Guan Eng, we need your explanation regarding the mosque project???

Lim Guan Eng should not hide behind his own shadows. He should be brave enough to come out and clarify if a plot of land in Bayan Mutiara, Penang, which was sold to a private developer, was earmarked for a mosque.

If there is any truth in it, admit it. If there is no truth, then deny it. Why keep the people in suspense.

Penang Umno Youth chief Shaik Hussein Mydin had said that he had given the reference number of the plan where a mosque was supposed to be built.

But until today, the Chief Minister had been evasive on the issue, only threatening to sue Shaik Hussein for accusing him of selling land for the mosque.

By threatening to sue is short of an explanation required of him on whether it is true or not. Don’t go into rhetorics.

The state government had disposed 41.5ha of land in Bayan Mutiara recently at a cost of RM1.072bil.

However it has been met with controversy after it was said that the sale went through via negotiated tender, rather than open tender.

This runs contrary to the promise by Guan Eng (soon after the 2008 general election) that all future projects that are above RM50,000 would undergo an open tender system.

Now another controversy has cropped up. A section of the land was said to have been allocated for the building of a mosque.

Certainly it is of concern to the Muslim community on what had happened to the site which has been earmarked for the mosque project.

If at all it is true, then has an alternative land been provided and were the mosque authorities consulted or informed on the change of plans.

Guan Eng as the chief administrator of the state is obligated to explain.

By keeping mum, he is only creating more speculation and suspicion.

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54 Responses to Guan Eng, we need your explanation regarding the mosque project???

  1. Ccscsc says:

    Just exactly who the hell are you to ask anything? First sort out the shit hole of a political party you’re from, then talk.

    • Anonymas says:

      “Just exactly who the hell are you to ask anything?” – You

      “We, are the rakyat.” – Us

      • Hasri says:

        this article is a poor attempt to divert attention from the NFC fiasco.

        RM250 million must be returned to rakyat!

        • Linas says:

          We are focus and we never forget that……

          PKFZ is there,
          NFC is there,
          LYNAS is there,
          MEX is there,
          and many more and if BN is still there more like above will be there.

          Let be FOCUS, the enemies are CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF POWER.

          • chewal says:

            We are FOCUS and never forget that…

            Bayan mutiara scandal is there,
            Balik pulau scandal is there,
            Kg. Buah Pala fiasco is there,
            Pasir scandal is there,
            Yayasan selangor scandal is there,
            RM 445 million scadal is there,
            China doll scandal is there,
            Liwat scandal is there,
            Lies, deception and slandering antics are there.

            Let be FOCUS. The enemies are CORRUPTION, ABUSE of power, MORALITY and DECEPTION.

        • chewal says:

          Your reply is a poor attempt to divert attention from lim Guan Eng fiasco.

          • Kamilia says:

            Yes, we should continue to focus on NFC case!

          • YAB Panglima Sri Darjat 1Murni Pandikar says:

            Malays today are not stupid as perceived/portrayed to be by bumno…..gone are the days where u can use race and religion to hoodwink them,,,,the current generation are questioning the economics and future of this country… 54 years of plundering riches of this earth by bumno….

    • ray says:

      Wahhh …

      Just 4 years in power already getting too arrogant.

      • Hasri says:

        Please ask Zambry to explain why he approved Vale project in Teluk Rubiah the site of a golf course !

      • The Penang Malay Congress has thrown the ball into Umno’s court by saying the party was responsible for ensuring that the mosque land in Bayan Mutiara was not sold to a private developer.

        When UMNO do not do their home work and only go around making noise what do they achieve. This money making machine is going to come to a halt.That is the day we are waiting for. You need a place to worship so do the rest. Not only do Muslim believe in God so do we .

    • dugo says:

      Inilah kiasu2 rasis hipokrit rasis DAPsters, baru 3-4 tahun mendapat kuasa negeri sudah terlihat angkuh, sombong dan ganas nya mereka, terang2an rasis dalam menyokong Dong Zong, menjual tanah masjid, merampas hak2 rakyat bawahan, menidakkan freedom of speech yang mereka canang2kan, menyembunyi dan memutar belit fakta2.

      Tindakan kiasu2 Dap ini amat merbahaya kepada negara berbilang kaum ini. Api perpecahan dan kebencian disemarakkan oleh Dap demi kuasa dan perkauman.

      Mereka ini sudah gila kuasa. Bila berkuasa, golongan hipokrit rasis ini tiada lagi sifat bertolak ansur dan bersama. Mereka akan jadi rakus, biadap dan kejam.

      • dugo says:

        Dengan kuasa negeri yang Dap rasis baru pegang, mereka sudah berani menyoal “who the hell are you to ask for anything” terhadap sesiapa sahaja yang menyoal mereka. They cannot be questioned, as if they are god-sent gomen.

        Anda boleh bayangkan jika lah kominis2 rejim kiasu hipokrit ini memegang kuasa persekutuan.

        Bayangkan lah, anyone who questioned DAP Prime Minister Guan Eng will be sued, akan disaman. Mengikut acuan tok guru sifu mereka PAP Lee Kuan Yew.

        • Ayah Pin says:

          Betui cakap lu.
          Melayu Umno memang takut.
          Takut sama Kristian, LKY, LGE, Dong Zong, DAP…
          Cuma tak takut tangan dipotong pasal korapsi!

          • chewal says:

            ehh bukan PAS ke yg penakut….sekejap negara islam, lepas kena herdik, tukar ke negara kebajikan. Sekejap hudud, lepas kena cucuk hidung, tak jadi pulak. Sekejap bantah israel, lepas kena ketuk kepala, sokong pulak…

          • Jingga pui says:

            Lu Melayu Pas ke?

            Nak habaq mai, Poknik habaq dia malu jadi melayu pas tau. Sebab melayu Pas pakai serban, mencarut sana sini, mengkafir depan belakang, mengaku alim tapi berkhalwat siang malam, mengaku bersih tapi pegi haji klas satu pakai duit sponsor bertahun2, mengaku tak amal kronism tapi kawan2 semua dapat projek, nepotism apa le lagi, menantu sendiri dilanti jadi CEO lingkup habis duit PMB.

            Melayu Pas, tak payah hipokrit tahab gaban le. Sendiri tengok baju.

          • Kamilia says:

            Melayu takut sama Kum Kum Umno yang curi duit rakyat.

    • Abcdefg says:

      Ccscsc… this guy back again, talking crap…. just shows what an ass-hole and a whole load of bull shit…

    • M. Kassim says:

      Ccscsc, you represent the exact attitude of the DAP. When things go out of control or scandals emerge, you sweep things under the carpet, issue gag order and all.

    • Rahmat says:

      LATEST UPDATE: The Penang Malay Congress has thrown a ball into Umno’s justice by observant a party was responsible for ensuring that a mosque land in Bayan Mutiara was not sole to a private developer.

      Its boss Rahmad Isahak pronounced Umno, that was partial of a previous administration underneath BN, should have ensured that a land was subdivided after a devise proviso we blueprint devise was approved by a internal legislature (MPPP) in 2006.

      “One year as well as 5 months upheld prior to Pakatan took over a state in 2008. It shows there was no urgency to bulletin this land for a mosque since Umno thought that BN would order again,” he stressed.

      Rahmad pronounced a MPPP approved devise had now expired though questioned what Umno had finished to ensure that a land for meant for a mosque was subdivided for ownership by a Penang Islamic Council (MAIPP).
      Legally, if a land was not subdivided, a state land office would not be means to issue a competent pretension or send land ownership to MAIPP, he added.

      “What has Umno been you do from 2006 to 2008, prior to a state was taken over by Pakatan Rakyat?” Rahmad asked.

      “Where is a legal proof that a land has been gazetted as well as owned by MAIPP as claimed by Umno?” queried a former justice staff.

  2. zizan says:

    Ccscsc -u should be cleaning the shit hole that u and your stupid party has created. Just after 4 years gaining power, your shit hole is so huge.

    • TM says:

      After over 50 years of leading the nation, what has Umno achieved for the Malays? Development?

      1) Fake ketuanan melayu ego
      2) seige mentality
      3) tongkat dependant
      4) Christianphobia

      Tak malu ke, der?

      • propaganza says:

        The Muslims in the Arab world and Indonesia which is home to the largest Muslims population in South East Asia never ever felt the need for a “Christian Threat” seminar to help in religious teaching. Why Malaysia, being a multicultural country and often referred to by the PM as a moderate democracy under UMNO controlled BN always felt threatened by Christians ? The Muslims in this country never said they felt threatened but it was always UMNO and its bigots who said so.

        • ray says:

          where have you been dunce? the chinese women were raped during riots, the christians were killed over religious sensitivities.

          my oh my the level of MISinformation of these paid dap cybertroopers is really despicable.

          your nicis so apt coz you spread false propaganda.

      • ray says:

        Malaysia has the world famous TWIN towers which attracted foreigners all over. They even chose the towers to film James Bond.

        That is the icon of Melayu Boleh. Malaysia is also ranked best in Asia for press freedom beating 1st world singapore. Also beat red dot for being a safe country.

        Dude those 4 errors you mentioned are not only disparaging but also malicious. Let me refine them for you:

        1) Jatidiri Ketuanan Melayu
        2) Claiming of Constitutional Rights
        3) Graciousness Backfire
        4) Islamic Resurgence

        In a nutshell, UMNO has elevated the STATUS of the Malays in terms of their educational, economical, political, religious, cultural, social, technological levels.

        The new Malay under UMNO’s guidance are no longer the overly gracious self who judges other kindly to their own detriment. So go on and provoke the Malays and May 13 will not result in the same consequences.

        There is a limit to the Ketuanan Melayu’s patience. The social media has exposed and revealed the chinese dap pysche.

      • chewal says:


        You abviously blind or stupid. Look around you, go back to the year of 1950s and go through the timeline. If you have the sam thought… obviously youj are an idiot.

  3. ABU says:

    If BN were to win, that would mean five more years of corruption. By then, the country would go bellly up. Datuk Ibrahim is the man for the PM job and I would like to see the day when all the guity politicians and their nest-of-kins are being brought to justice, one by one. I sincerely hope, albeit vote rigging, that The Oppostion will kick out BN for good.

    • chewal says:

      DO you mean the guilty politicians from oppositions? That feel tbey are above thbe law?

    • Edwards says:


      Dato Ibrahim who?

      Oh you mean the dato who has a dato seri son who was found guilty as sodomizer by court (only to be released on technical glitch), who was so corrupt and full of scandals when in Umno and got kicked out by Umno only to be picked up by Pakatan Haram? Who has an Omega watch kept by his wife?

      I think we call him ABAI now, abu!

      About the Omega, my apologies abu, i know you have one too.

      • YAB Panglima Sri Darjat 1Murni Pandikar says:

        We muslims can build our mosques even without govt help la. We are not weak. If UMNO care so much, just go and buy a parcel there and build the mosque la. Apa bising2? Bukan UMNO banyak duit ka? If there are no mosque there, I’m sure we can pool money, buy a piece of land, and build one.

    • Usop says:

      Betul cakap ABU.

      Ubahlah sebelum anda disembahyangkan.

  4. Ayub says:

    The culprits involved with the RM570 millions commission for the 2 Scorpene Submarines can run but cannot hide and bersih Malaysians know they are..Reformasi to Malaysia corrupted system of Government under UMNO/BN is a must as the Dep.Minister of Finance, Awang Sidek said the 53% National Debt to GDP is not at critical level yet and the country has 2% more to 55%,then it is stage 4 terminal cancer.The rate our PM and DPM are splashing tax-payers money due to the coming 13GE,the 2% level will be used up before the end of 2012,then it is Chemo stage for the Ringgit. Even if Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya,it might be too late to reverse the trend but of-course,those rich UMNOputras would have their millions,if not billions, stashed away overseas…

  5. anak temasek says:

    Singapore was recently ranked as the ‘Happiest country in Asia’ in a study reported by ABC News.

    Among the various races in Singapore, the Malays are found to be the happiest!

    This is contrary to UMNO’s claim that the Malays in Singapore are marginalized!

    Perhaps, it is time UMNO open it’s eyes!

    • ray says:

      Hhmmm, how come people I know were never once interviewed for all surveys done about singaporeans huh? We do wonder who are selected for these Look Good Feel Good surveys?

    • Eidil Hazroun says:

      I am a Singaporean Malay.

      Never realize that we are the happiest of all people in the Island. You Malaysian who said so must have been living here all life. Hmm

    • Islander says:

      What survey is this? Very interesting. Would be good if you could quote the source. Won’t be surprised if the survey was done by the Teapot Kingdom headed by the ailing Ayahpin. Don’t be cheap like politicians, simply say things without basis.

  6. propaganza says:

    You can bet that Ghani Komtar and his mamak gang will continue their ridiculous antics at Penang Komtar with all kinds of false accusations to stir up the malays. He has failed many times with black cakes and leopard-print bikinis, but is persistent to get himself into Bolehland book of silly antics records?

    Sad that this website believe in such nonsense.

    • ray says:

      We are also dejected that you indulge in worse nonsense in your comments. You may not be aware but your language and content actually REVEALS your substandard IQ.

      Goodbye, as I believe you will not visit anymore. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      • bismi says:

        You should ask our beloved PM Najib to regulate Utusan instead of letting it print seditious news, lies and fabricated articles and stories. So far, the PM has failed to even stop Utusan, or even this website!

    • Mami Tanjung says:

      Umno should know that 98% of the hardcore poor, those in households earning under RM400, in Penang under Gerakan are Malays and that the number had been reduced to zero under DAP!

  7. Bryan says:

    Guys, I am happy because after so many years been fool by all these politician from both side, now they are scared like hell when come to corruption. Politician should afraid of RAKYAT. Now its time for scolding these politician if are my at my area for walkabout. I dont give a damn he is PM or CM. I am going to screw them hard. Hey PM / CM / MB do your work properly you axxhole! Stop all the cxck talk.

  8. Geli Hati says:

    Ccscsc,why u so arrogant??? U know who put u there? We can also kick u out! Never ask the rakyat who the hell we are! The power is with us (not with u!) so we use it wisely on voting day. Politicians are all the same. All talk cock,all rob the rakyat blind be they Umnoputeras or Pakatan (nampak wang semua sudah lupa!), all smell like shit,all tell lies BUT NONE do their work or keep their empty promises. Can we believe in any of these cicaks? Leave their tails in time of danger to save themselves. Politicians are capable of prostituting their wives for political mileage hehe so should we rakyat believe they won’t do the same to us???

    • YAB Panglima Sri Darjat 1Murni Pandikar says:

      Why talk rubbish, just come up with a valuation report by a reputable Valuer (NOT a UMNO crony) to prove their side of the story. Fair minded rakyat are prepared to evaluate their argument, otherwise ask them to shut their big mouth.

  9. Yani says:

    Kami melayu di pulau pinang tetap sokong YB LGE!

    Ghani Mamak Komtar boleh hijrah ke Pekan!

    • Zam Zam says:

      Mat Sabu noted that DAP has often been criticised as chauvinistic and anti-Islam by Umno, but said in the recent ceramah that Penang’s Islamic affairs department had received more money under the DAP-led state administration than under Gerakan.

      “The first year this ‘anti-Islamic’ Lim Guan Eng gave RM20 million; the second year, it went up to RM24 million and the third year it was up to RM33 million,” the PAS VP quipped.

      “By the fourth year, his hatred of Islam was so apparent and he was so anti-Malay he allocated RM64 million to Islamic Affairs.”

  10. Geli Hati says:

    Hahaha Zam Zam u so mengelikan hati! I setuju sangat dgn u. Wah,RM64 million! Gerakan under the BN gave peanuts! LMFAO. LGE is still a better bet I dare say.

  11. Geli Hati says:

    Hahaha Zam Zam u so mengelikan hati! I setuju sangat dgn u. Wah,RM64 million! Gerakan under the BN gave peanuts! LMFAO. LGE is still a better bet I dare say. This is the first time I’m saying this,u silly computer!

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