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Penang Island Land Reclamation

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TheTruth Behind Slimy Charles Morais

Interesting facts about Charles Morais, the brother of murdered DPP Charles Morais – and who is now alleging that his death may be related to Najib and Rosmah. In 2007, Charles was proudly hailed as a successful Malaysian in New … Continue reading

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Lim Guan Eng’s Cronies

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From strong allies to bitter enemies: the Four Strikes that caused PAS and DAP to split apart

Source: LSS Report As recently as 1 1/2 years ago, PAS was a big supporter of the now-dead or comatose Pakatan Rakyat. PAS had always lived up to their end of the bargain to “Pakat” with PKR and DAP and … Continue reading

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Facts about 1MDB – Part 1

Source: LSS Report As 1MDB enters its final stages of rationalization where all its debt will be cleared and as the PAC hearings resume, I thought I will just refresh all of us with these facts. Verifiable hard facts that … Continue reading

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DAP’s Sham Elections!

Tony Pua maybe the Selangor DAP chief but he did not secure the most number of votes. Without a direct form of voting, the DAP election has continued to be a sham despite their calls for accountability. And despite their … Continue reading

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Historia De Los Cojones

Source: SeaDemon Says My take on yesterday morning’s press conference where the group of 6 spoke against SOSMA being used on Mahathir’s running dogs. 1. Mahathir now publicly admits that Dato Sri Najib has telor (balls) Not only has Najib … Continue reading

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Tokong Guan Eng Supremacy

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