A Let Down to the People of Kelantan

They are always the first to say no to this and no to that, no to Valentines Day, no to concerts, no to cinemas, no to alcohol, no to lottery and the list continue.

With all those curbs, one might think that Kelantan which is under PAS rule would have been a model state with low crime rate, morality to the highest degree, as well as other positive attributes thrown in.

However it would be a shock to some who may yet to know how “notorious” the state has become.

Drug abuse in Kelantan has increased by more than 100 % from 4,255 in 2010 to 9,124 in 2011.

The youths in the state had also been led astray as a majority of the drug abuse cases involved youths.

One apparent reason for this is that the state has failed to come up with adequate programmes for youths and provide adequate job opportunities.

Another startling revelation is that Kelantan has the highest number of HIV cases for 3 consecutive years from 2008 to 2010.

Take for instance in 2010, the number of Kelantanese diagnosed with HIV was 28.2 people for every 100,000 population. In comparison to the national ratio, it is only 12.9 people for every 100,000 population.

And in 2009, a total of 616 HIV/AIDs cases were detected of which 16 per cent were women. Of the figure, 40 per cent were housewives.

The exco in charge of Family, Women and Health committee, Wan Ubaidah had attributed the spread of the disease to straying husbands who seek the services of prostitutes.

How can this be so when the PAS ulamas and religious chiefs have been so “gung ho” about morality and all. They even have separate swimming lanes for men and women, dress codes and all that.

Then there is the infamous statement made by PAS Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat that girls who did not cover their aurat (flesh that should remain covered) deserved to get raped.

And yet Kelantan also has earned itself top ranking, for the wrong reasons. It has the highest number of reported rape cases in the country.

In 2010, there were 97 cases reported. Apparently in the first two weeks during the month of Hari Raya in 2011, rape victims aged between 13 and 15, had risen compared to the first eight months of 2011.

Morality issue aside, the PAS government had also been lagging behind other states in attracting domestic and foreign investments.

Basic needs such as transportation and water supply could not be met by the state.

The Federal government had to come to the rescue of bus commuters in Kelantan with an allocation of RM16 mil this year to keep stage bus services running.

The intervention had saved the jobs of 200 bus drivers.

The allocation makes Kelantan the first recipient of the RM400 mil interim fund to keep troubled stage bus services in the country afloat.

The records above cannot lie and it speaks volume of how effective the restrictive ala Taliban administration has been. The policy of the PAS government has failed to address those weaknesses and concerns.

PAS has to look at itself in the mirror first before forcing others with the fallacy of its ideologies.

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53 Responses to A Let Down to the People of Kelantan

  1. Amir says:

    Whatever the tricks BN may try to employ in Kelantan, the people in Kelantan will still support PAS.

    • Rokiah says:

      This is no trick Amir. The figures dont lie. Well if you are foolish enough and want to be a sucker to support PAS, go ahead.
      I cannot imagine my hubby visiting prostitutes

      • hantukul says:

        whatever tha stats & facts are, kelantanese will still support PAS. as PAS for them are like UMNO to johore, much2 more than that.

      • Sathia says:

        Do not confuse PAS with OWC.

        • deron says:

          OWC stands for Oil & Water Coalition, which I dont trust to run the country.

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      • b-town trustee! says:

        Those Thai hookers in Golok. Wow…if your iman isn’t strong, BAM you’ll suddenly find yourself on top of one without you even recalling how the heck did you get there or whats the hooker’s name.

      • Zami says:

        Maybe your hubby is wearing durex without your knowledge?

  2. Shirly says:

    Some more want to introduce Hudud. No guarantee that it will make things better. We can see for ourselves their ideologies dont work. So high number cases of rape. We women dont feel secure

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems that everyone is afraid to apportion Malaysia’s faults to religion. So you blame UMNO for everything, but UMNO is nothing more than a religious puppet. Religion is the reason that the Malays, like Muslims all over the world are unproductive. Religion is the reason that Malays think they are superior which is the root cause of all the racism. Religion is used as a basis for the destruction of the education system, civil law and democracy. So open your eyes and see what has already happened in this world because of this.

      • Wait a second says:

        Religion wasn’t the fault. The people and power crazy mullah did that.

        Muslims are very successful in their golden age. Still blaming it on religion eh?

      • aloya says:

        I forgive you for your ignorant, God Bless.. Read history more, dun blame the religion.

  3. batcha says:

    to those who want to marry kelantanese, make sure you get them to do HIV test…

  4. wan says:


    see how you think! you should challenge the figures whether they are correct or not, not to say that they are BN’s tricks or whatever it is! Is the water in Kelantan in good cystal clear state? tell me about it. If things in Kelantan are so good why are there thousands of kelantanese tomyam stall in the rest of peninsula?

    You got to be honest to yourself laa…Of course BN has its shortcomings too…we are all human. We then find a better solution to overcome the problems and shortcomings. But in the case of Kelantan everything seems to be spiralling down.

    Thnik hard about it!

  5. Ah Beng says:

    It is always easy to be critical of the government, but when you are in the government, you will find it difficult to do the balancing act. The role of the Opposition is easier by taking potshots at the government but when it comes to running a state, they know the difference. Kelantan is a classic example of how things can turn out wrong if a state is not properly managed. Do we want such a situation for our country as well. Think well, think wise and think right

    • Zaki says:

      You have missed the point.
      Rakyat’s frustration with BN is due to high level of corruption.
      Just look at NFC fiasco, clearly a corruption case but police and AG are playing ping-pong with one another!

      • Zulkifly says:

        time will only tell regarding the NFC case. Its too premature to judge now. I wont be surprised that Sharizat’s hubby will be charged soon enough.

        • Jiwa Paradox says:

          Zaki maybe is one kind of jugde

        • Suhaila Tahir says:

          This NFCorp corruption affairs is getting out-of-hands without any prosecution by the AG. How can the PM be answerable to the rakyat when all his people are given the immunity approval against prosecution. The PM shouldn’t treat us as suckers by closing an eye or just asking those involved to return the siphoned or CBT funds. We demand the PM, DPM and Shahrizat, to RESIGN with immediate effect and appoint a interim government. Too much time has been given to the authority, MACC and AG, yet nobody is prosecuted or minister sacked.

          How many more scandals does Najib need from NFC before he decides that enough is enough? How can Najib turn a blind eye on such public fund abuse as if it’s a social norm? Has Najib got no conscience and guts to stop this rot and deal with this national scandal like a true leader?

          NFC must explain what Kazakhstan have to do with the price of beef in Malaysia?
          This latest expose clearly shows the Malaysian Government’s hand in NFC’s potentially illegal and extra-contractual “investments” in Kazakhstan which are clearly outside its charter and scope.

          While we are still wondering why NFC is setting up a high end supermarket to sell its beef to Singaporeans at the expense of Malaysian rakyat, the Government must also explain why, in what capacity and how NFC is involved in helping the Kazakhstan Government develop its beef industry when our rakyat is struggling with over priced local beef in spite of NFC. Very strange to see NFC is helping the Kazakhstan Government too breed cattle when that scandalous NFC with a RM250 million soft-loan for
          Ternakan Lembu in Malaysia cannot even meet the quota of supplying beef locally. Looks like NFC Directors are too busy shopping for condos around the world than spending time to raise cows.

          • Saleem says:

            Exposes after exposes have made a serious dent in the Najib administration. Knowing fully well that if action is taken against Sharizat or any member of her family will lead against a back lash from her. So caught between the devil and the deep blue sea Najib knows that he if action is taken he will be damned and if not also he will be damned.SO NAJIB WILL NOT TAKE ANY ACTION AND HOPE FOR MINIMUM DAMAGE TO OCCUR DURING THE ELECTION. The only other thing that we might see will be a wayang kulit show like the Toyo character just before the elections.

          • Ito says:

            This revelation is very convincing and point straight to the root of problem surrounding NFC scandals, and many more other scandals involving BN cronies. Bear in mind there is still a huge iceberg remain submerged, what we see & hear is just the tip of it. With cronyism as BN culture, things like this won’t stop and in fact they can’t stop as it’s a group conspiration, much like what PM advocates ‘U help me, I help U’ ill conceived philosophy. To cure this sickness is to remove the tumor in our country, BN namely.

          • Abu Bakar says:

            Suhaila and Tahir, both of you are a bunch of cybertroopers paid by Anwar Ibrahim. We know who you are

          • Haji Angus says:

            Bau tahi lembu NFC dah sampai ke Kazakstan!

          • Shidee says:

            Shahrizat dah di ‘sacrificed’ = sembelih as korban?

      • kunyit & galangal says:

        Pakatan also has its own fair shares of corruption aka sand mining scandal

      • Jalil says:

        If you are an UMNO supporter despite hearing about all these corruption and abuses by your leaders and STILL choose to vote these corrupt UMNO leaders into power, it says either of 2 things about you: (1) you do not believe what you read and still think your leaders are saints – I can only wish you have the same blind faith for your religion; (2) you believe what you read but that is exactly why you are hoping to get yourself into a position of power so that you can make your corrupt money from the rakyat ….. THIS IS WHAT UMNO STANDS FOR AND ATTRACTS FOR ITS MEMBERSHIP.

        • aloya says:

          Hahaha then how about you? You watch the video but you say it’s not him. You heard him supporting Lina Joy apostasy but still want him to become your PM..

          I am not an UMNO member, I voted for DAP Serdang Parliamentary last GE. But now I have foreseen the future of Malaysia if the so called PR rules it. No more vote from me.. kthxbai

  6. Jiwa Paradox says:

    Mr/Mrs Admin,

    As usual, it true.
    Bigest shame for Malaysia is Kelantan.
    I really want to know who is Ass Hole for Feb and March 2012

    • Zulkifly says:

      Well any suggestion who should be the Ass Hole for Feb and March . Perhaps we should also have Asshole state for the month and Kelantan can be the first state to earn that title, haha

  7. Henry says:

    MCA spins one yarn to the Chinese voters in order to draw support from the Chinese who have deserted MCA. By playing the same old record that a vote for DAP is a vote for Pas does not sit well with the Chinese. DAP a political eunuch? Don’t joke! Look at Penang, for example. Who calls the tune? DAP, right! Of course, it works with PKR and PAS, for they are partners in Pakatan Rakyat. Now, look at MCA. It has been a political eunuch for 50 -odd years. Even the simple memo on inter-faith to PM Badawi was withdrawn when UMNO Youth threatened MCA, Gerakan, etc. Like a dog with its tail between its legs, MCA leaders were cowed. Now look at Islamic State issue which MCA kept on harping. Did MCA shout down Dr. M when he said that Malaysia was an Islamic State? Like mice, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, etc kept very quiet. Only DAP leaders in Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang condemned Dr. M. The Federal Constitution states clearly that Malaysia is SECULAR!.

    • Kumaran says:

      One fact I am certain….majority of Malays/Muslims TODAY still cannot accept a non-Malay/Muslim Government. The reason might be majority of the Malays/Muslims TODAY, and whom I think are mainly from the rural areas, have been hoodwinked by UMNO and the many Malay NGO’s into a realm of fear that non-Malays/Muslims will take over the country. Of course the biggest ‘liar’ of this fear is none other than the former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir. Majority of these rural Malays/Muslims have no understanding or cannot bring themselves to accept the ‘MALAYSIAN’ identity and therefore embrace a Government comprised of MALAYSIANS, no matter what race they are.
      Another point which I want to make, and it has been stated before by others, non-Malay/Muslim Malaysians do not mind a Malay/Muslim dominated or even a totally Malay/Muslim Government in Malaysia provided the Government is honest, sincere, open-minded, non-discriminatory and fair to the people and really into nation-building. One question to end my comments….how many of BN politicians in Government go to office everyday thinking and working for the good of the country….!!?
      So to the Malays/Muslims of Malaysia, I hope your eyes are opened to the real problems of Malaysia and not create or fear non-existing and imaginery enemies of your race and religion. Too much and unspeakable amounts of time, money and other resources have been wasted over the last five decades by a political party that lies to the people…UMNO !!!

    • Abu Bakar says:

      Henry and Suhaila Tahir, both of you are a bunch of cybertroopers paid by Anwar Ibrahim. We know who you are

  8. b-town trustee! says:

    “Then there is the infamous statement made by PAS Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat that girls who did not cover their aurat (flesh that should remain covered) deserved to get raped.

    And yet Kelantan also has earned itself top ranking, for the wrong reasons. It has the highest number of reported rape cases in the country.”

    I have this unparalleled feeling of Schadenfreude right now. Hahahahah

    ….and the same party looked down on the use of condoms in safe sex. and having a dangdut/thai disco a mere 100m from the state govt office in KB. And….the only state with continually reported diarrhea cases. No other state have this kind of diarrhea due to their clean piped water

    On facebook i remember, the supporters boasted that their state is the most Islamic due to the hijab-ed models on billboards. That tells you a lot – It’s all cosmetic!

  9. Zami says:

    Barisan Nasional is using three powerful and distinct methods to win the forthcoming 13th general election and their methods can be grouped into three main categories, namely:
    1. Population re-engineering;
    2. Propaganda to brainwash the citizens; and
    3. Philosophy of Malay Supremacy and 1Malaysia.

    read the details here:

    • Anonymas says:

      Malay Supremacy?

      what the fuck, stop reading Nazi propaganda

      Malays think very low of themselves, and now you’re kicking them when they’re down

    • edd says:

      wow..another copy paste ..

      Not impressed..provide me the real fact which is from your own, not from someone’s writing. dont trust the internet. the biggest lies in mankind history.

      not impressed..really.

  10. Saleem says:

    Now I know why PM came with the 1Malaysia slogan…just look at Shahlazat’s kids….we have Wan Shahinur Izmir, Wan Shahinur Izran, Wan Izzana and 1 Malaysia….hahaha….the ONE family.

  11. Syafid says:

    We reject BN because it is corrupted.
    Simple as that.

  12. Bunohan says:

    Walaupun bunyi kenyataan yang Muhyiddin keluarkan tu macam dia yakin Johor takkan terlepas ke tangan Pakatan Rakyat PRU13 nanti tapi nampak macam jauh di sudut hati kecil dia rasa risau dengan nasib Umno BN di Johor. Kalau tengok rekod memang tak sepatutnya Umno BN risau langsung di Johor. Pasainya sebagai negeri kelahiran Umno, Umno memang cukup kuat di Johor. Bukan setakat Umno kuat di Johor, PAS dan PKR pulak langsung tak kuat.

    Biasa sangat dalam pilihanraya sebelum-sebelum ni calon PAS hilang deposit. Bagi calon PAS, kalau boleh dapat balik duit deposit pun dah boleh dikira berjaya.
    Tapi tu cerita dulu, cerita berpuluh tahun dulu, sekarang ni dah lain, keadaan dah banyak berubah terutamanya selepas PRU12 kekuatan PAS semakin meningkat di Johor.

    Bermula dengan sejarah PAS menang tanpa bertanding di Dun Senggarang pada PRU11 kemudian meningkat menjadi 2 di Dun Maharani dan Sungai Abong pada PRU12. Sejak PRU11 kalau tak salah aku, calon PAS dah tak lagi hilang wang deposit di Johor dan PAS semakin berkembang pesat di Johor.

    Pasai tu lah, Pesuruhjaya PAS Johor Dr. Mahfodz berani pujuk Salahuddin Ayub balik bertanding di Johor untuk PRU13 akan datang. Bukan setakat tu, Dr. Mahfodz siap berani sebut Salahuddin adalah bakal Menteri Besar Johor.

    Kalau tak nampak petunjuk yang meyakinkan takkan Dr. Mahfodz berani nak pujuk Salahuddin tinggalkan kerusi yang boleh dikira selamat untuk Salahuddin di Kelantan dan balik bertanding di Johor.

    Memang tak heran la kalau Muhyiggin Yasin pun rasa risau. Sebagai Timbalan Presiden Umno dan berasal dari Johor, memang Muhyiddin Yasin patut risau. Kalau ditakdirkan Johor tumbang, memang malu besar Muhyiddin. Mana nak letak muka, Umno boleh kalah di negeri kelahiran Umno, negeri yang semua orang terima sebelum ni sebagai kubu kuat Umno.

    Kalau bukan pasai takut kalah, apa perlu mesyuarat tertutup dengan Umno dan BN Johor. Kalau bukan pasai takut kalah, apa perlu Menteri Besar Johor, Ghani Othman berkampuna dua ke tiga hari di setiap kawasan parliman.

  13. mahua says:

    MCA Youth deputy secretary-general Loh Chew June is so brave! Dares to tell UMNO lady boss to stay away from the next general election. I think I know where the sudden bravery comes from. Shahrizat is already down and almost out and this useless MCA youth coward is merely kicking someone who is already down. Dare to tell the keris wielding fellow to stay away from the next general election?

  14. Golokman says:

    Kelantanese have the following questions for our Prime Minister:

    Don’t you want to know what the citizens want to know about the unprecedented killing of the Mongolian National in Malaysia, Altantuya?

    Don’t you want to know why was the poor and helpless lone lady blasted away with C4?

    Don’t you want to know who would have had a hand in releasing the controlled national security item, the C4?

    Don’t you want to know how come such national security arms could be used to commit a commercial or civilian crime?

    Don’t you want to know what was the real intention in totally annihilating the body to remove any trace what so ever?

    Don’t you want to know how come your own bodyguards who are also the exclusive, potent and expert elite trained personnel were involved in this national shame and not just any hired samseng gangster?

    Don’t you want to know how could the immigration records be removed for is it also not a serious breach of national security?

    Don’t you want to know how come some foreign individual citizen, who has no security ranking and name in the world of arms trading is involved in the purchase of Malaysia’s national weaponry? Is it not a serious threat and liability to the arms and security build-up of a nation?

  15. Sandu says:

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