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Haiyaaaa! That also you don’t know aaar!!!

Source: Just Read! A good one Ahmad Shabery Cheek. That ‘naive’ opposition MP needs to go back to school and learn about ‘Independence Day’ and ‘National Day’. What a shame for someone who claims to be Malaysian – especially an … Continue reading

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“Selfie of the Year”

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The danger that is The Edge and The Malaysia Insider

The top headline of The Malaysian Insider reads “Putrajaya being ‘deliberately divisive’ to hold on to power, says report”. Of course this article is highly critical of the Malaysian govt and makes many false accusations. The “report” is cited as … Continue reading

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Dyana to be No 3 soon?

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DAP re-zoned Kg Siam, but blame Gerakan

Source: The UnSpinners Penang Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong said today that it was the Pakatan Rakyat state government that sub-divided the Siamese-Burmese village land in Pulau Tikus and earmarked the settlement as a commercial zone in December last year. … Continue reading

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MyWatch Chairman pays RM 340,000 for two BMW plates

The tender list for the coveted “BMW” number plate is making waves with one number fetching a sum as high as RM188,000. According to Friends of BN Facebook page, one number plate from the series went for as high as … Continue reading

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DAP’s Newest Recruit in Niqab Sparks Vitriol from Critics

Dressed in a niqab the veil which covers her face leaving only her eyes visible — 22-year-old Jamila Rahim makes an unlikely face for the DAP, a secular political party that is mostly Chinese. So much so that her public … Continue reading

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Bad Turnout at Repeal of Sedition Act Ceramah

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