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Why did Rafizi block The Heat Malaysia?

Source: The Heat, Malaysia When we ran an opinion piece wondering ‘What is Rafizi’s skeleton?’ for refusing to allow the Prime Minister’s wife’s aide into his press conference, the PKR Pandan MP went on a tweet rampage. In a reply … Continue reading

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Giving False Evidence and a Property Management Company under the Wife?

Source: Malaysia Today It has been two months since I wrote “MORE LEAKED DOCS: WHY GET PHANG LI KOON INTO DEEPER TROUBLE?” Since then, much has happened to DAP and to Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. In … Continue reading

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The Message is Clear!

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How To Believe Tokong?

Okay. This is how the story goes. Two days ago: “Penang govt told us last month that feasibility study on Penang Tunnel is put on hold.” Yesterday: “It is not put on hold. I might have wrongly said it but … Continue reading

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Taliban PAS Issues Summon for “Seluar Pendek Ketat”

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Pathetic turn out at DAP ceramah! Why are these DAP goons in Amanah’s orange shirts?

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Seriously, Can We Trust These Guys?

Source: MalaysiaKini U-turn SD emerges over allegation of fraud in Citizens’ Declaration The programmer who alleged fraud in the Citizens’ Declaration petition in a statutory declaration (SD) has purportedly made another SD retracting the claim. According to the SD which … Continue reading

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Penang EXCO Chicken Out on Debate Regarding Tunnel Project

Penang State EXCO Lim Hock Seng today refused to take up Penang Gerakan’s challenge to stage a public debate on the undersea tunnel. The reasons he gave was: 1st Reason: “All the questions on the RM6.3 billion project have been … Continue reading

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