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Double Speak

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The Upside-Down World of Pakatan

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Mengapa Tidak Adil?

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How To Trust Him?

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Can You Trust Him

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DAP Protected Illegal Factory OK!

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Bad Day For Pakatan

Today is not a good day for Pakatan in Penang. At first, the Penang EXCO from DAP, Phee got raided and arrested by MACC. Later, it was found out that it was due to the direct action of the PKR … Continue reading

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How Najib used 1MDB to get Mahathir to humiliate himself

Mahathir is finished. And to add insult to injury he has been stripped of all his dignity and has lost all moral values. Even worse is his family has been brought down into the gutter together with him. The Mahathir … Continue reading

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