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Bila Awkward…

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Tokong’s Dreadful Performance In Penang

Source: LSS Report AG Reports prove that Selangor and Penang has increased yearly govt spending at higher rates than Federal Govt since 2008 General elections are near and Pakatan will soon be coming out with statements claiming that they can … Continue reading

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Well done, Tokong and Co!

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Harga Minyak …

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The Death of CAT and the Sale of more Penang State land

Source: LSS Report The Penang Govt has finally confirmed what the NGOs have been alleging regarding the Peel Avenue state land. It appears that the Penang Govt had already quickly sold off the state land (AKA alienated from the state … Continue reading

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Hudud for Malaysia if Pakatan Wins!

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The Grass Is Greener Elsewhere!

Morning Teaser UK: Don’t like our VAT 20%? You can leave UK and go to Malaysia matey! Their GST is only 6 % US: You want free healthcare ? You can leave USA and go to Malaysia . It’s almost … Continue reading

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PAS and PKR Divorced!

MAJLIS Syura Ulamak yang bersidang pada hari ini, 14 Sya’ban 1438 bersamaan 11 Mei 2017 memutuskan bahawa: 1. Dengan merujuk kepada begitu banyak pelanggaran terhadap syarat-syarat Tahaluf Siyaasi menurut pertimbangan hukum Syarak dan Akhlak Islam, maka hubungan politik Tahaaluf Siyaasi … Continue reading

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