Utusan steps up ‘bisexual’ attacks on Anwar

Source: The Malaysian Insider

Umno’s Utusan Malaysia continued today to question Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sexuality despite being threatened with a RM100 million suit by the opposition leader.

Its Sunday edition, Mingguan Malaysia, frontpaged Datuk K.S Nallakaruppan’s challenge to his former close friend to speed up legal action so he can expose Anwar’s alleged wrongdoings.

The Malay broadsheet also ran a half-page editorial backing the United Malaysian Indians party (MUIP) president’s claim, highlighting the Federal Court’s judgment in 2004 which said Anwar and his adopted brother Sukma Darmawan were engaged in homosexual activities despite overturning the Permatang Pauh MP’s sodomy conviction.

“To summarise our judgment, even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt, on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law,” the judgment reads.

“There is no need for Awang to comment at length. Ponder the fact in the judgment of this case. What does it mean and who is Anwar?” the newspaper wrote under the Awang Selamat pseudonym used by its editors.

The editorial also said Anwar (picture) used legal action to as a way to silence critics from exposing his “moral wrongdoings.”

“Awang does not hesitate to conclude that Anwar sued these parties as an act, more so with an election soon. The fact is, he does not want the truth as he knows the risks to himself,” the Malay daily wrote.

Utusan Malaysia had highlighted a week ago the accusation by Nallakaruppan, once said to be Anwar’s “tennis partner,” that the former deputy prime minister was a bisexual.

The opposition leader, who aims to take over Putrajaya after an election that must be called by May next year, then said he would sue both the senator and newspaper for RM100 million if they did not retract the allegation.

But Utusan Malaysia instead referred to maverick blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin’s statement that the prime minister cannot be a homosexual.

“If you want to be gay, go ahead. I personally have no problems but if you want to become PM and be gay, in Malaysia you cannot,” the Malaysia Today editor said in a January 1 interview with Utusan Malaysia.

The newspaper added today “this is also the stand of the majority of Malaysians.”

“Anwar must decide which one is his choice.”

Anwar was acquitted in January of a second sodomy charge which he has said was politically motivated.

However, the public prosecutor has chosen to appeal against the High Court’s decision.

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49 Responses to Utusan steps up ‘bisexual’ attacks on Anwar

  1. belang says:

    I concur for the first time with RPK (not that it is matter anyway) that Prime Minister cannot be homosexual. Though no amount of conviction has been given to anwar yet, the morality of PKR leader together with the recent case evidences and previous written judgment of 1998 case, in my opinion suffice to give rakyat reasonable assurances and benefit of the doubt not to elect the purported person as Malaysian PM.

    • Metro Skuad says:

      Another incentive to vote for Pakatan:

      Pakatan Rakyat will probe attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan for alleged criminal wrongdoing if it captures federal power in the next general election. This is because PM Najib Razak has refused to act on former Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) chief Ramli Yusuff’s complaint that Gani had fixed him and his team of police officers after they arrested an underworld figure.

      • kacang merah says:

        Kamu belajar kat sekolah mana?

        Tajuk posting ini tentang “kacang putih” tapi kamu komen pasal “bawang hijau”.

        ada sekolah ka?

        • bawang putih says:

          Utusan should report that the AP scandal was followed by the NFC scandal, making it a ‘trend’ in Wanita. What other scandal next is anybody’s guess. When will this end or it never will??

          Probably one would to remove the cancer like once our ex-leader who is a doctor said.

          • ray says:

            bawang putih MUST have been frustrated that his and his ganag’s efforts at sabotaging Malaysia was EFFECTIVELY thwarted by the great statesman Tun Dr Mahathir himself.

            Till today bawang putih and gang are NURSING a grudge that their orchestrated plan went down the drains.

            anwar their puppet failed to deliver even after tons of funds were dispensed.

            So TODAY even when DS Najib is at the helm, they are still attacking Tun Dr Mahathir.

            May Allah bless Tun and his family for saving Malaysia. Amin.

  2. Anonymas says:

    Meanwhile, Opposition-backed papers steps up their usual attacks on the PM. If it’s Harakah, there’s the old ‘PM is a Secular’ slant. If it’s Suara Keadilan, it’ll be ‘PM broke the economy’. If it’s Roket, it’ll be ‘PM is Racist’.

    Tomayto tomahto

    • bawang merah says:

      utusan dan awang selamat sudah sampai masa untuk kita takqinkan. Dari debu dia datang, kepada debu ia pulang.

  3. Jidin Ekstra says:

    BN dah habis modal.Hari2 sex Anuar.Rasa nak muntah!Hello the idiots BN, sudahlahtu,apart from you guys no one believe you.You look at the video by Dato Johari Abdul, where his own uncle shuib tak Lazim,invited him to watch the vidoe doctored by Con man Eskay Sri lanka(I only knew that eskay’s father is a Tamil from Sri Langka,after watching Dato Johari’s video….he too therefore deserve Tan Sri’s title..Tan Sri Langka Eskay),Tan Sri Jungle(pronounce young girl) Rahim with Thambi yang Kecik, And Suhuib old man tak sedar kediri,it’s confirmed BN is damn desperate. Go Anwar Go. BN is Racun as you said.

    • dugo says:

      Ya ya saya lihat video Johari Bedul berlakun sebagai P. Ramlee kononnya pelakun dalam video seks China Doll Anwar Ibrahim adalah orang lain yang di make-up!

      Bukan setakat rasa nak muntah lakunan Jo bedul ni, dah termuntah muntah dah pun.

      “Eskay Sri lanka(I only knew that eskay’s father is a Tamil” —waa, tak sangka nooo orang PKR mengaku tak racis macam DAP dan UMNO. Rupa2nya PKR ini bukan setakat rasis, tapi HIPOKRIT RASIS macam DAP.

      mengata orang, dia yang lebih

    • andi says:

      hahaha aduh jidin please lah woi, if you really dare to talk how about talk about the chinadoll video is that doctored also?

      99% original confirmation from us expert still want to denied that, ah wait i forgot something, same like lynas you guys dont hear the expert when it don’t give u nothing u only hear to some makcik only..

    • Gabriel says:

      Isu ini sangat penting, kita tak boleh terima PM atau pemimpin yang macam Anwar jika betul dia melakukan penzinaan dengan melanggang pelacur, terlalu rendah maruah kita atau tak bermaruah lansung. Kalau nak di komen boleh jadi panjang lebar. Bagaimana pun pihak polis telah syahkan video tu tulin melalui pihak ketiga tapi tiada tindak balas dari pihak Anwar atau kuncu kuncu yang membuktikan video adalah palsu. Perlu pengesahan pihak ketiga bukan cam video Jo Bedol yang bodoh itu. Walau bagaimana pun perkara ini akan jadi sangat mudah jika Jijah boleh beri terangan berkenaan kemaluan Anwar yang agak ganjil sedikit (bengkuk), seorang isteri pasti tau, tapi jijah focus kat perut pulak.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Commandment No. 1: Thou shall steal

    This rule is followed religiously from the top to bottom of the party. The leaders steal by giving inflated contracts and concessions to nominees, family members and other trusted partners.

    In return, money is kept for the politicians and their families. At times, the thievery is given what the Umno politicians/ministers believe is a veneer of respectability: they justify giving a contract/contracts/projects to a crony by saying that the crony is a big donor to Umno.

    The inflated contracts are getting larger and larger and this reflects the greed of Umno.

    Commandment No. 2: Thou shall honour thyself above all

    They go to umrah ever so often, preach to the electorate about People First and Performance Now but for the Umno leader, the people are only valuable during election time.

    For the most part, they are all “I” or “ME” specialists. If I bump civil service salaries without a care about the financial situation of the country, will “I” get a few votes?

    If I allow Nallakaruppan and Ezam Noor to become senators, will “I” benefit from this move?

    Commandment No. 3: Thou shall tell lies, and often

    There is no downside to telling lies. Umno politicians can lie about corruption, their assets and expect to get away scot-free.

    In fact, there is respect in the party for politicians who lie about the RM24 million ring; about shopping trips, about FELDA memos.

    Only a few days ago, Umno MP Bung Mokhtar Radin told Parliament that MAS incurred losses of RM2 billion after the share swap with Air Asia. This is untrue.

    A couple months ago Agriculture Minister Noh Omar told Parliament that a special committee had been set up to make sure that the RM250 million soft loan to the NFC was disbursed well. Well, we now know that there was no such committee!

    Commandment No. 4: You must subvert the rule of law and behave like thugs when things don’t go your way

    Ceramahs are being broken up by Perkasa/Umno/Pekida thugs, and opposition volunteers checking voter registration lists are being threatened by Umno members.

    Najib’s future Cabinet could include Tengku Adnan Mansor, someone found guilty by a royal commission of inquiry of meddling in the appointment of judges.

    Commandment No. 5: Thou shall create dissension and discord

    In the last 24 months, Umno has done its best to drive a wedge between Malays and Chinese and Christians. Instead of being keepers of peace and unity, Umno and its friends at Perkasa have stoked talk of Chinese being greedy for political power. This is irrational and the height of irresponsibility.

    The Malays control the police, army and civil service and form 60 per cent of the country, and there is no chance of Malays losing political power. Umno may lose control but Malays will not.

    Still, this has not stopped Umno from beating the drums of discord and making the Chinese like the enemies. Then there was the story of Christians wanting to take over Malaysia.

    Commandment No. 6: You must flaunt your wealth

    The bigger the house the better, the more gaudy the jewellery the better and the more luxury cars the better.

    How do you know an Umno man has arrived? He wears a linen shirt, chomps on a cigar, drives an SUV and does not seem to have a regular job.

    • aloya says:

      wow, u must have copy this from the Buku Jiggay right? Just change the word UMNO to PKR.

      • Jidin Bodot says:

        Comment shows some of them still haven’t awake or being brain-wash by BN.

        Topic here is not Anwar. Its Pakatan with 3 party Keadilan,PAS and DAP.

        These ain’t Anwar personal promises. PR had studies each and every promises they made before announce it to public. All written in buku jingga. Result shows everything look at Penang and Selangor development compare with BN ruling time.

    • ray says:

      eh? I thought there were 10 commandments, what happened to four of them?

      • Spin322 says:

        he dropped the stone tablets, containing the commandments, and broke it… just left with six for the moment… he has to go back to the mountain and wait for Satan Anwar to reveal the next four commandments…

        • My Sweet Lord says:

          WHO has allowed the religious peace and racial harmony of this country to be distorted and deteriorate uncontrollably to this lowly manner to the extent that such self righteous acts totally negates and cancels out the notion of TOLERANCE.

          HOW can we ever again speak of Malaysia being a tolerant multi racial society and how ever again can the Najib TV propaganda about ‘ moving from mere tolerance to acceptance ‘ survive it’s cause?

          WHEN will those irresponsible people who love to stir racial sentiments irrationally ever be rational?

          WHERE is Malaysia heading to?

          NOTHING can ever be a threat if your faith in an Almighty God is firm and your mind strong.

    • aleya says:

      Najib is said to be planning to celebrate UMNO’s 66th anniversary from May 1 to May 13, with ominous choice dates remarked upon by many Chinese who remember the May 13 riots of 1969, where UMNO youth members had killed scores of Chinese civilians in Kuala Lumpur.

      Speculation is rife Najib is trying to use the May 13 date to rally the Malays behind UMNO by using anti-Chinese sentiments. Already, the UMNO blogs are preparing the way with scare stories of an anti-Malay movement being secretly promoted by the opposition parties.

      Although such race-centric strategy does not make sense, it has long been used by UMNO. UMNO cannot drop corruption because this has become the soul of the party. So, it has no choice but to rely on racial hatred. This is the only trump card that an UMNO blindsided by desperation sees in the pack. And this is why, UMNO will in all probability lose GE-13. It is still depending on the tricks pulled by Najib’s father in 1969, while the rest of Malaysia is already living in 2012.

      As for the Pakatan, once the full result of the GE-13 is known, it must swiftly swear-in and take control of the country. Whether it will be blocked by the army and the police on UMNO’s orders is a different issue and needs to be solved separately. But Pakatan must seize the day, it must be tough and clear-minded. If UMNO refuses to cede power, and creates riots, Pakatan should play smart and not fall into UMNO’s trap. The United Nations, of which Malaysia is a member, will surely be watching and they will help to ensure order by putting pressure on UMNO.

      Ultimately, the people of Malaysia – both living in the country and overseas – must step forward and show the world that a regime change was what they wanted. This then will be the final death knell and disgrace for UMNO – an end that it is unlikely to ever be able to recover from.

      • Anonymous says:

        Najib and his mery band of thieves are banking on the fact that “Melayu mudah LUPA”, forget rather than forgive all acts of malfeasance/grand larceny – rope in the royal ie Selangor and Perak with talk of urgent need to protect Malay interest/land and all that rates high on the Malay agenda BUT all the while, them protectors themselves are bleeding their own (greater public as well) bone dry.

        The urban vote is safe in Pakatan Rakyat’s hands but I wonder if any headway has been made in the heartland ? Even after stuffing the ballot box, I think UMNO/BN is still on shaky ground.

      • ray says:

        poor aleya, grasping at straws. Najib being his father’s son is fully aware of the famous date and its significance.

        This is the right time to enlighten the formerly stateless peoples to honour the constitutional obligations. If they are still the “mudah lupa” type, they should be re-educated.

  5. momok says:

    Those ladies in red scarf are agreeable that the country be robbed by families of Ministers and that they will support them as all cost. It means for them it is okay to be morally corrupted. Rightfully, she should take full responsibility for the mismanagement by her family members. Malaysians or these ladies must be extremely stupid not to understand that to be a leader who must be clean and have no links to any controversy. Are these people really beginning to have the mentality of cows? Mentally, the woman doesn’t try to understand what is the meaning of resigning political post held in the party. If she can’t figure out of it, we will be reluctant to make her realize it.

    In politic arena, this is the end of Bn. People inside the party are shameless at all. They don’t think that what they have of today’s political fame and position is given by the power of people. She only think that what she has is given by PM. Who give PM chances to be PM of Malaysia? Those people who mandated him.

    • kacang merah says:

      Kamu belajar kat sekolah mana?

      Tajuk posting ini tentang “bawang merah” tapi kamu komen pasal “kacang hijau”.

      ada sekolah ka?

    • ray says:

      well anwar is morally corrupted – but he’s ok for pakatan

    • big dog says:

      The conclusion of this NFC debacle is simple. In essence, the government is saying, “Yes, we are as gulity as hell in many other countless things as well and unless you people can prove it, we are innocent”. Looking at all the happenings up till now, is it really that hard for those fence sitters out there to make a good choice this coming soon election!!?

  6. STL,

    What a joke these Patahkan Rakyat fellows here. Sukma Darmawan and Co are well known for their party gate crashing and being gay about it.





  7. Aidil Yunus says:

    Kenapa Stop The Lies suka menyusahkan hidup cybertroopers DAP Hahahaha I like

    • A.B.A.I says:


    • Geletek says:

      To those sceptics … simple straight forward figures below :
      1) CoWGate RM 250 Million
      2) TajuDin Mas RM 586 Million
      3) PKFZ RM 1.8 Billion (If I got this correct)
      4) Lopsided Highway Concessions RM 20 Billion (Estimates from book read)
      5) Scorpenes RM 7.8 Billion
      6) Prototype Army APV RM 12 Billion
      7) Ring/Shopping/Suites RM 30 – 35 Million ??
      8) MAS 2011 Loss RM 2.5 BIllion
      9) PROTON / Agusta / LOTUS ….. ??
      10) Perwaja
      11) Bank Negara 90’s exchange loss of RM 9 BIllion ?? Who foot THAT bill ??

      And more ….. Now tell me, if ALL above should be SPENT / Thrown Away ???!!
      Not even, talking about one of our golden goose – PETRONAS.

      No wonder some driving Porsche with bodyguard on MPV …

      Now Malaysian, tell me if our nation is not rich & the rakyat should be touching the high income level .. instead of losing out to some Asian countries … WE HAVE LOST EDGE !!!

      • ray says:


        are those box office cinema titles??

        must be worth watching. Akan datang, coming soon to the nearest cineplex …

      • Gabriel says:

        The way I see it coming, Pakatan definately will do better with clowns the like of Anwar, Lim Guan Eng, Hadi Awang & Gang ….. nak register under One Banner (Parti) pun tak boleh, if they got Putra Jaya it will be “horde of chaos”, everbody & everyone trying to grab what they can.

  8. Sam says:

    Is it any wonder that Khairy Jamaluddin is now being made the chairman of PUNB? Not at all because Umno is a party which reward its members who have indulged in money politics, being found guilty of subverting the judicial system, abused the Internal Security Act and even those who have not been able to shake the smell of corruption.

    Syed Hamid Albar is the top boss at SPAD, the public transportation body, and his claim to fame is locking up a journalist under the ISA supposedly for her own safety.

    Isa Samad was found guilty of vote-buying or corrupting the electoral system of his party and now he is heading Felda.

    Tengku Adnan Mansor was found guilty by the Royal Commission of Inquiry of fixing judicial appointments and today he is the secretary-general of Umno and a shoe-in for Cabinet appointment.

    Rafidah Aziz was slated for the abuse of the Approved Permits scheme by none other her former boss Mahathir Mohamad and is today head of Air Asia X. She is also going to be boss of PInewood Studios.

    Khairy Jamaluddin was found guilty by Umno disciplinary board of money politics but let off with a warning. Dr Mahathir noted that this was the first time that someone who had been found guilty by the board and in the court of public opinion was hailed as a leader of Umno Youth. Well, now he is going to be the head of PUNB.

    Next we should expect Shahrizat Jalil, Khir Toyo and others to be rewarded. All they have to do is stay “loyal” to Umno and be “patient.” What they don’t need to worry about is whether they are clean, competent or controversy-free.

    Once again, it just shows you the talent level in this political party.

    • ray says:

      Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim were CONVICTED and sent to jail and hey presto, they are NOW leaders of Pakatan Rakyat.

      Poor DAP cybertroopers, you’ve got to work harder to earn your fat pay.

    • chewal 2.0 says:

      Whether you are poor, middle class all are at the mercy of BN, under their 56 years of rule we are now the poorest in the region.

      Cars, energy, water, rice, sugar, breads, cooking oil, flour, Astro, tolls, etc are all controled by umNo cronies and because of AP and monopoly we the rakyat have to suffer (most work 2 jobs cannot make end meet) pay 3 to 4 times higher prices.

      If not for the presence of the states ruled by PR, BN would not have given 2 hoots for the welfare of the rakyat. Now BN has no choice by to belly the rakyat and hope for another term. Let us the rakyat deny them this coming GE. Denied as the final nail to the coffin.

      • ray says:

        chewal 2.0 has all the makings of a Stephen Edwin King (born September 21, 1947) – an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction and fantasy fiction.

      • chewal says:

        I am amazed at your stupidity level. Seriously, how old are you? What is your education level?

  9. big dog says:

    Malaysians should vote wisely, and dont be induced by mere RM500. to waste your vote. It is high time for Malaysians to try to see the hand writing on the wall clearly and act. A better project can even alleviate the heavy burden that RM500. may not be able to solve.

    Your vote is your power and do not allow it go astray as it is for posterity. Once again, please do vote wisely. Your vote could change a lot of things and even generations yet unborn can benefit rather than instant benefit.

    • shukri says:

      Even if the support from the rakyat is strong for PR, the dirty tricks and gross manipulation of the electoral roll by the EC, under the influence of UMNO, could tarnish the coming GE13 and hamper the democratic process. We see many evidences of thousands of voters registered to the same addresses, the sudden and significant increase of new voters and postal voters in hotly contested constituencies and states, names of foreign workers in the electoral roll, and many other discrepancies. It is clear that the EC is dragging its feet to fix all these problems to meet the corrupt and unethical demands of its UMNO masters for the coming GE13. The fair-minded rakyat of Malaysia will never accept the corrupt and unethical behaviour of the EC and will not hesitate to support Bersih 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and so forth until there is a clean electoral roll and process. Shame on the EC and UMNO!

      • Ustazah ajijah says:

        you bastard hs been blabbering about ghost voters / EC and so on for years. Sudahlah oii. Lu sudah buat lu punya kerja checking dekat EC kah beng? Come with the prove. Publish it in yr website. So far apa yang ada perception …. itu PKR game to gain mileage. Itu SUDAH BASI lah Ah Beng

        One thing for sure after this PRU. We will wrap u bastard and you bastard will sorry for life.

        • Kamilia says:

          Ustazah ajijah merajuk kah?
          Dah berapa lama tak dilayan suami?
          Maklumlah itu satu ‘sacrifice’ jadi member OWC, sampai nafsu tak di layan sehingga nak naik berang di sini?

      • ray says:

        shukri shukri, are you engaging in “damage control” in case the pakatan lost the 4 states in PRU13?

        PR favourite strategy – blame BN

    • ray says:

      well big dog, the “hand writing on the wall clearly” says that PR is more corrupted than others. Some of them sell their religion to gain political mileage. Some sell their integrity and honour. Worst still one of them is a PENGKHIANAT negara, bangsa dan agama.

      Many of PR turncoats HAVE the evidence unlike the DAP cybertroopers who claim this and that – based on their narrow perception.

  10. Metro Skuad says:

    Najib dan Umno mulai sekarang kena buktikan apa saja yang pembangkang timbulkan ada auta.

    Contohnya tuduhan kerajaan Najib menggunakan firma perunding APCO, sebuah syarikat milik Yahudi Amerika adalah auta. Adakah auta APCO tiada apa-apa urusan dan peranan di Israel?

    Adakah auta kerajaan Malaysia membayar puluhan juta kepada APCO untuk mempromosikan Malaysia di luar negara?

    Rafizi dari bahagian strategi PKR mendedahkan bahawa suami Shahrizat Jalil menggunakan sebahagian duit pinjaman RM250 dari kerajaan membeli dua kondo mewah. Adakah dakwaannya auta? Kalau auta mengapa pula antara dakwaan yang dihadapkan kepada suami Shahrizat ialah pembelian kondo itu?

    Sebelum suami itu didakwa, boleh dianggap pendedahan Rafizi itu auta. Tetapi sesudah dia didakwa, adakah Jabatan Peguam Negara mendakwa sesuatu yang auta.

    Suami Shahrizat belum didapati bersalah. Tetapi bolehkah dakwaannya yang berpunca dari pendedahan pembangkang adalah satu auta? Bijakkah perdana menteri ia juga satu auta?

    Wajarlah Najib tampil menyatakan apa antara pendedahan kompeni lembu itu bukan fakta, melainkan semuanya auta.

    Adakah cincin bernilai RM24 juta yang dihantar melalui kastam kepada isteri Perdana Menteri satu auta? Mungkin harganya itu auta. Tetapi faktanya berapa? Apa pun berita dari sumber Najib cincin itu sudah dibawa keluar negara. Ertinya cincin itu dihantar kepada Datin Seri Rosmah bukan auta.

    Ada pun Rosmah dilaporkan membeli pakaian ratus ribu di Australia. Kalau juga auta ia bukan berpunca dari pembangkang. Ceritanya dipetik dari apa yang dilaporkan oleh media Australia. Media itulah yang memulakan auta itu.

    Isu pembunuhan nyonya Mongolia bernama Altantuya. Adakah ia isu auta? Adakah nyonya itu tidak dibunuh dan adakah mayatnya tidak pernah diletupkan di Selangor?

    Kes itu sudah dibicarakan dan sudah pun ada keputusan mahkamah. Ia adalah fakta dan bukan auta. Itu pun auta juga.

    Mungkin ada cerita tentang nyonya dan kaitannya dengan Perdana Menteri Najib ada unsur auta. Tetapi Najib wajar terangkan yang mana dalam cerita itu yang auta dan yang mana pakta?

    Kes nyonya itu dan Najib difailkan di Paris. Adakah kes itu satu auta atau betul kes itu ada di mahkamah Paris?

    Kemudian ada pula dakwaan bahawa syarikat Malaysia mengaut untung atas pembelian kapal selam dari Perancis dan pesawat pejuang Sukoi Rusia sebesar setengah bilion. Angka komisyen itu mungkin auta tetapi adakah mengambil untung itu auta? Jumlah yang tidak auta berapa?

    Anak perempuan Najib bertunang tahun lalu diadakan di Hotel Shangri La. Perbelanjaannya sekitar setengah juta. Boleh dihujah ia dilunaskan oleh Najib atau kerajaan. Tetapi faktanya tuntutan dibuat hotel terhadap Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Pembangkang hanya membangkitkan perkara itu.

    Jabatan Perdana Menteri menafikan ia dibiayai kerajaan. Apa bukti penafikan itu bukan auta? Dan yang sah bukan auta kosnya hampir setengah juta. JPM tidak pernah menafikannya.

    Najib bercakap di Parlimen untuk memansuhkan ISA. Tetapi ISA masih berkuat kuasa. Tiada apa-apa tindakan untuk memansuhkannya. Tidakkah ia auta? Selagi akta itu begitu, Najib dikira meauta Parlimen. Kata orang Terengganu ia lebong.

    Sehingga ini orang terasa auta terbesar ialah Najib. Diperkenalkannya slogan Rakyat Didahulukan. Dengan harga cincin Rosmah dan harga pakaian diberi di Australia slogan Rakyat Didahulukan adalah auta saja.

    Tuduhan pembangkang auta payah diterima tetapi Najib boleh dikira seorang autawan.

    • Ustazah ajijah says:


      Go and get yr head checked and foreseen an alignment needed badly!!!

      Go and figure out, why in the world a multi-millionaire need a courier service to deliver and somehow a pariah at airport needed to attend for custom clearance. For god sake… she is a millionaire.!! She could easily get it personally by escorting her hubby to the particular state of origin. Why should she have to go trough all the hustle?? apolah pandai bona kau ni jang!!!

      Yang lain lain tu tak yah lah den nak komen.

  11. Pat N says:

    The award for the Understatement of the Year goes to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohd. when he announced that……

    “It will be hard (to win) if we don’t field people from outside the party as I find that many of our present leaders are not well-accepted by the rakyat.”

    • ray says:

      That pat dear is the mark of a true leader who accepts the TRUTH and has the guts to face it. Not only that, he is proactive in strategising effective steps.

      Remember he shackled the currency traders and the IMF at its own game.

      And the reason for “our present leaders are not well-accepted by the rakyat” could simply be that some gullible rakyat believe all the character assasination and baseless allegations thrown at them. The opposition wanted the rakyat to believe that Najib is a Hindu and Altantuya murderer.

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