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How UnChristian Can You Get? Praying Too Much To Tokong?

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Hannah, You Are So Heartless!

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Look, Who’s A Real Thief?

“The scandal was deemed by the British House of Commons as a deliberate act of criminal malfeasance on Gordon’s part and an abuse of position by a public official to receive gratification. Ms. Rewcastle took the heat off herself and … Continue reading

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DAP Playing Race Again

Lim Kit Siang’s son is a second class citizen too? That second class citizen son of his has a multi-million 10,500 sq feet bungalow with market value of RM6mil and also has at least two other shophouses in Melaka that … Continue reading

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Tokong Caught Lying!

Source: The Third Force The Third Force (TTF) discovered that the minutes of the meeting Lim Guan Eng declassified on Tuesday, the 22nd of August 2017, were part-fabricated. In light of this, TTF has undertaken to furnish Malaysians excerpts of … Continue reading

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The Nomadic Trail of LKS

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Double Speak

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The Upside-Down World of Pakatan

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