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Penang Chief Ministers – Who’s Better?

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Tokong Has Gone Cuckoo!

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Bersih 5.0 Neutral?

Here’s proof of them conspiring!

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Tokong, Truly Arrogant!

18 years in power, only have discredit but no credit for Koh Tsu Koon? 8 years in power, only have credit but no discredit for Lim Guan Eng? Author: Zhang Yu-Xuan (张宇轩) Translated from: Penang Headlines 8 years had passed … Continue reading

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Disgusting Dirty Tactics from Opposition!

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Constantly Lying Tokong!

Tokong spins so much that even DAP-friendly MalaysiaKini cannot tahan. In the same article this morning, Mkini cast doubts on Tokong’s real reason for removing BUCG using the word “supposedly”. 3 years ago, the Penang Govt defended awarding the RM6.34 … Continue reading

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Cash is King

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Is DAP ADUN As Innocent As Portrayed?

Next Change! Coming Your Way!

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