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Tokong Mudah Lupa!

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Be Careful With What You Wish For!

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What’s This DAP Thug Doing Here?

How is it possible that a person like YB Kad Diskaun Durian RSN Rayer from DAP is elected into the Penang State Assembly and even made a state EXCO? Here he is a few days ago, issuing threats to Puan … Continue reading

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Tokong, Take A Look At Yourself !

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Tokong, 10 Years As CM Already Lah, Enough!

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Penang flood victims give Ramkarpal a piece of their mind

Source: The Third Force Following are two videos that surfaced on YouTube showing Bukit Gelugor YB Ramkarpal Singh being lashed at by disgruntled flood victims:

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Ram Karpal Getting Screwed!

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In Case You Have Forgotten, Anwar!

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