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Johor Milik Warga Asing…Benarkah?

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Dr M. You Are Arrogant!

Mahathir’s arrogant reply to Sultan of Johor betrays that his economic outlook is still stuck in the past. He continues to demand that investments in Manufacturing is what is needed even though manufacturing investments normally provides lower income jobs that … Continue reading

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Pribumi’s Weekend of Utter Confusion

Source: Malaysia Today It has been a weekend of utter confusion during Pribumi’s party launch. So many people are issuing statements and one person is contradicting the other. Ultimately Mahathir is playing a double-game and the contradictions are meant to … Continue reading

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Bunch of Clowns!

Source: News Straits Times Azmin maintains that BR1M is ‘corrupt’, won’t be continued if opposition win GE14 PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali is standing firm by his belief that the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) scheme is ‘corrupt’ … Continue reading

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Dr M reverse again…BRIM this time!

At yesterday’s PPBM launch, despite saying that introducing a new tax called GST tax has caused inflation and menyusahkan rakyat, Mahathir says he will abolish GST and in its place, he will introduce a NEW sales tax with a different … Continue reading

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Worse than Hantu…

1. We express our thanks to the team of Alyaa Azhar, Aidila Razak and Nigel Aw at MalaysiaKini for doing a fact check on the recent exchanges between PKR MP YB Rafizi Ramli and ourselves. 2. We encourage MalaysiaKini and … Continue reading

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Investment from China?

In 2014 when Tan Sri Muyhiddin Yassin visited China, he urged for more China investment in Malaysia. And now apa sudah jadi dengan beliau? Otak sudah rosak?

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