Why did Rafizi block The Heat Malaysia?

PKR secretary general Rafizi Ramli has always been one active on social media but he has decided to block media on Twitter.

PKR secretary general Rafizi Ramli has always been one active on social media but he has decided to block media on Twitter.

Source: The Heat, Malaysia

When we ran an opinion piece wondering ‘What is Rafizi’s skeleton?’ for refusing to allow the Prime Minister’s wife’s aide into his press conference, the PKR Pandan MP went on a tweet rampage.

In a reply to The Heat Malaysia’s article, Rafizi wrote on Twitter:

@rafiziramli: While I respect her right to opine the article is factually wrong. Rizal brought gangsters to wreck havoc @TheHeatMY https://t.co/vOkTyEYTQ0

@rafiziramli: What kind of journalism is this | @TheHeatMY wasn’t there, didn’t contact me 4 comment & insinuate I hv skeletons?  https://t.co/vOkTyEYTQ0

@rafiziramli: It is one thing for @TheHeatMY to get readership but don’t resort to cheapskate sensationalism https://t.co/vOkTyEYTQ0

@rafiziramli: Non-media attendance to any PC is subject to considerations of safety etc. Takkan journalist @TheHeatMY tak tahu? https://t.co/vOkTyEYTQ0

Thus, to appease him, The Heat Malaysia tried to contact him and left messages, but none were replied to. As a matter of fact, Rafizi even blocked The Heat Malaysia on his twitter handle.

Rafizi, also PKR’s secretary general, is one politician whose social media presence has garnered him many followers, for he never fails to keep his social media presence. All his exposes and what-will-be is hinted on in his tweets, Facebook account and Whatsapp groups, before the real thing takes place.

Maybe, we were not relentless enough in pursuing Rafizi, but we are not a newshound portal and therefore, we called Rafizi to give him his right of reply. Alas, no taker.

Rafizi is not the only one who blocked followers on Twitter, but his Opposition colleagues who include DAP Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng have done so before – but they were kind enough not to block the media from their social media accounts.

Rafizi, it seems, is not only taking on voters, whom his career depends on, but also the media, on whom he will finally have to answer to.

(He had called the voters of Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar as berpenyakit (diseased) after the loss of the opposition to Barisan Nasional. )

So, the questions again to Rafizi, is: Do you have skeletons? Or is it just some bones?

As an opinion portal, the report was a comment piece written based on previous news reports that were published, which he did not refute.

In most situations where a follow-up is done by a reporter or journalist, phone calls are made to relevant quarters for comments, but not every call is entertained.

Calls and text are not entertained could be due to several reasons which include the subject seemingly not wanting to reveal the truth, only wants to speak to publications that matter to them or is keeping to an agenda and worried that by speaking to the press it would ruin the objectives in the agenda.

Surely fellow media personnel can agree to this – where more often than not your phone calls are ignored, or questions are dodged due to reasons unknown. And in worse case scenarios, you are blocked from the press conferences.

We have even gotten politicians or ministers yelling at us on the phone without allowing us a chance to respond or rebut an argument.

Does it stop the media from doing their jobs? No, it just makes us more creative in getting to the truth.

Rafizi had been one of the main takers of freedom of information, which includes freedom of the press – what with he being the expose-man – but it seems that of all the sounds he has been making, the one on freedom of the press is definitely hollow indeed.

And in line with the rule of right to reply, we invite Rafizi to write in his story. 500 words will do.

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Giving False Evidence and a Property Management Company under the Wife?

Phang-Li-Koon1Source: Malaysia Today


Since then, much has happened to DAP and to Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

In between disasters in the Sarawak Elections and the by-elections in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar, the MACC has proceeded with their corruption investigations into CM Lim.

During this period too, my previous expose about the KLIDC owner Tang Yong Chew and Phang Li Koon owned Magnificent Emblem Sdn Bhd was proven 100% correct when this question was posed officially in the recent Penang Assembly where Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy had no choice but to answer.

Ramasamy confirmed that the first Workers Quarters Request for Proposal (RFP) valued at between RM25 million to RM30 million issued by Penang PDC where Lim Guan Eng is the Chairman and head of tender committee was won by Phang Li Koon’s Magnificent Emblem.

This is despite Magnificent Emblem not having any experience in building or operating workers complex whereas their competitor, the Singapore-listed Centurion Corp Ltd is a specialist in this area and has much greater experience and financial strength.

Centurion Corp also put in a much better and more complete proposal for a much bigger and more complete complex but it was rejected by Lim Guan Eng who openly told the Tender board “You must also look at the design” – alluding to Magnificent Emblem’s building facade looks nicer.

But Ramasamy gave the excuse that the award was cancelled because Magnificent Emblem was not able to fulfill the RFP condition regarding hakmilik tanah. Continue reading

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The Message is Clear!


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How To Believe Tokong?

OFF, ON, OFF, ON ...


Okay. This is how the story goes.

Two days ago:

“Penang govt told us last month that feasibility study on Penang Tunnel is put on hold.”


“It is not put on hold. I might have wrongly said it but you know lah, puasa time.”

Tokong also agrees and says “Yah yah, it’s true. It’s not on hold.”

Then this morning:

Penang EXCO Lim Hock Seng says ” I confirm that it was Penang Govt who instructed to put the study on hold.

Then today afternoon:

Tokong says “Who is bigger? Chief Minister or EXCO? Who you want to listen to? Of course Chief Minister, correct? Confirm it is not on hold. The Penang EXCO is overseas and dunno what he is talking. When he comes back, I ask him to explain.”

(see how Tokong spins in this segment)

VERY VERY STRANGE – but that is EXACTLY what has happened. Believe it or not.

Yup.. nothing dodgy or suspicious about this. It’s just a small little multi-billion ringgit project that is well planned and executed by the DAP CAT govt.

No contradictions or flip-flop whatsoever.

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Taliban PAS Issues Summon for “Seluar Pendek Ketat”


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Pathetic turn out at DAP ceramah! Why are these DAP goons in Amanah’s orange shirts?


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Seriously, Can We Trust These Guys?

Source: MalaysiaKini

U-turn SD emerges over allegation of fraud in Citizens’ Declaration

The programmer who alleged fraud in the Citizens’ Declaration petition in a statutory declaration (SD) has purportedly made another SD retracting the claim.

According to the SD which carried Azharuddin Othman @ Abdullah’s name, he claimed that the first SD revealed to the press on May 26 contained “mistakes”.

In the original SD, Azharuddin alleged that he sold a database of 900,000 names to Syarul Ema Rena Abu Samah, whose nickname is Ratu Naga, for the purpose of the Citizens’ Declaration.

“I would like to state that I do not know the person known as Ema or also known as ‘Ratu Naga’ and never had any dealings with her.

“Before this, I was hired to hold a press conference based on the text given by the person who hired me which is Badrul Hisham Shaharin,” he said in the latest SD.

The SD was circulated on a number of Facebook pages including Otai Bersih and Kelab Mukhriz Mahathir.

Syarul Ema had previously denied any dealings with Azharuddin.

In the latest SD, Azharuddin said he signed the new document to avoid legal action.

He added that the latest SD was done willingly and without coercion.

The SD bore a commissioner of oath’s stamp based in the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya.

However, Badrul Hisham, who helped organise the first SD for Azharuddin, claimed the new SD is a fake.

“You guys seem to be happy spreading false SD,” he said in a Facebook post in reference to Otai Bersih and Kelab Mukhriz Mahathir.

In a text message later, he described the new SD as “slander by Mahathir’s team”.

Badrul Hisham, better known as Chegubard, is expected to call a press conference tomorrow on the matter.

He is a suspended PKR member but has mounted a campaign against the Citizens’ Declaration in protest of the opposition’s cooperation with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The Citizens’ Declaration, a joint effort by opposition and government rebel forces, calls for the removal of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak due to the 1MDB and donation scandals.

The Save Malaysia secretariat, which organised the Citizens’ Declaration, denied any dealings with Azharuddin or Syarul Ema.

Najib claimed the multi-billion deposits in his personal bank accounts was a donation and denied taking public funds for personal gain.

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Penang EXCO Chicken Out on Debate Regarding Tunnel Project


Penang State EXCO Lim Hock Seng today refused to take up Penang Gerakan’s challenge to stage a public debate on the undersea tunnel.

The reasons he gave was:

1st Reason: “All the questions on the RM6.3 billion project have been answered and there was no need for the debate”

He said that “Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan have asked questions three times and each time, we replied his questions extensively that he doesn’t have any more questions after that,”

Actually, Dato’ Rahman Dahlan asked 4 times and most times the answers were pusing sini pusing sana without actually answering them. In fact in his last statement, it was Lim Hock Seng himself who said he will refuse to answer any more questions from Dato’ Rahman Dahlan any further.

2nd Reason: “Who the Heck are you?”

Lim Hock Seng says:

“I’m not being arrogant but who is Jason Loo? I can’t be entertaining such public debate challenges… at least get someone of the same level as me,”

Okay, if you say that is not arrogant then never mind although Jason is the youth head for Gerakan Penang.

3rd Reason: “Can always write to me”

“If Loo wanted answers on the undersea tunnel, he could send the questions to his office. We will answer all his questions and he can always apply to look at the documents under the Freedom of Information Act,” said YB Lim.

Okay. Can send the questions to his office and then he can minum kopi Lim with them and kaodim!!

Actually, Penang Gerakan and many many others have applied under the FOI many times but Penang Govt refuse to give them the documents. In fact, it was YB Lim himself who said last Friday that they will not declassify the Penang Tunnel documents.

5th Reason: “He believed all the questions by Penang Gerakan were merely part of a tactic to delay the infrastructure project”

Walao.. Billions of ringgit of land given or to be given Hundreds of millions spent on mere “studies and reports” and we cannot ask? Do you mean asking questions is the same as “sabotaging” which Lim Hock Seng said on Friday?

That means DAP has been deliberately sabotaging so many of Federal Govt projects for decades?

6th Reason: “He pointed out that reports on the project have also been lodged with the MACC”

Eh… i though last time you all rejected this reason when the debate between Lim Guan Eng and Rahman Dahlan was cancelled after both the PDRM and MACC issued official statements to stop the debate?

Now, you use the same reason pulak to reject the debate.

What lah you all!

Source: The Malay Mail Online

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