Najib Razak, Tong Kooi Ong & Jho Low victims of fabricated evidence

Source: The Rakyat Post

Omissions, distortion, inaccuracy and bias in the media industry has made it difficult for the average Malaysian to gain an objective view of many of the issues that affect Malaysia culturally, economically and politically. Those with power and influence know that media control or influence is crucial.

A free press is crucial for a functioning democracy, but if not truly free, paves the way for manipulation and concentration of views, thus undermining democracy itself.

Not too long ago, media magnate Tong Kooi Ong who controls the Edge Media and The Malaysian Insider was targeted by an anonymous blogger in an expose that used fabricated evidence to implicate him in a negative light.

The blogger alleged that the media magnate was shorting currency and using his media empire to manipulate business sentiment. The blogger provided a screenshot of smses that were fabricated by professionals. Similar sms ‘exposes’ of Najib Razak had also been played out during the Mongolian Altantuya murder case. Subsequently, the courts have shown the alleged smses by Najib Razak are fake.

Industry experts note that it would be impossible to crash the currency with such a small investment. It seems the intention was to discredit the credibility of the magnate and his publications. Nevertheless local media went to town with the story as the blogger and the media magnate exchanged blows.

The New York Times featured an investigative journalism piece that linked Prime Minister stepson Riza Aziz to prominent businessman Jho Low. The story ran over 6000 words long and was translated into Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. Continue reading

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DAP Service Center or gambling den???






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Guan Eng – Humble No More


They say power corrupts. In this case power leads to abuse.

Probably the Chief Minister who now goes around in a RM 1 million Mercedes Benz now finds it so hard to walk a few steps to whichever venue he is heading to.

He now prefers to be dropped off at the frontage so that he can make a grand entrance in style.

Whether his official car is in the way in the event of a fire is secondary.

Won’t be surprised that if that happens, Lim Guan Eng expects the firemen to move the fire hydrant instead of his car.

They say give a person two or three years on taking office and you will see the true colours of the man.

Guan Eng has certainly changed a lot. He now moves around with the rich and famous and he is oblivious to the massive traffic jams in Penang and the overpriced houses which only the rich can afford.

Never mind that young couples in Penang are finding it difficult to own homes as the island now appears to be heading towards the tagline of Island for the affluent.

Never mind that houses with super priced tags are being built.

Never mind that his wife Betty Chew now proudly carries a Rm 50,000 handbag.

Never mind that the bag costs as much as a medium cost apartment.

Over development has  also impacted  the natural scenic beauty of the idyllic beaches along the tourism belt of Batu Ferringhi.

Guan Eng condemns the previous state government of allowing uncontrolled development.

But take a drive to Batu Ferringhi now and you will be shocked to discover the massive development and hill cutting that have taken place.

So much about walking the talk.

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Balakong ADUN Caught Gambling







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Boh Hood CM

Lim Guan EngPenang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng quickly ended a press conference on Saturday when reporters persisted asking him about PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali’s challenge to debate the issue of local council elections.

The press conference was held after Lim launched the Penang Science Cafe here.

Reporters had asked Lim several times for his response to the challenge by Mustafa, with the Penang Chief Minister repeating: “Is there any other question?”

When reporters persisted, Lim ended the press conference with a “thank you”. Subsequently, he spoke on other matters, among them the impact of the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Mustafa had, on Wednesday, ticked off Lim for having allegedly saying that he (Mustafa) was for local government elections when it was not the case. The PAS leader had then challenged Lim to debate the issue.

Last week, PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had said that local government elections could lead to a widening of the economic gap between the haves and have-nots and might trigger a repeat of the May 13 racial clash of 1969.

LGE really boh hood. (no balls)

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Boleh Serang Saya…Jangan Serang Isteri Saya !!


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Betty Expensive Chew’s Collection…



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Betul ke ni?


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