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Phang and Tang’s Magnificent Emblem


Despite total silence from Lim Guan Eng on this for more than a week, Nanyang news reports that KLIDC owner Datuk Tang Yong Chew has personally confirmed that the proposal letter from Magnificent Emblem, also owned by Datuk Tang and Phang Li Koon, for an alleged RM25 million to RM30 million project signed by Phang herself to Penang PDC is real.

This is not good news for certain people.

This means that Phang may be in trouble now as her SD stating she no business relations with the Penang Govt could be viewed as false.

It could also mean that the Section 165 (same as Khir Toyo) case against the Chief Minister (CM) is getting even stronger as more evidence of their business relationships are exposed.

It is already proven he is a public servant and that he did knowingly buy an “item of value” for a price below official JPPH and market price.

The final element is the seller is a “related” party or a party that has business relationship where the CM is involved.

This Magnificent Emblem relationship between Phang Li Koon and the CM as the Chairman of PDC and Head of Tender board is on top of the special treatment and density improvements given to KLIDC (which Penang EXCO had confirmed the CM is involved in approving and signing off) owned by Phang’s boss for over 20 years for the Taman Manggis land and project which they signed to sell off for RM70.6 million after having only paid RM11.5 million to the state govt 6 years ago.

While Tang did confirm that the letter is real but he said in the end they did not get the project.

However, when the letter was first exposed in Malaysia Today by the “DAP Insider”, the anonymous writer said:

“Initially, the project was awarded to Phang and Tang’s Magnificent Emblem and a letter of award/offer issued by PDC to Phang and Tang in April 2014 on the advice of the tender board headed by Lim Guan Eng.

I have heard that this letter of award is now in the possession of the MACC after they had raided the Penang PDC and seized some documents.

After receiving the letter of award, Magnificent Emblem wrote back to change the terms of the award significantly and due to compliance and procurement issues outside of Lim Guan Eng’s control, the Letter of Award had to be cancelled.”

Therefore, if the “DAP Insider”, which has been accurate so far, can be believed then the initial project was indeed awarded to Magnificent Emblem but was cancelled not because CM wanted to cancel – but because after winning it, Magnificent Emblem made a demand that is very different from initial RFP thus forcing the award to be cancelled.

To me, this appears to be a stronger case than Khir Toyo’s case where there was no specific project stated where he was implicated as directly involved in awarding to his seller of the bungalow.

Anyway, we patiently wait for MACC to finish their investigations and we will see if there would be any charges.

Link 1: Malaysia Today

Link 2: Nanyang

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Before & After


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PKR Boycott DAP Ceramah! Empty Seats!


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Stop Acting Cock Lah!

Source: E-Nanyang


Loyal Tokong assistant and now DAP MP for Tanjung just told the Chinese media that he blames Sarawak CM Adenan Satem for suddenly feeling unwell and having to be urgently admitted to the hospital.

He says it is because Adenan banned a few of his colleagues from entering Sarawak so he has to fly there more and hence got sick.

This is the same MP who is famous for saying no floods in Penang anymore after DAP had solved 40 years of flooding in 9 months and then mere months later Penang badly flooded again.

This is the same guy who refused to pay RM10 parking and asking to see management.

And the same guy who said that Tokong is not to be blamed for buying the undervalued house as he is accountant and not valuer.

Why do DAP have such funny leaders?

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More Leaked Docs: Why Get Phang Li Koon Into Deeper Trouble?

Source: Malaysia Today


“I do not understand why my agreement to selling the house to CM has been blown up to such a big national issue when I have no business dealings with the state government.”

The above words were in the Statutory Declaration affirmed by Miss Phang Li Koon, the seller of the underpriced Bungalow to Penang CM Lim Guan Eng.


This is an absolute lie. Phang Li Khoon and her boss for 20 years who also owns KLIDC have had many business relationships with the Penang State Government through many different companies.

One of these companies is Magnificent Emblem Sdn Bhd, which is also involved in property development – which means it is inevitable that it must deal with the state government.

Here is a letter signed by Phang on behalf of Magnificent Emblem where KLIDC owner Tang Yong Chew is the majority shareholder and Phang the minority shareholder.

You can compare her signature with the one on the SD above.



Continue reading

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Leaked Internal State Memo Proves LGE Personally Intervened in KLIDC Land Approvals

click  to enlarge

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Source: Malaysia Today

Despite Lim Guan Eng’s frequent denials that he was not involved in the award and the approvals of the KLIDC project, this document proves otherwise.

A 20th April 2012 memo sent by Dato Ng Wee Kok, a Special Assistant to Lim Guan Eng, sent using the letterhead of Chief Minister’s Office, shows that Lim Guan Eng had personally intervened to improve the plot density of the planned development of the Taman Manggis land for the benefit of KLIDC Sdn Bhd

This memo was addressed to the Penang State Secretary, Dato’ Seri Farizan Darus, and to then President of the Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) and now Mayor of the Penang Island City Counci, Datuk Patahiyah Ismail.

The memo states that personally written instructions (catatan) by Lim Guan Eng to the State Secretary and MPPP on a request letter from KLIDC was attached.

While I have not been able obtain the attached letter, my source have told me that it was specific instructions to increase the plot ratio of the approval from 1:55 to 1:7 – which gives building floor space approval equivalent to two additional plots of the Taman Manggis land.


Simple calculations using the increased plot ratio and a conservative commercial built-up price of RM300 to RM400 per square feet would show that this personal intervention by the CM would have increased the commercial value of KLIDC’s project by another RM30 million to RM40 million.

LGE-HouseRecent signed and stamped sale documents by KLIDC exposed by Rahman Dahlan had shown the land and project is now worth RM70.6 million, a huge RM59 million windfall profit above the RM11.5 million paid to the state govt six years ago even though the land remains undeveloped.

We call on the investigating authorities to haul up the names in this leaked memo for immediate questioning to determine the truth about the memo and if the Chief Minister’s unusual personal intervention on a land matter and building approval may have unfairly benefited KLIDC and the value of their land.

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CM Lim Guan Eng’s FAQ on Skandal Banglo Manggis Comprehensively Picked Apart

Source: LSS Report

My replies (in blue) to CM Lim Guan Eng’s Taman Manggis/Bungalow Scandal FAQ post today:

The real story behind the sale of Taman Manggis land and the bungalow house controversy


UMNO and Barisan Nasional have been making various false accusations against the Penang state government and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over the sale of Taman Manggis land and the Chief Minister’s house. Through the BN-controlled mainstream media, the state government and the CM have been continuously attacked with false accusations. The following is the true story behind the issue.

Background of Taman Manggis Land

Taman Manggis land is located at the junction of Jalan Zainal Abidin and Jalan Burmah in George Town, Penang. According to a 2001 layout plan submitted by the National Housing Department (under the Housing Ministry) Taman Manggis was designated “for future development”. A declassified Penang state EXCO minutes in 2005 shows that the BN state government had wanted to tender out the land to private developers for mixed-development projects with shop houses and government quarters.

1LSS: It was a suggestion brought up for discussion that was not even approved. Even if it was approved, it would still be public housing and not sale to a private company. The fact that the DAP Penang Govt was still able to sell this land in 2009 shows that this proposal in 2005 did not proceed.

Another EXCO minutes in 2007 shows that the BN state government rejected the federal government’s application to build public housing in Taman Manggis.

2This is a blatant lie. The 2007 letter was from the federal govt to take ownership of the land of the ENTIRE Taman Manggis affordable housing project which is a standard practise by the federal govt – not just the 1.1 acres for phase 2. Please read the letter carefully and don’t lie anymore.

In 2010, Kuala Lumpur International Dental Centre (KLIDC) had purchased the 1-acre land which was earmarked as “future development” via open tender to build a hospital to promote medical tourism.

For public and affordable housing, the Penang state government has allocated another 11-acre piece of land in Jalan S.P. Chelliah.

LSS: Again this is incorrect. The houses in the Chelliah project starts at RM72,500 +RM20,000 for a carpark. It is not a direct replacement for the PPRT projects in Taman Manggis Phase 2 where houses would be for rental at RM100 per month or sold for RM40,000 each.

In any case, why should it need to be a replacement when both projects can proceed together? Is it because Penang already have too many affordable homes already?

Open tender means awarding to the company that paid the highest price per square foot. KLIDC was the highest bidder in the open tender exercise. Continue reading

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