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My take on yesterday morning’s press conference where the group of 6 spoke against SOSMA being used on Mahathir’s running dogs.

1. Mahathir now publicly admits that Dato Sri Najib has telor (balls)

Not only has Najib dismissed the two unlucky persons sitting on the right of him from cabinet, Mahathir also admits that Najib is brave enough to throw two of his idiots in jail – Mr Botox and Mr Fast-Until-Death-For-Eight-Days-Only.

The two were hit by SOSMA and charged under Section 124(L) of the Penal Code for passing unverified OSA documents to foreign agencies in their round-the-world trip to no less than half a dozen countries – and in the process, have hurt our country’s economic sentiments and our Ringgit.

They were not held for speaking out against the government as Mahathir alleges. If this was indeed the case, Anina, Tony Pua and even Mahathir himself would already be held under SOSMA. Perhaps, Mahathir was trying to equate the arrest of the two to the hundreds of detentions without trial he prescribed during his 22-year dictatorship. Those were the years when, as Mahathir aptly describes, no one was arrested under the ISA for making a police report – because no one dared to make any police report against him for fear of being incarcerated.

2. Mahathir also brought Ku Li – who has stated that this is his last term as MP – just to tell the world that a vote of no confidence against Najib will not succeed. Ku Li also subtly took a swipe at Mahathir for introducing the self-serving system that is now protecting Najib. Continue reading

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Tokong Guan Eng Supremacy


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Lim Guan Eng Caught Lying!


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The Son of Penang State DAP Exco, from Proton Wira to Bentley, Overnight


Source: MyNation

IMG_2150My heartiest congratulations to YB Danny Law Heng Kiang, the DAP’s Penang State EXCO for Tourism Development for having an illustrious and successful son, who are young and handsome as well. When I saw the pictures of Danny Law’s successful son, Nigel Law, that is making rounds in the social media, the first thing that came into my mind is that of Penang’s another famous son, Jho Low.

While Jho Low is well known for partying with the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan like there is no tomorrow, with bottles of Moet & Chandon champagnes in full view, Nigel Law is not too far behind either.

IMG_2154It is circulating in the social media that 100 bottles of this fine Moet & Chandon champagnes were corked open in Providence, a famous clubbing place in downtown Kuala Lumpur to celebrate Danny Law Heng Kiang’s son’s birthday party.

However, I can’t be certain of these 100 bottles of Moet & Chandon but Nigel Law’s Instagram account confirmed it that he had an early birthday celebration in Providence with accompanying pictures of him and sexy women and models and of course, the Moet bottles.

IMG_2165Out of curiosity, I also check on Nigel Law’s Facebook. I found out that he either own or co-own Blonde & Brunette Malaysia, a high society hair saloon in Gurney Paragon, which was officiated by his proud father, Danny Law in 2013.

More to this, also from Nigel Law’s Facebook is his picture of holidaying and staying in luxury hotels, dining at famous restaurants in Europe and many more pictures of him partying, always with a glass on hand. Ah…since watches worn by politicians are the talk of town recently, I’ve spotted Nigel Law wearing a Rolex Submariner. Continue reading

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Making sense of the USA investigation into Najib and family

Source: LSS Report

Today’s Malaysian headline was dominated by an article by The New York Times that PM Najib is apparently under investigations by a federal grand jury for allegations of corruption.

The New York Times was also the same newspaper that published Tun Mahathir’s interview back in June 2015 which slammed PM Najib, UMNO and the Malaysian Govt and was published on the same day that Foreign Minister Anifah Aman was supposed to attend and address the United Nations Security Council meeting. This lead to Anifah Aman writing an open letter to the New York Times and slamming Tun Mahathir for his indiscretion saying it is regrettable to sere Tun M undermining Malaysia in the foreign press.

Amazingly, today the UN Security Council is again in session – the first time since June. In fact, PM Najib is on the way to New York now for the UN’s General Assembly and their 70th anniversary celebrations.

The timing.of the publication of this article is very suspicious and seems designed to embarrass PM Najib and Malaysia at the UN.

Why I came to this conclusion is based on the following points from today’s New York Times article:

1. The persons investigated are Najib’s step-son (Rosmah’s natural son from her previous marriage) Riza Aziz and also his buddy Jho Low.

New York Times are saying that Najib is also investigated because presumably Reza is related by marriage to Najib while Jho Low is presumably also Najib’s friend.

It is important to note that Najib is not personally being investigated himself for corruption as he has no known properties in the USA.

At this point, it is important to note that Jho Low has been listed companies in Malaysia since the year 2007 and 2008 – before Najib became Prime Minister and 1MDB was not even in existence. He was already wealthy then and also had access to serious Middle-Eastern money via his friendship and partnerships with the various royal families even then.

On the other hand, Riza has been producing movies since 2010,

And before this, Riza holds a BS degree in Government & Economics and an MS in Politics from the London School of Economics. He is also a registered authorized person with the UK Financial Services Authority and worked as an investment banker for many years in London.

As a producer, Riza is also in charge of getting investors for their movie projects. It does not mean he himself funded the entire project – that is not what a producer does. Riza had said that there are quite a list of investors who funded his film projects.

But Riza has indeed been successful in producing the Wolf of Wall Street, which grossed more than USD400 million in worldwide ticket and DVD sales – one of the top 200 most commercially successful films of all time and beat out films such as Superman Returns, Ice Age, Mad Max Fury Road, Batman Begins and many others.

Riza’s next firm Dumb and Dumber II was also commercially successful and grossed USD170m in ticket sales.

It is clear that Riza has the means and the smarts to make money too and we should not begrudge him this as he is playing in the biggest game of all – Hollywood.

2. The property purchases in questions date back to Oct 2012. But somehow, the New York Times links this to the USD681m (the famous RM2.6b) deposited by a Middle-East campaign contributor to Najib’s accounts – which was only deposited in March 2013 – a month before GE13.

Therefore, it is weird for New York Times to link this later deposit with the earlier purchase of apartments much earlier – unless you can hutang first (buku 555 style) when buying properties in the USA.

3. This property purchase was then exposed by the New York Times on February 8 this year around the time that Anwar Ibrahim was sentenced to jail for sodomy. Amazingly, New York Times also took the trouble to translate their article on their website to Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia – presumably because there must be a large population of Malays staying in New York.

This is very strange because not a single other article in the New York Times have a Bahasa Malaysia version.

The investigations in the USA appears to have been started by Sarawak Report making a complaint in the USA in March 2015 where Sarawak Report seems to be accusing the USA authorities of not taking things seriously and letting these “criminals” like Jho Low and Najib run free and not taking any action. Continue reading

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The Full Written Confession of Xavier Justo

Source: LSS Report

As the full confession and WhatsApp logs of Xavier Justo continues to be leaked and published by the local media in sensational fashion that has implicated Sarawak Report, Clare Brown, The Edge, politicians such as Nurul Izzah and Tony Pua, Sarawak Report has published the full written confession of Xavier Justo on their website here.

Since many users in Malaysia are no longer able to access Sarawak Report due to a government restrictions imposed after Justo and Thailand police had said that data had been tampered by Sarawak Report,  I reproduce the full document here.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

I am unable to confirm this confession published by Sarawak Report itself to be 100% legitimate but the contents are very consistent with what our local media has been reporting in their cover page stories. In addition to the confession, our local media also had access to the WhatsApp logs which PDRM sources have confirmed is from the Thailand police investigation and that it will have legal repercussions in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

It appears that Sarawak Report wanted to leak this document first before it got leaked by others so that Sarawak Report can preempt this by providing their conspiracy excuses and reduce some of the more negative reaction towards them.

As Sarawak Report and Clare Brown becomes increasingly desperate as the details are being revealed in media and after Justo has been convicted, Sarawak Report is now accusing that the Switzerland government is now involved in the cover up by their embassy and their govt and also that PetroSaudi has sent secret agents posing as Scotland Yard police to manipulate Xavier Justo whom she now says is suicidal and suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.  Sarawak Report believes that this accusation apparently justifies Sarawak Report releasing the Justo confession on their website here.

In recent months as the Justo story was developing, Sarawak Report had also accused Thailand police (whom she says are corrupted) and Singapore governments (whom she calls a Sin City who spies on journalists)  of colluding with Malaysia to cover up 1MDB.

Xavier Justo’s written confession follows:
Continue reading

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What if Tun M is correct that the RM2.6b is from 1MDB?

Source: LSS Report

What if Tun Mahathir is correct that Najib stole RM2.6 billion from 1MDB and put it into his personal accounts?

pic1A few days ago, Tun Mahathir said this:

“Najib said that it (RM2.6 billion) was a donation. Are we stupid (to swallow this lie).
I am certain that the money in his personal banking accounts is from 1MDB. I am certain that it’s not a donation from an Arab.”

So if Tun Mahathir is correct, what then would the implications be? What is exactly at stake for all of us?

Najib: "Gee! I hope they won't put me in the same cell as Anwar"

Najib: “Gee! I hope they won’t put me in the same cell as Anwar”

1. Najib Razak will cease to be Prime Minister of Malaysia and may go to jail.

This is provided that he loses the criminal case for any corruption charges brought on by the MACC, of course.

And of course he will also step down as the President of UMNO.

As your read on you will find that if Tun M is correct, Najib will be the least of your concerns.

2. The person currently in charge of our police, our Home Minister and Deputy PM is a liar or incompetent.

pic3Yes, Our Home Minister, our current Deputy Prime Minister and possible future Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will be proven either a liar or incompetent as he is naive to simply believe unnamed Arab representatives.

This is because Zahid had said that he had personally met representatives of the Middle Eastern “family” who donated US$700 million (RM2.67 billion) to Datuk Seri Najib Razak. He said they told him the donation was to ensure Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno won the 13th general election.

“I met with the donor’s chief investment officer and I also met with the trustee of the funds,”

“He told me, ‘Your Excellency’s ‎country is not the only country we are channelling our donations. There are many other Muslim-friendly countries we have donated to’.”

Zahid said they were helping BN because of the government’s commitment to counter terrorism and maintain Malaysia’s status as a Sunni country.-

Yes, if Tun M is correct then the Vice-President of UMNO is also a liar or incompetent.

3. Our Federal Territories Minister and our second Finance Minister are either incompetent, liars or complicit of abetting a crime.

pic4Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said he and the party treasurer and second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni knew about the RM2.6 billion in Datuk Seri Najb Razak’s personal accounts.

Tengku Adnan said the matter had been “repeatedly explained”.

“We have repeatedly explained this issue. As the secretary-general, I am aware of it and so is the party treasurer.”

Yes, if Tun M is correct then the Secretary General and the Treasurer of UMNO are both either liars, incompetent or abetting PM Najib of stealing billions from 1MDB. Continue reading

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Bersih 4.0 & Merdeka

For the first time in a long time more than 400,000 people took part in Merdeka celebrations.

The only problem was half went for Bersih 4 the other half went to the Merdeka Parade.

I see brilliant political manouvering by Zahid.

Basically he just check mated all your hopes. For the first time ever there was no tear gas at a non-government rally. And then the government quietly moved the annual pre-merdeka concert from Dataran to Bukit Jalil. They let go of their ego for once.

And yet people still attended that concert despite the change. And there was a bigger crowd than usual at this morning’s parade.

You know why I was mumbling about how ill-timed Bersih 4 was? Coz you made people choose.

IMG-20150901-WA0011One side choose going against the government for the country.

The other side choose to honour the king and the country.

Both love the country but both made statements you’re not willing to hear.

Bersih 4 has just divided the country into Chinese vs Malay. Urban vs Rural Folks.

(sorry Indians your numbers don’t matter, live with it. You matter when it comes to the elections, and thats why both sides court you ONLY then).

Its a classic case of whats important to you is not important to them.

You don’t see the importance of the Merdeka Parade as for the urbanite, it symbolises the government not the country. Most of you have never gone for it, coz its not your ‘thing’. Continue reading

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