Kit Siang a National Treasure? Pooh…

Khairy (left) has rightly seen no change in the DAP leadership while Dyana doesn't think Umno can rejuvenate.

Khairy (left) has rightly seen no change in the DAP leadership while Dyana doesn’t think Umno can rejuvenate.

Source: The Mole

DAP leaders have downplayed questions surrounding Lim Kit Siang’s long stay at the top in the opposition party while also suggesting that he should be treated as a national treasure.

According to deputy secretary-general Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, Lim the advisor had stepped down as chairman 10 years ago but remained in a leadership role only as requested by the party.

Lim, 73, has been a recent subject of attack by Barisan Nasional leaders after he dismissed Umno’s talk about rejuvenation.

To Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, Lim has been the one and only DAP leader for more than four decades.

Lim’s political secretary and defeated Teluk-Intan by-election candidate Dyana Sofya had also commented that Umno would not transform and was giving false hope to young Malays since the party had not put candidates below 35 years in elections.

Khairy’s response is simple: “Umno has witnessed changes in its presidency over the years, from Tunku Abdul Rahman to Tun Razak to Tun Hussein Onn to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and now Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“But the DAP since 1969 has always been Kit Siang, Kit Siang, Kit Siang, Kit Siang, Kit Siang.”

Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang also took a jibe at Lim via his tweet by comparing the latter to dictatorial leaders in North Korea.

“North Korea also can’t beat DAP @limkitsiang ….congrats,” he tweeted with photos of only three who had led North Korea since 1969.

This attracted a strong reaction from Penang DAP Publicity assistant public secretary Ng Wei Aik.

“Lim has been with the party since day one and through its lowest points, so why should we replace him if he is not a liability?”

But the Tanjong Member of Parliament would not mind Lim resigning.

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DAP ticked off for Arrogance, Greed

Source: FMT News

Gerakan’s Andy Yong says Tony Pua’s request that a second deputy speaker position be created and given to DAP is unconstitutional.

Gerakan’s Andy Yong has accused Selangor DAP Chairman Tony Pua of arrogance and greed over the latter’s suggestion that a second Deputy Speaker be created and given to DAP in Selangor.

ssYong, who is the Selangor Gerakan State Secretary said Pua’s “unchecked arrogance and greediness is threatening the procedural democracy in the Selangor Legislative Assembly”.

Yong substantiated this claim by explaining that Pua’s suggestion was unconstitutional.

Advising Pua to study the state constitution first before making “unashamed demands”, Yong found it distasteful that Pua would exploit the situation to indulge in “political bargaining which is morally and democratically unjust.”

He added, “It is wrong to treat the position of Deputy Speaker as a reward to political patronage or partisan support.

“We (Gerakan) feel that DAP Pua’s demand is tantamount to mockery towards the integrity and sanctity of the Selangor Legislative Assembly.”

Yong was also of the opinion that DAP was treating the position of Deputy Speaker as a “trophy or reward for political support”.

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Haiyaaaa! That also you don’t know aaar!!!

Source: Just Read!

A good one Ahmad Shabery Cheek. That ‘naive’ opposition MP needs to go back to school and learn about ‘Independence Day’ and ‘National Day’.

What a shame for someone who claims to be Malaysian – especially an elected Member of Parliament – for not able to distinguish between the two. Was he born in Malaysia? Did he study in Malaysia or Burkina Faso?

Malu lah! Better find yourself another issue to politicise! Even a primary school kid will not ask such a question at the Dewan Rakyat!

Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Wednesday raps an opposition Member of Parliament for his shallow understanding of statehood and current issues.

The minister had corrected a statement by Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) when Lim asked the government to stress on National Day which is celebrated on Sept 16, when submitting his supplementary question, during a question-and-answer session in Dewan Rakyat. “I feel the honourable Member of Parliament does not understand what is Independence Day and National Day. I feel sad. We have Independence Day celebration and Malaysia Day celebration on Sept 16.

“Until now, there are still honourable Members of Parliament who are still confused which is Independence Day and which is Malaysia Day. It reflects the views and attitudes of members of the elected representatives from your party,” Ahmad Shabery said.

Lim, in another supplementary question, asked Ahmad Shabery whether the Goods and Services Tax (GST) would be imposed on the Merdeka Day celebration next year.

The question drew criticism from Ahmad Shabery who asked Lim on how to claim GST payment from the public who wanted to take part in the celebration at Dataran Merdeka. “I feel the honourable Member of Parliament seriously lacks understanding on the issues of statehood and GST,” he said.”

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“Selfie of the Year”


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The danger that is The Edge and The Malaysia Insider

putrajayaThe top headline of The Malaysian Insider reads “Putrajaya being ‘deliberately divisive’ to hold on to power, says report”. Of course this article is highly critical of the Malaysian govt and makes many false accusations.

The “report” is cited as being from the Singapore-based “The Edge Review”.

However, the news article did not say that the “The Edge Review” is a sister company and they are all owned by the same owner.

So, essentially this media group is writing propaganda and getting other members of the group to share it and not disclosing that they are related parties.

The Edge Group bought over The Malaysia Insider recently. The strategies utilized by the Edge to spread propaganda have been exported to The Malaysian Insider.


There are strong sweeping unsubstantiated statements such as:

  • The coalition partners scored miserably in the multi racial seats [Source: Said the weekly]
  • Umno clung on to rural ethnic Malay seats with reduced majorities [Source: Said the weekly]
  • “the party is living on borrowed time” [Source: a senior Umno official]
  • the strategy appeared to be aimed at increasing it’s numbers in parliament [Source: political analysts and opposition politicians]
  • the move to sow racial and religious discord in the country was Najib’s strategy. [Source: analysts]

There are no legitimate sources for the sweeping statements yet the article is presented as objective news reporting. This is irresponsible journalism, what is scary is that its premeditated and standard operating procedure at The Malaysian Insider and the Edge.

  • Najib’s position in this environment appeared to be secure [Source: the report]
  • Umno leaders said that there was growing dissatisfaction in the party towards najib’s leadership [Source: the report]
  • His control over the party and government is weak [Source: a senior Umno official]
  • Umno is all about self-preservation. If the party thinks it stands to lose power with Najib at the top, they will push against him [Source: none]

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Dyana to be No 3 soon?

1 IMG-20141019-WA0002

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DAP re-zoned Kg Siam, but blame Gerakan


Gerakan’s Oh Tong Keong says it was PR and not BN that re-zoned the heritage village into commercial land

Source: The UnSpinners

Penang Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong said today that it was the Pakatan Rakyat state government that sub-divided the Siamese-Burmese village land in Pulau Tikus and earmarked the settlement as a commercial zone in December last year.

“So the allegation that the previous BN government under Gerakan re-zoned the village into a commercial area was a lie,” Oh told newsmen at the Gerakan office here today.

He said both Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Pulau Tikus assemblywoman Yap Soo Huey had misled the villagers by saying otherwise.

Oh said under the state Heritage Enactment 2011, the state government had the powers to gazette the area as a heritage zone.

“If the state government does not have the power, how did it reject a developer’s application for planning permission to demolish and redevelop the village twice, in 2009 and 2010?” he asked.

He pointed out that the Penang Island Municipal Council had also rejected developer Airmas Development Sdn Bhd’s application for planning permission in 2008.

“If the state government was sincere and honest, it could easily gazette the village as a heritage site,” said Oh.

Oh also explained that all the previous Barisan Nasional government did was re-zone the land in 1996 as a religious-cultural and commercial zone to mirror the development of the area then.

He said the 5,457sq metre village land was sub-divided to lots 10029 and 10030 under a micro-zoning process last year.

The village has an open space, a Burmese trust building and a row of shophouses.

After the sub-division exercise, Lot 10029 comprised the village and shophouses and Lot 10030, the Burmese trust building and open space.

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MyWatch Chairman pays RM 340,000 for two BMW plates

A picture of the list of bidders for the BMW plates which has been making the rounds on the Internet. The Road Transport Department was not available today to confirm this list.

A picture of the list of bidders for the BMW plates which has been making the rounds on the Internet. The Road Transport Department was not available today to confirm this list.

The tender list for the coveted “BMW” number plate is making waves with one number fetching a sum as high as RM188,000.

According to Friends of BN Facebook page, one number plate from the series went for as high as RM345,000.

Some of those who are waiting to get their hands on the number plate included civil servants.

This made some people on social media question the purchases, asking: “How can they spend so much money on number plates?”

On the top of the list were names of royals, Datuk Lee Chong Wei and MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan.

Lee spent RM97,777 on BMW6 while Sanjeevan spent RM174,776 and RM165,000 on BMW8 and BMW11 respectively.

The visibly highest amount went to Tengku Sulaiman Shah Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, who got BMW5 for RM188,100.

Sanjeevan, who is a PKR member, received the brunt of criticism due to his role in MyWatch and politics.

Some comments that appeared on Facebook were as follows:

Firdaus Azil said: “Well played Sri Sanjeevan. The guy who talks too much about cost of living. That’s why I don’t trust politicians.”

Kimmy Rai commented: “Didn’t know i can earn so much money from being a MYWATCH chairman … wow … tomorrow im gonna register a YOUWATCH and be the chairman so i can afford 300K+ plate numbers.”

Sanjeevan told The Rakyat Post that the purchases were made as an “investment”.

“There is nothing wrong using my hard-earned money to invest on something I feel is worthwhile. If I sell it off tomorrow, it will be at a higher price.

“People know me as the chairman of MyWatch, but that doesn’t mean I’m being paid there. That is an NGO (non-governmental organisation).”

He explained that using personal money and wasting public funds were two different things, stressing that he ran his own business and had other sources of income.

Last year, the coveted “WWW” series saw a bidding war that resulted in very high prices for the plates.

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