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More Expose on Guan Eng’s Love Affair!

So much has been written about the sweet-looking lady whom Lim Guan Eng discarded like a used tissue paper after his love affair with her that went wrong. Some of the things said are true, some not so true. Stop … Continue reading

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Guan Eng’s Steamy Hot Affair – Woman Threatens to Expose

Lim Guan Eng may think that the controversy with his girlfriend, Chai Hong, and wife, Betty Chew, has ended with her transfer out of the Chief Minister’s Office at Komtar but apparently it has not. The woman is furious. She’s … Continue reading

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Of Marina Mahathir and Dennis Ignatius…

Source: Just-Read Whatever Yes, a free Press is essential to democracy. I agree. That’s exactly what columnist and ex-diplomat Dennis Ignatius wrote in the Malaysian Insider. He was attacking the Star for himself and for human rights (what?) activist Marina … Continue reading

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Is This What Malaysians Are Proud Of? Judge For Yourself!

Watch this video carefully. Bersih 3.0 organiser Ambiga gave an assurance that the protest would be peaceful and that NO ONE will break the barricade. But what happened? She claims that Bersih 3.0 is about free and fair elections and … Continue reading

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When Will This Hudud Drama End?

Source: MyNewsHub Pas’s Deputy Youth Chief, Dr. Raja Ahmad Al Hiss stressed that the statement made by Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang regarding the implementation of hudud if PR wins the General Election does not clash with Pakatan Rakyat’s principal. … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day, Azmin!

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Senatorship Not Extended Due to Bersih 3.0 Remarks

Source: The Mole Hailed as a towering Malay when he joined the DAP, Tunku Abdul Aziz today fell from grace when the party decided not to extend his senatorship for speaking his mind. The DAP vice chairman has confirmed that … Continue reading

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DAP Damansara Utama Adun Exposes “Comedy of Errors” in Selangor Pakatan

We wish to congratulate Dr Cheah Wing Yin for having the guts and decency to expose the DAP’s pathetic affairs in Selangor. The Adun has written a 12-page letter to his party leadership to complain that the party has appointed … Continue reading

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