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Pure Stupidity From PKR MP

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Tokong, Thanks! Such A Shitty Idea Of Yours!

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Tokong Caught Cheating

Source: MalaysiaKini Lim Guan Eng sees red over ‘sewage concern’ and ‘feng shui’ report “If you do not want the land, others do. This is something happy… but only The Star is unhappy. “Please do not make something happy (become) … Continue reading

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Tokong, Your Sales Offer Stinks Big Time!

Source: The Star Online Yesterday, Lim Guan Eng announced that the Penang Govt wants to sell 20 acres of land to build churches, temples. He said that if any groups were interested, they should contact him personally or Penang EXCO … Continue reading

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Penang running out of money?

Penang running out of money? Why not just donate the land like other places or allow them to rent it at low cost? Tokong says if you are interested to buy, please call him and he give you good price … Continue reading

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The Pakatun

The PakaTun wants govt to reduce pollution and save the environment but they want petrol to be cheap to encourage more cars, more wasteful driving which increases pollution and damages the environment. They blame the govt for oil prices increasing … Continue reading

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Pakatan vs Barisan

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Indian with Chinese name on MyKad was adopted

Source: The Star A 34-year-old man, who gained unwanted fame after photos of his MyKad (pic) went viral on social media for purportedly having looks that did not match his name, is indeed a Malaysian. Netizens had alleged that the … Continue reading

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