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Dr M, Champion Pusing!

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Roti Pun Mau Tipu!

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What Malay Tsunami ? Hello, Stop Fantasising !

Although the number of Malay turnouts in Kedah, Perlis and Pahang anti-Barisan Nasional rally was huge, it is still far from the real situation to describe them as Malay tsunami. In the past few rallies, some of the “tsunami” was … Continue reading

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Apanama, Tausah Pusing !

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Poor Zaid Ibrahim, You Asked For It, Bro !

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Apanama Lupa Lagi!

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Shame On You Tokong !

The 20 records of DAP Penang 1. First state where the sitting Chief Minister is charged for 2 counts of corruption but still refuses to resign. 2. First DAP Sec-Gen who refuses to attend a much-publicized debate in his own … Continue reading

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Tolak! Tolak! Tolak!

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