90% of private colleges, college universities and universities belong to Chinese-owned companies and individuals. They charge exuberant fees, which barred most Malay parents from sending their children to these private institutions. Hence, over 80% of students in these institutions are Chinese, excluding the Chinese from China.
        There is no excuse for BUYING degrees form American Mills.

        • Ccscsc says:

          What rubbish. All you have to do is work hard like a normal person to be able to afford the fees. Stop being a lazy ass dependent asshole.

        • belang says:

          I do not think the current generation has what does it takes to be in local university. With the current scenario, my doubt is even higher.

      • kiasu says:

        “… non-bumis are never given a chance to get into universities locally for desired course…”

        “desired course” you mean intercourse ah beng? Yeah i agree with you absolutely mr racist non-bumi ah beng

        And you have no worries at all if all non bumis possess fake doctorate and become your leader ah beng?

        no wonder why all these racist Dap ultra kiasus are sheer hypocrites to the core

      • ok lah tu... says:

        All these comments are from FAKE MEN … cerita lain subtittle lain… kesian….U

      • nonpartisan1973 says:

        and that’s your reason for accepting a fake PHD? Wow, the quality of your education.

    • Plain Truth says:

      So sad to see this webite has to spread lies to justify its fake truth.

      • kiasu says:

        What lies?

        Even the racist hypocrites DAp Kua Kia Siong and Tony Phua accused this phony Chairman as having fakes doctorates.

        You are saying Dap can lies while others can’t say the truth?

        So pathetic to the core!

      • belang says:

        dont you read? The university that he gave him the PHDs is the fake one. Now if that is not the truth what else could it be?

  2. Roger says:

    All these publicity speaking fellas are the same. They practice what they preach. Buying faked degrees from dubious diploma mill is LOW, especially from someone who claims to be an educationist. He should tell everyone to emulate him. why study when u can buy degrees online! Such a scum!

    • Kamilia says:

      Is Sharizat married to her husband or not? If yes then she should resign and support her husband in his hour of great distress. She has a moral duty to resign from all posts, sort out her family’s corruption cases and then come back clean before trying to serve the people. She has lost all credibility as a leader and if she stays on she is considered part of the GANG OF CROOKS WHO ARE LOOTING THE NATIONS WEALTH AND SHARING AMONG ONE ANOTHER. This is the real SCAM!

      • kacang merah says:


        Kamu belajar kat sekolah mana?

        Tajuk posting ini tentang “bawang merah” tapi kamu komen pasal “kacang hijau”.

        ada sekolah ka?

        And asking whether a woman is married to her husband!! Is like asking is your father a male? What dumb question is that. Tolong la smart sikit

        • ok lah tu... says:

          I like it…… straight to the point… usah buang masa org lain… Its about A Fake man with a fake phds building a fake nation thru a fake life… nasib nasib ..this is truly not about bumi or non bumi…. any idiots can understand this simple thing except cat & dog…

        • Jebat says:

          Tulah fasal,professional degree pun boleh beli,typical Chinaman,everything in this world dia ingat dia boleh beli,bila dah kena kat batang hidung sendiri dia cuba alihkan perhatian,kita cakap pasal fake degree dia alih nak cakap pasal lembu,memanglah otak Cina rascist babi nih,bila ada masaalah je semua salah BN dan Melayu.Macamlah derang tu pandai sangat.One thing for sure derang memang pandai MENIPU.

      • Dr Yap Fake Tiang says:

        “Is Sharizat married to her husband or not?”

        Bravo Madam Kamilia, you are one of my brightest student. I will recommend you a Phd from DAPkingston Univercity Penang Branch, Komtar.

        By the way, are you a woman, madam?

        Dr Yap, mba mbb phd phd phd mbbs mpaj bsc hon bus bull shit

  3. Ah Beng Kia says:

    Shit head. He had everyone conned. Pity those buggers who attended the 326 rally and making him like God. He’s just a tool of the opposition.

    • Dr Yap Fake Tiang says:

      We have opened a new branch at Komtar, Penang. Our brunche patron is the Menteri Besar Pulau Tikus, enche Lim Kid Eng Guan Day.

      All smart students are encouraged to enroll. However, no Phds would be sold here, because I have aledy buy all the Phds. Below Phds no poblem, because below me la, u idiots.

      Dr Yap

  4. lisa says:

    Uneducated village idiot leading an educational cause. No shame lah this Don Key Kong bugger.

    • fakir says:

      Nothing to be ashamed if First Lady can also get Aussie doctorate degree.

      • warisan tmk says:

        Rosmah Mansor does not attach the title ‘Dr.’ to her name. That’s the difference between ‘lady with honour’ and a CONMAN.

        • ok lah tu... says:

          Fakir… fakir….fakir… mean papa kedana… so minda pun fakir…. sorry no one can help U….. keeps fakir and i pray for U always be fakir as U like and wish too….
          I supports U…… as U wish….ONCE fAKIR ALWAYS FAKIR…. ( senang hidup tak payah fikir fikir)

      • Eli Wong Kang Kang says:

        Honorary doctorates and PhDs are two different things lah stupid. Wiki it up to know the differences. You went to university or not? Or did you buy yourself a shitty diploma too?

        I notice this fat bugger “Dr.” Yap also claims to have a B.A. from University of London. Question is, B.A. in what? All his PhD’s have specific fields of expertise, but somehow his B.A. got no major ah? How come? Ran out of idea to tipu some more kah?

        Don Key Kong is a joke lah for letting this conman become their front face.

      • chewal says:

        I hope fakir has realised his stupidity.

        • ok lah tu... says:

          Chewl…. disagrees wth U….. fakir should be happy and proud of his intellectual next to none…. As malay proverb says… biar luncai terjun dgn labu labunya…. biarkan biarkan biarkan…. to Fakir.again congrats… U may lead alife without fikir fikir…cos U are truly fakir…in all way round.

      • Jingga pui says:

        apa punya perbandingan ni?

        Dah le bodoh, fakir pulak tu. banyakkan membaca baru lah beri komen ya! Kesian

      • roodi says:

        that one honorary laa kiasu .. as much as i hate her, she did not call herself Doctor! Pooenn la luu

      • nonpartisan1973 says:

        tular suruh sekolah taknak sekolah. Honoured and bought pun x reti nak beza.

        Malu mentaliti pembangkang sekarang ni. IQ below 80.

    • kiasu says:

      DAp and Lim Guan Eng are so proud of him…for championing Chinese cause.

      These racist kiasu chauvanist DAP hypocrites are indeed idiots for fooling all Malaysians of all races.

  5. Anonymas says:

    lol oops

    He has so much explaining to do….

    • Melodi says:


      Berita ini belum disahkan tetapi kemungkinan ianya sahih 90%. Malam tadi ketika singgah di sebuah kedai mamak di Kuala Lumpur yang menjadi setesen malam para broker politik dan facebooker saya terdengar satu berita yang menyayatkan hati. Sedih dan terkejut.

      Mulanya saya kira ianya hanya gurauan sahaja sekadar untuk menyedapkan hati beberapa orang yang ada di situ tetapi bila saya minta kepastian penyampai berita itu mengesahkan. “Ini serius,” ujarnya.

      Turut ada di situ malam tadi dua orang wakil rakyat dan beberapa orang yang sedang mencari kerusi untuk bertanding dalam pilihan raya akan datang. Saya tidak pasti orang lain peduli atau tidak pada cerita itu walahualam. Barang kali tidak kerana mereka sudah mengenali penyampai maklumat itu mungkin sudah boleh mengagak benar tidaknya.

      Tetapi yang menyampaikan berita itu bukan sebarangan. Dia adalah seorang diplomatik yang baru pulang bercuti. Saya tidak fikir dia berbohong kerana maklumat sebegitu tidak boleh dibuat bergurau. Kapasititnya sebagai diplomnati cukup dipercayai. Dan saya juga tidak mengira dia bergurau kerana dia mengenali siapa saya, MSO….sebutnya.

      “Betul ke?” tanya saya ingin ketegasan terhadap apa yang dikatakan.

      “Betul… mereka tunggu masa saja, mampus…,” katanya.

      “Apa sebabnya…” tanya saya lagi kurang percaya.

      “Semua orang tahu, demo gi sendiri orang akan cerita…,” balasnya. “Katanya seorang dah pun ambil keputusan…” sambungnya lagi. Tentang itu saya kurang mengambil peduli.

      Malam 31 Mac ini ada keramaian di kawasan berkenaan. Katanya seorang yang telah membuat keputusan akan memberi maklumat lanjut. Jadi kalau hendak tahu silalah ke tempat itu. Sudah pasti benar atau tidak cerita diplomat itu.

      Yang pastinya kalau berita semalam betul dan benar ini bermakna Awang Adek Hussein akan menangis tidak berlagu.

    • ok lah tu... says:

      He should say something …. and public should allows him to explains … fair and just…..

  6. propaganza says:

    Holy Cow! Still got some more scandals to come! Malaysia Book of Records, please take note to enter NFC and Keluarga Shahrizat as creating the most number of sub-scandals from one major scandal in your 2012 edition.

    The NFC saga is becoming more and more intriguing ………….. it is apparent that there are supporters of abuse of power among the ruling elite. Parliamentary Speakers showing power …………. unheard of before ………. earlier everything was always : a) not urgent b) not following standing / sitting orders c) not enough notice given and so on . This is just to tell members ( MPs ) that their antics are being observed . Now Bafia rules , ha , ha.

    • warisan tmk says:

      Trying to change story, aren’t you. Just admit that ‘Chinese education’ issue is just a ‘political gimmick’ of DAP. Chinese-medium schools should not be allowed to exist in this country at the first place. Our Constitution only allows ‘educating Chinese language’, not establishing Chinese-medium schools.

      • Jijah Love Crooked Dick says:

        propaganza!! ~ (rather shor for Pro Papa Ganas Zina al Liwat),

        tatak moleh anser …. diverting !!! and bla bla bla ( just like papa ganas)

      • anak Sabah says:

        IC Celup ‘Projek M’ lagi terror!

        Project IC is the name used in Malaysia to describe the allegation of systematic granting of citizenship to immigrants (whether illegal or legal immigrants) by giving them identity documents known as IC (identity card), and subsequently, MyKad. The alleged practice is centered in the state of Sabah in East Malaysia. The term is used mainly by the media as well as other political commentators and the general public. Another term used is Project M, where “M” stood for Mahathir Mohamad, the former prime minister of Malaysia due to his being allegedly involved in the spearheading of this project. The alleged object of Project IC is to alter the demographic pattern of Sabah to make it more favorable to the ruling government and certain political parties, especially with regards to changing the electoral voting patterns.

        The project, in its widespread and intensive form, is suspected to have begun in the early 1990s after the entry of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) into Sabah politics. However, there were also allegations of mass immigration and naturalization of migrants in the 1970s under the United Sabah National Organization (USNO) government, and in the early 1980s under BERJAYA government. On a nationwide scale, illegal immigration is a major social issue. The problem is linked with alleged phantom voters also seen in other parts of Malaysia during elections.

    • ray says:

      You should stay focussed on the topic of the day dearie. No need to work too hard earning your cybertrooper pay by repeating the same issue day in day out. Jelaakkkkk …

    • kacang merah says:

      Ah Cow Propa,

      Kamu belajar kat sekolah mana?

      Tajuk posting ini tentang “bawang merah” tapi kamu komen pasal “kacang hijau”.

      ada sekolah ka? Sekolah Kensington ka?

    • kopi kaw kaw says:

      By the look of the shouting and screaming of Wanita members rallying behind the “diseased” General at the recent UMNO assembly and during the peace talk meeting, it is quite obvious that more than 90% of Wanita army is “diseased”. I think its a little too late now to talk about quarantine and eradication of the “disease” or go to the battle that you can’t win.

      • kacang merah says:

        Cow cow,

        Kamu belajar kat sekolah mana?

        Tajuk posting ini tentang “kacang putih” tapi kamu komen pasal “bawang merah”.

        ada sekolah ka?

  7. Islander says:

    Fake degrees aside, why does anyone need three PhDs? Does it triple the way people regard him? Does it make him thre times smarter than the other guy? Not! This man probably has an inferiority complex beneath that arrogant front. Banan Split, u are so right. All that hot air about only Chinese-schooled teachers in Chinese schools, and his degrees are all from the West. Incredible that the Chinese have been conned this long because Yap has been Dong Zong chairman since 2005!!

    • Eli Wong Kang Kang says:

      Spot on Islander! Only an intellectually-deficient inferiority-stricken organism such as “Dr.” Yap would want to impress people with his three fake PhDs. This asshole reminds me of a DAP Youth Leader from Sabah who claimed to have been knighted by the British Queen, only to have his fake photo with the Queen exposed soon after.

  8. anakmelayu says:

    Aku ingat orang cina DAP ni pandai belaka…lagi kena tipu hidup-hidup sejak 2005 oleh Pengerusi Dong Zong penipu ni …haha..pathetic…

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  11. anon says:

    This guy had the sheer gall to get not one, but two useless PhDs from one fake university?
    I’m interested to see the reactions of him, DAP and DZ towards this fiasco.
    Looking forward to the follow up.

    • Annie says:

      Same same, as the Thais would say. LOL, purchased degrees!

      • anon says:

        This is disappointing, that guy won’t even respond to The Star, I doubt he has the integrity to step down from his position in DZ as well.
        With people like him at the head of DZ for years, it would be stupid to listen to any demands of this DZ, even their leader has fake PhDs, who are they to talk about education?
        Only dumb asshole pricks would still continue supporting their outrageous demands after this.

        • anon says:

          Doctorates of Dong Zong head legally obtained, says researcher

          Yep, just as I thought. Dude would be a shameless bugger. Still adamant on insisting it’s legit when everybody with internet can see that the so called university has been exposed, barred to operate and the people who obtained papers from it resigned in scandal. DJZ people sticking their head in the sand or what?

          Don’t even have the guts to stand up for himself, had to have an underling answer for him. Colleague my ass. Does this guy always have his subordinates doing everything for him?Maybe his PhD work too?If there’s even any involved.
          Doesn’t he see how even that line of action tell about his character?

          So he says he’s fed up, the feeling’s mutual with you and your organization too.

          Looks like he would be clinging on to DJZ, DJZ likely to kowtow to him as well. What’s left is from DAP. Would they cut off from him and DJZ, or would they somehow blame this on BN like always?Place your bets people.

  12. roy says:

    Sapa cakap org cina pandai sangat?

    • ok lah tu... says:

      Fake issue … nothing to do with parties and races …. its the individual that commit the fake…. every citizen is annoyed with the doing….. so any comments that trying to relates others are from fakeman tooo… simple as that ……

    • Korean Fan says:

      Pandai la. Orang lain dapat PHD dalam masa 4 tahun, dia dapat PHD dalam 4 minggu. Bukan 1 PHD, tapi 2

  13. Zaki says:

    hihi..serve the chinese racists right!!! smack on their faces

  14. suntut says:

    hahhaa……………………..boodoh tullah Dr. Yap Sin Tian…………..silap dia takdak title DR. …………………….. Dick Yap Sin Tian…………..

  15. pasca says:

    How can the nation stand still when all these allegations concerning the top echelons of the Police, AG and anti-corruption agency are flying right at our face? These allegations are not made by some nincompoops out of nowhere. These are allegations made by former and serving senior police officers, one of them Musa’s former aide de camp. There is also a testimony from Robert Phang, a former member of MACC panel. Many of these allegations are specific, with names of underworld mentioned and the events that took place. I think the government owes us this much to institute a tribunal to clear once for all the truth or otherwise of these allegations. Malaysia will be in deep trouble if the allegations are true, but the perpetrators have gone unpunished.

    • ray says:

      These allegations include Najib being a practising Hindu? Haiya too many fairytales flying around.

      • gundu singh says:

        Ye lah, ,so many allegations nowadays not sure whether true or not…need to see the evidence lah..

        But anwar screwing the china doll, i think 99.9% is true ; Face like him, cock like him, fuck like him, it must be him la,,,

        If this mf got balls, ask him to show his johnny la…

    • kacang merah says:

      Kamu belajar kat sekolah mana?

      Tajuk posting ini tentang “bawang merah” tapi kamu komen pasal “kacang hijau”.

      ada sekolah ka?

  16. Jeannie says:

    Thanks for exposing him. Bastard !

  17. Peter says:

    Guess we wont be reading this in Malaysia? The bloody Msiakini has become the VOICE of the opposition and they have the cheek to wallop the MSM for being pro-government. Malaysiakini, fuck you.

  18. Simonjeff says:

    Dong Zong..ultra chinese organisation. Kerajaan dah terlalu lembut. 1Msia membuat mereka lagi naik lemak. Ingatkan cina ni pandai, lebih lagi dengan spec tebal tapi rupa2nya, Phd beli. Aku pun nak lah…memang la orang cina susah nak masuk IPTA sebab cakap Melayu pun tak reti….cannot wan, mah….!

  19. kacang merah says:

    Kamu belajar kat sekolah mana?

    Tajuk posting ini tentang “bawang kering” tapi kamu komen pasal “kacang tanah”.

    ada sekolah ka?

  20. Eric says:

    Top Officials Hold Fake Degrees
    But using such a degree is a crime in some states. Alan Contreras cracks down on diploma mills for Oregon, a state that’s taken the lead on this issue.

    “You don’t want somebody with a fake degree working in Homeland Security,” says Contreras. “You don’t want somebody with a fake degree teaching your children or designing your bridges.”

    But we found employees with diploma mill degrees at the new Transportation Security Administration, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Departments of Treasury and Education, where Rene Drouin sits on an advisory committee. He has degrees from two diploma mills including Kensington University.

    Kensington was forced out of business by officials in California and Hawaii. Another Kensington alum, Florida State Rep. Jennifer Carroll, just stepped down from the National Commission on Presidential Scholars.

    Both Carroll and Drouin say they worked hard and thought their degrees were legitimate.

    “The students are being sold a bill of goods that really don’t help them at all,” the insider says. “There are slick people out there, and it’s happening every day, every minute probably somewhere in America.”

    And taxpayers have paid for bogus degrees some workers used for hiring, promotions and raises.

  21. anti bohmau says:

    if his qualifications are fake, then his championing for Chinese education is also FAKE la! how much has he gotten from the events he organized? fame? status? recognition? my! my! he got ALL from FAKING??

  22. lisa says:

    Congratulations Stop The Lies, your piece has been mentioned in today’s The Star. Check it out:

    “Dr.” Yap, you vely famous now laaa…. got 3 fake PhDs vely terer one… bravo!

  23. Geli Hati says:

    I geli hati dng kacang merah lah haha asyik tanya org ada sek tak? Ramai skrg ada sek pun mcm tak sek je! All this quarrelling abt bumi/nons sgt bodoh.

    I agree totally dgn Kamilia. The umnoputeras are robbing us blind,all Malaysians,tak kira bumi/nons,sama je! Consider ourselves lucky if Malaysia tak end up mcm the DRC Democratic Republic of Congo where lawlessness is the law of the land. There’s no life there. There’s no family there. Only fear and suffering!

    Therefore,choose your leaders wisely. NEVER let the gun do the talking/choosing. If u ask me who’s the most intelligent race in Malaysia today I’d say the Malays. Look at how well the Malays live without having to think hard or lift a finger too. I say syabas!

    • Eli Wong Kang Kang says:

      I pulak geli puki tengok you ni bodoh nak mampus trying hard to divert the attention. Typical SOP of no-brain DAP cybertroopers. Please get a cure for your attention deficit disorder. We’re talking about that conman Yap getting fake PhDs, so why you want to corner lipat cerita pasal Congo? Bodoh.

    • Dugo says:

      Kat mana yang u geli dengan Kacang Merah? Betul le cakap dia, tajuk tulisan ini tentang Phd palsu Dr Yap, bukan pasal race bumi non bumi atau lembu kondo. Kalau le kamilia tu debat kat sekolah pakai teori u, budak2 sekolah pun akan jerit bodoh punya pendebat, orang debat pasal kacang dia cakap pasal bawang.

      Apapun, saya sangat setuju 100% pendapat u tentang Melayu adalah bangsa yang paling pintar dan how well they live. Inilah berkat usaha gigih kepimpinan Umno mendukong mertabat bangsanya di samping tidak menindas bangsa lain. I say syabas UMNO and BN.

    • Jingga pui says:

      Geli hati baca kamu bandingkan Malaysia dengan Congo. Selama ini you tinggal di mana ya. U buat lawak la, saya suka.

      Tapi hati2 tau, kerajaan malaysia zalim tau, kalau u buat lawak lagi, polis akan tamkap u, penjarakan u 10 tahun makan minum dalam penjara ikut piawai antarabangsa, sedap dan percuma. Tak lah teruk sangat macam kat Congo, kalau bunuh orang kat sana, penjara 2 tahun makan minum belum tentu.

      Malaysia = Congo !!! Biar betul

  24. Anonymous says:

    so what? bill gates has no degree. boon siew never completed primary school. yet two r respectable. education means nothing without hardwork.

    • lisa says:

      Next try harder to divert attention with your stupid logic. This about HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Bill Gates got no degree but he also never buy any fake degree. Same with Boon Siew, he never lied about his educational credentials. Therein lies the difference between the honorable Boon Siew and the phoney conman no-class uneducated village idiot “Dr.” Yap.

      I agree with you on the necessity of hardwork. Let me tell you something, if “Dr.” Yap is sooooooooo harworking like the stereotypical chinese, then he should really spend 3-5 years of research study for a PhD like everyone else lah stupid, and not take the easy way out of just buying a fake PhD.

      • Dong Gong says:

        “not take the easy way out of just buying a fake PhD”

        not a fake PhD, but 3 FAKE PhDs… haha… Yap is totally idiot! same like Dog And Pig or Dasar Anak Pendatang!

    • roodi says:

      yaa laa bill gates also do not enrol for phd courses from kensington u right?

  25. While it seems true that Dr. Yap Sin Tian purchased his doctorates from degree mills, this isn’t the first time someone did that (remember Public Bank’s Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow?). Neither is it the first time someone undeserving received a doctorate or degree – remember Rosmah Mansor’s infamous doctorate from Curtin University and Najib’s honorary doctorates from Meiji and Monash universities?

    I’m certainly not condoning Dr. Yap’s actions, based on the fact that Tan Sri Teh as well as Rosmah and Najib got away with their undeserving doctorates. In fact, they should ALL be castigated for stooping to such low levels. They are all equally undeserving of any doctorates.

    That said, I really wonder about the timing of this “discovery”. It seems to me that someone got pissed at the Dong Zong for organizing the 325 rally that not only embarrassed Wee Ka Siong, but also MCA in its entirety for their failure to address the issue of Chinese education. Perhaps this is the REAL REASON for the timely release of this information.

    So while we all rub our hands in glee at the sight of yet another national personality being brought down in shame, let us not get distracted by this schadenfreude moment and forget about the issues that triggered it in the first place. While I’m not for vernacular education per se, I am for better meritocratic education and that is something that the Barisan Nasional government has failed in achieving. In fact, they turned what was the best legacy of British rule to the utter disgrace it is today.

    • deron says:

      If a university decided to confer an HONORARY degree to individuals at their own discretion and by their own criteria, what do you want to do?
      Reject it?

    • Jannice Lim says:

      Hahahahaha… so you want to get into the twilight zone mood now huh? The timing of this expose isn’t quite right you say? Smells of a little conspiracy? Or blardy fool, of course lah this conman Yap is exposed soon after the Donkey rally, precisely because he is the poster boy of DZ! The publicity which DZ generates out of the rally would entice any inquisitive minds to Google up who this “Dr.” Yap fella is, and walla, when he was found with fake credentials you cry foul alleging sabotage and what not. Tell you what, you should’ve blamed that unnecessary provocation and publicity by DZ, as well as that deceitful Yap!

    • ding says:

      karang aku kata bodoh nanti kecik hati pulak

    • Korean Fan says:

      You put your id as Dr. … you should be embarrass with yourself for putting such a title in your name but not knowing how to differentiate between an honorary degree and a fake degree.

      Betul la someone said earlier. Sekolah pun macam tak sekolah aje.

  26. Teh Chee Seng , Ph.D. says:

    What an irony….the article questions his Doctoral degree, yet the title names him as Dr. Yap. Suggest you take off the “dr.” immediately. Also, there seems to be so many people displaying their “Dr.”, when they did not earn it, but was given honorary degrees. I always squirm when people proudly say they are Dr. so and so,but got it as an honarary degree.

    • Dong Gong says:

      Same goes to Tan Sri “Dr.” Tony Fernandez (look at their Travel 3 Sixty pathetic magazine). Wonder where he ‘bought’ his doctorate.

  27. Teh Chee Seng , Ph.D. says:

    Dr Adrian Wong: the information is not new, and thus, was not “timed” to coincide with the so called 325 rally. this issue was already brought up years ago.

    • Really? That’s interesting because the Star made it a point to not only mention this issue but also post a link to this blog. If his less-than-credible credentials have been exposed in the past, why the fuss now?

      I don’t care if people keep spreading word about his fake doctorates. In fact, I would love more exposure on such fake degrees and doctorates. But it should not be allowed to divert attention from the problems affecting our failing education system.

      • Dong Gong says:

        if our education system is at failure, so what did you do to correct it Dr. Adrian? rallying? mumbling? are you truly a Dr or what? or you also got your PhD through internet ka? aiyah…

      • kiasu says:

        You don’t care if people keep spreading words about his fake doctorates. Hello dr, this kind of dishonest people, we must expose them until they quit maa, not sweep under the carpet as if he did no wrong.

        He has been proven to be a cheat, but he still remains as Chairman of an organization trying to champion an education cause, albeit by racism and non- inclusive mode. That’s the big fuss dr. So are you telling people its okay to have fake doctorates and qualifications as long as he his championing an education agenda? Otherwise, you would have outrightly suggested the this fake dr resign immediately from his post.

        But you are full of prejudice and hypocracy aka DAP kiasu type. U steep so low as to compare this fake dr Yap doctorates with those honorary doctorates for Najib and Rosmah, commonly given to leaders all over the world. Are these doctorates fake like Yap’s ? If these doctorates are undeserving to them, why don’t you question the University instead of the receipents? Why accuse without substantiate your arguments?

        You know why? Because you are a fake dr too, just like your buddy ah Yap.

        Imagine is that Fake Yap is a Ibrahim Ali Perkasa or a Umno leader. I potong ayam you would be among the most vocal to call for his resignation. u are damn hypocrite, damn arrogant to the core, typical DAP.

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  29. Dr.Liew says:

    I am not sure Dr.Yap bought the degree or not but many people indeed own a string of fake doctorate degrees, mostly bought online for a few thousand ringgit! They bought the degrees for various motives, but mostly business or political in nature. For example, a person in the insurance business might bought a PHD in risk management and a politician might bought a degree in political science, presumably to help them succeed in their endeavours.

    It is easy to find out whether their degrees are genuine or not, you just need to search for the accreditation board of various countries. For US, you can use this link to search for the accredited post secondary institutions at:

    I did a search for Kensington university and unfortunately it was not found in this database.

    You can easily find out whether a person has indeed obtained a genuine PHD degree or not. Just ask him a couple of questions related to research such as research methods, research designs, conceptual models, ways of writing research proposal etc might reveal how ignorant he or she maybe. One need to carry out rigorous and extensive research, including literature review, write and rewrite proposal, carry out field works, gathering data , thinking of new conceptual models and many sleepless nights before he or she can qualify to be considered awarding a PHD degree. I have gone through the process and I know how difficult it was. And these people get the certificate deliver to them in a few weeks!

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  31. pailang says:

    resign now Dr Yap, but don’t worry Malaysian Chinese forgive easily.. CSL resigned when he was a VP of MCA, 2 years later he became President.. so if you resign now, i bet the worst you can be is DAP sec. general..

    • kiasu says:

      Hehe….right on target!

    • Chan Chi Bai says:

      I think “Dr.” Yap prefers Anwar’s ways, that is, NEVER EVER own up for your shit. There are always enough fools to believe him no matter what, enough to make him the Opposition Leader!

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  33. Geli Hati says:

    Haha geli puki dll,I perli u org pun x faham hehe. Takpe lah. UMNO memang hebat! Syabas. I’m x DAP supporter. I’m for a better,more livable Malaysia. Our education going down the drain. Even Dr.Liew cannot write good English and he’s also a Ph.D holder?

    If we keep sidelining this race and that race we will end up mcm Congo. Apabila org x makanan dia akan makan u LOL. Congo lain sikit. Kemiskinan yang teruk disebabakan oleh org putih. DiMalaysia disebabkan oleh umnoputeras. Jika rakyat tak nak mengaku kebenaran ni suatu hari bukan sahaja satu bangsa tu akan kebuluran,semua rakyat akan kebuluran. U org terus lah gaduh dan maki hamun org lain. I kata yg benar tapi u shallow people maki hamun je,mcm x pi sek pula. Biar betul!!!

    • Tak Geli says:

      This posting is about Dr Yap and his fake doctorates, not about this race that race, umnoputeras or congo.

      Ada baca ka? Biar betul!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    “Umnoputeras” is commonly used by the oppositions, especially the racist kiasu Dapsters. So when someone like you use this word everytime you comment, its not far fetch to assume that you are one of them, or their hardcore supporters.

    “saya x DAP supporter” – what’s wrong being DAp anyway? Unless you are not a hypocrite and not arrogant. But you are such an arrogance when others said you are not commenting within the topic, you kept harping on other issues.

  35. Geli Hati says:

    alamak! tak faham2 pula LOL. Biar betul!!! Tak nak buang masa dgn kau org lah. Semua yg I tulis ada kaitan dgn what’s happening in this bleeding nation.

    • dugo says:

      alamak! memang tak faham lah LOL. semua yang you tulis ada kaitan ka dengan tajuk subtitle ini?tak nak buang masa? biar betul!!!

  36. liz says:

    The main point is the fake PHD nothing else so please DR make a statement and let the public hear your side of the story with proof. I wonder why champion chinese edu when he himself graduate form non oriental U. Mesti tak confiden with chinese edu.

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