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Misconception and Lies against the Prime Minister’s Department

With the Budget 2017 around the corner and rumours of the 14th General Election getting louder by the day, we can see that some politicians are beginning to spin stories and shape public perception on the Government negatively. One clear … Continue reading

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Really Down Under Lah

Source: LSS Report Fast 7: To the Malaysians who are now in Australia… I had noticed that many former or current Malaysians who have now moved to Australia likes to continually attack the Malaysian government over several issues, which is … Continue reading

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Stop Bullshitting! Stop Being Subservient to Tokong and DAP!

Failed journalist Kee Thuan Chye likes to  portray himself as a righteous writer. He lectures everyone about objectivity, neutrality and fairness. But he is a bitter man out with a vengeance of sorts because of bottled up frustrations. He enjoys … Continue reading

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Speaking In Perfect English, Running Down Malaysia Perfectly!

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Penang Chief Ministers – Who’s Better?

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Tokong Has Gone Cuckoo!

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Bersih 5.0 Neutral?

Here’s proof of them conspiring!

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Tokong, Truly Arrogant!

18 years in power, only have discredit but no credit for Koh Tsu Koon? 8 years in power, only have credit but no discredit for Lim Guan Eng? Author: Zhang Yu-Xuan (张宇轩) Translated from: Penang Headlines 8 years had passed … Continue reading

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