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Move to Topple Khalid will Erode Pakatan, says Analyst

Source: The Mole Pakatan Rakyat’s bid to topple Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will bring more harm than good to the coalition, an analyst says. Universiti Sains Malaysia’s political analyst Dr Ahmad Atory Husain said the people … Continue reading

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Does Guan Eng only Know how to Duck Responsibility?

Source: Malaysiakini When Lim Guan Eng claimed that it was useless to meet with MCA president Liow Tiong Lai, who is the newly-appointed Transport Minister, on the construction of a new runway for the Penang International Airport, he should first … Continue reading

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LGE’s Cover Up?

Source: Just Read! Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) in Penang fell sharply in the past four years, from RM10.451 billion in 2010 to RM1.794 billion last year. That was almost a 900 per cent drop. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng must … Continue reading

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Daim strips Anwar naked

Source: Just Read! As an Opposition Leader, Anwar has been accusing the government of practicing nepotism and cronysim. However, he has forgotten his ‘wonderful era’ as deputy prime minister and finance minister, before the Cabinet decided to sack him about … Continue reading

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Are Anwar, Azizah GETTING RID of Malay leaders: UMNO tries to rock PKR with racial card

Source: Malaysia-Chronicle Penang Umno liason chief Zainal Abidin Osman has questioned if PKR is trying to get rid of Malay leaders within the party. He raised the query, noting that some PKR Malay leaders had lost their division chief positions … Continue reading

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Kit Siang & Guan Eng more keen to secure self positions rather than preventing PAS Hudud law

Source: Press Statement by MCA Deputy President Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong on DAP and hudud DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and son Guan Eng subserviently aided PAS in cheating the non-Muslim community to open a path for PAS … Continue reading

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Guan Eng secretly supports Hudud, claims Nabi Bux

Source: The Rakyat Post Bukit Gelugor by-election independent candidate Mohamed Nabi Bux Mohd Nabi Sathar said he is ready to face the music by PAS disciplinary board for defying orders for him not to contest in the parliamentary seat. On … Continue reading

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