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Stop lying LGE! You are beginning to believe in your own lies!

Source: LSS Report 1. I read with great amusement the Pakatan Harapan head Lim Kit Siang’s claim that his son Lim Guan Eng had “crossed racial and religious divide to defend the honour of an underaged Malay and Muslim girl … Continue reading

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Who’s The Mystery Man?

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Pakatan’s Propoganda Lied to You Again

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How they Cheat You

Source: Facebook – Lim Lian See Here is evidence that my calculations yesterday on the cheating Penang Govt is correct. Source: Someone sent me their 2014-2017 assessment notices. It is clear that the DAP Penang Govt is acting like … Continue reading

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Two Sides

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Exposed! Tamil speaking DAP members chased out of meeting!

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Everything also wanna blame BN

Even your own members resign coz they disgusted at your lack of integrity and your son’s arrogance and incompetence also you wanna blame BN. You think that Najib really sent Mahathir to destroy you from within, is it? Lim Kit … Continue reading

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Cracks Widen in DAP

Source: Free Malaysia Today Tanjung Bungah DAP rep says he understands why the four elected reps in Malacca quit the party. The cracks in DAP appear to be widening after another leader came out to defend the four elected reps … Continue reading

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